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  1. Someone attempted to attack a hospital ship in America it seems.......using a train.
  2. So.....as with most things in F1 it comes down to Money and commercial deals.
  3. This looks fine....... A few reports going round it will be run behind closed doors...however Adam Cooper has reported Ferrari, Mercedes, Mclaren and Renault have not turned up.
  4. Still unclear if the race has been cancelled yet, although to be fair it must be 3am in the morning in Australia atm, so we won't know anything until much later tonight.
  5. Had flashbacks of that Scott Fox moment......proof if needed Keepers should never be given time to think
  6. Of all the players for that to fall too.....McKay is our only form players.....Bugger.
  7. I know this is an overused and GIF....but it sums up that first half so well
  8. There are a couple of points which jump out on the back of that SFA statement. 1) RE: the panel member who didn't didn't take all evidence into consideration (yeah, sure that panel member exists...). Did that panel member also decide on the other appeals decided upon that day? If so are they to be reviewed as well or is it just this one they failed to look at? 2) There is still at least 1 person on that panel who believed it was a dive
  9. If something so obvious doesn't get overturned with the tools available then what chance does anyone have.
  10. Newman has been released from hospital and by all accounts without any major injures.......
  11. That impact was on drivers side, the fact that there are only talking about serious but non-life threatening injuries is a miracle in it's self. The leaps and bounds in safety within NASCAR is astonishing.
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