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  1. Cringing at anyone using the term “snowflake” in a non ironic way tbh
  2. You were spot on for Tuesday so going to pile on the cash for this 💰
  3. Judging by the nominees in our official 'Team of the Decade', we must have heaps of contenders for the Worst XI.
  4. Disappointing news but thanks for letting us know, chief.
  5. Aye, Steven Bell was a top guy for us but sadly only for a short time. Pretty sure he won Player of the Year in 2010?
  6. A reminder that Pars fans said on Day 1 this season that Forster was fucking horrific. Honestly an absolute joke he's playing in this division, never mind for a decent sized club like Dundee.
  7. As for present day Pars, what a great win last night. Yer man Nesbit is on fire, Cammy Gill kept a clean sheet and the Pars have a real chance to move up to 3rd on Saturday. More than happy for this to continue and would love nothing more than Crawford to make me look like an absolute c**t for ever doubting him.
  8. Factually, Nicky Clark should absolutely partner Kirk up top. Just couldn't bring myself to select the p***k though, so I went with Faiss. Think most Pars fans will agree on the majority of the team. Anyone not picking Gallacher, Woods, Cardle, Hardie and Kirk should be barred from EEP for life. Sad state of affairs when a guy like Jackson Longridge, who had maybe 3 good months in a Pars shirt, is in the running for Team of the Decade.
  9. Anyway, what a brilliant result. As most Pars fans I would have taken a point last night so to get all three - and a Cammy Gill clean sheet! - is excellent. Couldn't care less about the performance tbh. There's now a decent chance we could go 3rd on Saturday, which is sheer madness. Fingers crossed we keep up this run of form and stop throwing in terrible results like Alloa and Stranraer.
  10. What a daft comment. Players are often refreshed during the summer but they're still rusty, which is why there's such a thing as pre-season friendlies.
  11. I love Sean Murdoch but anyone not picking Barlow is on the wind-up. The options at left-back were scarily bad. Joe Cardle, Gary Mason, Martin Hardie and Andy Kirk are also must-picks.
  12. Absolute madness that a win tomorrow would see us enter the top four. I guess it doesn't matter if we're any good, as long as we're better than some of the rubbish in this division. A point would be a good result though, especially if we get another three points against Morton on Sat.
  13. Good to know your father was just as fucking thick as his doofus son. Why would you go to football matches and not keep up with the rules? Knowingly and willingly remaining ignorant but boasting it’s because your simpleton life is enough to be getting on with as it is.
  14. Very welcome win and not often we have a player score four in one game! Much needed boost and hopefully we can start up another decent run of results. Thistle are an absolute fucking gang. Pity we didn't get the clean sheet but it's Cammy Gill so what you gonna do?
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