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  1. I'm not convinced by some of the West Coast based panel's but fortunately haven't had any Dundee based judges as I never enjoyed having to travel out of Fife to Dundee as I always seemed do poorly. Think I had better success with written submission only, maybe they didn't like the look of me! Then again I should remember not to get too dressed up!
  2. Totally understand your issues with HMCTS, I've had fun and games with them as well!
  3. Kelty have to go back to Kilmarnock on Tuesday for the Bonnyton game after the lights went out last time! Seems very harsh.................
  4. Has there been a decision regarding the outcome of the game?
  5. That’s now two away cup games for Kelty where the home team haven’t booked long enough to complete the match! Fair enough replaying the game but it is extra games to fit in. Surely the home team have to take full responsibility that they have a long enough booking and if not forfeit the game!!
  6. Have Preston Athletic withdrawn from the U20 league as they are no longer shown in the Conference A League Table?
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