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  1. Very confused at Dundee fans buzzing about signing Lee Ashcroft tbh. He’s not very good at all.
  2. It’s happening! How are the Pars getting on and who’s in charge?
  3. Must be Callum Davidson likes him personally because there’s no way he’s Prem level. Unless the standard is worse than ever.
  4. He’s better than Forster but not by a significant amount.
  5. Baracus, take a day off aye? The Rainman-esque pedantry is so tedious.
  6. Oh great, now the creepiest wee team nerd is pitching in.
  7. Why will the career of Joe Cardle make any difference to your shitty username?
  8. I’m kinda impressed that you managed to choose a username even worse than your patter. Dedication to your craft.
  9. Not saying it’s not true but I’d always double-check a Leish claim. He is partial to hyperbole now and then.
  10. All the years raith fans spent making charity tin jokes about the Pars and now they're beaming with pride about their own club being so badly run.
  11. Um, you're definitely going to be a Championship side. The arbitration will be deciding financial compensation, it's not going to have any effect on promotion/relegation.
  12. It's ridiculous to do this one month before the season starts, never mind three. Hearts will clearly be overwhelming favourites, while Alloa and wee team will be expected to finish 9th and 10th. Ourselves and Dundee would rightly be disappointed with any finish outside Top Four.
  13. That one didn’t even bother me at the time tbh. It’s amusing that scraping a draw with us is still considered one of raith rovers’ greatest ever moments, though. The 3-0 Cup exit left me utterly raging but more at Crawford and the team than anything else. Sorest Pars goal we ever conceded has to be the 2nd Hafnafjordur goal in Perth, although I was only following that on the teletext. Worst at a game I was at would have to be the Thistle equaliser in the 3-3 at Firhill. We had played magnificently to go 3-1 up and would have been safe with a win, despite a points deduction. Had the gnawing feeling leaving the ground that we were heading for League 1.
  14. JJ didn’t relegate us tbf. He was doing just fine until we went into admin, released half the squad and got a points deduction. Also worked for free for a good chunk of time as well IIRC.
  15. I absolutely guarantee people inwardly groan when you speak. Textbook ‘Pub Bore’.
  16. You’re entitled to dislike anyone but the snide nicknames are only dished out by complete mouth breathers or Tories. Can’t decide which is worse tbh.
  17. Safe bet that anyone who calls Nicola Sturgeon Jimmy Krankie turns out to be a bit of a c**t. Not for that comparison per se but just always seems to work out that way.
  18. I didn't realise there was an issue with the floodlights tbh.
  19. Not sure if he’ll play much but Matty Todd has already achieved the impressive feat of making me sigh every time he is brought on. There’s still hope for him though and as has been mentioned, we’re decidedly jobber-free so far.
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