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  1. I see Glass has now commented on the interview. Lifted his quotes from the Daily Record so you can see what he's said without their sensationalism around it: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stephen-glass-unloads-aberdeen-shock-25262366.amp? Nothing as insane as Cormack came out with there, but I did chuckle at "the stats being read out, it is pretty clear what the agenda is there." If stating objective facts about a football club's results can be interpreted as an agenda against a manager, it tells you something about the performance of that manager.
  2. You're aware that it would be possible for a chairman to come out in public to back a struggling manager without lashing out at valid criticisms about the manager's experience - claiming managing Atlanta United 2 in the USL Championship is better experience for the Aberdeen job than the Scottish Championship - rambling a load of incoherent pish about possession stats and the 'data' to claim you deserved more points after losing five games in a row, repeatedly shouting '29 games to go', throwing the players under the bus and making fantasy claims about 'the silent majority' of fans backing the manager and Chief Executives of other clubs calling him up to talk about how well they're playing?
  3. Not that I have any interest in defending Paul Sheerin, but possibly worth noting that in Arbroath's first two seasons in this division under Sheerin before they collapsed into relegation they finished second then fifth. Sound familiar?
  4. Nothing I've said contradicts that. The point being that our chances coming that way and our predictable failure to score them would mean that ICT were aware we were unlikely to break them down through our own efforts, and could therefore stay in first gear on their way to an entirely comfortable win. Which is what happened.
  5. Yes, at 0-0 we did have a sliced attempt at a cross which hit the post, then a slack pass on the edge of your box gave us a chance where Reilly should have scored but Devine blocked it. However, neither of those actually constituted Morton creating a chance through their own ability as opposed to completely mishitting a ball then getting a lucky break of one, and the fact is that we didn't take either of those chances while within two minutes of Reilly's chance ICT were ahead with an embarrassingly easy goal. Meaning ICT were able to remain in first gear and comfortably see the game out knowing Morton were toothless and entirely incapable of creating anything. This was further proven by the second half when the Morton defence embarrassed themselves again for the second goal and the only chance came from a speculative long range effort that Ridgers should have done much better with, only for the sitter from the rebound to miss the target anyway. That's further proof of Morton being terrible and ICT being in absolutely no danger of failing to win the game, not evidence that this was actually a close game where the result was in any doubt.
  6. I think there's actually a pretty clear gap between teams. ICT, Raith, Kilmarnock, Partick and Arbroath are all varying degrees of competent without any being a flawless side who'll routinely hammer teams or run away with the league by 10 points. Queen of the South, Ayr, Hamilton, Morton and Dunfermline are all varying degrees of shite, with the latter three all being genuine candidates to capitulate to a 30 points or lower complete disaster of a season. If there's a candidate to not sit in either of those groups it's probably Queen of the South who may win enough games to be comfortably clear of the bottom two but aren't getting near the top four. Ayr might also comfortably tick along with wins but that defence still makes me think they're destined to stay among the shite at the bottom. Unlike the rest of the relegation pack, Dunfermline at least have a very obvious way out of the mess by sacking their dud manager. For Morton, the writing is on the wall for MacPherson already. A run of two points in seven games, failing to score in five of them and giving him a poorer record than any Morton manager in the last 35 years says it's a matter of when not if he goes. With a massive week of three games coming up I can easily see us ending up winless in 10, and he surely can't survive that regardless of being given a two year deal for no apparent reason. Even if we win one and lose two that shouldn't be enough to keep his job. The squad isn't good enough to do more than battle relegation and we were always the favourites for tenth, but even at that there's no doubt MacPherson is abjectly failing. On current form we're not going to be in a relegation battle, we're just going to be miles adrift in 10th with relegation inevitable by Christmas.
  7. We're looking at a very high shame game rating for Queen of the South here.
  8. Two points from seven games. A run this bad didn't happen under McElhone, Hopkin or Johansson. The last time it happened was 13/14, a season we're currently on course to get fewer points than. Speaking of that season, Gus MacPherson has a worse points per game record than Kenny Shiels, or any other Morton manager going back to Allan McGraw. I couldn't be bothered going back further but that gives him the worst record in 36 years anyway. This is a game we were always expected to lose, but in the context of the season so far such an insipid performance is straw that broke the camels back stuff. I fully expect him to get the next three games, but even if we get one of the wins we desperately need there it feels a lot like delaying the inevitable for MacPherson now.
  9. The defending for that goal was as embarrassing as anything Hamilton offered last night. I'm sure our notoriously prolific attack is going to get us right back into this. We look so toothless.
  10. As VT says we've at least been competitive in every game other than Partick rather than being hammered, but when you're six games without a win it's far too late to be clinging to performances. We need results and we need them now, but even grinding out a draw here is a huge ask.
  11. Quality sympathy stoppage time from the referee there. Six goals and a two minute stoppage for all the bookings, two minutes added on While we'll probably take similar pumpings ourselves and urgently need to start picking up points, tonight's the first time I've thought we're not clear favourites for 10th and might have a chance of avoiding it with just how bad Hamilton were. That's a team who've already played their managerial change card still looking that terrible. Maybe there'll be a turnaround over time with Taylor but right now it's looking like a horrendous appointment.
  12. On this, I think there's a danger in applying the same logic to the actions of governments across all countries. Of course you can believe vaccine passports/mandates of any kind are all inherently wrong regardless of the situation in any particular country and that would be a logically consistent position to take, but just because something doesn't make sense as a Covid response in Scotland it doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't make sense elsewhere. Introducing passports in Scotland to access areas which have already been open for months without requiring them at the point where between 85-90% of the over 16 population are already fully vaccinated is clearly performative nonsense to be seen to be doing something for the sake of it, which will make no difference. Doing it in the US where the comparable national rate is below 70% despite vaccines being available for longer, some states are still below 50%, anti-vaccine conspiracism is more prevalent than here, hospitals in some of those states are struggling in a way Scottish hospitals aren't and there is evidence from other states which have already introduced measures like mandates that they do encourage uptake, there's a clear argument that it does make sense as a measure to combat a pandemic which isn't under control for them as it is for much of Europe. You can still argue it's morally objectionable for various reasons, but it's not performative.
  13. Well that was fucking class. Deserved to win that. Having utterly slated him in the first half, Patterson was excellent offensively in the second. Every single player improved but that was the most noticeable turnaround, full credit to Clarke for how we took control of that game.
  14. Other than genuinely falling over and slicing it so it trickles towards the goalkeeper, I can't think how an on target penalty could possibly be worse. It's as if he's trying to make it as easy as possible for the keeper.
  15. I'm not placing any blame on Patterson for that. McTominay is part of the right hand side and does not have a fucking clue what he's doing there.
  16. Once again it's appalling defending from a set piece, but once again it all starts with a needless freekick borne out of the right hand side being an absolute fucking shambles.
  17. Imagine what would be said about O'Donnell if he made even half the errors in 45 minutes that Patterson has in 18. A Shinnie in Kazakhstan level performance so far.
  18. The wall was a mess for the goal, but if we had a right back who can defend on the park the freekick would never have happened in the first place. We know from extensive experience that Israel can sit in and withstand any pressure against us playing a back three. I'd genuinely shift McTominay into midfield right now, the right side will continue to be a defensive disaster regardless.
  19. Cheers all for the pub recommendations, particularly @topcat(The most tip top). My Edinburgh pub knowledge has previously pretty much extended as far as heading to Dickens for a quick one on away days that require a change at Haymarket and going in whatever generic place is showing football going to/from Easter Road, so this has given me plenty of places to visit.
  20. Me finding out this happened: Me realising it was on my street and I missed the whole thing:
  21. This could possibly go in the Heads Gone thread rather than being considered tinpot, but whatever you want to call it this statement from Dunfermline really needs to be seen by as many people as possible: https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=DAFC_Board_Statement&ID=13369
  22. There's a debate to be had around cringeworthy statements in general and where that ranks against some of the shite Hearts, Partick and Falkirk were putting out last summer, or every single Banter Years Rangers statement, but I don't think I've ever seen such a terrible statement in terms of a club having a go at their own fans or defending a manager. The defences offered of Grant are pathetic enough in and of themselves, but what reaction are they expecting to get with that last paragraph? At any club that's just a red rag to the whole fanbase that's going to act as a tipping point from 'I want this manager sacked then we can move on' to full on boycotts and sack the board rhetoric. It's doubly stupid from a club which has a regular source of income through supporter donations, which are now obviously going to be cancelled en masse. If Morton were to put a statement like that out I'd cancel my MCT membership on the spot. You wonder just how close Grant can actually be to the sack now, because it would seem odd to offer such a ridiculously over the top defence of him that completely burns any bridges between the club and support only to sack him in a few weeks anyway.
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