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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    No. I compared a hypothetical scenario of every journalist being negative to the actual scenario of every journalist being negative which you claimed had to be biased, because every journalist being negative must mean there is no balance. I was highlighting how ridiculous your argument is.
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    So, following this logic, let's say for the sake of the argument that Sportsound ever bothered to discuss the lower leagues on a midweek show. If at the end of last season they had a discussion about Brechin going the whole season without winning a game, would it be evidence that the BBC is biased against Brechin if none of the pundits on the show said they'd had a good season? They'd only be focusing on the negative after all. This complete misunderstanding of what balance means from other idiots like you is what leads to calls for the BBC to give equal coverage to flat earthers, anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers. That's not balance, it's pandering to morons over people who understand basic facts and arguments.
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    With the Dundee Hibs attendance of 191, Celtic and Livingston attendances to be added and St Johnstone playing tonight, we can confirm that there are at least 2305 scabs among us.
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    That sounds like the best swap deal since we got Ross Forbes for Andy Barrowman. In all seriousness though that was the first game Thomson's had in months, I'd read nothing into his performance tonight as bad as it was.
  5. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    Would rather we just forfeited our place in the competition rather than bothering with a tie we gave so little regard to that we made 11 changes when we don't have even a game this Saturday to rest players for. Currently it's just a minor annoyance that I wasted an evening watching the youth team when 'rotation' is supposed to mean other first team players coming in, but if Dumbarton get a Welsh or Irish trip this will turn into genuine seethe.
  6. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    Only by about three yards, aye. We're certainly flattered by the scoreline though, we could have no complaints if Dumbarton were three or four up here.
  7. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    This will be as many as Dumbarton want it to be.
  8. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    Evidently not. That goal is what happens when you play children against professional footballers.
  9. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    I always said I would boycott games with youth teams in this tournament, I've been duped into going to one while ours is playing.
  10. The Metalhead thread

    Leaving for Bloodstock tomorrow. Buzzing to see the new Priest material, Gojira headlining a festival and of course fucking Exhorder!
  11. General Politics Thread

    Kirstene Hair has to be a candidate for the worst MP of all time. In this case I genuinely believe that she isn't lying deliberately - although she never does the decent thing and retracts her comments when the myriad of factual inaccuracies are pointed out - she just genuinely doesn’t understand how basic aspects of governance like taxation work, or the most simple principles of devolution such as the difference between devolved and reserved powers. Not sure if being too thick to understand basic aspects of politics is a better look for an elected member of Parliament than understanding it but lying about it right enough.
  12. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Quote enjoying the meltdowns from the usual right wing morons defending him. "I don't agree with you that the survivors of school shootings are all child actors, but I'll defend to the death your right to scream it in the faces of bereaved parents" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  13. It's unlikely that either side will make the next round with the draws they've had, but it would be interesting to see them get Queen of the South in the League Cup quarter final. If Gerrard had one of the multiple touchline head's gone moments we're going to be treated to this season during that game, I wonder if Gary Naysmith would return the favour from the time that thug tried to end his career. In keeping with the horrendous persecution from referees Gerrard has had to endure throughout his career, he didn't even get booked for that.
  14. In terms of his mentality, his post-match comments show that he's broken already. If that's how he responds to a point at Pittodrie how he's going to deal with Hibs or Kilmarnock winning at Ibrox when he doesn't even have a refereeing decision to deflect to? He's going to have a meltdown every single time they drop points, and not in a way which can be turned into a positive in inspiring the players; it's going to be paranoid drivel like yesterday which gets increasingly more detached from reality as the season goes on and just makes him look ridiculous. In terms of actually pushing him over the edge and out of the job though, there's no way he's not going to last the season. They would have to be spectacularly terrible - as in miles off second - for him to get sacked and there's nothing so far to suggest they're going to be any worse than last season, while any delusional tantrums surely aren't going to go as far as a Paul Hartley at Alloa style rage quit. If he cracked like that it would ensure he never gets a shot at the Liverpool job, which is obviously his long term ambition. There's a high possibility he's never going to be a good enough manager to get it anyway, but he's not going to end his chances himself like that.
  15. Planted by Morton fans IMO.