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  1. I was out taking photos this afternoon so was dipping in and out of the racing when I could. That finish to the Supersport was amazing and was lucky to catch that. Did you see the state of the Dunlop tryes from the first superbike race?
  2. It's the fact they were unwilling to even do the basics to get the pitch ready which really gets me. Ok they may not have had the equipment/personal to do it, but since it was going to be a one off they could have talked to the Shinty club and asked for a hand to get it ready.
  3. Was out at the Shinty today so missed today's action....got tomorrow's schedule blocked out so nothing will disturb me. Looking forward to this season.
  4. Getting some major 'Rubens Barrichello' vibes from Sainz this season....
  5. Footballing reasons, it was a sound appointment. Off the field, the decision spat all over the "Community Club ethos" our chairman loves to spout, and the complete and utter shambles of PR in the weeks afterwards shows a lack of connection and ability to understand genuine concerns. I'm ecstatic that County have made top 6, frankly an unbelievable achievement, but while he's there I'm not going to be.
  6. Clach looking to enter an Under 20's side into the NCL next season. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/clachnacuddin-confirm-plans-to-enter-north-caledonian-league-271379/
  7. Thought that might have been the case, still tempted, however.
  8. Has anyone had their car re-mapped or had a tuning box installed and if so what's the general thoughts? Thinking about getting it done for my current car in an effort to see if I can get better MPG out of it.
  9. If I'm going to be getting up at ridiculous O clock to watch a F1 race then they need to bring this back into the fold. It was the only way I could tell my body to become alert for early morning races.
  10. Are they adding canned crowd cheering to the overtakes?
  11. I think if you listen carefully, Jacque Villeneuve is desperately trying to get in touch with journalists to complain about the lack of decent Canadian drivers.......again.
  12. That was a massive one, these cars really don't like the kerbs at all.
  13. The issue with Croft is the same issue with a large majority of commentators these days, all looking for the sound bite that will cement them into folklore (that Aguero moment). in other news....
  14. The story of Bottas's F1 career to date....
  15. Ferrari - Look to be on a similar pace as Red Bull, possible a bit faster depending upon track. However, seem to be a bit better in with temps and tyre degradation. Red Bull - First of all..... It's a usual story of a Newey new build on new regs....potentially fast, but have they again packaged components in a way which compromises cooling? Mercs - Offt, I think they are further down on power compared to the other 2 than previously thought, looking at their customer engines they all finished in the bottom. McLaren - As much as they moved forward last season....they have gone further back this season. That car is a mess. Hass - Losing Mazepin is a blessing in disguise. They have now a solid driver who will be top 10 for the next couple of races for sure....all depends upon how well they can handle developing the car throughout the season and whether they will get swamped by the others?
  16. So the FIA report from last year's race is in.....https://www.fia.com/2021-f1-abu-dhabi-grand-prix-report-world-motor-sport-council-19-march-2022 Basically confirming what was known. Masi screwed up under massive pressure brought on by the team's constantly on the radio to him during those few pressure moments. Rules are now clarified and made easier to follow to prevent even a remote possibility of the Abu Dhabi finale repeating New team & procedures placed to ensure the person making the decision gets time to make that decision.
  17. Onboard lap on the new layout at Spa. A lot more gravel to bring it up to standard for the bikes.
  18. Anyone else getting slightly worried what a heavily armed Ukraine Farmers Union is likely capable off once this is all done?
  19. Also known as "Newey has knocked up a similar design, we'll have it ready in a few weeks"
  20. You know, starting to think the Russian aren't too good at this 'War' malarkey
  21. Could you just give us a break oh Ancient Evil Spirits of Japan......we are a bit busy just now.
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