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  1. I'll be honest..... ....if I could kick some random granny out of the way just to get mine, I would without even a second thought.
  2. Apparently so far only 13 arrests. To put it into context, when they gassed the BLM protest so Trump can have his photo in front of the church there was 11 arrests.
  3. Started off well but could have been cut by several minutes.
  4. Now, my American history is not too great....but isn't this the flag of an enemy trying to overthrow the government?
  5. There's a mod for the PC which allows you to play the game in VR. I've played it once and now I'm afraid of all air vents and my own shadow.
  6. I've posted on the free game thread but it's not always seen......but Alien Isolation is free on Epic Games for the next 20(ish) hours.
  7. Alien Isolation is free on Epic Games for another 20(ish) hours.
  8. There's a lot of issues with regards to framerates and general poor looking textures on the base PS4, in the early game car chase the FPS dropped to about 15FPS which makes it almost impossible to play for some. Also the PS4 lacks any real sharpness in the visuals, everything looks a bit blurry. I know that this is a game on 7 year old hardware, but when you market a game to be played on that console which CDPR did, you at least expect it to be playable.
  9. GTA San Andreas vibes here.....
  10. Have you seen the documentary Red Bull TV has of Dovi? It follows last season championship, halfway through when the the season when it's clear the Ducati doesn't suit certain tracks, the senior management still expected Dovi to beat Marc, ignoring the bikes weaknesses. I'm surprised Dovi made it through this season with them.
  11. Going to be giving this a few months. Firstly to allow all the bugs to be worked out and secondly to find funds to beef up my PC.....
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