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  1. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    They should have aye but it's hilarious how every time Liverpool win in the champions League their opponents are pish I mean, you can rightly credit Liverpool for defending well and dominating the midfield to the extent that they were never in any real danger of conceding while Napoli just couldn't play through the middle, but acknowledging that Liverpool deserve credit for taking complete control of the game that way doesn't mean Napoli don't also deserve to be criticised for rarely managing to string three passes together and generally being about as organised as you'd expect a team managed by Alan Stubbs to be against that level of opposition.
  2. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Liverpool should have won that by five or six. Napoli are fucking dreadful.
  3. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    BT have been as bad as Alba tonight for showing replays and pointless close ups of faces while the game is going on. If the ball is in play then you cut off your third replay of a cross which came to nothing to show us what's actually happening, it's not difficult.
  4. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Big fan of this referee giving Napoli freekicks for nothing repeatedly, but it's a shame that they've been utterly shite regardless.
  5. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    That's been coming. Napoli's attempts to clear their lines have been consistently ridiculous and they could only get away with inviting that much pressure for so long.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The one dimensional for comic effect depictions of Beria and Malenkov in The Death of Stalin look like shining beacons of competence compared to May tbf.
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    If as seems likely this is just a postponement of the vote until early January rather than a drastic change of position such as supporting a second referendum, calling an election or seeking an extension to Article 50, it's an absolutely incredible act of cowardice that can only end badly for May anyway. Running away from the vote for a few weeks in the hope a solution will magically materialise from nowhere - perhaps Santa will drop a trade deal down the chimney - to prevent the inevitable defeat is considerably more damaging to her credibility than just losing it would be. Not that most people were ever daft enough to believe it, but it completely shatters the notion that she's been landed with a mess and is just muddling through trying to do the best for the country with no thought for personal gain blah blah blah. Kicking this a few weeks down the road when the timetable is already tight and she knows no renegotiation is possible is just an appallingly selfish thing to do. Surely she's actually putting herself at risk of losing a confidence vote now? Even the many factions of the Tories who are variously terrified of Labour getting in, or of the ERG taking control, or of Brexit not happening at all, are going to look at this and realise this is the behaviour of a pathetic coward whose only motivation is saving her own skin. There's got to be a chance they'll decide that despite the risks of the alternatives they have no choice but to bin such a ridiculous incompetent. David Mundell will of course be the first to resign in protest.
  8. Boca Juniors v River Plate - Copa Libertadores final

    What a ridiculously brilliant goal. The through ball is incredible but the composure from the beginning of the counter attack on the edge of their own box was great.
  9. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Was he ever formally disciplined over the, ahem, incident last season? This should be viewed as a sackable offence by itself, but even if it wasn’t the fact there's been another serious disciplinary issue so recently surely means he's fucked.
  10. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    I only caught the last 20 minutes, but I was surprised at how little pressure Dundee were under. With 10 men I was expecting them to be backs to the wall, but it was end to end with Dundee looking more threatening if anything; all Rangers had to offer were crosses which even flapjack could easily deal with.
  11. Partick Thistle vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Obviously the focus is on the officials, but what is Robinson's positioning all about?
  12. Morton v Dundee United

    The first half was absolutely grim, with how listless we were genuinely being funny at times. We were just completely devoid of imagination and the number of times a player was in possession with no one even attempting to help them out and show for a pass was laughable. The second was a considerable improvement with McHugh making a big difference and bringing Millar and McAlister into the game. You do have to acknowledge that Dundee United allowed us back into it by trying to sit on the lead rather than killing us off, while we've needed a goalkeeping howler from a set piece to get the equaliser, so the performance still needs to improve considerably if we're to get results from the vast majority of games. It's a decent point in itself though.
  13. The Metalhead thread

    Zeal & Ardor were absolutely fucking incredible tonight. There's your gig of the year.
  14. Standard of officiating

    Yeah, throughout the World Cup every use of VAR for decisions other than handball resulted in a blatantly correct decision being made which no one could even debate. That every controversy around it was over a handball decision says that the issue is the handball rule, not VAR. Anyway, like many people I get seething at referees, but looking at it in hindsight you can see that many people do overstate how bad they are and appreciate why they get decisions wrong. For example with the benefit of watching it back you can see that Cosgrove's second booking for Aberdeen last night is obviously ridiculous, but from McLean's position you can see why he'd think it was a foul by Cosgrove. So, while he's made the wrong decision, calling him a terrible referee for it would be unreasonable, although you do have to ask what the linesman was playing at. However, Andrew Dallas is quite blatantly an appalling referee with no redeeming features who has no place being anywhere near any level of football. He doesn't understand the rules, his temperament and therefore game management are terrible and that's why the vast majority of games he referees descend into farce with both teams getting completely frustrated with his inability to do anything at all right. Every fan, journalist, player, manager and referee in the country knows the only reason he was ever allowed to ascend beyond volunteering is because of who his dad is. His dad knows it and he must know it too. He has never done a thing to merit his position. Get him in the fucking bin.