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  1. Lovat really need to find out who in their setup pissed off a witch doctor and figure out how to set it right.....
  2. Got a plan this season to take in a game at each ground in the North Caley League, already ticked Alness and Halkirk off so off to Tain. Think I peaked with the first one here..... [
  3. Took in the St Duthus v Nairn County game today. St Duthus took an early 2 goal lead before adding a third with about 10 mins to go in the first half, Nairn pulled one back just before HT. Second half was a much scrappier affair, with neither side really creating much. St Duthus did add another with about 15 mins to go and went on to finish 4-1 winners. Was also out with the camera and I think I peaked this season with my first photo....never going to get another capture like that. [
  4. I've seen this before....as long as nobody removes the idol at the bottom of the hill it's all ok.
  5. Season started today and planning to try and get to a home game with my camera for each team, so started easy and took in the local derby between Alness v Invergordon. Alness ran out 2-1 winners over last year's champions. A pretty even first half with neither keeper really being troubled....although Invergordon did crash a 25-yard shot off the crossbar. In the second half, it was Alness who started better and took the lead from the spot before doubling their lead 10/15 mins later after a long ball was nodded on to the Alness striker. Invergordon then got a consolation with 3 mins left to play after Alness defence stopped expecting/hoping that the ref would halt the play after the Alness right back was down...."injured".
  6. That's my biggest fear/reluctance going mirrorless, however the Nikon adaptor seems to be pretty decent. Obviously it's not going to match the lens made for the mirrorless mount, but it's not far away. Regardless, the D850 is still going to be a great camera that's still going to give great photos....and hopefully (as I still have/plan to use my D500) the second hand market of lenses become plentiful and cheap....
  7. Managed to get a quick hands on experience with the Nikon Z9 (no photos to share as it was very much speaking with a friend who handed it over willingly and without any force or threats of physical violence....honest) I'm so glad there is a such a long waiting list, it meant I still had money in my account and I'm not currently looking at ways to sell my kidney on the black market. The auto tracking is superb, had it tracking my mates pet dog as it ran through some tall grass and on a burst of shots (about 20ish in general) not a single shot missed, all focusing on the dogs eye (only looking at the back of the camera....may be different once on a monitor). I've never been a huge fan of a mirrorless camera, mainly due to the blackouts when burst shooting as it makes it hard to keep track of the subject. However the last time I tried one was a good 4/5 years ago, and the technology has moved on so much it's unreal. Thankfully the waiting list is so long I can start saving now and by the time stock is available I will not need to sell the kidney.....I hope.
  8. As sport photos go, this is a great one.....
  9. Wow, not seen an engine go boom like that for a while now....
  10. So that's how Ferrari are going to screw it up.....in a big ball of flames.
  11. Might be to prevent stepping on the floor since the Mercs doesn't have a sidepod to use
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