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  1. Surely this can be resolved by adding an extra window, with players and clubs having the option to offer short-term deals up to that window? So as an example we find out that we'll be completing this season from July to September then starting a shortened 20/21 season from October. You have a summer transfer window before this season restarts, acknowledging that players contracts were up at the end of May and you can't force them to sign new ones, avoiding the legal dubiety you point out of stopping them registering as players at new clubs. Then, there's a window again after this season completes as 20/21 starts. That would obviously cause a massive challenge for clubs having to build squads in such a short timeframe as the league is also starting, but there's never going to be an ideal solution to this. That would avoid tying clubs like Partick & Queen of the South into contracts they might not be able to commit to, while retaining flexibility for players - they can sign on for an extra three months to quickly guarantee themselves a wage without tying themselves down for another season. I would point out that anyone talking of banning registrations just to stop players moving so they remain with their current club is only thinking about this from clubs' perspective in terms of retaining players who'd be in with a shout of a better move until the season is over , such as Shaun Rooney not being able to leave ICT for his contract with St Johnstone until this season ends. I can see the logic there, but no one's considering the impact on players who are surplus to requirements. Yeah, Morton would love to ensure Nicky Cadden definitely hangs around, and if he was to leave before we restart the season that's us at a disadvantage compared with the season finishing as normal, but the flipside of that is players who would be released. You reckon utilising a rule like that to retain our best player in Cadden would stop us punting someone who obviously isn't going to get near the team like Kris Doolan? Clubs aren't going to extend contracts of players they don't want for three months out of the goodness of their hearts when every one of them has faced a significant financial burden. These players are obviously still going to be released and if you put a ban on re-registering then you're making it impossible for the likes of Doolan to get another club.
  2. I’ve been using this time in self-isolation to try to make my way through the considerable backlog of books I have to read. Making good progress, but picking up The Plague by Albert Camus was possibly a silly choice.
  3. Obviously the primary blame goes to councils and governments for failing to regulate to stop it, but the people using that failure to regulate to enrich themselves are parasitic scum regardless of the legality of it. Get it right up them.
  4. Craigkillie has obviously done an excellent job with this already, but this run of posts
  5. ..and having been working in a hospital earlier in the week with the incorrect PPE, she now has a cough. Make this day 1 of 7 for her and of 14 for me. What are P&B’s thoughts on getting takeaways at this time? Worthwhile to ensure the food you have in lasts a bit longer without requiring someone else to go to a shop themselves to pick up more for you (provided you’re pre-paying by card obviously) or selfish to make restaurant staff and delivery drivers continue to work and put themselves at risk when they don’t have to be considered essential despite providing food?
  6. We can safely assume both Johnson and Hancock were already carrying it for PMQs on Wednesday. How many MPs have been infected in the Commons?
  7. Turns out that shaking hands with patients who were confirmed to have the virus was not in fact a sensible idea.
  8. Companies will have different setups, but generally your forwarding someone’s desk phone to their mobile scenario involves forwarding calls made directly to that phone. If someone calls your office phone it can go straight through to your mobile, and it you’re already on another call on your mobile meaning they can’t get through then that’s fine, they can call back or leave a voicemail while you’ll get a notification for the missed call. No one phoning a call centre is dialling one of the phones directly, you have tens or hundreds of calls sitting in a queue for minutes waiting to be diverted to any one of those phones to become available when a call ends. You can’t simply bounce a call through to someone’s mobile the same way you can in the above scenario as there’d be no simple way of knowing when someone’s mobile is available without the call actually being handled on the phone in the office, and if you decide to just risk firing callers through to the forward mobile of whatever phone the call lands on hoping they get an answer then they don’t, all they can do is call up again and they’re going right to the back of the queue of calls. Obviously there are technological solutions to this and FWIW I’m not arguing that call centres should be staying open just now, but it’s not as simple as just doing the exact same thing on a larger scale if you don’t have the existing technology to handle it.
  9. My team: Dundee In all seriousness, my partner also works for the NHS and her attitude to the applause was also along the lines of it’s all well and good for people to show their appreciation but she’d give much more of a f**k about actually having proper PPE while at work.
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