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  1. Depends on how they were entering the results (1 result per column) then yeah, it could be possible......but you would have to be woefully incompetent to have it set up like that.... (regardless.....using a spreadsheet software for a database is completely inappropriate)
  2. The FIA Karting championship finals had a bit of a moment today. Luca Corberi decided to throw his bumper at another kart after a coming together (bit of context here, he's a entitled rich kid whose father owns the track the race was at). It's been suggested that even Dan Ticktum thought this was out of order, it should also be noted that he missed his intended target. But Luca was not done and decided to have a little fight after the race......oh, and the 2 adults raging in and tackling the kid.......is Luca's father and mechanic. They seem lovely.
  3. There is a potential (although extremely unlikely) possibility of Toyota making an engine available. There have been a number of rumours that Ferrari are looking to entry the new Hypercar regs for the WEC/LeMans using their F1 engine as a base, since Toyota are already set for the Hypercar regs, could it be possible that Toyota's engine would be suitable for F1?
  4. Danny Ric with the perfect reaction to a time penalty there.
  5. I saw a tweet earlier on this week that mentioned a 1 week free trial of the Eurosport player through Amazon Prime although I've not checked that up. Radio LeMans for audio commentary and they have live timing there as well.
  6. Not used that camera or Cannon at all but reading a few reviews and it looks like a really good entry level DSLR. For a beginner I would happily recommend this with no concerns, however if your looking for something a bit more advanced (Higher FPS for action or better ISO for working in low light) then you'll be limited with the 4000d. However I would echo what others have said about the second hand market. I've purchased 2nd hand from WEX and ParkCamera's without being able to hold the camera, however both have a really good grading system which gives a good indication of the condition. Remember that the most important factor (apart from the photographer themselves) is the lens rather than the body, if possible buying an older second hand body and getting a better lens would be the ideal option as long as it keeps within the budget.
  7. Renault and Ferrari to re-launch their protest over the Racing Point after new evidence was discovered on Sunday
  8. Some classic Italian handwaving from the marshals as they rip open the Racing Point and spray the fire extinguisher all over the place.
  9. That Red Bull was finished before Max got stuck in the gravel pit.
  10. Fixtures announced earlier on today. League kicks off on the 17th Oct, hoping I can get out with the camera for a few games before the weather takes gets too cold.
  11. Photo's from a track day last week at Golspie which I've only just got around to editing......just struggling atm to get any enthusiasm going. Just went out to focus (pun intended) on panning techniques, still not as good as I want to be but getting there. Need a smaller lens for the Nikon though, the Sigma 150-600 is too heavy to get right down on the low shutter speeds I want to hit. 1. 2. 3. 4. (not a pan but definitely the best sounding car of the meet)
  12. More likely a gateway to be a Mercs ambassador in 2 years time securing his post F1 retirement work.
  13. Perez just announced he's leaving Racing Point at the end of the season....which would make space for Vettel to take that seat for next season when they rebrand themselves as Aston Martin racing.
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