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  1. Yeah Ayr's isn't available, that's why I didn't include it.
  2. Don't think anybody comes out of this with much credit to be honest (except maybe Nadal). Djokovic is clearly a self entitled fruit loop who expects rules to be bent for him to do as he chooses. He's free to choose not to have a vaccine if he wishes. He's then got to deal with the consequences for international travel and not expect to be free to go where he wishes. I sincerely hope the French, UK and US Govts do the same for the other majors. However, the Aussies have handled this appallingly. Djokovic's vaccine scepticism is not a surprise and the fact he had been granted some sort of tournament exemption by the Victorian Govt was well known as he announced it himself. The national Govt and the state one don't seem able to coherently agree a policy, largely because the national one has performed a 360 degree backflip on the issue since finally reading the room in respect of public opinion. Scott Morrison must have a neck entirely made of brass as he tries to claim credit for a hard stance about 15 minutes after claiming it was a matter for the Victorian State legislators to decide. The tournament organisers and State Govt appear on the face of it to have basically lifted their skirts to Novax and asked how far he'd like them to bend over. It's not a good look, although if it's correct that the exemptions were granted based on anonymous medical data then I've some sympathy for them. I've no doubt commercial aspects of the No 1 player's presence were a bigger factor than anything else though. The Indian Junior boy being denied entry because his country don't authorise vaccines for u18's yet is a far better case for an exemption than someone who consciously chooses to ignore medical advice. Nadal hit the nail on the head earlier this week. Djokovic can choose what he likes but he has to accept the consequences of it. And whilst the Aussies could have handled this much better, he's in a quarantine hotel because he chose not to get vaccinated and chose not to turn round and go home when that was made clear. This could only get more stupid if he actually wins his legal appeal. Which would possibly be funnier. Are there crowds at the Aussie Open? If there are there's bound to be very little support for him there.
  3. Yeah, this is a nonsense and appears to come from certain bigger clubs complaining about the loss of their hospitality. Very limited benefit as this level but Dunfermline will obviously gain from it. I guess Thistle also have glass fronted hospitality boxes at the back of the Jackie Husband Stand. I think Inverness do too. Anyone else? Do Killie? Anyone else?
  4. Kennedy's a strange one. You guys will have seen a lot more of him than me but he's now had 3 loan spells in this division with mediocre success at best. He did ok at ICT (and absolutely destroyed us in one game last season) but both Raith and Dunfermline fans have only seen a peripheral figure who has been involved sparingly. Still long enough to win Dunfermline a point against us again though with a goal and two assists a couple of weeks ago. Maybe he could just make a career out of playing against us! He's had a lot of press and clearly given his occasional bursts of unplayableness he has a talent, but there's no consistency and not even anything vaguely approaching it yet. Will be interesting to see his next move.
  5. They are perfectly entitled to announce the departure of a key employee from an important role. it would have been courteous not to name his destination until the other club confirmed it though. Of course maybe they just got fed up waiting!
  6. You know that comment was specifically about Ayrshire postcodes for this game, yeah? We don't want Kilmarnock fans in the ground (well actually we'd love 2,000 Kilmarnock fans in the ground but it's not currently allowed so we have to deal with what we have).
  7. If they have a past purchase record of buying tickets and products from QoS (apart from the last Killie game) they will get tickets. If they don't orders will be cancelled and they'll have to get in touch to plead a genuine case.
  8. Kennedy died a month or two back. Liverpool held a minutes silence for him.
  9. And Raith. And largely at Inverness, though he did destroy us once for them.
  10. Nope. His contract offer fell through there. As far as I know he's been clubless since the season started. Although he may have been playing at an amateur level I guess.
  11. Gary Naysmith connection at work there. Jack Leighfield will do fine if given the chance, presuming he hasn't let himself go in the 7 months he's been clubless. We were quite happy to keep him as a back up but he was looking to go somewhere and try to establish himself as a No 1 which is understandable. Didn't work out for him though.
  12. He got a straight red for what he said whilst walking away. As AJ says in his post match interview Wullie was having a go at Ronan Hughes, but Barry Cook thought it was aimed at him.
  13. I think they were all isolating awaiting PCR results which they now have, rather than actually had Covid.
  14. Nice one D'Jaffo. Who are you hoping to fish in with that nonsense? I like big Jack Hamilton. He did well in his season with us, but seriously, "better than Nouble". Oh my.
  15. What was wrong with the perfectly good existing Winter Window thread?
  16. Yeah this. I don't think they are magic by any means but going on the three games v us Accies shouldn't be in the bottom half. I'd still say along with Arbroath, their first visit was probably the best anyone's been at Palmerston this season. The away game should probably have been a draw but they found a way to win it. And for all they got a huge advantage with a horrendous dive being rewarded and 70 mins v 10 men, they also very comfortably saw it out with no concerns and should certainly have won by more. None of the "playing v 10 men is hard" nonsense, they made it look what it is, an extra body. We had a couple of players on the pitch who had Covid a week ago which may not have helped their energy levels too of course. That would be more exposed by the man short position.
  17. They've just made something up then. I'll work it out shortly. It was in the low 400's.
  18. No, unavailable. I didn't see it at the time but having seen footage now it's an utter nonsense of an award and Barry Cook will presumably be pretty embarrassed when he sees it again. When even the Accies fans are wondering how they got a penalty for it you can be fairly sure he's got it wrong. In the circumstances Gibson's frustration is understandable but he's got to realise where the line is. In fairness I think the red card came about from a misunderstanding and he was sent off for a remark aimed at the Hamilton player that the referee thought was aimed at him. Got to just say nothing though. At 1-0 down 11 v 11 we're still in it. At 1-0 down with 70 minutes to play and a man short it's needing a fair miracle. To be honest, but for Josh Rae it could have been a lot more. I don't think we ultimately managed a shot of note in the game. Very disappointing lack of reaction from our players on the penalty rebound too.
  19. Says who? There was way more than 197 at the game. Given it's my responsibility to issue an attendance figure and I haven't calculated it yet I think we can safely say that figure's nonsense.
  20. Generally people visiting shops dont all turn up at the same time, all leave at the same time and all head for toilets / pies halfway through though. There's plenty of scope to criticise the arbitrary 500 attendances at football but comparisons with shopping are not particularly valid.
  21. I've no idea why people think geography is a factor here. It's not. They dont commute from Middlesbrough and we train in Hamilton. Both Jones and Brynn lived in flats in Hamilton while playing for us. The connection to Middlesbrough is our manager, not our location.
  22. It's not going to be postponed unless one or other side has a significant Covid outbreak between now and Sunday. Both squads good to go right now. Not necessarily, though I agree it's likely the case. It's potentially possible Morton or Raith could be free that day to pick up one of our other games if their opponents were unable to field a team in cup ties that day. Appreciate it's a long shot that would be the case far enough in advance to rearrange our game though, particularly during an open window. I don't think unnecessary postponements at this stage are particularly wise though. We're already carrying two postponed games. Accies are carrying one. All it takes is one or other side to have another Covid outbreak on weekend of Jan 22nd and you are regretting not having played it this week.
  23. Yeah, I'm fairly confident they won't be isolating with Covid for 31 days to be fair. We'll not be getting a goalkeeper though. Dejan Stoyanovic, their previous 3rd choice, departed for a German club now that Sol is back to replace him.
  24. My initial two vaccines were Astra Zeneca. Booster was Pfizer. Not had Moderna so maybe it would have made me more ill. I don't think my sense of smell is properly back yet but I have this week on a couple of occasions caught a whiff of things that I wasn't able to smell before (garlic bread cooking for instance). Hopefully it will eventually return to normal. The kids were the main concern as they both suffer from asthma and initially were shielding in the first lockdown. Thankfully as I say we'd never have known they'd had it if I and then my mother hadn't come down with it after and then they were tested. They were just a little tired and listless for a night. Younger one slightly shivery (he went to get a blanket to sit on the couch at night). I had the two days off in 2007 (separately several months apart) thereby spoiling my 16 year perfect record. I did also have a couple of days off about 4 years ago with a slipped disc. I wasn't counting that as "illness" though. I physically couldn't get out of bed the first day! Plus I ended up missing 5 days work with isolating after getting Covid. I didn't actually miss the days when I was most ill though. I tested negative initially and assumed it was just a bad cold so struggled my way through work as I was busy. It should be said though that I work in a room on my own and didn't come into contact with anyone else. I wouldn't have gone in to a shared space. When I did eventually test positive it was acknowledged I still had no close contacts other than the kids who were the ones who gave it to me in the first place!
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