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  1. You may mean cancelled in the 'denied coverage and no platformed in mainstream media' sense, but as with all landlords I'm choosing to interpret this as cancelling in the Chairman Mao way.
  2. Antisemitism from current Labour frontbenchers alert! Honestly, what the f**k is that? I'm sure suspension from the party or at the very least a sacking from the frontbench, as Rebecca Long-Bailey got for retweeting an interview with Maxine Peake, is going to follow in the next few hours. After all, the Labour Party is serious about using today as an opportunity to genuinely tackle racism and learn from past mistakes rather than weaponising it to fight factional battles.
  3. Some leadership interference is permissible, it seems.
  4. Am I picking this up correctly? The report criticises the Labour Party for acting illegally through leadership interference in the disciplinary process. In every instance that the leadership acted illegally, it was in interfering to push for harsher or quicker punishments in cases of antisemitism. When the leadership found recurrent problems in the disciplinary process in failing to take action on antisemitism they then reformed it, with these reforms leading to a 200% increase in cases being heard in 2019 v 2018. The conclusion which is being drawn from that finding is that their illegal action proves the leadership allowed antisemitism to take root in the party. The fact they interfered with investigations to push for harsher and faster punishments then introduced reforms to the disciplinary process, which increased the number of cases being heard and how quickly they were resolved, is proof they were deliberately obstructing that process. What Kafka novel is this?
  5. All because he was moving to the right to perform a U-turn. How can it be so perfect?
  6. We thank you for choosing to spend your hard earned money on a £2 donation to The Famous.
  7. Yep, this is going to be the common reaction. £14 was already steep but tolerable, pushing it to £16 is taking the piss as a price before you even get into the insanity and sheer brass neck of asking fans of some clubs to pay more than others when we're all in the same division. It's a blatant attempt at a cash grab, which will backfire as away fans who would have had bought it at £14 see they're having the piss taken out of them and decide they won't bother at £16. This is described as Category B as well, so they're going to go even higher with whatever clubs they've decided are Category A. Presumably £18 which is absolutely scandalous for a stream. It's only been two years since we were charging that to attend a game! I can't wait until the takeover is concluded next year and the people who come up with and endorse this kind of rampant stupidity are out of club.
  8. Absolutely no one is saying pubs should be prioritised over schools or that getting a pint is more important than getting an education. They're saying that maintaining schools are safe - which is exactly what the government are doing in not enforcing distancing as required in every other sector of society, not making masks compulsory as required in every other sector of society and saying they'll remain fully open without these restrictions even in level 4 - doesn't make sense. You'd have a point if the government said they were aware this was a risk but felt it was worth taking to avoid disrupting education; they have never done this. If that's their approach then they could say so, but their consistent message is that schools are safe. In general, away from the schools issue, people are saying that they want to know what the long term strategy is as even in the event that everything was closed (schools included), a zero-Covid outcome is clearly not possible, so what is the government hoping to achieve through the tier system? Is it simply to stop the NHS being overrun when things get close to that point, as forecasts show is an imminent risk in Lanarkshire, reduce cases until the NHS isn't in danger, open things up at that point then start locking down again further a few months down when cases inevitably increase again? Is it to just to tide us over with as low a case rate as possible until a vaccine emerges, and if no viable vaccine emerges for months/years will we do this indefinitely? No one's saying those are questions with easy answers and I doubt anyone envies governments having to make those decisions. At the same time though they're all entirely valid questions which impact every area of society and people have valid reasons for asking them. It's not just that they want to go out and get hammered, it's people wanting to keep their jobs, see family and friends, catch up on routine medical treatment, be able to do anything outside their house during winter when spending months in the same building could have a serious impact on mental health. Reducing this issue to simply schools v pubs is obviously a ridiculous comparison, and it would only have one winner. The only person doing that is you.
  9. It shouldn't escape anyone's attention that Jonathan Page started 27 of these games.
  10. While sacking a failing manager too late is better than not sacking him at all, there really seems to be no strategic thinking at Brechin. Dods gets a whole season in the Championship while taking only four points, then while sitting mid-table the following season gets bagged for two successive defeats having just gone six unbeaten before that. Clearly being punished for the previous season rather than his results in 18/19, so that being the case why give him the summer rather than letting a new manager build a squad and work with them to prepare for the season? Smith takes over from Dods, makes things worse and gets relegated, but keeps his job and gets to build a team for the following season. He then gets sacked three league games into that season. Why give him the summer rather than a letting a new manager build the squad and work with them to prepare for the new season? Wilson takes over from Smith, there's no great improvement and he finishes the season adrift in bottom place having taken just 14 points from the 22 games he was in charge for, but keeps his job and gets to a build a team for the following season. He then gets sacked two league games into that season. Why give him etc etc?
  11. With no other club charging as much as £14, they surely aren't going to persist with this category idea. £14 is more than enough as it is, any more than that and they'll end up losing money with fans of other clubs understandably deciding we're the games they won't bother with.
  12. Hopkin loves to talk up/defend some players or the team as a whole in public when he isn't necessarily saying the same thing privately. In the context of criticism of their performances and trying to manage their confidence that's fine, although how effective it is can be debated; I don't see the benefit of telling the team they controlled the game and deserved to win on Saturday when that's clearly deluded and we need to address our toothless attack rather than pretending we're brilliant. Doing the same thing over an issue like this though (assuming he doesn't actually believe a word he's saying and has gone through Muirhead privately) is just daft. You don't need to have a go at Muirhead in the press if you're getting the message to him to his face, but having a go at officials and opposition staff when everyone can see that is entirely the fault of Robbie Muirhead both makes him look ridiculous and lets Muirhead off the hook. He should be castigated for his indiscipline and told he won't be near the team for weeks. Preferably he'll never be near the team again anyway because he's shite, but that's a different issue. Instead the manager is making excuses for him, getting himself in bother with the referee as well and saying that this idiotic indiscipline is someone else's fault, really. That's not an acceptable message to send when, as Toby says, we've had two red cards in two games and three of the four bookings have been brainless. The alternative is that Hopkin actually believes what he's saying, which I don't want to consider.
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