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  1. That flag above the greenhouse is the neighbours btw, the clown was out trimming that tree to the right of it so he could bring his flag to half mast for ole Phillipe 🙄
  2. Greenhouse built yesterday. Actually didn't take too long, parts all numbered well and instructions clear so managed to get that fixed down to the base I made. Still plenty to do but it will let me start some seeds this month. A lot of the other work is shovelling and barrowing, soil for my beds and bark for my path!
  3. Managed to get a base made for my new greenhouse, yesterday. I'm no groundwork but it's pretty level and suits for exactly what I need! Opened the greenhouse boxes, built the door and window that opens and decided it was best to have a full day at it with another adult, so father in law is coming to give me a hand to build today. I think once that's up and secured, and I've brought the ton of topsoil from my front garden, round the back and dumped it into the beds, apart from the back path which I still need bark for, we'll be looking good!!
  4. This is the content I like 👍. The guy was a winner, didn't know when to back down (sometimes a curse) and probably played (at left back) 18months longer than he should have IMO. Always remember him and that other mad [email protected] Dean Keenan at Ayr having ding dongs, blood shed the lot, and then a shake hands and a cuddle afterwards . A hard b*stard and as close to a "modern Airdrie legend" as you'll get. I'll listen to the Interview later, is he still at Benburb is it?
  5. I thought the stuff i smoked was decent. What gives you the impression this group of absolute charlatans can suddenly win 4 out of 5 games, 3 of which are at home, where we're an absolute sack of sh*t. Dumbarton - Comfortably dispatched us early doors. Falkirk (h) - Smash and grab away from home, i will concede a well defended and executed game plan (for once) Montrose (a) - Easily one of, if not THE hardest working, fittest teams in the division. Great manager who plays to his strengths, knows his best team and has proven the last 2/3 years, they are only going one direction. Forfar (h) - Being at home gives me the fear nowadays, gifting MOST teams points (clyde excluded), proved we can beat them, they look in dire straits, probably our best chance of points. East Fife (h) - they've added firepower to an already decent front line, guys like austin, wallace, agnew have all been over the course and know the script. I wouldn't trust Murray with a lit cigarette never mind guys like that. IF we get nothing from tonight's game, I reckon we'll be looking at potentially 3 points from 8 games. But aye, we should be looking at winning 4 out of 5. wow.
  6. Will not be buying the stream will not be watching a game again until Murray's gone Will look for the updates on twitter. The End.
  7. Apathy doesn't even cover it from an Airdrie POV. Anything more than a loss here is a bonus. Crighton still out, Turner (?) out also, its really not looking good at all. No idea what the starting 11 will be, don't even think Murray does at this moment in time either. Cove 2-0 Airdrie
  8. I'm afraid I'm in agreement with most recent posts above, I've been patient with Murray, affording him more time than most, but it's now a case of "thanks for your efforts, bye". The question we need to ask yourself is now, not "can this man get us up" it's now sadly "can he keep us up" and that answer is still in the wind! Constant line up changing, triple subs, post match interviews all point to desperation moves on Murray's part and alarm bells from a club POV. I honestly don't think I can bring myself to buy the PPV anymore, if we were allowed to go to the stadiums, if still be going with the wee man, but even he doesn't want to watch Airdrie on TV anymore and I don't blame him, lasted 52 mins yesterday before going to paint the back fence and turning it off.... How many others will be the same? Boy in my work was telling me how great it must be having Robert at that level, couldn't believe it when I told him he's pish. Hopefully he gets a move, we get some cash and it can go towards an EXPERIENCED manager who knows what it takes to get promotion at this level, or build a "horses for courses" team for L1. #murrayout
  9. Glad to be back out working in the gardens at weekends again! That weekend there, I fitted all the wood that would "map out" my wee planting bit at the bottom level of my back garden. The big square at the bottom left will be the base for my greenhouse (type 1, whacker, sand and 9 2x2 slabs), the rectangle joined onto that will be a raised bed, another bed just across from it and the path will be all Bark, I only had 2 bags of bark so fired that down to see roughly what it would look like. The remaining wee square up the back that the greenhouse shelves are sitting in, my wee lassie had a cracking idea.... 2 wee fruit trees in there, layer of thin weed control fabric, nice stones over the top of it and a wee concrete staffy statue as a wee memorial to her dog she had for 11 years! Great idea! Ran out of paint aswell but replenished last night so will be finishing fence this weekend!
  10. After some negotiations with work, I'll be getting a Skoda Karoq as my new company car. Anyone had one of these at all?
  11. Oi Oi! whats the word on the street from through your way regarding this year? THink we're in for another year of internal comps and Saturday tournaments. Not great but it'll get me out the house a few nights a week! Mental that the BIBC champs have been postponed again!
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