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  1. 45 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

    Must admit to quite strongly disagreeing with this. I like them both as pundits as I find them both quite charismatic, and i enjoy hearing what they have to say about Saints, even though a lot of the time I disagree with their analysis.

    Do agree that I’m not really interested in what they have to say about other clubs, so maybe that’s why a Dunfermline fan doesn’t think the analysis adds anything?

    Stephen Thompson has regularly been involved in the Championship coverage on BBC, so another swing and a miss there champ.

    BBC do target the lowest common denominator of viewer so it’s not a shocker you enjoy the coverage. Probably a big Love Island fan as well.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

    Used to have a VHS they put out with all the Euro nights, cup wins etc, bus parade through the town etc. Looked like it was from another lifetime but it was probably only from 20-odd years earlier and now when i think back to games from the mid 90s they are still fresh in the mind. 

    Gap between now and the 95/96 season is almost as big as between 95/96 and 68 Cup win.


  3. 11 hours ago, Rudolph Hucker said:

    Those “journeyman mercenaries” as you call them, vt, realise that being a  fitba’ player is just a job. They have lives to live, bills to pay and, in many cases, partners and/or families to provide for. They know they’re never going to make a fortune out of the game.     

    Who the hell are you to sneer at them for taking the offer of more money and/or a longer deal?  As opposed to earning less by staying in a Championship where we almost universally agree that the standard of football is not much higher than shite? In the real world, that’s the kind of decision that people have to make. And most other people are big enough, sensible enough and worldly enough to appreciate the reasons behind their decisions

    If there is a Scottish urban dictionary online then I vote the term ‘birthday caird pish’ links directly to this post.

  4. 52 minutes ago, C. Muir said:

    Would Kelty be in the NE region for this? They play out the same way as Dunfermline and Cowden who are always in NE, but with Brora obviously being in that section too I wonder if they'll put Kelty in SW or change a team that were NE last season to SW this.

    edit - regions don't usually bother me, but the thought of getting Barry Fergusons mob and them beating us isn't a pleasant one.

    We actually ended up playing St Mirren last year so the regional pots are hazy at best.

    The group stages are barely more than slightly better pre-season games normally and they’ll mean even less this year. Just a chance to get some match fitness with positive results a nice bonus.

  5. On 04/08/2020 at 01:43, Skyline Drifter said:

    Davie McGurn is their 3rd choice at best though.

    OFW always looked decent enough against us and while I appreciate its a relatively small pool, he didnt get to go to Euro 16 with the Welsh for no reason. I havent seen enough of him but the criticism from ICT fans always surprised me a little. I'm sure he will be fine. This division has possibly the 2nd best keeper in the country in it and Jamie MacDonald is still a top keeper too. Mark Ridgers and Neil Parry have been excellent the last 2 or 3 yrs. Being there or thereabouts next best with Gaston is no disgrace. Better than Hamilton for sure. Ayr and Morton dont have a keeper yet. We have last year's no 2 in Leighfield. Remains to be seen if he is getting a run at it or we bring in someone else. 

    I hadn’t actually noticed they’d signed MacDonald tbh. Good keeper.

    Craig Gordon *was* a great keeper but his best days are long behind him. Should be more than good enough for this dross league ofc.

  6. 8 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

    But is he in any way competent? Half the teams don't have a GK as of yet but I'd imagine he wouldn't make the top 5 once all teams have a starting keeper IMO. Might be wrong of course, just that seems to be the perception and he's never looked decent when I've watched him on TV.

    I think he played half a dozen games for us so can’t imagine even Pars fans are qualified enough to comment.

    He’s not complete shite and is excited to be involved so that’s a positive start. Hopefully he helps the younger keepers in his new role as GK coach as well.

    I’d certainly take him over the wee team continuing with the reanimated husk once known as Dave McGurn.

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