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  1. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    This is simmering along nicely, easily going to hit 20 pages before Saturday. Perhaps we'll even hit 25 before Falkirk's team bus embarks on the magical mystery tour of the alternative route to Cappielow.
  2. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    Alternative route via 12 Ruel Street IMO. Well that's a pisser. Pretty much guarantees the same starting XI as Inverness then, although I'd hope to see McLean in for Tiffoney. This is must win for us: if we don't win that's Johansson on five without a win already with Victoria Park and Palmerston in our next two. In addition to the circus around McKinnon and him knowing the weaknesses of the squad, I hope the players aren't distracted by the takeover rumours. Johansson's had two weeks to prepare the squad for this and needs to get it right.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Jocky Scott hasn't managed for seven years, his last job being with Stirling Albion. He was sacked after seven defeats in a row left them bottom of League One in December - he'd taken them over in January in the Championship. Discounting brief spells as caretaker and one year as Scotland under-21 manager, Archie Knox hasn't managed since he left Dundee in 1986. In your current position that would be a Tommy Craig level of insane appointment. Jim Duffy somewhat rebuilt his reputation with Morton after sliding from managing in the top flight to finishing bottom of the fourth tier in the space of six years through being crap in three successive jobs - relegating Dundee in one of them - but ultimately lived off one excellent six month spell in four seasons and was in the end deservedly sacked for overseeing a complete collapse as he couldn't resist tinkering with a winning team. I fully appreciate being concerned with McIntyre's ability to turn a losing team around, especially considering his reputation for poor man management, along with his tendency to play players out of position and his failure to get an improvement out of underperforming Ross County teams without a January overhaul, with yet another poor summer window ultimately leading to their relegation last season. However, if you're really saying that a manager who took Ross County into the top six and won a trophy with them, winning the Championship and making the playoffs in previous jobs is a worse option than Jocky Scott (failed to win the Championship in his last spell with Dundee before being a shambles in his last job), Jim Duffy (relegated in his last spell with Dundee, failed to make the playoffs in two out of three Championship seasons in his last job - McIntyre has never failed to finish in the top four in a full season in that division) or Archie Knox (hasn't managed a club in 32 years) you're at it. I know this is hard for you to take, but being a Dundee legend doesn't actually mean someone will succeed as Dundee manager.
  4. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    The point about losing Brown, Morrison and Fletcher at once is why it's critical to get McArthur back in. A midfield with him and two of McGinn/Armstrong/McGregor would be about a trillion times better than two of them and McDonald, and give us a more solid midfield than having all three with McGinn as the holding player. We have two absolutely massive games coming up and McLeish needs to convince him to come in for them, if he's not just going baws out with no holding midfielder.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    Ooft. Aside from the Dodds issue which I realise is your main concern, I don't see how you can call Jim McIntyre 'uninspiring' when you were saying you'd take Jim Duffy, Jocky Scott and Archie Knox. Whatever reasonable concerns there are over McIntyre's ability to turn it round, he's clearly a better manager than the three of them put together.
  6. You're getting way ahead of yourself here. For a start it's just paper talk in that fucking rag and even if it is more than that we have no idea what their long term intentions are. We could really do without a return to the - highly unsuccessful for us anyway - sugar daddy model. If they're bringing along a parade of chancers with them that's an even bigger cause for concern.
  7. Where? Only Strachan, Ketsbaia, Weighorst (all extremely unlikely unless Weighorst gets sacked imminently) and arguably McCall (failed in his one previous top flight job, reluctant to leave Ayr) have a better pedigree than McIntyre from that list. The rest are all unproven, have marginally worse stock than McIntyre (Archibald) or are complete duds.
  8. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    While Branch Ton and any other fan claiming we're definitely getting compensation is at it with an ITK act when they really know nothing, you can say the exact same thing for Duncan Freemason and any other fan claiming with certainty that we're due nothing. Either Morton have fucked up by giving McKinnon and Taylor contracts that allowed them to leave for nothing or Falkirk have fucked up in believing they can get them for nothing; Morton have publicly stated that they believe compensation is due and are taking steps to get it, Falkirk have publicly stated that they believe they've done nothing wrong. No one on this forum saw McKinnon's contract with Morton so no one on this forum has the slightest clue which club has fucked up. I certainly don't have 100% confidence in Morton to avoid incompetence and the Falkirk board hardly seem to be renowned for their competence among your support either, so how anyone could be certain they're in the right in this case is beyond me. If the clubs have been seeking legal advice and/or a complaint has been made to the SPFL then it obviously wouldn't be resolved this quickly, and if that is the case then even with one club being incompetent enough to get it wrong in the first place neither are going to be stupid enough to provide a running commentary of what stage that's at. No ordinary fan knows what's going on and the only thing to do is wait and see. Anyone who says they know for sure what either club is doing or not doing about it if they haven't had it straight from a director is deluding themselves. That applies as much to Duncan Freemason deciding that Morton are obviously staying quiet in the hope fans forget all about the issue they previously made a massive public fuss over because they aren't putting out daily statements on the matter as it does to whatever Branch Ton's wittering about at any given time.
  9. Scotland v Portugal

    I'm genuinely somewhat impressed by McKenna and Hendry contriving to allow their men to get so far away from them for that goal. Kevin McDonald
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    That's been an incredible 10 minutes. Farrell's extremely lucky not to be in the bin for those 'tackles', never mind no penalty even being given.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

  12. Rugby - Union And League

    For all that Saracens are ruthless, punishing Glasgow for their errors and are therefore worth their lead, we're only 20 minutes in and by my count they've got away with being offside 712 times already.
  13. Uefa nations league

    Losing 3-0 to that Dutch side is worse than losing to Gibraltar. Low has to be in trouble now?
  14. Israel v Scotland

    Well yeah, I've worded that badly. It's a thing that might be able to be brushed aside but never forgotten entirely if we succeed in spite of this result, but we're not likely to and even if we do, what's actually worse than this? In 20 years time when P&B threads are asking about the worst Scotland results ever, losing to Israel is absolutely in that conversation. The only results that are obviously worse are drawing with the Faroes and the two defeats to Georgia - one of those was McLeish's doing as well of course.