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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    My favourite part, was someone, I think McFadden, saying words to the effect of 'the problem is when players are used to training and playing on grass then have to switch to astroturf after so long on grass.' Bearing in mind that this discussion was due to Rangers player Jamie Murphy getting injured yesterday - Rangers, of course, have no artificial pitches at their training ground.
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I haven't listened to Sportsound in ages. The first 25 minutes of this tonight is reminding me why. Darryl Broadfoot completely missing the point with Hopkin leaving Livingston as they try to look for a hidden motive over Miller's departure, followed by old men shouting at a cloud over artificial pitches.
  3. The benefit of Duffy is the work he does on training, getting the players on his side and improving them through day to day coaching - see the transformation of Ricki Lamie from a player who struggled in League One to a solid Championship centre back who was well deserving of a move to the top flight. What Jim Duffy will not do, ever, is pick the best eleven at his disposal with everyone playing in their natural position. He will repeatedly play centre backs in central midfield, central midfielders at full back, centre forwards at full back and wingers at centre forward. Probably all in the same game. If you don't need anyone to overhaul training or the squad but do need someone who can get the best out of the players at your disposal on match days then there are few worse options than Jim Duffy. Even if you were to go for a manager with a tendency to tinker, surely Jim McIntyre's stock is far higher than Duffy?
  4. I'd rather have a 20% fit Johnstone in the team than McHugh, all things considered. Assuming there's not a big risk of setting him back again by playing him too soon we should bring him straight in, the sooner he's up to speed the better.
  5. The absolute scenes when Graeme Murty gets the job.
  6. Killie v the new club

    That's just an outstanding goal. You could maybe question Power's concentration letting Tavernier peel off but it would be pretty harsh.
  7. Killie v the new club

    Tavernier still covering himself in glory defensively.
  8. Killie v the new club

    This is the first time I've seen Rangers live this season. Have to say that for all his off field conduct makes him look like a seethe merchant who's going to be prone to a meltdown to play to the gallery whenever they do fail to win, Gerrard clearly knows what he's doing tactically on this evidence. Their organisation off the ball is excellent, particularly pressing in midfield. That's not to say they've looked entirely comfortable, Kilmarnock were looking dangerous and getting a lot of joy from attacking the full backs, but Rangers adding more looks more likely than Killie getting back in it here.
  9. Killie v the new club

    Ooft, that's pathetic from Boyd.
  10. Killie v the new club

    Outstanding cross, but that's both centre backs ball watching with the midfield failing to track runners.
  11. Killie v the new club

    That's an outrageous save.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    You would rather have a TV pundit who's shown no indication of being a real manager than the guy who pissed the Championship by 20+ points ahead of Rangers & Hibs then waltzed into third in the top flight with Hearts, or the manager who took Livingston to second place in the Championship and promotion with the 8th biggest budget in that league? Why?
  13. Dundee v Ayr Utd

    Surely now the debate changes from whether McCann will be sacked at all to how soon it'll happen? Jim Duffy likes this.