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  1. Well it was vintage Tokely.... ...couldn't pass, late in the tackles and got sent off.
  2. This really....REALLY....should be my last game of the year. It's getting far too dark to be shooting games, only managed to get a few decent snaps.
  3. Ford v Ferrari - 7/10 Pretty decent movie, from everything I have read of Ken Miles I thought Bale nailed it. As with most "True Life Hollywood stories", there are a number of elements which are either are a slight bend on the truth of just flat out did not happen (For instance, Enzio Ferrari didn't actually attend the race) while Leo Beebe was nowhere near the complete and utter arsehole he was portrayed in the movie. The racer geek in me had more than a few issues with the racing sequences (slight spoiler so added below) Overall a good movie but for a racing geek, there are flaws. The Steve McQueen 'LeMans' still remains the definitive racing movie.
  4. Was back out at the football at the weekend, getting too cold for this now. This time it was Inverness Athletic vs Thurso in the North Caley League. Inverness coming off a run of bad results and i think Pic one explains a lot in my view......if you keep tackling your teammates....it's hard to win games.
  5. I use Flickr to upload all my photos and then link from there....I find a lot of the time uploading them directly to here tends to compress the photo. In saying that the example you posted up doesn't seem to bad at all.
  6. TBF, the embargo stated they had to finish the game before giving it a review.....
  7. I've seen a few videos and read a couple of reviews and they all seem to be along the lines of "I like it.......but you may not". Even some reviews which gave it high scores.....still called it tedious and boring. A lot seem to want to like it (or at least to be seen to be wanting to like it) because of who is behind it and all the hype that was built up over the past few years. Edit - EDGE Magazine have said they won't give it a score as it was too boring to be completed.
  8. So......Verstappen just more or less admitted in the press conference that he didn't slow down for the yellow's for Bottas's crash at the last corner......
  9. Yeah, got the V8 Superview setup on the laptop for Bathurst, the TV is hooked up with the last hour of Petit LeMans at Road America. That gets knocked onto the F1 as soon as it finishes. I mean whoever scheduled all these races to be on at the same time needs to have a word with themselves..... .
  10. Agree with the Tannoy guy....cringe fest every time. ......however.....I will not stand ideally by while such slander is thrown against the glorious Kettlewell, how very dare you sir.
  11. I take exception to that..... .....most of the time we were still drunk.
  12. What may be my last outing this year (depends on work) I took in the first round of the Jock MacKay cup which saw the battle of the Isle between Orkney and Lewis & Harris, played in Invergordon.......which is nowhere near either Orkney or Lewis & Harris......so yeah.
  13. Never a booking btw, game's gone soft imo.
  14. Managed to get the camera out this weekend, this time Drifting at Golspie Kart track.
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