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  1. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    That’s a relief. If it meant he left Morton I’d take it.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Anyone assuming this meant no compensation was due was taking one line from the SPFL tribunal’s summary, misinterpreting it and diving in with two feet in repeating that misunderstanding over and over again. The contract had no clause for compensation in it, in that it didn’t have a clause specifying an amount with words to the effect of ‘if this contract is broken prior to the expiry date then £XXX is due.’ It’s a complete fallacy to argue that no amount being specified = no compensation being due. You’re effectively arguing that any contract which doesn’t specify an amount in a release clause allows either party to break it instantly for £0. As the tribunal’s findings stated, it was fixed term contract until May 2019. Therefore both parties were bound to it until May 2019 unless they could mutually agree to terminate it, which naturally would involve the side breaking it compensating the other for the value of the contract or some part of it. Flipping this round the other way to demonstrate the point, let’s say for argument’s sake Morton were the ones terminating it because they wanted to sack McKinnon for whatever reason. Are you saying that because there was no monetary amount for compensation specified in the contract, Morton could sack him in August 2018, with 9 months to run on the contract, and not have to pay him anything for terminating it early? If you can see why that argument is obviously ridiculous, you can see why the argument that no specified compensation clause existed means no compensation is due to Morton is also ridiculous.
  3. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Being well liked in a team which finished seventh in League One clearly makes him a good player.
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Another club taking that waste of skin off our hands would be the biggest cause for celebration we’ve had all season.
  5. That being our best performance in months says more about this season than that performance. Dallas coming on for Kiltie killed us there. If we play like that in our remaining games we have a shot at survival but Johansson is still finding ways to cost us results even with the rare occurence of getting starting XI right.
  6. Falkirk v Morton

    We absolutely will shitfest, but not even with a grand plan of how to get a draw or sneak a win from it. It’s just the only thing Johansson can set up a team to do, and even then he’s terrible at it and we’re more likely to take an absolute pumping than we are to keep a clean sheet. In the entirely likely event that we lose to ICT on Tuesday, a draw here would leave you a point behind us with a superior goal difference. Despite having the top two in your last two games, you would not remotely be dead in the water in that scenario; you could feasibly overtake us by drawing one of them, and the draw with us could take you above QoS. While we both desperately need wins and this is the best chance for both sides, a draw doesn’t finish either team off and you’re far more likely to shitfest a win elsewhere than we are. We’ve won 1 in 12, you’ve won 4 in that time. Regardless of whether he’s too inclined to play for draws you have an actual football manager, we don’t. If we lose this we’re definitely down, but barring going into it having beaten ICT () a draw does not make us safe.
  7. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I’m sure I heard Chick Young refer to manager ‘Gary McSwegan’ when talking about Queen of the South yesterday.
  8. A View From The Terrace.

    It’s maybe just down to the presenters becoming more natural as they get accustomed to being on camera, but I thought at the start the humour often felt forced, as if they felt they had to try to play up to the ‘irreverent’ tag the BBC had given them. That’s really not been a problem since the first couple of episodes, it feels a lot more natural now and the whole thing flows much better as a result, meaning episodes also don’t feel too long. If it’s coming back again next season and you’re planning on refining it based on feedback you’ve had throughout this series, I definitely don’t see any need to shorten the episodes. On a negative note which doesn’t reflect the general quality of the programme, I’d never heard of HYYTS before but anyone who doesn’t think that’s the worst thing they’ve ever heard doesn’t deserve music.
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Which side ends up 9th or 10th remains to be seen, but Morton & Queen of the South are the favourites for the bottom two from here. Had Falkirk & Partick both lost today then scraping survival through draws would still have been possible, but now we’re going to need to actually win a fucking game and there’s no sign of that happening. If we’re in the bottom two this time next Saturday, we’re not getting out of it. The win has to happen in the next two games.
  10. I’m always a big fan of the defender blatantly playing someone onside standing still with their arm in the air rather than making any attempt to get closer to the attacker.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I know the conversation has moved on to your latest goalkeeping calamity (fucking hell Raith, honestly) but yes, if there’s one Championship team guaranteed not to make it through the playoffs if they’re there it’s Morton. Although if we are there you shouldn’t be concerned with playing us anyway, whichever one of East Fife or Montrose we’d meet in the semi would be favourites over two legs. If this sounds like someone indulging in frank conner levels of melodramatic negativity about their own team, I would draw your attention the fact that Jonatan Johansson actually has a worse record with us than Gary Locke did with you. We’re also absolutely slashing the budget next season even if we stay up and have Johansson under contract for another season, so if you’re still down here we’d be less of a threat to you than the other candidates as well.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    By far the most logical way to conduct a multi-option referendum would be one question with STV, but considering the UK’s attachment to FPTP that would cause an alarming number of exploding heads among the electorate.
  13. Don’t see any point getting hung up on how the semi-final affects ICT. Maybe a narrow extra time defeat would demoralise them and they couldn’t lift themselves for a game three days later, maybe they’d respond by being doubly keen to make it a good season by finishing top four, while a win could see them take confidence or start focusing on the final too much. Focus on ourselves though and there’s absolutely f**k all reason to have any confidence, unless we’ve actually got a real manager taking the team and the club haven’t announced it yet. We can still put ourselves in an okay position by shitfesting a win out of nowhere but with performances getting worse and worse every week the idea of a clean sheet seems pretty laughable.
  14. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    Yet it’s not even the worst goal we’ve conceded against Alloa this season. While working under a completely clueless manager is obviously a hindrance for players and you can genuinely see a regression in every single player in the squad the more time they spend with Johansson, that’s an example of how the players can’t hide behind the clown to escape blame themselves. It doesn’t matter how useless your manager is, it’s absolutely basic stuff that no professional defender can be excused for on any grounds. Every week that defence is routinely making howlers that just shouldn’t be happening at this level.