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  1. Rather than providing a link to an entire document would you care to quote the particular part you think contradicts what I said? If indeed you are contradicting it and not agreeing with it, its not 100% clear. Either way, what I said was accurate.
  2. No you dont. You register a player for the duration of his contract the minute you sign him.
  3. This might, just might, be the biggest load of tripe I've ever read on P&B. Quite the accolade! How exactly do you think they managed to loan him to Clyde if he wasnt registered? Which he was anyway, before they announced his signing.
  4. Raith Rovers are VAT registered so the VAT is irrelevant. They'll have reclaimed that.
  5. Certainly unless he has something else lined up then getting released from Raith now seems odd. Unless he wanted a lump sum to start a business or something then he'd have been as well remaining employed until January I'd have thought.
  6. He can only sign for a foreign club in a country which currently has a window open. Which isn't many. He could also sign Lowland League, Highland League or lower if someone's willing to take the risk and flak that goes with it. The non Leagues don't operate windows.
  7. You can't sign him, he wasn't a free agent at midnight on 1st September and he no longer has a club in Scotland to loan him out. He can't play at SPFL level again before January (though in reality he's never going to play SPFL level again). He can't go to any country without a currently open transfer window either. He could go to Lowland League or lower though. They don't operate windows.
  8. Hard work this eh Ruggy? That's about 4 goes you've had at explaining that!
  9. We have 26 players in the first team squad, although that includes 3 teenage Apprentices (Lewis Gibson looks like he'll contribute from the bench at least regardless of only being 17), a teenage goalkeeper who is out on loan and the Manager himself who is still registered as a player. We've got too many players really though a bit a short of centre backs currently with two out injured.
  10. I'd be shocked if any of these appear any time soon (with the possible exception of McKay who was called into this squad). We had, what, 20 odd players in THIS squad and it didnt include the likes of Robertson, Hanley, Cooper, and Stewart (or Nisbet, Shankland, etc). Hardly any of them are in their 30s. I'm not sure what the obsession with calling up new players for the sake of it is. Neither Gordon of Everton nor Barnes of Leicester has any interest in playing for us, at least at the moment, eligible or not.
  11. Agreed. The neutral thing would have worked fine during Covid when they were playing in empty stadia anyway, but with fans back there's nothing wrong with a home advantage match. I don't want two legs either. Leaving aside the difficulty of fitting those extra games in, there's always such an anticlimax about a 1st leg anyway regardless of the result. The present arrangement is fine other than the potential question mark about where the final is played. Should it go to the No 1 seed and then No 2, 3, etc if those are beaten in the semis? Or should it go to the winner of a particular semi (either the one the No 1 seed is in or just drawn out of a hat)? There are arguments for and against all of these.
  12. He was still decidedly average though. Punched one into his own net against us last year. Detested by his own club's supporters at Dundee before that. He's not making a comeback to the Scotland side any time soon. As Donathan clearly isn't a fool I was presuming his post was sarcastic.
  13. Well, apart from the fact thst you did. I understood it fine, you're just determined to count half chances and good efforts as the equivalent of sitters. Ukraine had one sitter, Yarmolenko's very early on. Everything else was a good chance at best.
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