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  1. Stephen Thompson has regularly been involved in the Championship coverage on BBC, so another swing and a miss there champ. BBC do target the lowest common denominator of viewer so it’s not a shocker you enjoy the coverage. Probably a big Love Island fan as well.
  2. Gap between now and the 95/96 season is almost as big as between 95/96 and 68 Cup win. Mental.
  3. I’m fine with the highlights being on TV, I’d just far rather watch football than have it split up with idiots talking about it.
  4. What do you get out of the inane punditry that makes it a better option? It’s the same with Match of the Day for me; I could never watch that live in a million years because I need to fast forward the chat.
  5. Just wanted a straw poll to make sure I’m not the only one that couldn’t give the slightest f**k what Stephen Thompson or Michael Stewart have to say about football.
  6. If there is a Scottish urban dictionary online then I vote the term ‘birthday caird pish’ links directly to this post.
  7. Why would Sky be due compensation for a game being postponed? It’s the same situation as if the pitch was waterlogged; just tough shit really.
  8. Simon Murray is fairly shite but the league is very shite so he’s more than good enough at this level. He’d probably score more than Hemmings did.
  9. Robbie Muirhead is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen in a Dunfermline shirt. Literally came on once, stood on the ball and fell over. Complete pish and I’d rather sign Lowland League players.
  10. We actually ended up playing St Mirren last year so the regional pots are hazy at best. The group stages are barely more than slightly better pre-season games normally and they’ll mean even less this year. Just a chance to get some match fitness with positive results a nice bonus.
  11. Imagine Robbie Neilson if he didn’t have cash chucked in his direction. An absolute charlatan.
  12. If you’d held a gun to my head I’d have told you Gary Oliver already played for Morton.
  13. Has to be some striker with a Hibs link to break the Fist of Gorgie on opening night.
  14. With some lockdown restrictions back in place in Aberdeen, does this put Saturday’s game under threat of being postponed?
  15. I’m so out of the loop...is Hemmings leaving a bad thing?
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