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  1. Alloa Athletic 2-1 FC Edinburgh Clyde 1-1 Kelty Hearts Dunfermline Athletic 1-0 Montrose Falkirk 1-0 Peterhead Queen of the South 2-2 Airdrieonians
  2. "where we belong" As the longest serving residents in the league, I'd say we are exactly where we belong. Where we'd HOPE to be is another matter.....
  3. Dunfermline 1-1 Alloa Falkirk 1-0 Montrose Kelty 2-1 Edinburgh Peterhead 0-1 Airdrieonians QOTS 4-1 Clyde
  4. Maybe it's so Hutts can concentrate on the coaching side of it and be "back up to the back up" maybe? Who knows, all speculation at the moment 'til that f*cking pen makes an appearance. I've been pretty patient regarding the signings to be honest, still am, I'd rather try for a couple of decent players than dive in and sign Dean Ritchie and Scott Walker mk.II. Peterhead are struggling themselves so even a 1-0 90th minute OG winner does for me on Saturday as long as we've got at least a week for the new recruits to get a bit of settling in with the rest of the guys.
  5. I don't do tiktok but I do like looking through it at dog related videos........ So the wee fella said to me "dad I want you to make a tiktok, just 1" so I made it, nothing mentalk, just the dug lying on the floor after coming back in from down the park (20 mins at 7am yesterday morning, which I set my alarm to do on my day off just so she could get exercise or she's a p***k all day!) all of a sudden there's comments appearing from folk saying I shouldn't own a dog and it's cruelty etc , dog walkers saying I should go for a walk with no shoes and a fur coat on . Absolute lunatics out there.
  6. Been a nightmare last couple of days wi the dogs in the heat so me and the daughter took the Beluga Man for his first walk on a beach, Pettycur Bay, and in the water, wee man was cooled right down, into the motor back to Airdrie. Brilliant few hours.
  7. I think end of window IF anything. mcInroy I'm sure played pre season when Ange just arrived so we can hope at least
  8. its certainly a name thats been mentioned in the club. what stage its at or if an enquirys been made I genuinely dont know.
  9. The position adopted by Beluga Man for most of the sunny weekend.
  10. Judging by some of the shouts from the stand, I think that's already in place
  11. That was also a name I'd heard that links the players we're after. Couldn't tell you any names or anything but just that J Mc was involved. Apparently a couple from down south lined up aswell to get over the line hopefully this week.
  12. I've always said that, absolutely loved him as a player, and I know it's a cliche, but he genuinely could have went so far with his talent.
  13. couldn't agree more tbh. If we'd listened to St Mirren and Hamilton fans, we'd never have signed Sir Allan Russell. A change of manager, fans and scenery is whats required at this level for a lot of players to show something decent. Frizzell I'd say is another who really failed to make an impact at QOS or Dumbarton, where I think he was always used as a winger. Ian Murray moved him inside and he was my vote for POTY last season. People get too carried away man, this is Scottish League 1, the 3rd tier of a national set up, teams and players aren't here "by accident" or "unlucky" to be playing here. The majority are ok, have their qualities and their moments (Currie, made some cracking saves and then failed to control a ball against Peterhead that resulted in one of the bizarrest own goals I'd ever seen.) I couldn't give a f*ck what Frizzell was like for QOS, season ago, if hes performing well, superb. I'm sure the QOS boys will also not give a single f*ck what Airdrie say if Rico turns out to be the next coming of Roberto Carlos or even just "does a job" for them. There will be gems at this level for a season (maybe 2) but on the whole, this is where the players deserve to be.
  14. I definitely wouldn't be turning my nose up at McGill coming back, especially as another cheap/free loan. He struggled a bit towards the end of the season, playoffs especially, but to have a young guy come in again who knows the club, majority of players (signed so far), style of play, and has already a number of league 1 games under his belt etc, that's already a step ahead. Put it this way, if it's a choice between Rhys caves or Scott McGill on the bench, I know who I'm going for.
  15. A short story By blu. Snapchat-1524861464.mp4
  16. I'll be honest, that's what I was lead to believe also, but no names or anything were mentioned. I just thought with the season ticket sales date and the pitch laid, what better way to promote that of a weekend with a couple of decent signings. Maybe I've put 2+2 together and got 5 though
  17. In a couple of words.... An honest pro. The most technically gifted player? No A rampaging attacking full back? Nope But you will get a team mate who will try his hardest and try and be as important a member of the squad as he can, whether that's starting at right back, filling in on the left where he's visibly weaker, I'm sure he even played centre half or that's where he LIKES to play. I think for that league you've got yourself a good, versatile hard working squad member.
  18. The 1924 members need some kind of Brucey bonus, I don't actually mind it TBH, we'll all still get one either way, as you allude to.
  19. I've got a funny feeling that just before the season tickets go on sale, we'll have a decent bit of signing news this coming weekend. absolutely not ITK or even heard anything regarding that, but it would make sense. I hope. Please.
  20. I wish WE were dropping into other threads asking what a player is like
  21. I can confirm, Roxy can do absolutely none of that.
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