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  1. There’s no fat folk in NK, they’ll be fine.
  2. Don’t know. As was previously stated the squad was a championship select. Premiership class players don’t tend to step down the league.
  3. The squad was adequate to get us out of the championship. It’ll need greatly strengthened to keep us in the premiership.
  4. Too many Friday away days for my liking spoiled what would’ve been an excellent break from top league survival battles. The Saturday ones away I really enjoyed albeit I missed the rail journeys I usually take due to the lurgy farce (couldn’t be arsed sitting with a mask on). Overall it was a different experience not being the underdogs and having the extra pressure of having to win most weeks.
  5. This is simply one of the best meltdowns ever. I’d love to hear what was being said. Superb stuff [emoji23]
  6. Jamie MacDonald what a class act. Great keeper and top bloke. Still one of our own. He loves the Killie and the Killie still loves him.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CcqrvxxlBb-/?igshid=NDA1YzNhOGU=
  8. George Best would’ve been even more of a phenomenon if he’d been under the guidance of Alex Ferguson. Fergie would’ve got his head straight to cope with the modern game.
  9. Here’s some nice pics from that day to warm your heart.
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