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  1. Takeover has been finalised! A fans organisation now owns Morton.
  2. Postcodes are a ridiculous way to judge something as a continuous area. If we adopt that logic Tiree is part of Paisley and Skye is part of Inverness. If you must go down that road, you can use telephone codes which are at least split by smaller areas. Incidentally, a method which confirms Paisley's correct status as part of Glasgow.
  3. Somehow the second half managed to be even worse. Everyone with the misfortune to watch that absolute abomination:
  4. This is an appalling excuse for football. Would be no surprise to see 1-0 either way with a goal from nowhere, more likely Ayr as we remain a riot defending set pieces, but neither of these teams actually have an attacking gameplan to speak of. It's entirely pass/slowly float the ball into the opposition half and hope for the best.
  5. 3-5-2 with Allan and McGregor as wing backs, I'd guess? That's bold, but provided Lyon is properly in central midfield as opposed to just off the front two leaving Jacobs and Oksanen outnumbered I'm alright with that, risky as it is.
  6. Fully in favour of reverting to just four cities. Give it to whichever four places have the most train stations.
  7. Anyway, when the fixtures came out this looked an exciting one for the chance to give Hopkin a long overdue hounding. Instead he's slithered off before we get the chance and even the prospect of saying hello to that wage thieving charlatan McGinty again (after he was sent off on purpose v Arbroath already knowing he was signing for Ayr) is less appealing knowing that there's a distinct possibility a team with him in it will condemn us to a fifth defeat in a row. MacPherson needs points now if he's going to last much longer. Saying we're not being outclassed other than the Partick game counts for nothing if you don't turn being competitive and staying in games into results, and if four defeats in a row turns into five, six, seven then MCT are going to be forced to admit handing him a two year deal was a reckless and costly mistake soon. If he wants to avoid getting to that point he can start by acknowledging one of his own reckless mistakes and get Robbie Muirhead out of the squad entirely.
  8. Can confirm this. No issue with the concept of marriage as a whole but always viewed a wedding itself as something likely to be a whole load of hassle, mostly for other people's benefit that you couldn't properly relax and enjoy for worrying. We'd seriously discussed doing it as just the two of us. Saturday has shown me that's a load of cynical bollocks, I had an incredible day and wouldn't have changed a thing about it.
  9. Oh aye, no argument there. Would not recommend the Alien Weaponry album to anyone, big disappointment. Employed to Serve however, fucking hell.
  10. That's right, although Antisocial was before Nicko joined. I reckon Senjutsu is a big improvement on Book of Souls but still miles off everything else they've done since Bruce returned. The drop off in that period is pretty stark for me. Brave New World - Dance of Death - A Matter of Life and Death is a genuine contender for the greatest three album run in their career, then Final Frontier - Book of Souls - Senjutsu is among the weakest. Big day of releases today with Carcass, Employed to Serve and Alien Weaponry albums out.
  11. Walking out of a game in the fourth minute is a ridiculous way to protest. Just don't turn up in the first place if a near empty stadium is what you want; a reduced attendance is surely a better way of sending a message to the board than giving them £20 just to leave immediately. If you're going into the ground in the first place you should be staying to deliver some kind of hounding.
  12. There's nothing wrong with an approach of trying to shitfest clean sheets and hit on the break, but it's only going to work if you're defensively competent. We did succeed in dragging Kilmarnock down to our level, turning the game into a scrap for large spells and creating chances on the counter attack, but if you concede cheap goals from crosses every week that gameplan isn't going to return many points. It was obviously considerably better than Firhill, but our defensive organisation needs to improve drastically if we're going to turn this around.
  13. My thought process was that we've got no one worth playing on the other wing so put Allan in behind the strikers with the freedom to drift out wide, mostly to the right where we don't have a full back who can attack either. McGrattan by all accounts impressed last week and has been fine in his few and far between league appearances whereas Lyon hasn't. Not that I'd put all that much stock in performances v a B team, but apparently scoring against them has been enough to get Muirhead back in the team and keep Blues in. I'm assuming the actual line up is 4-3-3 with Muirhead left and Allan right of Reilly, Oliver in the middle with Oksanen and Blues.
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