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  1. Netflix

    I'm not a big fan of Gervais tbh, but my little brother insisted I give it a go. So glad I did. Some genuine laugh out moments, some moments where I swear someone started chopping onions nearby. Think he has started writing (or is planning) a second season.
  2. Ok......can we all check up on what we all did this summer,in case one of us cut off an African Witch Doctor or something, because this injury malarkey is getting a bit tedious now.
  3. Carabao Cup

    They've paid £75 million for him....there's no danger he won't be playing in the next game.
  4. The Highland Derby

    So.....how many times will the keepers need to take a penalty before a winner?
  5. The Highland Derby

  6. The Highland Derby

  7. The Photography Thread

    A strange 2nd weekend in the row with the camera, also I now have a cold......so a mixed bag this weekend.
  8. F1 2019

    RBR have a reputation of flipping on engine suppliers within an instant, Honda not been that great in development (McLaren beat Torro Rosso last season), Newey tends to design cars which have high grip and a bit draggy so need the power.... .....you honestly don't think Horner/Marko will be moaning at Honda by Silverstone when they are still getting beaten by the Mercs and Ferrari?
  9. F1 2019

    So......are we going to start a sweep on when Red Bull start to blame Honda for their failures?
  10. The Highland Derby

    Desperately searches for the record of longest penalty shoot-out.
  11. The Highland Derby

    That wasn't that bad from an entertainment point of view to be fair.
  12. The Highland Derby

  13. The Highland Derby

    Standard County defending at a corner there......