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  1. Is the Relive The Season just all the highlights mashed together or is there other content?
  2. Will be getting paid (twice?) by end of the month and should get deposit back from my old flat so will be finally contributing in next week or so. In other news I'm now living and working in Dunfermline so invite me to all your midweek shenanigans when this chaos is over and done with 👍
  3. The Aberdeen tie is soured for me by how poor we were against Falkirk at Hampden in the semi-final.
  4. I’ll buy a ST when they become available and will hopefully sign up to CC as well.
  5. I’ll never forget the feeling when BMMMH scored that free-kick. We were in the North East and everyone rushed to the front of the stand and it felt like I was floating. Remember everyone singing “We will be on Fifa 12” and knowing the title was ours. Next week at Cappielow was class too, in a different way. I hope we fill out the ground for our next home game like we did that day and get the club some much needed moolah.
  6. East End Park is the best stadium in the league in my very biased opinion. You'd struggle to get a bad view, the food is great and there are plenty of good pubs within walking distance. My favourite away day is probably United because I enjoy a wee trip through to Dundee. Anyone praising Ayr or Morton is on the wind-up or is an #AgainstModernFootball bore; Cappielow was gorgeous when we won the title in 2011 but most of the time it's a miserable dump.
  7. Sorry to hear this evening’s news, although it’s going to the first of many similar announcements.
  8. Absolutely LOVED that away day. Had my first day at ASDA in the morning and then went through to Kirkcaldy for the game. Absolute SCENES at the end.
  9. We’re not going to get any football for a while folks and don’t even have transfer rumours to keep us entertained like during the summer. With that in mind, I need some reading material on this forum, so please be so kind as to regale me your tales of brilliant away days. Could be an important win or dramatic game or just a great day out with your mates. Extra points for creative flair and liberal use of paragraphs 👍🏼 I’ll post my own later when I’ve had a think
  10. You can’t read. Uefa want leagues done by end of June “if at all possible” but accept it may not happen.
  11. Amazing the amount of people who have suggested this that support teams who’ve been shite since Christmas.
  12. Anyone seriously suggesting voiding this season has lost their mind completely. It would make a total mockery of the league and you’d be as well shutting it down permanently. This season should be finished off, whether it takes six weeks or six months. Abandon the cups for a season if you have to but this 19/20 campaign must be completed, no matter what.
  13. The fact you’d even compare this to swine flu shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. Forget behind closed doors; all leagues and all sports are rapidly announcing they’ll be suspending their leagues for weeks and that should happen here too.
  14. Yup, highly unlikely we'll have a game in front of fans again this season. At least we all have P&B to keep us happy...
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