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  1. Sportscene shaping up to be a delightful watch this week. Accies to top it off.
  2. That is fucking tidy. Obviously they've changed a few things here and there for gameplay reasons, but most of that is very accurate. EDIT - A wee comparison hing some guy did - Clickety
  3. That statement is fucking delicious. The only thing that beggars belief is that that is an official statement from a real, functioning football club.
  4. A boot in the pie wouldn't have been unjustified IMO.
  5. It's a scandal. All out attack until they bring back the good stuff #Persevere #NoSurrender
  6. As devastating as this whole situation is, it's heartwarming to see the level of frothing, vile abuse they are receiving any time they dare post another one of their shitey ads on Facebook (mostly from me tbf).
  7. I've been skint recently so been off the Bru for a wee while, but I'm usually a 4-glass-bottles-a-day boy (which is probably the main reason I'm skint), a proper Bru junkie and after finally tasting the new shite I must admit it feels like there's been a death in the family. Gutted is an understatement lads. At least I can look forward to an extra hundred-odd quid a month
  8. This a million times. I used to be quite patriotic, but I suppose that was just some way to look good in front of people, and to take some level of pride in the accomplishments of my compatriots. But it's all bullshit, and I'm glad I've let go of it. The ones I hate the most are the people that love the fact that "their" country is beautiful, like some hill. They'll take great pride in the beauty of Ben Nevis but not the Pennines, simply because they were shat out their maw's c*nt in Dundee and not Darlington. Wankers.
  9. Vanquinho.


    It's been a while since I've had to go through this process, but I've had a look and it seems that it still works the same: You buy the base game for £9.99 (likely the one you saw in GAME, which does come with a free month), which includes every expansion up to but not including the latest one. The latest expansion is always sold separately. This expansion is called Legion, and can be found round about £35 --> Amazon. While I would recommend getting Legion as well, there is no need to rush to get it until Mr X Jnr gets to the level cap, which could take anything between a few weeks and a few months depending on how much he plays. To pay for the subscription, you will have to get him to log into his account on Battle.net and go from there. As Growl3th says, there is a discount for buying 3 or 6 month blocks. Personally I prefer a tenner coming out of my account every month rather than 52 quid every 6. You can also buy game time cards from shops. In terms of potential future spending, expansions are usually released every two years, the next of which will probably be out in about September. N.B. Obviously you are looking for a box for him to open, but you can also do it all on the Battle.net store.
  10. Vanquinho.


    Think it's 11 years now since I started, not long before WotLK launched. Legion has been a mixed bag. Great story, raids, dungeons, art and music, but ruined in some ways by the legendary system, titanforging and pvp. They've cranked up the RNG 1,000% and it's all about spinning the wheel like an obsessed gambling addict until you get the best stuff, rather than getting the best stuff from the hardest content. Not only in the gearing, but in all class specs as well. Procs that are completely uncontrollable and you either get lucky or you don't. Spin the wheel ya fucking lemmings. Makes me sad. Still, I love WoW. I just want it to be better. One thing to note is that the Mythic Dungeon Invitational was a massive success, with a huge audience on Twitch. Mythic+ has been a great addition to the game and I'm thinking about getting a team together and competing. I reckon they'll have to take a gamble and announce a bigger prize pot if they really want to get people playing the game and stirring up hype, because it pales in comparison to the money given out in League of Legends tournaments.
  11. "Pasta had not been invented. It was macaroni or spaghetti."
  12. Aye why fork out good money to go to Pittodrie every other weekend when you can trudge out to the public parks with your pals and do it yourself?
  13. 1. Giving a f*ck about things/people that I can't benefit from/exploit in some way. 2. Getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. 3. Completing tasks with plenty time to spare. 4. Explaining the nuances of my thoughts and ideas. 5. Dancing.
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