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  1. Your right I have to be positive about my team especially at this point of the season. We’ve been through it before and it was nail biting right to the end (Falkirk & Hibs come to mind) but the main difference is that we were there to roar them on. This absolute c**t of a year has drained a lot of the hope out of a lot of us, we’re missing out on so much. So hopefully we can get through it all relatively unscathed and have next season to look forward to. Yeah even if it’s in the lower league but hopefully not.
  2. That’s not nice. I’m just expressing my opinion of a shit year and a uncertain future for my club and myself. So ease up on the criticism champ.
  3. He’s probably got a release clause in his contract and will be off if he doesn’t fancy the seaside league. Personally I don’t really give a toss anymore. I’ve got used to doing heehaw on a Saturday and if the club goes down the Swanee I’ll find something else to do.
  4. I showed the wife your watch. She wasn’t impressed, “that’s a board game on his wrist” [emoji23]
  5. Cheer up at least your not witnessing it live. The team can’t moan that it was the fans on their backs making them play bad. This demise is all down to the club and all involved with it, not us.
  6. The clear/reset button on an AC mechanics ECU scanner is his number one tool.
  7. Killie’s run of results, not including today’s defeat. Ayrshire derbies next season to look forward to is the only saving grace.
  8. Aberdeen’s season restarts on Saturday, easy 3 points for them.
  9. Not mine (wish it was) a friend of a friends.
  10. That’ll be the one. I was into American Football at that time watching it on Ch.4. That game was nothing like the real stuff IIRC.
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