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  1. The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

    You’ve no sense of humour laddo.
  2. League Cup attendances....

    I think I heard 4026 for Killie v St.Mirren. Not too bad for a preseason “friendly” cup match in the middle of the holidays. ETA plus live on TV.
  3. League Cup Group H

    First Edition is a top class pub I love it. Did you go into the beer garden, perfect for nights like we’ve just had.
  4. England's Glorious Failure

    Scotland are almost the exact opposite.
  5. Your Club's Biggest Legends

    1965 league championship team. 1997 Scottish cup winning team. 2012 Scottish league cup winning team. Tommy Burns. Steve Clarke. (Work in progress)
  6. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    They’d go runnin hame to their mammys if a real woman like JR dominated them.
  7. England v Sweden

  8. England's Glorious Failure

  9. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    This guy has came to the right club if he wants to get his career going in the right direction. If he works hard and scores goals it’ll only help his return down south. Steve Clarke is the type of manager that can attract “special” players to Killie. He can give them the game time that can put these guys into the next level. Players like Harry Kane just didn’t appear in Tottenham’s first team overnight, they’re developed from teams like Killie. Hopefully this boy will be the next one.
  10. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

  11. The Official President Trump thread

    Down at Turnberry the other week, he’s certainly tarted up the place. Wonderful facilities, plenty of cash spent.
  12. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Poor Michael Carroll to get his million pounds back. That poor uneducated loyal supporter was fleeced of his lotto winnings and left on the scrap heap. Shame on Old Co. a wrong that needs to be righted.
  13. The joke thread: a thread for camaraderie and hilarity

    I’ve been giggling all morning watching this......