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  1. You think wrongly then. There's no reason for my not posting anything other than that I'm choosing not to.
  2. 07/10/11 - Jim McInally (Peterhead) 08/03/16 - Dick Campbell (Arbroath) 04/12/16 - Stewart Petrie (Montrose) 02/06/17 - Peter Murphy (Annan Athletic) 01/10/17 - Gavin Price (Elgin City, caretaker initially, officially confirmed 12/10/17) 13/11/17 - Danny Lennon (Clyde) 08/11/18 - Robbie Horn (Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic) 02/07/19 - Paul Hartley (Cove Rangers) 23/09/19 - Ian McCall (Partick Thistle) 05/06/20 - Brian Reid (Albion Rovers) 18/06/20 - Callum Davidson (St Johnstone) 21/06/20 - Robbie Neilson (Heart of Midlothian) 26/11/20 - David Martindale (Livingston) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 21/12/20) 07/01/21 - Graham Alexander (Motherwell) 08/04/21 - Gary Irvine (Forfar Athletic) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/21) 27/04/21 - Stephen Swift (Stenhousemuir) 26/05/21 - Malky Mackay (Ross County) 29/05/21 - Stevie Farrell (Dumbarton) 29/05/21 - Kevin Thomson (Kelty Hearts) 01/06/21 - Billy Dodds (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) 04/06/21 - Jamie Hamill (Stranraer) 07/06/21 - Tam Courts (Dundee United) (probably effectively in caretaker charge from 25/05/21, though club never actually said so). 10/06/21 - Ange Postecoglou (Celtic) 20/08/21 - Stuart Taylor (Hamilton Academical) 18/11/21 - Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Rangers) 30/11/21 - Stevie Crawford (East Fife) 20/12/21 - Darren Young (Stirling Albion) 21/12/21 - Dougie Imrie (Morton) 04/01/22 - Derek McInnes (Kilmarnock) 07/01/22 - Lee Bullen (Ayr United) 13/02/22 - Wullie Gibson (Queen of the South) (Caretaker initially, officially confirmed 04/05/22) 18/02/22 - Jim Goodwin (Aberdeen) 21/02/22 - Brian Rice (Alloa Athletic) 22/02/22 - Stephen Robinson (St Mirren) 24/03/22 - Alan Maybury (Edinburgh City) (Caretaker initially) 04/05/22 - John McGlynn (Falkirk) 19/05/22 - Lee Johnson (Hibernian) 24/05/22 - Ian Murray (Raith Rovers) 24/05/22 - James McPake (Dunfermline Athletic) 26/05/22 - Rhys McCabe (Airdrieonians) Vacant - Dundee (Mark McGhee left caretaker role following relegation on 15/05/22, no caretaker named) Not been updated for about 3 months. I think I've caught all the changes but please feel free to point out any errors? Since last update Alan Maybury replaced Gary Naysmith at Edinburgh City (and I assume has the job permanently but I can't see any confirmation?), John McGlynn moved from Raith to Falkirk, Lee Johnson replaced Shaun Maloney at Hibs (David Gray had been caretaker in between times), Ian Murray moved from Airdrie to Raith Rovers and James McPake replaced John Hughes at Dunfermline. And Wullie Gibson was formally confirmed at QoS. I think Raith confirmed Murray earlier than Dunfermline confirmed McPake on the same day but those two could be the wrong way around. Dundee remain managerless at the moment, with Mark McGhee having left a temporary stint at Dundee following the final game of the season. McGlynn, Murray and McPake had been the 7th, 8th and 9th longest serving managers in Scottish football. Cowdenbeath dropped out of the League, so meaning Maurice Ross dropped out of the managers list and Robbie Horn for Bonnyrigg Rose, who has been in situ since November 2018 went straight in to No 7 on the list. Their respective departures mean Paul Hartley moves up to 8th from 10th and Ian McCall and Brian Reid move into the top 10. Jim McInally has now been in place for over 10 years at Peterhead. Only 9 managers in the country, one of whom is Horn, have been in place for more than 2 years at this point. Edit - Updated for appointment of Rhys McCabe at Airdrie.
  3. I've not been told anything. I chose to stop posting in February. It will be staying that way (for now anyway), though I may get around to updating the Managers thread on Infowire at some point. And it shouldn't need saying but I certainly did not, and would not, quote any numbers which were not in the public domain. The club's bank balance had been published by then.
  4. I'm sorry but this is nonsense. The arrangement from the very start was that the Tanner Fund was there for when the club needed money to add to the budget for extra players. It was set up about 15 mins before Livingston sold Lyndon Dykes to QPR so handing us a large windfall and about a year before the the Govt then handed us half a million pounds in Covid grants. The club isn't remotely short of cash with not far short of a million quid in the bank and it would be morally wrong for them to ask for donation income to boost a playing budget in that circumstance. The squad is bigger than it's been in living memory. People can think those players aren't good enough but it's not for the lack of numbers and signings. They really can't win on this one. And I've no idea why the Tanner Fund committee can't just sit on the money (freeze contributions if they wish) until it's needed. If I'd given significant money towards the idea of raising funds for the club and the custodians of it were now mooting giving it away to an unrelated charity instead I'd be fizzing about it. I haven't so I'll leave it to those who have to say what they want to do with it but I don't understand the statement they've put out at all.
  5. Apparently so. And he's incredulous everybody's not agreeing with him. Well no you didn't say you "might" do anything. You said you were finished with the club. Because they are showing a football match. In a pub. On tv. Everyone else would have been shocked it wasn't on.
  6. Er, we've signed more players than Ayr have in the window. And another in the last half hour about to be announced.
  7. To answer the question, yes it was. Not sure the relevance to the debate but it was incredibly petty. Lee Connelly started ONE game for you in 19/20 and was criminally underutilised by Grant. There's absolutely no doubt we benefited hugely from the covid stoppage as it saved us a battle. Maybe we'd have gone down, maybe Thistle would gave. Maybe even Alloa would have, they were far from out of it although Thistle and us had worse form. I agree the season end would have been very interesting. The painted narrative that only covid and a league vote caused Thistle to be relegated is nonsense though.
  8. TV games lose you money, not gain it. There is no payment for a televised league game. Just means you didnt get any income from streaming.
  9. Several were either ejected, or arrested. They were about 15 mins late but included in that total. I've literally just given you the totals half a dozen posts earlier. Attendance was 1,222. Away attendance was 288. Its an attendance figure, it doesnt include streams.
  10. It was 1,222. Where is 947 coming from? Not entirely sure why the attendance yesterday wasn't announced as it was sent out on the match radio just after half time. Can only presume Alex didn't hear it.
  11. As did I! He's just sent a bouncing backpass right across the face of his own goal too! And then got away with a penalty challenge in the box from the resulting corner! Joking aside, he doesn't look anything like as solid when he's not in a three with Worrall alongside him. He and Cook aren't remotely as secure as a pairing. EDIT - And now he's lost his man and left him unmarked for a tap in 2nd.
  12. Looked like it did to me at the time. I haven't seen it again though. It certainly didn't finish where it was going when Dan hit it. Maybe it did just deflected by Rae. It certainly didn't go straight in.
  13. Thought O'Connor was our best player. Connelly did ok. Max Johnston and Gibson probably too. Everybody else way off it, including the subs.
  14. Really? I thought O'Connor was excellent. The only positive thing about today. Some of his clearances were straight out of play, some of his passes forward were misplaced, but he was strong, aggressive, won pretty much everything that went near him and showed positive signs he could be the centre half we've been missing. I'd have given him Man of the Match (for us anyway). Awful performance over the piece though. We didn't start at all and were deservedly 2 down inside half an hour. Probably lucky it was only two. We competed better second half but we never looked like scoring and the game was gone by then anyway. Even in the second half Dunfermline had the better chances. First goal Dow gets the freedom of Dumfries to run across the penalty area and collect the ball to put in the cross and we're not picking up Dorrans at all. 2nd goal is a bit fortunate in that Rae's short punch goes to Pybus and the shot takes a big deflection on the way in. We didn't close him down nearly quick enough though and the punch didn't have enough distance. Three changes at half time were no surprise. Could have made more! At least half our team were miles off it today for whatever reason. We got better second half but not sure how much was the wind and how much was Dunfermline moving into a keep what we have mode to an extent. Our home record is so bad it's a relief our next three are away from home.
  15. I did to be honest. I thought Stanton was by miles the best player on the pitch first half. He faded out of it as his team got dominated and Strapp was best for Morton. I think you could have given it to either and not been far wrong but I'd have gone with Stanton.
  16. You were the better side and deserved to win for sure. It's exaggeration to say Raith were on top for 3 mins though. Personally I thought the first half was relatively even. Morton started well and should have been in front in the first 20 mins probably. After that I thought Raith got on top (blues did well to get one off the line), only to lose a stupid goal against the run of play at the time. I didn't think a draw would have been too unreasonable at half time, though Raith were certainly flattered to go in ahead. Second half certainly all Morton though and you should have won. No idea how Benedictus gets away with that penalty. Blues missed a sitter. There were other chances. Imrie certainly seems to have made a significant difference.
  17. Yes. He said it on tv the Friday before our Challenge Cup q-f against them. A game in which our first goal came from Jack Hamilton punching the ball directly into his own net from Max Johnston's corner.
  18. Yeah, about then, but you've no chance of getting international clearance for a new player for tomorrow if it hasn't already been applied for. So in reality, you could only sign a domestic player tomorrow (unless you've an international signing already in process just not told anyone yet).
  19. I've no idea what relevance the first game has to anything though (and I wasn't there, I watched the stream too). We were discussing the 2nd one at Palmerston. I didn't see us being outclassed by Cove at Palmerston. If that doesn't agree with what you or he saw that's your prerogative. It was a game utterly ruined by a strong wind where they won the first half 1-0 with a wind assisted goal when we barely got out of our half. For half an hour of the second half neither did they although we only seriously threatened to score when Paton hit bar and post with the same header. They scored on a breakaway with 5 mins or so to go when we'd started to gamble players forward and added a 3rd in injury time which shouldn't have stood. They dealt with the conditions better than us and defended their box well, I've no complaints about the loss, we weren't "robbed" or anything like it, but I don't accept either than we "didn't want to win it" or that it was a particularly horrible performance. The games at Kilmarnock and at home to ICT at least were far worse.
  20. You don't need the window to be open to convert a domestic loan to permanent. And there aren't many match fit free agents in January / February. Realistically if Rudden departs late on Monday your only source for replacement is a domestic loan and then only if you have unused loan space (no idea how many you have on loan now?).
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