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  1. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Robinson has been fine and is not the reason we've struggled this season. He's actually kept an impressive number of clean sheets during his time at EEP, considering we've often been average at best. My point about Gill getting a shot is more in line with getting more youth guys in the starting line-up on a weekly basis. Crawford/Shields/McArthur all made a point of talking about this as a plan going forward and he seems like an obvious place to start. If he's not good enough then he'll move on down the leagues. How anyone can possibly judge him when he's never had a run of first team games is beyond me.
  2. Falkirk vs Inverness

    Flip that stat round and it shows you've scored the first goal in a lot of games.
  3. Atmosphere at games.

    Well why not start a thread asking for positives about Scottish football then? Most of the replies will be dripping with birthday caird pish nostalgia.
  4. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Robinson hasn't done much wrong but I'd still like to see Gill given a shot. Almost nobody in the starting XI should feel their place is guaranteed at the best of times and especially not this season.
  5. Would one of the several eloquent Accies fans post a detailed response as to why Canning is wrong to say he's been a success or why the club should be doing better? I genuinely have no idea about how Hamilton are doing other than the fans seem to have wanted him punted for a long time.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    We were really in deep fucking shite and if you think that was exaggerated then you clearly don't know anything about the situation.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    ^^^ will be back when Dumbarton start winning again
  8. Atmosphere at games.

    I'm guessing he started a song but no one joined in and he went in the huff?
  9. Partick v Queens

    I have no real interest in the result of this match but I'd like to state my backing of the motion that David Mundell is an odious scumbag.
  10. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Cammy Gill would be as well packing his bags if we bring in another keeper. It's probably dead last in the positions we need to address so I'd not be shocked in the slightest if he ended up coming in.
  11. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Crawford has already shown worrying signs of being the next John Potter. We're so soft it's incredible and none of our forwards could find their arse if you gave them detailed instructions. We've won two games against clubs currently above us in the table. One of them was against Morton at EEP, which shows we probably do have a chance of getting at least a point on Saturday but I'd predict a low-scoring slog of a game. Thankfully I'll be up a big hill and won't have to watch.
  12. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Mate is a Sunderland season ticket holder and says Beadling looks better in midfield. I've seen him play in midfield and him and Thomson are just about the only positives we have at the moment. Martin as a centre back is also a total bombscare and at best no better than Durnan. Get him at full back and I'd be on board. One goal between them and I think I've seen the pair of them have about one good performance each. Both were given chances from the bench in the last couple of games and made a struggling side look even worse. In a season of utter mediocrity, they've still managed to be so unimpressive that neither has done anything whatsoever to nail down a regular place in the starting XI. In an average to decent side they'd stick out like a sore thumb.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Was that not 20 years ago FFS?