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  1. My encyclopaedic knowledge of Scottish football is all the evidence I need.
  2. I'm happy with that. While signing someone from Dumbarton's 21/22 side might not immediately excite people, we're picking up their best player by a mile who our manager already knows. As signings from relegated League One sides go it's massively more credible than say Kalvin Orsi, who couldn't get a game for relegated Brechin and was released by them the season before Hopkin signed him. That signing (along with Blues and taking McGeever on trial, both of whom were also punted by that Brechin team) massively set alarm bells ringing, whereas this doesn't at all. A gamble on a relatively young player who was a standout in League One is exactly the sort of signing you'd expect us to be making really. While the words 'utility player' often give people the fear, I'm not concerned by it in this case. He's impressed playing at right back and we were obviously in need of one while our lack of cover, particularly defensively, means we were always going to have sign some first choice players who are capable of covering elsewhere. I fully expect him to be our first choice right back who only moves elsewhere in an emergency, rather than being a Carlo Monti or Cameron Salkeld type where you still have no idea what their position actually is when we're punting them after two seasons.
  3. That was an absolutely outrageous save. Stonewall penalty as well, Atkinson is miles out of his depth.
  4. McFadden clearly thinking his mic was off "Are you gonnae do... aye, Bassey for Rangers, Souttar for Hearts, unless Simms scores."
  5. The way the fixtures worked out that season won Rangers that final. Queen of the South were dead on their feet after an hour because they were so lacking in match sharpness after not playing for four weeks; that harmed them more than tiredness through playing every midweek for 3 months harmed Rangers.
  6. EGM announced by MCT: Interested to find out what has set this in motion, if there is one particular interested individual or group or if it's just a general decision that this can generate investment for the club in greater sums than MCT Patrons. In principle I've no objection to it and if this can raise funds for the club that can be used for eg capital expenditure then good. There are questions needing answered though around what level of shareholding we're comfortable with private shareholders building up, do we want to let anyone do this or have MCT members retain a veto over sales to certain individuals or of a certain percentage, and is that very nice sounding proposal about investment being benchmarked against MCT contributions actually enforceable in any way? Overall I feel positive about it but would want these points addressed at the EGM before voting in favour.
  7. There really couldn't have been better way for them to lose than that. As brutal as it was while there was a real chance of them winning it, there can be nothing as devastating for them as this. There is something beautiful about managers putting subs on specifically to take a penalty in a shootout and them missing it. That England and Rangers are two of the highest profile examples lately is absolutely glorious.
  8. They've previously said this about introducing reduced timetables: So we'll take away the late night trains which are often the busiest services of the day, and are the only times of day with no alternative to the train! Providing certainty by basically making it impossible for people who don't live in walking distance of a city centre and don't work 9-5 to get to their work or for that matter do anything there at night, and to hell with any major events happening in those cities in the interim. Surely they need to revisit this and revise the timetable to getthe timetabled later trains on, even if it's at the cost of fewer trains during the day? Or alternatively, they could just agree a deal to pay their employees properly so they can have a functioning timetable.
  9. We have watched both regularly and know this is very far from the truth. Put an experienced and better centre back beside Baird and he'll be fine, but if we don't he'll be a bombscare, as he was for much of his previous spell here while still being better than McGinty, McLean and Grant. That's the difference between Baird being part of good teams this level, like when he was playing beside Gary McKenzie or Harry Davis at St Mirren, and being part of crap teams like when he was playing beside Sean McGinty at Morton & Ayr or Gregor Buchanan at St Mirren.
  10. How does Dom Thomas leaving Dunfermline for Queen's Park fit into this? You can debate the relative merits of the Queen's Park squad, and FWIW I agree that unless they make significant upgrades on that starting XI they'll start the season as relegation favourites. None of this changes the fact that many of their players signed for them over Championship clubs because they're paying more money than many Championship clubs.
  11. Just because players aren't worth four figures a week doesn't mean clubs don't pay it, see Falkirk FC. Queen's Park already have players earning that and will sign more: they'll be comfortably in the top four wage budgets in this division next season.
  12. The issue with this rumour is that if Imrie wants to walk away from Morton due to the state of his budget, then is he actually going to be in a much better position at Hamilton when the rumours around Taylor leaving are also centred on a fallout over the state of the budget? That obviously doesn't preclude Hamilton still having a less terrible budget than Morton if we've just made the smallest budget in the division even smaller, but if they've also got to pay compensation to Morton to get Imrie and Colin McGowan is still floating around like the grim reaper, it seems a bit frying pan into the fire to leave Morton because he's unhappy with things off the park when Hamilton have a genuine existential threat like McGowan hanging over them.
  13. No way you can expect him to know that. It's not like he signed him once or anything.
  14. As an aside, I don't really know how the myth that Andre Boe was ever a regular for Cameroon has persisted. Aye, prior to the internet being commonly available it was easier for something untrue like that to take root and spread around if a newspaper printed it through laziness having not checked their facts, which the Daily Record apparently did, but we're talking about Cameroon in the 80s and 90s here. In those decades they won two Nations Cups, were runners up in another and qualified for four World Cups, getting to the quarter final of one of them. Checking who was playing for Cameroon then is hardly like trying to track down teamsheets for Scottish Cup ties in the 1880s, and doing so shows Boe got one cap in a qualifier v Gabon in 1989. Joseph-Antoine Bell (70 caps), Thomas N'Kono (63 caps) & Jacques Songo'o (80 caps) were all playing throughout Boe's career, all of them were Cameroonian Champions then when they moved to Europe spent several seasons as first choice at Marseille, Espanyol and Deportivo respectively, also playing for other clubs in France and Spain. Bell was voted the best African goalkeeper of all time, N'Kono won the African Champions League twice and was a UEFA Cup runner-up, Songo'o won La Liga. If there was another guy getting 60 odd caps among that competition, d'you reckon he'd have ended up as second choice at Morton?
  15. Best entertainment so far is the suspended Bonnyrigg striker being steaming in the away end tbh. Non event of a game.
  16. You'd have thought the circumstances in which the Tory MP had been removed from a seat which had been held by Labour from 1932-2019 would have made this an easy by-election win, but clearly they've learned nothing about centrally imposing candidates on CLPs after Hartlepool.
  17. Chris Ross is away: https://www.gmfc.net/club-update-ceo-departs/
  18. I agree that Championship wingers tend to be a bit shit and would rather do without them, but Imrie has said often enough that he favours a 4-3-3. Maybe that could actually turn out to be more of a 4-3-1-2 with two centre forwards, one of whom drifts wide, with someone playing off them in a bit of a free role rather than actually having out and out wingers, then putting Muirhead or Garrity wide if you need to stretch a game at all. It'd definitely be easier to find one decent option to play in behind a front two than two wingers anyway.
  19. If goals could be retrospectively disallowed days after a game then Cowdenbeath would have been hauled back into Central Park days after thinking they'd stayed up in 2018 to play extra time against Cove.
  20. It was the highest share of the vote the Tories had won since 1983 and Labour's own vote share and seats won was a considerable improvement on where they had been in 2010 and 2015, which is why up to about two weeks before the election the received wisdom was that the Tories were going to romp home by about 20 points with a majority of over 100. What changed in 2019 was that the election became primarily about Brexit. There were of course multiple other issues around Corbyn personally and Labour in general, while Labour ending up in the position they did on Brexit was largely down to Corbyn's own incompetence & weakness in dealing with his own party, but without Labour committing a second referendum while the Tories were able to run on "get Brexit done" their vote wouldn't have collapsed the same way.
  21. Turning that into an XI which isn't relegation material needs a right back, centre back and winger at a minimum. Turning it into a credible top four side needs the aforementioned plus another centre back, definitely one but probably two central midfielders and another winger, which is before considering the strength in depth. I'm sure we'll manage those six or seven signings needed if we already have 18 players signed up!
  22. I stand by this post: Good luck to him, if he stays fit he'll be fine.
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