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  1. When Pars and Dundee finish top two and Doncaster just decides no play-offs this season.
  2. Sky would have paid the same money if Celtic and Rangers just played each other every weekend tbf. Very clearly all they care about. As for Jason Leitch, he very clearly has enjoyed the attention during this whole thing and if often going into business for himself with his statements. Since the Scottish Gov have said most things are subject to change at any time, I’ve no idea why anyone would be thinking they’d get guarantees over dates.
  3. I see, so no evidence of any substance whatsoever then? Other than tin foil hat shite.
  4. What evidence do you have to the contrary, other than that which has been created within the confines of your own head?
  5. Have WhoScored been doing that for a while or is this an addition for the new season?
  6. Yeah, club was destined for liquidation if Joe Cardle signed on as a player for a season. Whew.
  7. Aberdeen are absolutely shite. Rangers did almost nothing and won the game at a canter. Celtic will get 20IAR at this rate.
  8. A few of those Hearts’ fans are definitely going through a divorce.
  9. I’ll have a look through the loft this weekend and I’ll see what condition it’s in.
  10. I read an argument that clubs would lose money due to additional appearance fees; you do realise you don’t *have* to use five subs? I’m not a fan of five subs at all but the crying about it is way OTT. I’d even argue changing half your team is just as likely to make things worse than improve the situation, with lack of fluency etc.
  11. I actually have a DVD of this video somewhere. My mum burned all my old VHS tapes to DVDs as a Christmas present a few years ago. Not sure I’d be able to make copies of it, though.
  12. Everyone in the league apart from United was complete pish last season. Even United plunged to the average level after the league was all but wrapped up.
  13. I’m sure I read somewhere that Ryan Scully was starting a career outside of football? Which would rule out full-time football for him.
  14. Please, please let this fella and his two pals do this. I can just imagine them drinking warm tins in the Falkirk car park.
  15. He’s better than Scully or Gill anyway, which is all that really matters to me. I don’t get anyone having strong feelings about OFW one way or the other. Was not exactly a memorable spell, just pretty solid.
  16. Kelty is a shitehole but it’s harsh to blame the Pars for that.
  17. We could cook Sammy the Tammy and use his hairy meat in the bridies and the Pars would still be behind Thistle in the shame stakes.
  18. In truth I’d be absolutely staggered if Hearts didn’t win the league by a comfortable margin. The standard in this division has been appalling for years.
  19. Did either of you happen to hear a faint whooshing noise overhead while typing these replies?
  20. Nah, she says uphill battle. That was supposed to be a thinly veiled suggestion that they’d not be successful due to unseen forces. You know, because everyone is out to get Hearts. Just like everyone is out to get Salmond and coronavirus is a cover for 5G rollout.
  21. So irresponsible to talk about winning “wars” when your fuckwit fan base have been dishing out thinly veiled threats online all day long.
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