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  1. I cant really disagree, Thistle wont be far away, Falkirk have had there "bedding in" year last year and will know what's required to get out the league now, and I expect to see them scrapping for the title. Montrose have proved they're more than capable of mounting a playoff challenge, and have retained a lot of that gelled team that's done so well over the last few years. East fife again, will look to improve on recent years and will also be targeting a playoff. Then of course Cove coming up, who I don't doubt will make another couple of "big name" signings for this league. We really have to hit the ground running this year and not lose any ground within the first 6 weeks, it will be a close league with half to 3/4 aiming for that top 4.
  2. McIntosh will score some goals in this league without setting it on fire. He'll score 12-15 goals and be "ok". There'll be worse signings made in the league for sure.
  3. He'll do ok for Cove IMO. he was a decent scorer at this level without being anything fantastic, and nothing will really spring to mind in 15 years time when someone mentions his name. This is about his level IMO.
  4. I still get annoyed, thinking about Liam Lindsay being constantly overlooked for the Scotland u21 squad a few years ago. An absolute disgrace .
  5. How you keeping mate, all ok? I paid my fees outdoor this year just for continuity and to at least say I've done my bit, can understand anyone not paying fees this year etc, but our clubs only got 25-28 members so every penny counts. Got a text in June asking if I wanted to put my name down for ties so I stuck my name down for the 2 singles tournaments. First round of the championship, ended up being drawn against Paul Kane Jr 😂 the boys won that Scottish super series when it was on at kelvingrove, plays with Andrew Hamilton trophy winning Lanarkshire south, Scottish under25 runner up do he's no a bad player.... First game since new year at Indoor and played absolutely out my skin 😂😂😂 won 21-16 so I'll take that! I've since had 1 other game. I'll just potter about,maybe have a wee game a week but all things considered it's been a welcome break from bowls and might just spark my interest again!!
  6. Absolutely right man. Loved it. Could have done without the Robert California guff though
  7. If we're to expect another 3 players then I would really like to see a striker as one of them as well tbh.
  8. My wee boy has developed a mad interest in fishing and camping, which I'm over the moon about as it's time not on some form of YouTube or iPad! I've been the odd fishing trip over the years but my wee cousins right into fishing, used to do the match sea fishing for Scotland youths etc so he's pretty clued up. Decided to take him up Loch Earn 2 weeks ago and he had an absolute ball. Camped overnight and the wee man landed 6 trout and a common eel. Took him to Avon trout fishery last week and got a couple decent rainbows as well so it seems he's got an interest anyway which I'm happy to nurture! Magiscroft fishery this Friday for a few hours as well so hopefully catch a few more!
  9. When I told my old man that I'd been looking into this and wanted to get out and do a bit, he told me he had only ever climbed one hill... Ben lawers and he done it in a trousers and t-shirt and a pair of trainers, and at the end he ended up on his hands and knees crawling, totally unfit, unprepared and naive as f*ck 😂, no quite the pep talk I've had before but a definite warning to be prepared 😂.
  10. Yeah we're booked in for the night, we get the permits when we arrive and it's all sectioned off, my wee cousin says it's really well controlled now which is why we decided to go there, and the fishing's decent. Something different for the wee guy. I've decided it'll be Ben Vorlich, Ben Lawers and Schiehallion I think for my next 3 walks, the planning is actually pretty fun. Once I've got a few under my belt I really want a crack at the wild camping but I'll need to learn to use a map and compass properly first, defo wont be taking any unnecessary risks.
  11. It's my wee boys first time camping/fishing so wanted somewhere not too far, and a bit more "controlled" camping than just out in the sticks. That's exactly what I'm after with Ben Vorlich, I've only just started hillwalking after 6 months of planning and getting fitness up, mine and the dogs!!
  12. I'm heading up camping to Loch Earn on Saturday for a bit of fishing with my cousin and the wee boy, going to scope out Ben Vorlich is it? I've had a wee look on walk Highlands, but any info from anyone here who's done it would be appreciated.
  13. Is the development fee still a thing? I know it's not going to set the club up for years to come but any of the 23 and under players, as long as we offered them new deals on existing or better terms, if they refuse and go elsewhere we would be due a development fee. If that's still a thing, of course. I'm with you though on your train of thought, I hope we get to see some quality young players this year, hopefully some exciting football and of course, a bit of success.
  14. I'm assuming he's the main bread winner in his house?
  15. What the actual f*ck is going on here. Every so often on here someone pops in with wild ITK rumours. The best advice would be ignore it for a few weeks and they'll disappear. They always do. McNulty at EF indeed 😂😂😂😂
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