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  1. That’s a disastrous set of results today; we’re now only five points from 9th and 10th. Get him sacked now. Falkirk is going to be a shame game for the ages.
  2. Rugby - Union And League

    Even accounting for the number of injuries, and I’m a Townsend fan, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that we’d never have put in this bad a performance under Cotter.
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    This is a Hadden performance.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    This is an utterly pathetic performance, extremely lucky not to be buried already. Get Horne off now.
  5. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    FTFY Europe needs to get top referees from other continents, IMO.
  6. Morton v Ayr

    Have to say as anything’s better than talking about the game - Johansson calling it a good performance says a lot about what a tragic loser he is - I really don’t understand this. Somerset is my favourite away ground in the division with terracing and the choice of different areas to stand, but the view from the away section of the Cowshed is considerably better than any of three sides you can watch from as an away fan at Somerset. You get bugger all elevation at any side at Somerset and therefore have a terrible view of the other half of the pitch, a trade off I’m happy to take for being able to stand and move around freely rather than being stuck in seats behind a goal with no terracing available as at most grounds, but the view is not as good as the away section at Cappielow. I’m absolutely not a type to defend my club at all costs and accept that there is a lot to criticise for - for example I have no argument with anyone saying our main stand is one of the worst experiences in the division - but there is f**k all wrong with the Cowshed.
  7. Morton v Ayr

    Thank f**k for McCrorie. If we didn’t have an excellent goalkeeper we’d be at least two down here. Another shapeless mess of a performance.
  8. Morton v Ayr

    Your argument here essentially amounts to ‘shut up and eat your cereal’. Knowing the board have no intention of sacking Johansson doesn’t mean fans have to stay quiet and have no discussion of the job he’s doing on football forums, where discussing how football teams, players and managers are performing is kind of the point of the exercise. You’ve not actually offered a counter argument to any negative analysis of Johansson at any point, you just repeat that he’s not getting sacked so everyone should be quiet and stop talking about him after he masterminds five goal pumpings and defeats to East Fife. Should we not discuss how Michael Tidser would perform in a more advanced role either because we know Johansson isn’t going to play him there? After all, we can’t change Johansson’s desire to play him deep if at all, so we should shut up about it and accept that our best player isn’t going to be played in his best position. To give just one example, the club had no intention of sacking Jim McInally but were eventually forced to reluctantly accept his resignation, having rejected it twice previously, in light of pressure from the support. Criticism from fans can evidently have an influence. For what it’s worth I doubt the fanbase in general are anywhere close to the kind of tipping point things reached with McInally, and we’re still in a position where picking up just three or four wins for the rest of the season should see us comfortably safe, but just because the board are comfortable with giving Johansson time doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have any discussion of what he might be doing wrong after bad results.
  9. Morton v Ayr

    Those are the headlines.
  10. Morton v Ayr

    Can’t blame Ayr fans for enjoying this. This’ll be the first time they’ve finished above us in 15 years so the excitement is understandable. Anyway, unless Johansson has miraculously figured out how to organise a defence or realised it might be an idea to work on set-pieces in training in the last two weeks, we’ve no hope of a clean sheet here. Having scored a grand total of 7 goals in our last 11 league games there’s little prospect of scoring more than one either. The time to start picking up wins is running out. We shitfested one against Ross County out of nowhere but we’re nowhere near good enough defensively to rely on smash and grabs like that every week. We’ve only won 2 of our last 11 and if we can’t find a way to win 3 or 4 of the remaining 12 we’ll be in the bottom two. If any of the new signings are capable of turning this round we need them to start showing it now as we can’t afford another few weeks for them to get going; Kiltie doing it here would be pleasing.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    For f**k’s sake, France.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It’s this kind of thinking that’ll have Britain turning into a tax haven with no public services within 5 minutes of leaving with no deal.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    Yeah, for all that we can say about Poite ultimately Ireland are clinical and we aren’t nearly clinical enough. If Ireland spend as long in any side’s 22 as we did in theirs in the first half there’s no chance they’re only getting 10 points from it. That’s the main difference between Scotland and a team at that level, even accounting for the defensive mistakes. Even if becoming more adept at crash ball is all it takes, learning to put teams away from those positions is what Scotland need to do for the World Cup. Going into the second half of games like that ahead would make all the difference.
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It’s absolutely Ireland’s fault that, like Luxembourg and the Netherlands, they exploit loopholes in tax law to do other EU member states out of revenue though. Ireland and the EU are quite obviously in the right over the backstop, in the face of intransigence to the point of lunacy from the UK. That undeniably being the case doesn’t mean we should take an uncritical view of everything Ireland does, and their government’s overt encouragement of agressive tax avoidance by the likes of Amazon is disgraceful.