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  1. I think I'm right in saying that craigkillie was made a mod of the Misc football forum only, around the time every single thread in there was overrun with a Supras v HB or Dubs discussion and it needed a dedicated mod. SaltyTON was indeed a Morton fan who then started supporting Queen's Park, sadly his famous few hours moderating on here was before my time. I can't remember the exact details of how he came to stop supporting Morton but I think he was challenged on his attendance at QP games while claiming to be a Morton fan, furiously insisted he only went to Hampden when Morton were away on a longer trip, only to quickly have posts dragged up showing he'd been in Angus to watch Queen's Park while Morton were at home.
  2. If you were to pick out the worst draw possible for us, that would pretty much be it.
  3. With the difference in preparation there's also a significant chance of the Premiership sides handing out pumpings, so I'd rather avoid St Mirren as well. Although as Swello covered, at least we can't have our routine drubbing at Fir Park.
  4. Kabamba is ragdolling Jullien, he's all over the place.
  5. Rogers has to do better there. Clearly not up to the top flight, should send him out on loan to a Championship club IMO.
  6. Not quite - the rule was that you had to have two outfield under-21s in the matchdays squad. You did have two under-21s but one them was a goalkeeper.
  7. When you see the full squad listed it becomes even harder to understand why McGinty, McLean, Millar and Muirhead are still here. We've already got 21 players signed. 5 are out of the youth system and presumably on a pittance so filling out the squad cheaply which is fine, but of the 16 first teamers you have another 5 who we all know aren't good enough and need to be kept away from the pitch at all costs. Blues was already under contract for some reason but handing the other four new deals just doesn't make sense, and means that unless any of the youth players are ready to contribute regularly we only have 11 players who are possibly of any use - and some of them are up for debate as well. Had we punted even three of them we'd have the room to strengthen every area of the park. Instead we're saddled with deadwood in every position and probably only have the space to add three or four at a push. That needs to be a goalkeeper, a right back and a centre back or two, with one of them hopefully able to cover left back if needed too. It leaves us weaker up front than last season with McHugh gone and no natural centre forward to replace him, and means we're still reliant on Blues or Millar coming into the midfield if we need another defensive player in there. If we can put a solid goalkeeper, a competent right back and Gavin Gunning in there then things will look considerably better despite the obvious lack of goals in the team, but if we get those signings wrong with repeats of Ramsbottom, Van Schaik and failing to sign a right back at all in a rerun of last summer we're in serious trouble.
  8. Obviously could be a different system, but if it stays the same as last season we're now looking at something like this: New New - McGinty - New - Strapp Jacobs - Colville - McAlister McGuffie - Orsi - Nesbitt Cover from: GK - Wylie DF - McLean, Hynes MF - Lyon, Blues, Millar, Omar, McGrattan FW - Oliver, Salkeld, Muirhead, Rodgers, Easdale I pray to Wake we have two centre backs coming in so we don't have to suffer either McLean or McGinty but I can't see it. Given the choice I'd rather McLean but I'm guessing Hopkin will prefer McGinty, and in any case you can't have a competent defence at this level with either of them on the pitch. The thought of them playing together is nightmare fuel and if we don't bring in a considerably better centre back than both of them we're in trouble. There's also a deeply worrying lack of goals in this squad, but even though there's no established centre forward there I can't see us signing anyone else with that number of central options already signed up. With the glaring weaknesses that are already present there, ending up with another Ramsbottom figure in goal would be fatal. The remaining signings all have to be successes.
  9. Nesbitt and McAlister - good McLean and Oliver - meh Omar - no idea McGinty, Millar and Muirhead: Having a restricted budget made getting shot of those three even more critical, we can't be carrying a 37 year old and two duds.
  10. While this is true, that option wouldn't have involved fucking over pupils for the prior performance of their schools which they have absolutely no control over, inevitably doing far more damage to pupils in poorer areas. It's not about managing the political story, it's about what's right and wrong and this utter shambles is indisputably wrong.
  11. That was a good watch. Think how bad Motherwell were has been overstated a bit although some individuals were dreadful, in particular Hastie and Lang. When they have Turnbull sharp enough to last 90 minutes and actually playing through the middle for all that time, along with Campbell playing and not starting Hastie on the right, they'll be fine. Impressed with County, although the player most deserving of comment is definitely Charles-Cook who showed absolutely no indication being a footballer.
  12. If you're going to make a cynical shithouse foul, don't be stupid enough to go so high. You'd expect a yellow for that normally but he could have gone for a sly trip and there wouldn't have been any risk, while someone getting hammered for a tactical foul is entertaining.
  13. When you see that replay there's a clear tug, great spot from the referee and regardless of not being enough to bring someone down it's good to see a centre back actually being penalised for it, when they commonly get away with manhandling in the box while strikers are punished for jumping within two yards of them. Not that it mattered.
  14. With the contract expiry of the furloughed players having been and gone with total radio silence from the club, we now have players being signed up by other Championship clubs and still not a peep. Surely they're going to bother their arses to tell us who's been offered new deals and who's been released this week? Are we going to just have this drip fed to us through players telling the Tele off their own backs like Ramsbottom and Doolan?
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