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  1. Budge is either completely unhinged or just thick as mince. Imagine spending wads of cash, getting laughed out of court and then your own appointed panel member thinks your case is a joke AND THEN thanking your legal team who have just fleeced you.
  2. I’d honestly rather Dunfermline ceased to exist than my club issue a statement like that. Truly mortifying.
  3. The Partick Thistle Family ffs. If I was a Thistle fan reading that I would request my P&B account be deleted to save me from the shame by association.
  4. This is honestly one of the best posts I’ve ever seen on here.
  5. Hearts fans saying it’s a “corrupt” decision when their club literally chose a panel member who voted against them.
  6. Sad to see SEETHING give up on the Hearts’ legal team ☹️
  7. To think Hearts and Thistle could have avoided all this by not being incredibly shit at football.
  8. I hope his 30,000 other posts are as high-quality as that one. "Paid Member" on a Hearts' forum is definitely grounds for being disqualified from voting in local or national elections.
  9. Come on now, post the Greggy Vince McMahon GIF, just for old times?
  10. I am going to leave a good hour before bed tonight to read through all the rants. Guaranteed to be gold-plated joy.
  11. Imagine your case being so laughably weak that even your HAND-PICKED GUY votes against it. That crack legal team laughing all the way to the bank £8 million 😂
  12. The good news for Hearts is they now have until October to reanimate Craig Gordon.
  13. I need @SEETHING to give me an update on Hearts’ legal case.
  14. No details on compensation yet. I’d assume that means they got f**k all but Scottish journalism is utterly abject so wouldn’t shock me if they’ve all jumped the gun and buried the lead.
  15. I’ve never understood the forum’s fascination with kits. Is it a fashion thing or tribal? As long as a Pars home shirt has black and white so I know which team is which then I’m content.
  16. I’ve read this five times and I feel quantifiably dumber as a result.
  17. Joe Cardle is a handsome b*****d so clearly you are intimidated and jealous of his good looks and popularity.
  18. I remember he scored a great goal at Inverness and that’s it.
  19. Can’t believe Joe Cardle hasn’t been re-signed in a Karl Fletcher Harchester United role yet. It’s like the club don’t want my season ticket money
  20. Nope. We were never likely going to get someone as good as Niz but McManus did well during his first spell and I’m happy to have him back. Yup, I’ve been left in an furious rage that a guy not good enough for Dunfermline has signed for Dundee.
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