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  1. Like someone before said, I reckon this game will shape the rest of the season. It will tell us a lot about the mentality of the players to how they react from Saturdays disappointment. If they come out with a point to prove and go for the jugular early, then I reckon we'll push Falkirk and Raith to April. Fold like a cheap suit and it"ll be between us, Montrose and East Fife for that 3rd and 4th spot IMO. FWIW if he played 442 with Carrick and Smith wide, Roberts and Millar central and gal and Ryan up front I wouldn't be against it, as when we had the ball the 2 fullbacks would push up meaning Smith and Carrick pushed up as well effectively going 4 in attack, but I don't get paid to make these decisions so we'll leave it to Murray and see.
  2. Airdrie 0 - 1 Stranraer Clyde 1 - 1 East Fife Falkirk 2 - 0 Forfar Peterhead 2 - 3 Dumbarton Raith Rovers 2 - 2 Montrose
  3. I got that impression 😂 As others have said he's a bit of a character. He'd have been hurting the same as the supporters, especially given the tight nature of the first half. Some of us have a bit more "self control" over our emotions in those situations though 😂
  4. The one positive I can take from today was the support. I thought the backing of the team was excellent and that view was shared by a hearts fan I was chatting to on the train home. Thought first half we gave a good accounts of ourselves without really creating a full on chance. As much as I thought we may tire, I knew hearts couldn't be as bad for the second half as they were the first. The amount of times in that opening 45 we just took the ball from their defence as they tried to pass it about must be worrying for them, and a better team would have punished that severely. As per my previous reply, that was an absolute free hit for us, no pressure to gets result at all. Callum Smith was our best player today, he seemed to cause unrest in the hearts backline everytime he went at them. Crightons backing off for the 2nd or 3rd was criminal and he should rightly feel that was his fault. All in all, enjoyed my day out, nice wee change getting the train to a game and while the result didn't go our way, I'll happily concentrate on the league.
  5. I think we've got to go with the team thats delivered the most success this year, Roberts, Carrick etc. As much as Smith's been off the boil a bit, I'd still rather he started than Roy, as even on Smith's bad days, he troubles defenders far more than Roy ever will. I'm heading through in hope more than expectation and I'd love the weans to have a day to remember from everything from the journey through right to the result.
  6. This is an absolute free hit for us and a decent day out for the fans. I've rarely went by rail to away games and my wee lassie enjoyed the sing song at Raith a few weeks back that she asked if she could come to this. As long as we give a decent account of ourselves, the fans give good backing and we get not a bad payday I don't think we can ask for anything more.
  7. I've always thought this about loan players across the leagues tbh. I always thought there was some kind of stipulation that "if they're fit, they play" we've had some absolute garbage loaned to us in the past and they 9 times out of 10 started even when everyone could see they were rotten.
  8. Any of you crazy cats heading through via train? Let me know PM or otherwise, times you're heading through etc...
  9. Can only echo the sentiments of what's been said, I really don't think this will be as emphatic as either of the games beforehand. Both games have been a mixture of 1 team being well below par and the other playing well which never ends great for 1 team, both times the away side. We have seemed a touch complacent of late, but I hope THE (potential) signing of Andy Ryan might be a shot in the arm and a wee lift that we need to really push on. Also guys signing new contracts and having a bit of security, you'd think would give individuals a bit of a lift and also make the guys who HAVEN'T signed a deal step up and show they deserve one also. Its too close to call for me, both sides very capable of a result and a massive game for both sides.
  10. Sure did mate, hope you did as well! That's great for the wee man, falkirks mad with the blue carpet eh! certainly got to grips with the new bowls then, half the battle that! glad you got back to winning ways, I had a bit of a disaster last night truth be told and I never threw a bowl...... turned up, rink I normally play in everyone turned up so I said fine I'll step down, and put my name up as a sub. Went to check the team for Saturday in the league game against Cumbernauld (at home), I'm a reserve which I'll be honest, very shocked at. Match secretary (who plays at my outdoor, and also who's rink I play in on a Wednesday) says to me its "because I cant make the last 2 games, its being fair to the guys who CAN play them" which I'd be 100% behind and no problem with, except the fact that I can guarantee at least 3 of the ones picked WONT travel to play Turriff on the last game, I can put a months wages on it. So aye, not a great start to the new year and if I'm honest I'll probably play what ties I'm left in and that'll do me for indoor, scunnered with the politics. This is exactly why my old man left the indoor..... about 4-5 years ago played every Scottish league game.....we got to the playoffs and they dropped 3 of the guys to bring in 3 of the better senior team players and my old man was 1 of the dropped ones, so there's previous there. Oh well, I'll keep an eye on the score on Saturday night with a slight hope they come a cropper 😂
  11. Cheers for that. That first part of the 3 lochs way looks right up my street and with train access direct from Airdrie, I reckon that's a stick on for the summer once the dog turns 1. Have you done it yourself? I think for the first wee while I'll do most of the "popular" trails and hills to try and build up a bit of stamina and see if the knees hold out, that walkhighlands is very good and detailed for someone like myself, and based on the info, I think once i start, I'll invest in a wee pair of walking trainers
  12. stellar advice lads many thanks. And Tinto will indeed be my first walk,as mentioned, being from Lanarkshire, it's the law. I've had a look on walkhighlands and was very impressed with the site and the step by step guide to each hill. I'll be honest, I have no clue how to read a map and never even thought of that if I'm honest,I just always imagined there would be a path for some reason, but as I mentioned before, this is why I'm here, to find this out. i actually have 2 pairs of walking boots, nothing fancy just £35 Karrimor numbers i got online about 4 years ago for work as they were lighter and comfier than steel toe caps, inexplicably the company sent a second pair of the same boots (free) a week later and I've kept them in the box so was just going to use them as I still use the original incredibly renewing the laces once and they are still doing a job! I was in Watford at the weekend there and was in the "Cotswold outdoor" shop and picked up a Berghaus fellmaster jacket which should do the job i'd imagine, bought it because I'm starting to walk the dog longer now and my softshell jacket is on its last legs! Is there usually people that take the dogs out on a walk with them or is it just normally 2 legged enthusiasts?
  13. Right you fine specimens.... First time in this topic. I'm the absolute novice of hillwalking, never done one in my life. Over the last few years I've had operations on my knees etc so I'm aware of my capabilities. Recovered well through the gym etc, and I've just recently got another dog which will need a lot of walking, hit my plan is once the dogs a year old in the summer, to get out and do a bit of hillwalking at the weekend with her. Obviously with the knees I'll be limited to some of the stuff I can do, so I'm looking for "the pie and Bovril beginners guide to hillwalking" (that's also dog friendly). It would be handy to know of any equipment that I might also require but I'd imagine the stuff I'm looking at doing is mostly "a good jacket and boots" type stuff rather than a bag full of stuff? But that's why I'm here, to find all this stuff out. Any help much appreciated.
  14. Dumbarton 1-1 Clyde East Fife 2-1 Airdrie Forfar 0 - 2 Raith Peterhead 0-3 Falkirk Stranraer 0-2 Montrose
  15. I wouldn't be averse to getting both types in if I'm honest. The more quality options we have the better it'll be for us.But I'm in 100% agreement about Roberts, he possesses every quality required in this country to become a success. I'll be honest and say, when he signed, it was a bit "meh". One of Queens parks better players the season before didn't exactly fill me with raw excitement, but it's no coincidence we are a better side when he's playing. Last year I was most disappointed with Kieran Millar, who looks like a different player this year. It just goes to show what getting in a coach with half a brain can do. I'm missing today's offering as I've took the weans down to Harry Potter world in Watford for the weekend so I'll be keeping an eye on developments back in Airdrie.
  16. Airdrie 1 - 1 Forfar Clyde 2- 1 Stranraer Falkirk 2 - 0 Dumbarton Montrose 2 - 1 East Fife Raith Rovers 3 - 0 Peterhead
  17. That's Roxy 23 weeks now. Taking her out the day she stopped for a wee sit down and I thought it was perfect for a couple of photos. She's a bit wary of strangers, great with our kids and rolls about with them but when we're out walking and someone tries to clap her she's a bit jumpy and backs away or has a wee nip if they're too persistent, fine if we are clapping her at the same time though but need to watch that. Very loud if someone comes to the door as well though which is decent.
  18. Regarding the contract extensions.... Don't know how much weight it has behind it just might be something. Heard a whisper at the game the young Leon McCann has been told by Hamilton his time there is up and he's being released, but we've already agreed a contract with him so when January comes around its just a matter of paperwork [emoji123][emoji122][emoji106]
  19. Ally Roy will never get stuck in. He's incapable. This time in 2 years he'll be warming the bench for Stirling or Annan
  20. I'll agree with most of what's been said previously there. Falkirk easily the better team in the 2nd half, but Airdrie had the better of the first. The boy Durnan looks like an absolute nightmare everytime the ball comes near him, just doesn't even do the simple stuff right, there was at least a few times he could have asserted himself and win a header hit let the ball bounce and lost possession, an absolute liability it looks like. Thomson's shot that rattled the bar would have been some introduction. But we avoided defeat so it's a wee plus.
  21. That's what I think as well. I thought if it was in the box then a yellows fine but outside then a definite red. Need to see the highlights to be sure but very lucky to stay on imo.
  22. Really should have finished that half a goal up, superb header from Crichton I think it was. Finished the half on top but a slow start again cost another goal. I'd like to see the first penalty shout the ref gave a free kick for just on the 18 yard line, I thought if it wasn't a penalty then it was a red card but very hard to see from where I'm sat.
  23. Jesus H. You've went full bawbag on this reply. Lighten up man [emoji849] Aye Bar-L
  24. During our recent good run, I predicted Airdrie would win 0 of the games in the prediction thread. The first game I actually brought myself to stick a win down for Airdrie was the Clyde game. That went well. 4th stand envy IMO. anyway; A very difficult game today but always the type of game you want your team involved in regardless of what league it's in. If I walk in and see Ally Roy in the starting line up then it's a Falkirk win IMO. The guy doesn't have the heart or the work ethic we've come to expect from this team. Carrick and Roberts IMO are 2 of our most important players, they carry us forward and are an essential part of our quick counter attack. If Falkirk score first, then we're done, we simply cannot break teams down without resorting to long punts down the middle.
  25. Aye Gary's a very good player, and as you say he's a great laugh on the green, a lot of folk don't like it to be fair so if they don't join in, we just slag each other more, and usually in the leagues we'll have a front end who can do the same like my old man at 2nd and a wee guy Thomas at lead, if it's the 4 of us it's some laugh. No game this Saturday, next one is the 11th of Jan, if we win that then it's looking like a guarantees playoff spot. We play Cumbernauld and if we won would be 4 ahead with 2 to play and a massive shots difference. Good job because I can't make both last games, home to Bainfield on the 18th is the day Airdrie are away to Hearts in the Cup and last game away to Turriff is a no go! I played 3rd first few games, and while our rink didn't get beat, a couple others got well beaten so they shook it up a bit and moved me over to lead the rink and swapped a couple of thirds about and it's worked to an extent as our rinks done well enough but then others have taken a hit! Started our festive tournament on Sunday night with a win and +18 shots (9 shots up each rink) Then 2nd game last night was 1 rink up by about 16 and we got beat by 4, which was actually a lot closer than it should have been. I had an excellent game at 2nd in the triple, turned a lot of heads and probably lay about 10 ends out of the 12 we played, bit the opposing skip was absolutely phenomenal, beat I've ever seen him play, he's a bog standard solid 2nd in a rink usually but he skipped for the other team last night and I kid you not he was absolutely phenomenal. Actually told him at the end it was the best I've ever seen him..... He didn't argue [emoji23] drew absolutely everything, no complaints at all, I can take getting beat like that rather than wicks and running into things. Next games on Saturday but I've pulled out since it's the L1 top of the table showdown at the Broomfield Nou!
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