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  1. Just clocked the goal on sky sports news there [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Tremdous [emoji122][emoji122]
  2. Airdrie 1 - 1 Peterhead Falkirk 1 - 0 Raith Forfar 0 - 0 Dumbarton Montrose 2 - 0 Clyde Stranraer 1 - 3 East Fife
  3. I've yet to watch the highlights back and never seen Davos in real time. If after watching the highlights our red was for a full on kick then again, no complaints. They were taking after the Everton gomes horror injury of clamping down on those type of "taking one for the team" fouls that could result in injuries like that so it it was a full blooded boot then no issues with it. Again I never saw the Raith 2nd one, really should have watched the highlights before posting again! For someone that knew absolutely nothing about football before yesterday it was a novelty walking from Bevvy Park (in the rain) to the stadium, the singing, she even enjoyed a steak pie! She doesn't want to go to every game, but she will defo be back. No half time chiff for her, she wanted to stay at the seats with her brother while I got her a pie and a juice! Always a bizarre one, a player goes down easy and gets booked..... Same thing happens in the box, ref gives no penalty then SURELY it's a booking for a dive. One or the other
  4. No complaints about the result tbh, nearly a full second half with a man advantage and we were devoid of ideas, creativity or threat. I'm a massive fan of Callum Smith but these last 2 weeks haven't been his best at all and how he stayed on for the full 90 I'll never know. I can only assume Roberts had a wee niggle and thats why he was subbed. We dominated the second half, bit in actual fact, didn't really threaten or force the keeper into a save at all. Punting it long and central was being mopped up sweatless by the impressive benedictus. The time wasting etc, it's part and parcel, and I'd be absolutely lapping that up if the shoe was on the other foot. That was my wee girls first game today and she loved the atmosphere, I also thought the fans were excellent today, very vocal and a clear backing of the team. Just another wee "credit where it's due" I thought the stewards at Starks today we're excellent and having that wee smoking area for a half time chuff is brilliant and the guys stewarding it were a credit to the club, chatting away and just being "normal".
  5. Really can't argue with going in 1 down, no complaints, Raith also hit the post early and we've hit the bar and missed a one on one. Callum Smith's been a nuisance but it's just not working for him at all today.
  6. Unless someones spoken to a relative of Regans, then I don't think we'll believe it for now thanks.
  7. Played 3rd place in the league last night and ran out a comfortable 19-6 winner. I played 2nd last night and had an excellent game, the guy that leads for us has been a lead for probably about 30 years, and is one of the most consistent players, especially indoor. Our skip Gary had a couple of absolute world class bowls, drawing for the shot when 1 or 2 down when the shot bowl was only about 3-4 inches away. 2nd place got beat again so that's us 8 clear with only 2 more Wednesdays left so in the hat for the end of season 4's play-offs, and the leagues reset for the new year. We run a tournament in the week between Xmas and New Year, "The Buchanan Sixes", it used to be a singles, pairs and triples and played against other outdoor clubs, plus a sponsors "select" 6, indoor directors team, indoor womens 6. Usually about 16 teams enter it and its always a good laugh, this year its changed to 2 x triples so looking forward to that.
  8. serious question time: is/was Dowds just returning from injury? I've always liked him since he joined EF and he really looks like hes stepped up but just hadn't seen him mentioned much the last wee while.
  9. As expected, the lads fell to a defeat in Elgin. Up until Wednesday passed, we only had 14 guys making the trip, including 2 under 14's! A couple of boys from the wednesday night league stepped up and made their debut also so credit to them, and I hope they had a decent game!! We've got a weekend off this weekend, think it's the national pairs, then we have 3 x home games in a row, bit I'll miss 18/1 since the diamonds are away in Gorgie!!!
  10. Clyde. 2- 1 Forfar Dumbarton 1- 1 Montrose East Fife. 0 - 1 Falkirk Peterhead 2 - 0 Stranraer Raith Rovers 1 - 0 Airdrie
  11. The absolute pain in the EFTV boys voice when that penalty is awarded is glorious. "Naw naw nawwww".
  12. That game will forever make me smile everytime I think of it. One of my favourite away day memories. Away end packed, folk hanging out the flats watching the game I think I mind and an absolute masterclass from Harvey.
  13. I think this could be the wee man's first ever away league game this Saturday. Not massively far away, top of the table clash. All roads lead to Kirkcaldy.
  14. To be fair he's got a point. If Sean keeps this up he's easily top 2 for POTY. I was critical of him under Findlay, he looked like an absolute clown with 2 left feet, but this year he's been one of the best centre halves in the league. The big man's a winner, he's won this league a couple of times already and he'll be desperate for a third winners medal and I'd be delighted for him If he did. Im a massive Callum Smith fan, but he was under par today, still didn't take away from his effort and willingness to get involved but a couple of chances went begging from him and it just wasn't his day. Since Carrick and Roberts have become mainstays in the team it's absolute night and day. I'm enjoying watching the team just now and delighted Murray has found a winning 11.
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