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  1. Oh surely not...Viking ton, the unemployed junkie says its alot of shite. Surely he knows best
  2. Yes well done, you get a great view from your crackden
  3. How's your crack and smack habit? Still robbing grannies? You do know the police are after you for stealing that Morton's roll van, probably you and your pals are the ones out trying car doors and threatening to stab people in the early hours too...lay off the blues
  4. Inverclyde should be shut down to the rest of humanity you cretin
  5. I'm sure the crackheads are waiting until it's dark to try car/house doors etc
  6. Thanks for confirming you can't read, you mutant
  7. Ffs and you're from Ayrshire, nonse
  8. Haha someone from Inverclyde trying to talk about drug habits...your town is crawling with scumbags, crack and smackheads so give me peace!! I've not taken Ching since I was about 23. If you must know my partner works part time and we have young child, I know you won't have this issue as like the rest of your rotten town you're no doubt claiming off of us workers...tink... Or robbing the 5% of decent folk down there
  9. I've got my p60 on an email...all I need to know is where I find the information that it's not up to them to dictate how much they pay me
  10. I know that but what I'm due - 80% of £725 = £580 and the c***s are paying me £480. Won't cover my bills and with the bullshit "take a mortgage holiday so we can shaft you with a higher interest rate" is a shambles
  11. Does anyone know the legalities of what's happening for employees and the 80% of wages? I'm on 16 quid an hour, 45 hours a week. That's my basic. Other sparks or on 15 quid an hour at 45 hours a week. Got a text this morning telling me that I'm not getting my usual rate as it's unfair on other electricians. So everyone is being paid 80% at £15 an hour over 40 hours...we always get paid 45 hours. Its the principal more than anything, not to mention will be struggling quite a bit as we are tight for money as it is. The company I work for as well are renowned w*nkers and shaft us out of correctly calculated holiday pay. Now is not the time to be fucking people over.
  12. Does anyone on here have it or know anyone who has?
  13. Telling the truth. The full town is crawling, you can't deny it
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