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  1. Interestingly on Celticminded a discussion around this, noticed the two examples given earlier in this thread as precedent for citing gestures to the crowd were before this, https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/rangers/new-sfa-rule-means-players-can-t-be-charged-over-gestures-1-4564160
  2. Some of the returning guys need game time, we want the victory . Hopefully no drama but plenty of excitement
  3. That's the full Broonie Of course there's the half Broonie, where he obviously thinks its not as big a deal but it should be celebrated
  4. Class again ? If it's the events during the game then I have no real issues with them, he's paid to win. He did nothing that you will not see in lots of games If it's for a gesture to Rangers fans I've already said I would have did a lot more and accepted the punishment He's being sanctioned according to precedent and quite a few other players apparently , reading the links provided I did not see the phrase " lack of class" used be interesting if it was used in the game threads on here
  5. Arfield seemingly likes it, but Brown reacts correctly to it
  6. Yup for me anyway I'd certainly agree that fans dishing it out to players then get upset when players react by a gesture are arses imo , particularly given the nature the stuff Brown has to listen to.
  7. It's for the GIRUY. To be honest IMO Brown should ran through the entire range of offensive gestures towards people who sing ridiculous songs about his family
  8. Don't think we should that upset by this. Brown had his fun and as the Hibs fan pointed out there is a precedent for citing an offensive gesture to opposition fans, even your own fans if hes correct about Griffiths. Has he been offered the 1 match ban that Griffiths offensive act received?
  9. Pluses Christie coming back, Edouard class as usual.
  10. Christie shit himself it was so loud, goalie was nearer
  11. Yup, he'll be a good one in the future. Just about to say Christie been great to see then a goal
  12. At least I got Weah at 4s for first goal , hat trick now gone
  13. Lol looks like it, if Nazon was a bit luckier 1-1
  14. He's better at going for goal than our guys tonight
  15. As long as it's 3-3 or over to accommodate Weah hat trick I've got
  16. Its glorious, he could be a poster on here with his logic
  17. I thought he was intimating a difference between Rodgers and Lennon management style, I'm sure he'll clarify
  18. How to celebrate I normally give the players a thumbs up signal. Exception was when we beat Manu, I gave the usual thumbs up then vomited, all rather unpleasant particularly for the lad in front of me, luckily the hood of his parka contained most splashes
  19. He could have been enraged that Brown was announced as man of the match, he might have thought it was Forrest and was going to tell him
  20. He is walking a hell of a long way to defend Rangers supporters, Gerrard should be including Halliday in the fines for doing that
  21. Is that Halliday walking with some purpose towards Brown and Bain?
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