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  1. Ok, I'm nitpicking semantics but neither Accies win was 'comfortable'. I thought they were very good at Palmerston and deserved their win over the piece but they won 2-1 with a relatively late goal that probably came against the run of play at the time. I dont think we were awful at Hamilton and it was a coin flip of a game but we did lose an awful (late-ish) goal. We certainly havent done well against Accies but neither loss was comfortable. I actually dont think we've lost many games 'comfortably' which is part of why our current position is frustrating. Arbroath at Palmerston and Killie away certainly won comfortably. For all it was 2-1 probably ICT last week. Not sure there's any others.
  2. I will bet VERY good money whoever they get and however they perform, they won't get a replay.
  3. Pretty certsin it is Pixellot. I've bought it anyway.
  4. Disastrous? Don't see that. Quite happy with it. Not a brilliant side. Won precisely two games in qualifying. Every side in that pot was at the Euros. With the possible exception of the North Macedonians, I'm not sure it makes much odds. Didn't particularly want to see the Austrians or Czechs again. I'm fine with it.
  5. I think they are drawing the seeded teams first so we'll already know if we're in Italy's section or not before they get anywhere near filling Ukraine in.
  6. Robertson in an irony overload. At least he said what he said BEFORE losing and, as far as I know, hasn't commented since. Judd Trump coming out as completely disagreeing with Murphy & co too.
  7. Don't think they were ever only open in set periods (though there was a point about the time we were in the group with Italy, France and Ukraine when they closed the memberships and stopped selling them). They only applied to set 2 year periods so if you chose to buy one later it was a costly exercise as you were maybe paying £50 for a membership that got you 2 or 3 tickets but it was still available.
  8. I bought my son a membership right after the Denmark game as he wants to go to the playoff game. I've had a membership for 30 years but I never bothered to put him on before, partly because for the last decade or so I've generally just got tickets through my club rather than via a personal order when I needed them, but mainly because with Primary School aged kids, it's not really been practical to take him to games when they are usually 8pm on school nights in Glasgow. It seems to have gone through ok and they've taken the payment, though we've not actually received anything for him yet. It's probably far too soon to have done so though I guess.
  9. And yet we now have Mark Selby and Mark Williams agreeing with him as well as Neil Robertson doing so yesterday. Am I missing something here or why are these top guys so annoyed about it? It's like Nadal and Djokovic complaining about having to play a wild card at a tennis major.
  10. Fecking Shaun Murphy whining that he has to play guys who might actually beat him. What an absolute brass neck he has. Feck me. Here's the thing Shaun. You're one of the top players in the world, you shouldn't be worried about facing any amateur. "They don't have the same pressures we do". Aye, so they don't, trying to hold down some sort of job whilst remaining on stand by to play in snooker tournaments they might get into and having to pay hotels etc with limited or no sponsors. How much pressure do you think Stephen Hendry and Jimmy White are under to play snooker Shaun? Is Shaun Murphy really in a position to be concerned about finances anyway? He IS one of the top players in the world. He was runner up in the World Championship last year. I know snooker isn't the cash cow it once was but is he really in a position to be whinging about not being able to put food on his table? Utter laughable heads gone from him. Lost any respect I had for him there to be honest.
  11. Again, that was McCrorie's choice, not Rangers particularly, though they didn't prevent it either. I'd forgotten about Ross Stewart's short spell. I assume he must be better than we saw in his 2 months as Hearts seem happy to have him as back up to Gordon. Tend to agree about Ludovic Roy too. He didn't appear to be all that big but he came and took crosses better than any keeper we've had in my lifetime I think.
  12. Is he? I wasn't aware of that. Lyndon did some extra work with Neil McCann and Billy Dodds in the summer off his own back too.
  13. Sort of comment that's not in any way going to come back to haunt us when we get drawn against Austria in the playoff.
  14. As has already been pointed out more than once, it didn't matter whether they were "arsed" or thought they could beat Serbia or not. They needed a point in Dublin. Three points would have made not one single iota of difference to them. They'd still have finished 2nd by losing to Serbia and they had done enough to be seeded if 2nd already. You're probably right about Ronaldo though, and I'm still hoping we're in the same group of 4 as Wales.
  15. He came on in the 87th minute playing wide right, straight away got himself involved and played a nice ball up the line after holding off an opponent and then I don't think he touched the ball the rest of the game (which was about 6 mins!).
  16. Test cricket is when countries meet in 5 day matches, usually across a tour of between 3 and 6 matches in the same host country. Other forms of cricket are limited overs, one day matches, usually either 50 over games or the current sprint fad format of 20/20. I'm no cricketing expert but I think the point is neither India nor Pakistan would entertain the notion of a 'tour' of the other incorporating a number of 5 day matches but will, when absolutely forced to, play each other in one day world cup tournaments, even on occasion in the other one's country.
  17. And now you know why VAR was so kind to us when the alternative may have been Israel making the World Cup.
  18. They met in India in the last 8 of the 1996 World Cup and again in India in the semi finals of the 2011 World Cup. India won both games.
  19. Sullivan was an under-rated keeper. Perfectly decent international standard keeper even if not at the level of Goram and Leighton before him. Certainly better than Rab Douglas, although Rab was not a bad keeper by any means.
  20. Folk, including me, are just saying he isnt as good as Jack. Which he isnt. Dont see how that constitutes 'utter dismissal'. If everyone's fit McLean's 6th choice midfielder at best behind McGinn (& his arse), McGregor, Gilmour, McTominay and Jack. And thats still considering him ahead of the likes of Ferguson, Fleck and Turnbull. And without even considering the likes of Christie, Armstrong, Fraser, Forrest, etc as midfielders as they tend to play more as support strikers. I know we have periods when the likes of Bremner or Souness ruled midfield, and a time when we had the likes of Collins, McStay, McAllister and McCall at the same time but I'm not sure we've ever had the great depth of midfielders that we do currently. We could miss our entire first choice midfield and still field a midfield as good as any in the last 30 years plus!
  21. Its all open as far as I know. It certainly was v Raith. That section of the preview should be reworded. At one point we were working on a plan to get it partially open by moving the Red Zone sub area to the extreme ends of Section 1 and Section 4 instead of the front but the new dugouts arrived before we had to instigate it. I assume the wording references that original intent.
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