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  1. Will we top the group?

    Surely the first choice was Michael O'Neill?
  2. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Add Tierney to the list of those that have pulled out. Bordering on a mutiny. #nothingmattersmore
  3. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    He also looked hopelessly out of his depth. I'd forgotten about the Aberdeen pair tbf. Hopefully no more players pulling out and I'm holding out hope that we can't possibly be any worse than we were in Israel.
  4. Had a look at the groups yesterday and there's basically no chance in hell we're getting relegated. We certainly may f**k up and not get top spot or even finish bottom in the table but relegation is highly implausible.
  5. Falkirk vs Partick Thistle - Doomed Derby

    You cared so little that you took the time to reply. Where's the "shrugging guy" emoji when you need it?
  6. You picked Arbroath in Week 9 I'm afraid, so will need to be someone else. As a reminder, your picks have been: Celtic Aberdeen Queen's Park Hearts Clyde Hibs Edinburgh City Ayr Arbroath Queen of the South Motherwell Elgin
  7. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    Hendry has been playing and he's been playing absolutely shite. That's the reason people should be upset about his call-up. Picking him ahead of Cooper is laughable so I can only assume Cooper is one of the large number of players to have told McLeish to GTF. Is Jamie MacDonald the only member of the squad to have never played for either of the Old Firm or currently play in England?
  8. Scottish Cup TV Rights

    So you don't have a solution to watching the game in your house and not having to pay a subscription then?
  9. Falkirk vs Partick Thistle - Doomed Derby

    We've scored two goals at EEP this season - it was far from a blip. Pretty convinced Stenny will beat Falkirk in the Scottish Cup next week.
  10. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    He'll close his eyes and think of EEP.
  11. St Johnstone players overlooked by Scotland

    I watched the game and thought he was shite. I'm sure he's been far better in other matches though and his clean sheet record recently is excellent. He's not going to get a game anyway so I don't think it matters.
  12. Falkirk vs Partick Thistle - Doomed Derby

    Just continuing the love-in from last week. That being said, seeing the wee team get turned over by Stenny would also be a laugh.
  13. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    Good banter from the Falkirk fans to all start changing their avatars again. Hope you all have images of Jackie McNamara/John Hughes/Jim Goodwin ready for when McKinnon has enough/gets punted.
  14. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Hope people don't fall for Higgy's patter btw. He went over to the North West by himself to try and distance himself from the rest of the team and manager. Thought he was trying to be cute and avoid the flak everyone else was getting. I'd agree it was a joke he was subbed but I'm a firm believer in winning and losing together. He's still one of my favourites in the team but wasn't a fan of that.
  15. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    It's fucking dreadful. They're trying to advertise mid-season tickets at the minute - good luck with that. Absolutely delicious.