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  1. Surely Kirkcaldy is one of the four staying non-SNP?
  2. I’m still refusing to let optimism take over and actually believe these things, but rumours are flying round that exit polls have genuinely got Johnson in trouble in Uxbridge so far.
  3. Actually breaking electoral law is an unexpected new direction. You have to credit Kuennsberg’s ability to continue to surprise after all the mad shit that’s happened in this election.
  4. Every other week, or as it’s also known ‘the first time in three months having played 7 of the other 8 teams in the division since, some of them twice.’ Five defeats in six and only two wins in 11. We’re in must win territory to avoid being cut adrift now.
  5. Even if you accept the club’s line that staying up should be the extent of ambition, with five defeats in six and only two wins in 11 we’re well on track to fail spectacularly. 7 points is the minimum acceptable from the next three games. Despite being less shambolic than usual in the last two games (which still saw us concede appalling goals), there’s little reason to believe we’re capable of that.
  6. I hope Hopkin has finally realised after Saturday that he has to start Lyon and Nesbitt. We were a completely different team with the two of them on the park, and it doesn’t have to be one or the other of Nesbitt and Cadden because he can punt Muirhead back to the bench.
  7. Absolutely. More insidious but not at all surprising considering the nutters who are guilty of it are the likes of Tom Newton Dunn still not retracting/apologising for describing it as a punch, and Allison Pearson & Julia Hartley-Brewer buying into transparently bullshit theories that the photo of the four year old in the hospital was staged. Only an allusion in Hartley-Brewer’s case but fully committed libellous tinfoil hattery from the Telegraph nutjob.
  8. Even by the extremely low standards set throughout this election, journalists furiously repeating the punch lie as soon as they were told to by Tory ‘sources’ without even thinking about investigating it themselves is appalling. If there hadn’t been a video to immediately debunk the lie it would have been widely accepted as the truth, and still will be by some people, because the political editors of national TV channels and major newspapers repeat exactly what they’re told by their contacts within one party without even thinking of checking the veracity. Fact checking not being a significant part of journalism, of course.
  9. Generally our pitch is fine with rain, but if the main road floods as it’s prone to doing the police will call it off anyway. It’s apparently not too bad just now though and the rain’s not supposed to be as heavy in the afternoon so we might be alright.
  10. Be surprised if this is on going by the weather just now.
  11. That can be put down as a successful tactical approach if you easily contain your opposition and restrict them to a couple of half chances, not when you get completely overrun for the whole game and have to rely on your opponents missing countless sitters with your goalkeeper having the best game of his career with some absolutely ridiculous saves. They were utter shite and their defending was shambolic throughout. They improved with 10 men but if they’d played like that in any of the cup finals over the previous three seasons Aberdeen or Motherwell would have beaten them.
  12. When you approach these games thinking ‘I just want something funny to happen so we can take the piss out of one of them’, you couldn’t realistically imagine something as hilarious as that panning out. Rangers must be absolutely broken, they’ll all be in full on Mixu what’s the fucking point mode. Delightful.
  13. Shocker of a touch when he’s shifted that onto his right foot before the shot there, should have been scoring anyway if he’d kept it on his left. Edouard being able to hold the ball up makes such a difference for Celtic despite their midfield still being invisible.
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