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  1. I had been using "like Bambi on Ice" but this......this is so much more accurate.
  2. I think we all know that Kenny will only be here for about 6 months, he has to keep moving regularly or authorities start to ask about his late night patio work.....
  3. I think in signing Spence it all but confirms Draper will be playing in defence for the remainder of the season, not terrible but a waste of a player tbh.
  4. Kenny doesn't take too kindly to the mention of Scott Brown......
  5. After Fraser's display against Morton I think there's a number of fans willing to drive him down to Dundee personally.
  6. Just seen that Keillor-Dunn joined Falkirk on loan for 6 months........
  7. I certainly don't think it's helped, but not sure it's the main cause. A lot of injuries have been impact injuries rather lack of fitness.
  8. So....was it Kettlewell or Ferguson who managed to piss off a witch doctor? Seriously I'm struggling to recall a time when County has so many injuries to first team players.
  9. Wildcard Weekend

    That's a cruel way for the Bears season to finish.....but since it's not my side I can't help but laugh slightly.
  10. Inverness v Queens

  11. Ayr United V Whoever is left at Falkirk

    Well this has been a rather pleasant Saturday after all....
  12. General Motor Sport Discussion

    It's a new season, and the first major race, the Daytona 24hr is less the a month away. The living embodiment of never giving up, Alex Zanardi, is racing in the Rahal BMW GT entry. The car has been developed so he uses hand controls with a special steering wheel for accelerating and a large handbrake-like lever for braking. However one of the big challenges is the driver change....well during the "Roar Before the 24" they practiced, and nailed down the driver change.
  13. Ton v County - Friday night

    We have not once put out a full strength side, Mullins was nursing a tight hamstring and we are missing Vigurs, Fontaine, Stelios, Kelly and a few others to injuries. It also looked as if Cowie and Morris may have come off due to injuries rather than a tactical substitution....not an excuse but not helping at all. Also, and whisper this as some are blinded by them, but Kettlewell and Ferguson just aint that good, there's no plan B for when plan A fails.
  14. Ton v County - Friday night

    Always going to be a foul on the keeper there, what the hell Fraser was moaning about I don't know. Embarrassing stuff tonight.