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  1. I've not managed to read all this topic but was wondering how many people have tried antidepressants? I struggle with really bad anxiety that can result in feeling down and like my life is falling apart. I can become quite manic. Ive had this now probably since my late teens so 15 years. I've been for counselling etc and it helped a bit but the anxiety and depression still comes and goes. My doctor prescribed me sertraline a couple of weeks ago, was never keen on medication but thinking of giving it a go. Anyone any experience with sertraline in particular? I used to be fit and healthy but let myself go a bit, know what I should be doing but just have no get up and go and thinking about the gym actually makes me anxious, sometimes staying indoors is the only thing thing that makes me feel 'safe'.
  2. Are you 100% sure that all religion is false? Bit of a bold statement, the best minds that have ever lived can't prove or disprove God/religion...yet P&B seem to have it all figured out.
  3. This is an interesting debate about God and Evolution.
  4. Since you asked so nicely I'll point you in the direction of some watching material...first of all though why not look up some scientific evidence that fasting is great for your health, both physically and mentally. Things you can't eat or drink...What like alcohol and pigs...both horrendous for you. Madly ludicrous bullshit right there my man. There is 2 for you to enjoy. I'm not Muslim so they can explain better than I can.
  5. Everything you just said can be answered by a simple search on YouTube. I'm not here to answer to rhetoric straight off of a Britain first or Tommy Robinson page. I'd maybe search for someone who actually knows about the religion though, not some right wing fanny with an agenda.
  6. So you can't go on YouTube and see videos from lots of Muslim converts who have no Muslim background? I'd bet you'd find quite a few so that's not next to no one. If you want type in Hamza Tzortis - english/greek author with a masters in philosophy, yusha Evans - white American, EF dawah - white, ginger Welsh guy, john fontain - white ginger from Manchester, aburraham green - English. I could go on and that's not even anyone I know personally. Enjoy
  7. Well let's use the Quran as an example here. It tells you numerous times to question and try to prove it wrong. Over and over again. As I've said the people I know came to their conclusions rationally and by questioning for years. I'm not religious myself, I'm agnostic. But I'm not narrow minded enough to say "Oh that's alot of bullshit" It would do you no harm to learn about what each religion actually believes in and teaches before saying it's all stupid.
  8. Bit of a stupid example tbh. Religion for the most part deals with fundamental questions that humans have asked since the beginning of time. If you don't care why we are here and if there's a meaning of life then don't look any further. But if you do then religion can answer those questions for you. I'm not saying it's for everyone but it's naive to suggest that everyone who follows a religion is dumb and irrational. From people I know, they came to their faith pretty rationally tbh.
  9. This again goes along with the fallacy that religion and science contradict each other. Do you know where science originated?
  10. You wouldn't say that because you clearly have no understanding or knowledge about the stories of the prophets or Islam. It's a bit daft to label all religion as nonsense unless you have read every text, which I bet you haven't.
  11. Religion is very complex with imo Islam being the most complete and making most sense. Islam accepts every prophet from Adam to Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus etc and finishing with what they believe, the prophet Muhammad. The Quran has never changed unlike the bible or Torah. It's basically the same message from the Torah and bible without the texts being corrupted. It's also worth noting that Jesus never said he was God, the son of God or God in human form which is where the confusion comes in with Christianity. You won't find anywhere if you look hard enough where he made these claims despite what fanatical Christians will tell you. Obviously the question then comes down to whether you believe in God and what religion suits you. I think it's a fallacy that religion causes most wars etc. I watched a video on that before and it explained that secular countries have actually caused more deaths than anything. I'll try and find it. Its an interesting subject
  12. Haven't read all this thread and I'm assuming it's been covered. Found out my mrs is pregnant...how did you deal with her hormones? Ive been told numerous times already to get to f**k etc and we were over, she can do it alone etc...then back to normal a few hours later. Scary shit
  13. I think previous civilisations knew a lot more than we think. We think we know a lot through science but really it is limited in its explanations. The universe appears to have been fine tuned, by what, how and why? I have no idea. I watched a short video a while ago showing the mathematical possibility of us being here by chance and it's very very low. I'll try and find it
  14. If a creator created the universe, then it must be outside of the universe meaning any understandings we have of the universe may not apply to the creator. For example, everything we can see is finite even the sun...so a creator could be outside of time and space meaning it's always existed. I'm frazzling my own brain !
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