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  1. My hope going into today was just that we wouldn't end up further off Ayr & Arbroath, but the way the day played out makes me feel we should be sitting 7th now.
  2. This commentator continually mistaking Sean McGinty for 5'10 Lewis Strapp is some laugh.
  3. Oh my fucking god. This is going to be a painful last 10 minutes.
  4. We were more defensive than this in the first game at Dens. We were just considerably more inept in trying it, hence going 1-0 down after 5 minutes.
  5. So much for the more conventional 3-5-2 I was expecting when I saw the team. 4-5-1 with McGinty at left back and Strapp on the left side of midfield was not predictable. While there haven't been any clear cut chances, if Dundee keep getting this much of the ball it's inevitable they'll create something from one of their 50 corners.
  6. It's through this link rather than the one that comes up when you google Dundee TV, that's for home fans: https://ppv.dundeefc.co.uk/register
  7. Assuming the same system I'd have had Oliver instead of Nesbitt and as discussed at length elsewhere the defensive change should be McGinty dropping out for Fjortoft, rather than Hynes dropped with Ledger moving to wing back, but fine with that midfield at least. I'm happier with a proper 3-5-2 set up rather than the 3-4-3 we've been closer to lately.
  8. I very rarely listen pre-match, is it like this every week? Open the show with a brief couple of sentences on the situation on each division, mentioning that Kilmarnock v Ross County is the biggest game of the day. Then, as you say, start with "let's go to Celtic Park" where the very first thing they say is that this is a dead rubber for Celtic. 25 minutes later and they're still talking about Celtic, with the only mentions of Livingston in that time being Pat Bonner saying a token couple of cliché ridden sentences about their record since Martindale took over and quickly reading out their team. What the f**k is this?
  9. Jury's out. I'd rather have him building a squad in the summer than Hopkin, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want him doing it. He's been dealt a terrible hand but he's still getting things wrong in how he's setting us up and while we look more organised, results haven't improved. If we have two meek and comfortable defeats in the next two, which is what you'd realistically expect, it's a big ask to then turn a run of five defeats from six games into winning both of the last two.
  10. I'm as happy to bash technocrats as anyone else, but I'm perfectly comfortable with calling Erdogan a dictator.
  11. An enjoyable exchange at an Edinburgh hustings here.
  12. We already have two pro-independence parties in parliament who could build towards a place of substance. VT's point about moving to a position where you have a main opposition who also support independence changing the nature of the debate is a good one, but the idea that Alba are going to be the party to provide a platform for that constructive evolution is fanciful. Yes, every party has to start somewhere and the SNP were fringe cranks once as well, but considering that the main thrust of people talking up a vote for Alba is that the SNP aren't doing enough to get independence and they should be declaring UDI based on every council by-election they win, these aren't people with an interest in playing the long game and waiting for Alba to become a credible party. These are voters who want independence yesterday, and the internecine warfare in the independence movement which would be unleashed by Alba getting into parliament would put independence further away, not closer; you don't want to wait the years it would take for them to turn into a credible party and stop turning undecided voters towards the union via Salmond's unpopularity. If you're viewing a list vote for the SNP as a waste and want to maximise the number of pro-independence MSPs, you've got a choice between: 1. A pro-independence party which already has parliamentary representation and a small but established voter base which isn't disappearing, have a full set of policies on various issues, a track record of extracting concessions from the SNP and long established support for independence 2. A pro-independence party who were set up five minutes ago, have no representation or established voter base, no policies beyond 'we want independence faster' but no plan for how they achieve that, a leader whose name is irrevocably associated with sleaze (to put it mildly) and is widely despised across several demographics in every part of the country, whose presence in parliament will turn undecided voters against independence. A common factor among the candidates they've assembled is hatred of Nicola Sturgeon and a desire to remove her as First Minister - you could argue that this is a bigger priority than independence for some of them - and there is absolutely zero chance of this party working constructively alongside the SNP towards independence in the lifetime of this parliament. If people have reasons they don't want to go for Option 1 due to disagreements with the Greens over non-independence related policies or other issues with them then fine, but anyone telling themselves Option 2 is a better route to independence is absolutely kidding themselves. It is not going to bring independence closer and every single one of you know this.
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