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  1. This is upsetting. Dave was a lovely guy who I met a few times when he returned to Inverness.
  2. Probable final end of year list.
  3. A full Top 10 now with recent new releases from The Mountain Goats, Peach Kelli Pop and Built to Spill. All of which are decent but not outstanding. They need more listens though.
  4. Her previous album 'Sock It To Me' is better. I'm not keen on the fact she's got a full band on this one, preferred when it was her + guitar + drum machine. The new Sonny & the Sunsets album is very good.
  5. Top 10 of 2015: Twerps - Range Anxiety The Cairo Gang - Goes Missing Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida Thee Oh Sees - Mutilator Defeated At Last Radioactivity - Silent Kill Mike Krol - Turkey Phylums - Phylum Phyloid Mikal Cronin - MCIII Mac McCaughan - Non-Believers Shout outs to Colleen Green, Sonny & the Sunsets, Alex G, Platinum Boys, Hooton Tennis Club. Solid efforts from old-timers Sleater-Kinney, Wilco, Mountain Goats.
  6. I don't flush anything untoward down there and the guy wasn't sure if the blockage was even from our house. My shite certainly smells though. He seemed used to it.
  7. I'm happy enough with this as my top 10. Although I've just picked up albums by Ultimate Painting and Thee Marvin Gays and will no doubt find more due to end-of-year polls.
  8. Scottish Water have just been round to unblock a pipe running round the side of my house. I haven't smelled anything like that since T in the Park campsite toilets. Eye watering.
  9. There's a few instances of poppy related rage appearing on Facebook relating to not enough respect being given to poppies. Alternatively there's the liking and sharing of articles from po-faced attention seekers about why they won't wear a poppy. I don't care about your poppy news or views.
  10. 1-1 v Bulgaria, 27th March 1991. European Championship qualifier. Emil Kostadinov and John Collins were the goalscorers.
  11. Liz McColgan is having a bit of a breakdown on Twitter.
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