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  1. Apologies for the intrusion on the thread, but not much else happening at this level bar reading other clubs threads.... Im feeling a bit like this as well tbf. I guarantee my wee boy wants to go back when we are allowed back in to games and that's the ONLY reason I'll be going back . All this shite happening has made me realise, I don't actually miss the football like other folk do, its a good couple of hours out and time with the wee man and a bit of adult conversation with the guys round about, but apart from that, can I honestly say my lifes worse off without going to the games? Probably not.
  2. I must admit, I watched about 2 ends of one of the games and didn't bother with the rest of it. I think we're in for another rotten outdoor season as well. Roll on Season 2022
  3. I've got an external filter running as well mate, you can just about make out the intake at the back right of the tank pic.
  4. Yep, the plan is about 150 tetras made up of 3 different types, neons.... ember (maybe) and x Ray or black.
  5. @cas79 @Bigmouth Strikes Again @The_Kincardine Fired in 6 neons and 6 cardinals last week, and 1 of the cardinals we lost during the week but apart from that, all happy and active Trying to establish a bit of fishy bacteria now, and ill be adding more tetras every fortnight from here on in. Already spoke to a breeder from Glasgow who seems keen to assist with the stocking so we'll hopefully be updating more shortly....
  6. Plants have definitely grown, looked at a photo i took 3 weeks ago and they are defo growing. Took out the air pump and small power head and installed an eheim pickup 160 internal filter (kept the added oxygen tube in) and got a cracking wee powerhead from amazon which was £9 for the other side so plenty water movement and plenty oxygen getting in there. Still got the heater and external filter running as well. Its not letting me add another pic so I'll do another post about the fish...
  7. Imo mate, nature is your friend. Personally I'd leave them and maybe 50-75% might survive. Is there plenty hiding spots for the fry or is it just a stoney bottom pond? The fact you can see and count them makes me think they're at a size and age they'll be fine but I'm no expert.
  8. Hopefully this helps a wee bit.... The enforceability of a pre-contract will depend on the specific terms of the agreement. Pre-contracts are generally not binding under English law as they are usually marked ‘Subject to Contract’ and are simply a commitment by the parties to enter into a later contract. Basically as I thought, an agreement before an actual contract but not binding, see Richard Brittain and his U-turn from Ross county to st johnstone, but stayed at county, circa 2013.
  9. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but is a "pre contract agreement" not just a verbal accepting to move clubs that could basically be reneged (sp?) On, and has been done in the past with players? If a small fee was agreed then that becomes binding and Livi guarantee to get their man. could be wrong but that's my understanding of it.
  10. First time i took my daughter, me and the cousin just went down behind the EE building in greenock, there's a wee brick pier thing there. Crab and mussel on a hook and away he go. Caught all sorts that day and she had an absolute ball. Probably go down the Douglas water next weekend and see what's happening.
  11. What bait do you use? I've not been like fishing a lot tbf, this year was my first time trying it. If been fishing a lot over the years but just basic sea fishing and a bit of trout angling. The few times I've been like fishing I've tried a few things, but found the best success with either Lampray sections of half an eel. My cousin who I was down with yesterday, caught 2 fish, 1 using a roach and one using half a mackrel. do you get out the fishing much yourself?
  12. Decent day on loch ken, 3 pike including a nice double, no bad for sitting at 0 degrees temperature! Lost another fish at the death as well.
  13. Here my 'hot take' on this match... Last week's result SHOULD (for any "normal" team) be a catalyst for change, but, last week's game and this week's game are 2 very different games, with very different expectations. We always knew last week, we would have less of the ball, be under more pressure and be set up to hopefully stifle anything coming our way. If we were to set up like that against Clyde (and it's no disrespect to Clyde at all) our fans (inc. me) would throw a wobbler. This is a game, where it's not too unreasonable to expect a team selection and set up for taking the game to Clyde. And by the way, Clyde will be thinking the same, we are there for the taking for anyone who can snatch a quick goal, and then watch us f.anny about for the next 85 mins trying to breakdown a defence unsuccessfully. One of Murray's failings is changing a starting XI on a weekly basis without ever really changing the game plan along with it. We already know what formation/tactics will be, bit it's always just a random shuffle to see who plays. I've said for long enough I'd rather risk losing a goal or 2 if we could score 3 or 4 but personnel dictate otherwise unfortunately Hopefully Carrick is back in the starting XI and Connell carries on his good form. Any win will do please.
  14. So that's 2 weeks I've had the plants, planted in the tank. Since getting them in I've done 2 x 50% water changes a week. In actual fact once it gets to 50% drained I brought the hose in and started filling it while leaving the "out" hose still running so it was probably more than 50% dirty water out. Lots still to do but happy enough that none of they plants have started to look like they are dying.
  15. Jesus Christ man this threads taken a turn for the worse. Airdrie all of a sudden turning a corner and "all to play for" whilst wanting the managers head on a stick last week (myself included). It was a good result absolutely, and the type of game that Murrays team set up suited, if hes going with that defensive set up, it should be against the 2 teams who have just been relegated, I'd understand that, everyone else in this league is there to be attacked and we should be taking the game to them. FWIW I thought we deserved at least a point for the way we defended, cant fault the work rate at all either and as someone else said our set up was perfect against a team like Falkirk who naturally are going to have more of the ball. That was more like the defence of last season also, worked as a unit and big Sean led them well. In summary, happy with the 3 points and a well executed game plan, but lots to do before the end of the season and I still think Falkirk will win the league (comfortably) with a few weeks to spare. Still think a playoffs the best we can do.
  16. The results may be a surprise to folk looking in from the outside, but every scoreline reflects the performance in that respective game, if that makes sense. The only "hard luck story" IMO was the Partick game where I reckon a draw would have been a fairer result (again IMO only!) but every other defeat we've thoroughly deserved it. I'd be absolutely astounded at anything other than a fairly routine Falkirk win here.
  17. Cove 2 -1 Clyde East Fife 2-0 Forfar Falkirk 2-0 Airdrie Montrose 1-0 Dumbarton Partick Thistle 3-0 Peterhead
  18. The worst possible game at the worst possible time. Pressure mounting on Murray, still hasn't a clue about his best XI. Looking forward to some Airdrie fans telling us "this is a game we should be winning" while getting beat with an absolute whimper. Falkirk 2-0 Airdrie.
  19. I absolutely get that. from the day he arrived it was with fanfare, knocking back a 4 year Montpellier deal and allegedly under the watchful eye of "europes elite" which for the record I believe to be a load of garbage, and as I mentioned somewhere previous, he was coming to Airdrie for 1 year only. His agent/management company are obviously using every second of his time here to engineer some kind of move, which again is fine. I dare say, if Morrison had an agent with the same idea he could certainly make some noise about a move also, some are content to plod away quietly, others make as much noise as possible.
  20. I don't know what the problem is though? As you say, he's got a savvy agent/management company who clearly are making an effort to get their client the best possible move (even if it may be above his station) which in turn would make them (and Thomas AND the club) the most amount of money available to them. Falkirk will be delighted to keep a hold of Morrison past January to keep them on track to steamroll the league, me personally, I'd be happy make any kind of money on Robert and hopefully every step over and printed media line adds another few quid. Even if it does end up being £50k from Dundee Utd in January.
  21. I said earlier in the thread I'd rather have a promotion and wave Tam Rab away for free in summer happily, I think its become clear we will be nowhere near getting promoted, so 2nd prize would be take the cash in January, use some of that to pay Murray off.
  22. Anybody thinking before the game that Airdrie could/should have got a result today are clearly wearing the diamond tinted specs. I said during the week on the Airdrie thread that next week would see us 3 defeats in a row. I said at the start of this thread Montrose would win. It's all so predictable. Anyone thinking we've got any right to win ANY game in this league is deluded. Montrose have easily the best manager in the league who has installed a tremendous work ethic in that team he's built. The only good thing to come of this today was picking up a decent lift compliments of the ridiculously priced Montrose.
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