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  1. I always like to do this before the League Cup starts to not be a shitebag, so I'm hoping this is a busy week for signings as the only thing I feel confident predicting just now is Hamilton to finish 10th. Taking Morton as an example, the remaining 3 or 4 signings we make could easily be the difference between 4th and 10th and there are other clubs with more to do us than still.
  2. Here you go again: https://www.stirlingalbionfc.co.uk/club-board-statement/
  3. I don't think there was ever anything concrete to suggest we were actively pursuing him, just that Imrie has said when appearing on podcasts etc that Crawford is his best mate so it's an obvious conclusion that he'd try to sign him if he's ever available. There's equally nothing credible to suggest that Davidson wants rid either: since when did not having the players to fit a system stop him playing it?
  4. Scot Gardiner is at it again: https://ictfc.com/ict-academy-player-kieron-willox-signs-for-rangers
  5. This is really a wide open and impossible to predict division this time. Everyone could realistically target the top four, everyone but Dundee could realistically end up in a relegation battle. As a yoyo club you don't tend to think of Dundee as runaway favourites the way bigger clubs like Hearts or Dundee United are looked at when they find themselves down here, but they've also broken the habit of decades by seemingly making a competent managerial appointment. That confirms them as favourites but it would be a big surprise to see them do it a canter. There's not much reason to believe Partick or Inverness will slip back, but it's not out of the question in either case. Arbroath will again be needing to get loan signings right. Raith have a big transition with Murray coming in. Queen's Park's budget should really propel them right into the top four but how much they actually strengthen and how good a manager Coyle is now are both open questions. Cove are also an unknown who need to strengthen, but McIntyre has never failed to do a very good job in the Championship and runaway League One winners usually find themselves comfortably clear of relegation the following season. Morton were the third best team in the league under Imrie but tailed off massively in the final quarter and have lost important players all over the park, so it remains to be seen how well he can maintain that form. Ayr tend to bring in unknown players at this level where you can't say if they're going to be more like Adeloye or Gondoh until the season gets going. The way Hamilton got themselves comfortably clear of relegation you'd think should be a platform to look up the division this season, but they look like a complete basketcase off the park and with pre-season having started no has a clue if Taylor is even still the manager.
  6. That home kit is incredible. Re no sponsor, we had the same last year with our 100th anniversary kit for the Scottish Cup and money was still being put towards it, just McGills agreeing they were fine with not having it displayed on the home kit as a one off.
  7. Both those signings can be considered fine in isolation but make it vital that we get some real quality with the signings still to come. We needed another holding midfield option and you could argue Gillespie is acceptably mediocre for that as cover, despite the hope we could have had someone closer to Wilson in quality with Jacobs as cover rather than bringing in someone to be cover to Jacobs. Similarly Quitongo is a massive gamble, but we basically needed a whole forward line including cover and if he's going to be taking Oliver's place as impact sub rather than being an Ugwu or Reilly replacement then we could have done worse, such as keeping Oliver. We still need cover at left back, ideally through someone who can cover centre back as well. Otherwise every other signing to come needs to be someone coming in to go straight into the starting XI, with serious creativity and goals needing added. As it stands those three or four signings could be the difference between 4th and 10th. Some Craig Sibbald level coups and we can look up the way, more Jai Quitongos and you've got a team which ended last season with only 7 goals in 11 games looking considerably weaker creatively. Kabia would be much better news.
  8. Underwhelmed is putting it lightly. Hopefully we've got much more quality to come and he's only here as cover, because he's an absolutely colossal downgrade on Ugwu and Reilly.
  9. Brian Schwake in. Pleased with that, very highly rated at Edinburgh and looked excellent on the rare occasions I saw him; I thought he'd be an obvious target if Hamilton was away.
  10. Strapp signing is terrific news and settles the first choice defence. Still need left back cover, preferably from someone who can cover centre back as well, but that's the defence pretty much sorted. I really had no hope of keeping him and this means he'll be away for nothing next summer, but that's fine. If the club have played hardball over compensation looking for a substantial fee and no club was willing to stump it then I'm good with that. We get another season out of our best player and it's a sign that the club has moved on from the previous regime who had the piss taken out of them on transfer fees and displayed gross incompetence in letting players we were entitled to compensation for leave for nothing.
  11. Any kind of win here was a good result so to pump them can't be knocked even with only taking control against 10 men, but overall this international break should still see the end of the back three. Every single team has it figured out now and it needs to end.
  12. Keeping McTominay in defence and playing Hendry on the left hand side of a back three is up there with that time he played Robertson at right wing back. How can anyone look at those 11 players and think a back three is a remotely sensible course of action? This dogmatic attachment to a formation regardless of context is going to cost him his job. Move McTominay into midfield to go 4-3-2-1, now.
  13. If that's the case, it would make the collaborators: Caledonian Braves Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride Gala Fairydean Rovers Gretna 2008 Open Goal Broomhill Spartans Stirling University Open to being corrected if any of those clubs want to clarify that they actually aren't among the quislings who allowed this, but every club who was in favour should be boycotted. Worth noting that Berwick and East Stirling don't entirely get a pass here either having voted in favour of the two last season, but at least they're doing the right thing now no matter how late.
  14. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/lowland-league-guest-club-and-pyramid-proposal/?rid=13929 The comments from Maxwell and Doncaster here are very transparently "we think this is brilliant and the whole point of this review is to shoehorn them into the SPFL." The same Maxwell who refused the WOSL having conferences at Tier 6 because it would have too many clubs at Tier 6 for one season, forcing them into the 20 team league with 7 relegated to get back down to 16 for next season, as 16 is the only acceptable size for the SFA. Fine to have 19 at Tier 5 provided you're turning it into a reserve league, though!
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