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  1. To be honest that looks closer to being a goal on the goal line technology than it does from the video still. The number of incidents so marginal that a goal-line camera wouldnt confirm must be tiny though. I assume it would be much cheaper to instal a camera than goal line technology but dont actually know that.
  2. Wasnt conscious of that. Seems a bit daft not to have a goal line camera as well as a mid half one. I guess its cost based but a wee bit amateur.
  3. Does VAR not instal goal-line cameras precisely for such decisions?
  4. I didnt see the 1st hour so my only view was the quick look at 2 angles shown right at the end of the game. The way the commentary team were going on about a 'ghost goal' I was expecting something miles over but like you say, its not. The view from the normal camera I didnt think it was all over the line. The one from 18 yard line I thought it might have been maybe but its very close and I dont think ref / linesman can really be criticised for not being sure. I assume the assistant was a few yards up the line in line with the last Ayr player looking for offside. With something that close and not right in line he's going to have to at least partly guess. I dont think he can be sure it was in.
  5. Fair enough. It read like you were suggesting we should be doing the same. As @gannonball said, Wales have less squad depth than we do. Woodburn cant have missed the World Cup squad by all that much if the likes of Mark Harris made it in.
  6. And? To what end? Am I missing something? As far as I know Doak is Scots born, to Scots parents and Scots grandparents. He's not going anywhere else. Lets cap him when he is ready to be capped.
  7. Personally still think FC Edinburgh will finish 3rd bottom but they are better than the other two and have made such a wonderful start that the 18 point lead they have over Clyde is pretty much insurmountable already.
  8. I wasn't. God knows how long it took them to dry that bus out!
  9. Obviously some very top sides never get relegated even if Aberdeen have sailed close to the wind a couple of times and lets not even go there on whether or not Rangers were actually "relegated". Equally there are some sides who in SPFL terms at least have never been promoted (Elgin City and Annan Athletic to name but two). The real talent is in managing to hardly ever get relegated or promoted in the middle two tiers. Morton have as noted above spent 15 of the last 16 years in Tier 2. Queen of the South, prior to this season, had spent 19 out of 20 seasons in Tier 2. In fact I started watching us in 1985. We were promoted in 85/86, relegated again in 88/89. Assuming you don't count reconstruction in the mid 90's as a "promotion" (we ultimately remained in Tier 3 and have never played in Tier 4), then the 32 seasons since have seen two promotions (2002 and 2013) and two relegations (2012 and 2022).
  10. They were renamed and moved to Livingston in the summer of 1995 so you're a few years out.
  11. Definitely a Cat Show. There was another we were locked out of the stand for a Beer Festival too though it was the Cat Show one that it absolutely pissed down for the entire game on an entire crowd with no shelter. Wettest I've ever been at a football match. Pretty sure it was a 0-0 draw too. Character building! EDIT - If I'm right about it being a 0-0 draw then it must have been 9th October 1993.
  12. Remarkable how those highlights make it appear Edinburgh had the better of the first half !
  13. ^^^ Wasnt at Palmerston type post. Not even in your top two worst showings against us.
  14. I take it I completely imagined last year's SPFL Trust Trophy semi Final? That's twice so far the BBC have been determined to insist this was the first ever live tv game at Cove. Not only is it wrong, it's not even the first time they've been live on the BBC!
  15. These accounts available anywhere to actually look at (other than the snippets in your post above)? They haven't been filed at Companies House yet. Notes 8 and 10 should rule out or in whether it's anything to do with VAT. I'd be more inclined to think the debtor increase is due to the significant extra prize money you'd have been due at 31 May 2022 (4th in Championship) compared to 2021 (top of League 1). That's going to be 6 figures of it for sure I'd think. Perhaps more than £200k of it.
  16. The whole thing is clearly nonsense, but given that their claim is based around the suggestion Doncaster itself IS part of Scotland, your point isn't directly relevant. Of course it may require that Westminster first declare whatever treaty it was valid and that Doncaster is part of Scotland first. We all know that's not happening. I can't imagine the Scottish Parliament wants to hang it's hat on falling out with Westminster over the ownership of Doncaster either.
  17. Think he was decent for Raith. I'm sure Dunfermline fans dislike him as much as QoS fans. As I bore people to death with I still preferred Simmons to Scott McLaughlin; absolute charlatan of a footballer. Gus MacPherson absolutely hung Simmons out to dry with his "Premiership standard player" comment. It was meant as a confidence booster to talk up his captain but it set an expectation he was never living up to. Simmons wasn't the worst player in the squad that season though, never mind our worst ever. Which isn't to say he was good, he was decidedly average for us at best (I tend to agree he was better than McLaughlin). That was the season we had the likes of Mark Campbell, Tam Brighton and Marc McCusker in the squad though. It's odd because when you look back it also had some damn good players in it who would go on to be integral parts of the all conquering side in the following 2 or 3 years. Lee Robinson, Chris Higgins, Ryan McGuffie, Allan Johnston, Nicky Clark, Danny Carmichael. Craig Reid playing his last season with us. A 3 month cameo from Sam Parkin long before he started spending his Saturdays doing EFL highlight shows! Even bit parts from the likes of Reilly, Holt and McShane too.
  18. 07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 01/10/17 - Gavin Price (Elgin City, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 12/10/17) 08/11/18 - Robbie Horn (Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic) 23/09/19 - Ian McCall (Partick Thistle) 05/06/20 - Brian Reid (Albion Rovers) 18/06/20 - Callum Davidson (St Johnstone) 21/06/20 - Robbie Neilson (Heart of Midlothian) 26/11/20 - David Martindale (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 21/12/20) 08/04/21 - Gary Irvine (Forfar Athletic) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/21) 27/04/21 - Stephen Swift (Stenhousemuir) 26/05/21 - Malky Mackay (Ross County) 29/05/21 - Stevie Farrell (Dumbarton) 01/06/21 - Billy Dodds (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 04/06/21 - Jamie Hamill (Stranraer) 10/06/21 - Ange Postecoglou (Celtic) 18/11/21 - Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Rangers) 20/12/21 - Darren Young (Stirling Albion) 21/12/21 - Dougie Imrie (Morton) 04/01/22 - Derek McInnes (Kilmarnock) 07/01/22 - Lee Bullen (Ayr United) 13/02/22 - Wullie Gibson (Queen of the South) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/22) 18/02/22 - Jim Goodwin (Aberdeen) 21/02/22 - Brian Rice (Alloa Athletic) 22/02/22 - Stephen Robinson (St Mirren) 24/03/22 - Alan Maybury (Edinburgh City) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 19/05/22) 25/03/22 - Owen Coyle (Queen's Park) 04/05/22 - John McGlynn (Falkirk) 19/05/22 - Lee Johnson (Hibernian) 24/05/22 - Ian Murray (Raith Rovers) 24/05/22 - James McPake (Dunfermline Athletic) 26/05/22 - Rhys McCabe (Airdrieonians) 08/06/22 - John Potter (Kelty Hearts) 08/06/22 - Gary Bowyer (Dundee) 15/06/22 - Jim McIntyre (Cove Rangers) 30/07/22 - Stephen Hammell (Motherwell) (caretaker initially, confirmed 11/08/22) 30/08/22 - Liam Fox (Dundee United) (Caretaker initially, confirmed 23/09/22) 25/09/22 - Greig McDonald (East Fife) (Caretaker initially, confirmed 25/10/22) 07/11/22 - Jim Duffy (Clyde) Updated for Danny Lennon's official departure from Clyde and also for the slightly complex departure of Stevie Crawford and replacement with Greig McDonald at East Fife which had flown right under my radar. East Fife confirmed on 22/09/22 that Crawford was joining Dundee United but he remained in charge until after the forthcoming weekend's match before being replaced on 25/09/22 by Greig McDonald who was then 'Caretaker' for a month before being given the role permanently on 25/10/22. Updated again for Jim Duffy's surprise re-emergence at Clyde.
  19. Completely missed that. Thanks for the update. Will amend.
  20. Behave yourself. You were unlucky to get nothing from the game but it was a very clear penalty. The only element of doubt was whether Ruth was actually onside before he was fouled. Looked like he was onside on the video but it was tight. It's absolutely a foul.
  21. In the old Meadowbank Thistle days we had games played up there when the stand was shut for a Beer Festival and for a Cat Show (separately). On both occasions we had to stand round the ground instead, though it did at least have raised bankings back then. However, one of them absolutely bucketed from start to finish and there was no cover.
  22. No, you were right. Our last visit to Meadowbank was indeed that one in 2012. The League Cup tie in 2018 was at Ainslie Park.
  23. Yeah should have read the next page before replying. I did say it wasnt that unusual for the published suspension list to have errors in it. Onus always on the club to check for themselves.
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