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  1. My boot back in the day. Adidas Flanker. Cool as F.....
  2. Two teams that need wins to get the juices flowing again. 0-0
  3. Jamie Hammil was decent for us before he went to your lot too. Mind you you’ve sent us a few duds over the years as pay back.
  4. One can only hope. He is some player, I’ve admired him since his debut for us as a teenager.
  5. I don’t think the modern football fan can truly understand the experience of being in those type crowds. The only comparison being a rock concert mosh pit.
  6. The dedication bit was a bit PC for my liking. Couldn’t imagine Steven Spielberg doing that for the SS guards at the end of Schindlers List. The movie btw was a pile of steaming shite. Not a patch in the Battle of Midway film I saw as a kid in the 70’s.
  7. Unless your filming mother/daughter/muff/foot action for the P&B pervs.
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