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  1. Tidser played with a twisted neck, you’re right he wasn’t fit
  2. Brilliant !! You can't hide from karma !! He should change his name to Elvis Costello.... like Elvis Costello did !!
  3. The Morton Collapse of 03/04

    Another slur on Jim McInally was refusing to sign McInnes when he came back to Scotland knowing his presence would undermine him as McInnes was a real fan favourite and bound for success in coaching/management. St Johnstone welcomed him for a year as a player and got the full benefit of his management for 4 years while we had McInally, Irons, Grady and Moore in that spell !
  4. Maybe the Ref and myself were the only ones that saw it but the QOS 'goal' was chalked off for Lyles clear basketball hand control to set up the chance End of controversy !
  5. Finally !!! A sensible poster on the Morton forum ! Good on you
  6. Yes apologies, I meant McInally was like Duffy only in respect of his ego getting in the way when he's in charge. I did not mean to insinuate that McInally is a nice guy which he of course isn't.
  7. Morton have the squad to stroll this league now, unfortunately they have the boss to get them relegated. As someone in the know I can tell you Duffy has his pets and he allows this to compromise his best team. He is a nice guy no doubt but his ego gets in the way when he is in charge, he's very similar to Jim McInally in that respect. It's plain to see that Miller gets a game over O'Ware, Crighton gets a game over Lamie and Steph McCluskey gets a game over everyone. We'll all need to hope that MacDonald can stay fit and win us the league in spite of all this.
  8. 3 January signings involved in the winning goal
  9. The Great Big Morton Thread

    http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-defender-remie-streete-8574806 Would the SFA have helped Rangers if they had signed Tidser????
  10. The Great Big Morton Thread

    Went on to hedge my bets and put £10 on McManus + Ton and now the bet isn't allowed as its "related outcomes". It was okay for them to take my money last week though??? I wonder if they will pay out should Peaso somehow overtake McManus?
  11. The Great Big Morton Thread

    - Being relegated from the 1st the same year as St Mirren were coming down - Closer to being the next Third Lanark than now - Being "saved" by Dougie - Going 7 months without a home win - Giving Dave McPherson (a coach who makes Jim Duffy look cluefull) the managers job - Throwing in the towel on the last day of the 2nd season when a point would have saved us It was Dougie's choice to try his first season 'on the cheap' that cost us relegation and probably created the free-spending Mr Hyde he became over the next 4 or 5 seasons ! Just now, "the worst spell in the clubs 18 month history"? Nope Edit to add - Andy Carlin !
  12. The Great Big Morton Thread

    All horrific I don't disagree but it's going to take something else to surpass the 18 months from Feb 2001 to Aug 2002. [That's not a challenge Dougie !] Anyway, I'm not sure what your early 90's Hovis memory relates to but if you don't know about the aforementioned 18 months maybe you should look it up, buddy !
  13. The Great Big Morton Thread

    You're so young