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  1. Whilst thsts entirely possible it would mean the published suspension list is wrong as he would have served it.
  2. Its not all that unusual for it to have errors though. He definitely has a one match ban to serve on regustering in Scotland again. The only question here is whether Morton registered him before their last game but just didnt announce it.
  3. It's a 3G park if it's artificial. 4G is a phone signal, not an artificial pitch standard. I just don't get the point of the whole thing. It's neither an athletics stadium nor an appropriate football stadium for a professional club then. All that money and nothing commercially useful from it makes no sense.
  4. What IS the purpose of Meadowbank's running track at the moment? I assumed (wrongly I think) that it was now a much smaller athletics stadium with a football pitch in the middle but it appears from some basic checking that it isn't. It looks like it's a 3G park is it? I can't see from few aerial photos I could find any evidence of a long jump pit, steelpechase water jump, shot put / discus throwing circles, javelin run up, etc. There just seems to be a running track round a football pitch. If it can't be used for even small athletics meets what's the point in it having a running track at all? And if it was designed for football all along why on earth isn't it better?
  5. Why would Cove be getting pelters up there? Nothing wrong with Cove's ground, especially now. Which grounds? Meadowbank and Cove? Again, I've no idea what the issue with Cove would be. I haven't seen Meadowbank in person yet (give me a week or so) but minimum requirement for Premiership is compliance with Bronze Club Licencing levels which means 500 covered seats as a minimum. There are lots of additional clauses re disabled supporters, press facilities, etc which may also cause problems but as I believe Meadowbank currently has 499 seats it presumably wouldn't be allowed as it stands. It probably would if they complete the 2nd stand they have planning permission for though (I'm aware there are land access issues to be conquered though). Cowdenbeath is a truly dreadful place to watch football but it's compliant to Premiership level.
  6. My father and I both played in several Champions League Finals for Real Madrid then. Ironically, the Gudjonsson's would have played together but the Icelandic FA deliberately didn't want them on the pitch together for the first time at an away game, preferring to wait for the next game due in Rejkavjik. Such is football, Eidur's bad injury meant it never happened. Presumably they were left kicking themselves.
  7. 07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 01/10/17 - Gavin Price (Elgin City, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 12/10/17) 08/11/18 - Robbie Horn (Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic) 23/09/19 - Ian McCall (Partick Thistle) 05/06/20 - Brian Reid (Albion Rovers) 18/06/20 - Callum Davidson (St Johnstone) 21/06/20 - Robbie Neilson (Heart of Midlothian) 26/11/20 - David Martindale (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 21/12/20) 08/04/21 - Gary Irvine (Forfar Athletic) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/21) 27/04/21 - Stephen Swift (Stenhousemuir) 26/05/21 - Malky Mackay (Ross County) 29/05/21 - Stevie Farrell (Dumbarton) 01/06/21 - Billy Dodds (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 04/06/21 - Jamie Hamill (Stranraer) 10/06/21 - Ange Postecoglou (Celtic) 18/11/21 - Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Rangers) 30/11/21 - Stevie Crawford (East Fife) 20/12/21 - Darren Young (Stirling Albion) 21/12/21 - Dougie Imrie (Morton) 04/01/22 - Derek McInnes (Kilmarnock) 07/01/22 - Lee Bullen (Ayr United) 13/02/22 - Wullie Gibson (Queen of the South) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/22) 18/02/22 - Jim Goodwin (Aberdeen) 21/02/22 - Brian Rice (Alloa Athletic) 22/02/22 - Stephen Robinson (St Mirren) 24/03/22 - Alan Maybury (Edinburgh City) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 19/05/22) 25/03/22 - Owen Coyle (Queen's Park) 04/05/22 - John McGlynn (Falkirk) 19/05/22 - Lee Johnson (Hibernian) 24/05/22 - Ian Murray (Raith Rovers) 24/05/22 - James McPake (Dunfermline Athletic) 26/05/22 - Rhys McCabe (Airdrieonians) 08/06/22 - John Potter (Kelty Hearts) 08/06/22 - Gary Bowyer (Dundee) 15/06/22 - Jim McIntyre (Cove Rangers) 30/07/22 - Stephen Hammell (Motherwell) (caretaker initially, confirmed 11/08/22) 30/08/22 - Liam Fox (Dundee United) (Caretaker initially, confirmed 23/09/22) Vacant - Clyde - Danny Lennon placed on 'Gardening Leave' 25/10/22. Allan Moore in caretaker charge. Updated for the impending official departure of Danny Lennon from Clyde, Scotland's 6th longest serving manager who was just short of 5 years in position.
  8. No he didn't. He replaced his father as direct sub. He then got a bad injury and by the time he recovered Arnur had retired. They never played together.
  9. I watched both games and I thought Cumnock were miles better. I'm surprised by a lot of the waxing on tv last night and on social media today about Pollok. They hit a couple of worldies and a good free kick (which went straight through a wall that split) and spectacular goals have a way of making people ignore the rest of it but they barely strung three passes together all game in what appeared far better conditions than you and Cumnock played in. Last night's game was brilliant entertainment but neither team were up to much. That said, I watched Annan outplay Kelty Hearts for long periods at Galabank a month or so back and should have gotten penalties but for a late, late winner and Kelty are a better side than any of those sides. Anything could happen.
  10. And yet we were allowed to do both, albeit I'll concede the referee v Peterhead did so reluctantly because there was little other option and wanted the shorts changed. The final call on these things is always down to the match referee ultimately. The one against Rangers never batted an eyelid. He was perfectly happy with the pale blue. Match was televised too and viewers managed to cope ok without confusing the two teams. If you have a complaint here it is, as @Shodwall cat said with whoever told you a 3rd kit was required, not with us. To be fair, we always had a 3rd kit coming, and were probably tolerated a little more due to the lack of kit supply throughout the country this summer. We never expected to get through the season with 2 shades of blue kit and no other available. Montrose had to wear their 3rd kit at home as a result which is unfortunate and won't happen the 2nd time as we now have the 3rd kit. It's conceivable we'll be told to wear the black kit at Peterhead next time too though for me it's more of a clash than the pale blue is. We'll see when it comes around.
  11. Nah I'm awaiting you taking up the bet on there being a replay and suggesting the stakes? I'll give you 100-1 there's no replay.
  12. The point of my post appears to still be whooshing about 300 feet above your head.
  13. I'll bet you any money you like they don't get a replay at home.
  14. Whit? Black would completely clash with Falkirk's kit. Not a chance that will be allowed.
  15. There's absolutely no issue at all with us playing in a very pale blue away kit at Falkirk. We also wore it at Ibrox and Peterhead in August and both their kits are far lighter than yours. We do now have a 3rd kit launched last week but as it's black we'll not be wearing it at Falkirk either. Our pale blue kit is far more likely to clash with a white kit than any sort of darker blue. The only issue we've had this season was at Montrose as their home kit fades from dark blue to light blue across it which meant it clashed with both our blue kits. As the black wasn't available at the time they had to change kits but we'll wear the black kit next time around. I can recall both Falkirk, and Dundee for that matter, playing at Palmerston in their dark navy kits while we wore Royal Blue which was a nonsense but permitted at the time. I doubt it would be now right enough.
  16. Have you ever in your entire life had a situation occur where you didnt immediately try to put the worst spin possible on it? Honestly! Do you sit watching draws like these with fingers crossed we dont get a non league side in case we lose?
  17. Aye, away to a Championship side would have been well down the list of preferred ties. Could be worse. I'd rather play Morton than Dundee or Inverness or Partick Thistle, etc and it's not the other end of the country, but it's still uninspiring and disappointing. Would have been nice to get a Drumchapel, or Auchinleck or Stirling Uni or even Darvel type draw. EDIT - Still, last time we played Morton away in the Scottish Cup we reached the final!
  18. Appreciate the point you are (correctly) making but playing three games in a week is far from unusual, particularly in higher leagues where tv are involved. Rangers, Aberdeen & Motherwell are all playing three games THIS week (Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday)
  19. Ah Fife. Where the people have 12 fingers, their sisters and mothers are the same person and there are 8 days in a week! Are you seriously struggling with the concept that there are not two Saturdays in the same week?
  20. There's no such thing as an emergency loan for an outfield player so, no, you couldn't. You can sign a free agent or wait till January. Those are your options.
  21. Three if you want to count the Reserve League win a fortnight ago. Absolute home from home so it is.
  22. It's never been 5. Six bookings are needed for a one game ban.
  23. We do have a dreadful record at NDP. We've won there once, in March 2006, when Paul Burns and John O'Neill scored in a 2-0 win. I was there so I've seen us win there. We've had 4 draws and 13 losses in our other 17 visits to date (counting our League Cup group game in July 2017 as a loss as we lost on penalties). In our last 9 visits we've scored just 3 goals in total and conceded 16. Total record on the ground is Played 18, Won 1, Drawn 4 (or 5), Lost 13 (or 12) depending how you count that League Cup tie.
  24. Its a concession for up to 5 league games a season as long as not saturday 3pm.
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