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  1. I still expect the ref to blow for a foul on Malone. Nah, good man Mike McCurry. Never a foul! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  2. Doesn't work that way. Suspension is for the next two matches played.
  3. He was at Celtic Nation in 2013-14! Since then he's been at Stranraer, Dumbarton, Stranraer again, Peterhead, Stenhousemuir and is now manger of our Reserves. Celtic Nation went under in 2015.
  4. Yes, they did. But pretty much every club does and very rarely does anyone complain. That's a world away from saying a player CAN'T actually sign a pre-contract without permission having been applied for in writing. They can and usually do.
  5. Could have easily fired at least 5 of them tonight. Winners lucky. Lottie would surely have gone if they had lost. Poster was awful. Biggest problem on the losing side was finding a reason not to fire two of them. Thomas and Marianne were both better then at least three of the final five. Lewis saved by some of previous weeks but he absolutely drowned on this one. Pamela blew it managing a task she should have been able to win in her sleep. And Mr Bland Dean has been invisible for most of the series. The 'pitch' was embarrassing. Shocker of a week. Both products shit. Both posters shit. Both pitches largely shit. Surprised anybody 'bought" anything.
  6. Indeed. Acknowledge all of that. It's where the big benefit of a 3G surface is, not in perceived hire charges for it. It's in knowing your games will be on. However, it would certainly be worse from a cash flow perspective if you hadn't sold ticket in advance. This. It happens all the time despite the rules. And very rarely is any complaint actually made about it. But the rules do say it has to happen. I'm conscious of several of our players over the years signing pre-contracts elsewhere but only once did a club ever formally let us know they were speaking to a player. Well yes, he can and they regularly do. The new club would be in breach of the regulations and liable to a fine if there's a complaint and it is proven but it still happens regularly.
  7. Well I'm afraid they are incorrect. From the SFA 2019/20 Handbook Registration procedures: 21. APPROACH TO PLAYERS 21.1 Subject to Paragraph 5 of Annex 9 of the Registration Procedures, a Club or an Intermediary (acting on behalf of a Club) may only approach a Player of another Club providing either he or the Club for whom the Intermediary is acting, has firstly advised, in writing, the Playerโ€™s current Club of its/his intention to do so and providing the Player has only six months or less of his current contract of employment with his current club, remaining. Moore is out of contract in January so, provided another team inform you in writing that they intend to speak to him, any club has been able to do so since July. A pre-contract can be signed at any time whatsoever, though of course it would be impossible to sign one more than 6 months before expiry of the contract since it's not actually allowed to talk to a player more than 6 months before their contract expires. Pre contracts normally take place in January quite simply because players are normally contracted to the end of the season and January is roughly 6 months ahead of it. If they player's contract expires mid season other club are free to talk to him equally earlier. Which is fair enough, but depending on what percentage of your gate is now paying ahead of the game, that probably means suggestions of a cash flow crisis as a result of a postponement are exaggerated.
  8. Can anyone answer this? Are advance ticket purchases refunded for postponed games or are the club sitting on the money until asked for its return?
  9. Now that's just not true. A player can negotiate and indeed sign a pre-contract with any club he likes within 6 months of date of expiry of his existing contract. They are supposed to give his present club the courtesy of informing them they intend to speak to the player before actually doing so though.
  10. If you don't like a multi club forum then stick to your own Ayr forums. On this one we're all free to post when we like and pull up idiocy where we see it. As you are displaying a 1st class degree in idiocy this is an ideal opportunity. ๐Ÿ˜ I'll settle in for the duration if I feel like it.
  11. What happens with your much touted advance online purchase system for Saturday's game. Presumably in fact a fair amount of the gate cash had already been paid? Is it automatically refunded or do the club hold it for the rearrangement pending claims for refunds? If it's the latter you'll still have a pile of the cashflow anyway. Can't imagine the match day purchases from Arbroath are going to break the bank! Don't know what element of the home support still pay on a matchday obviously.
  12. It might have been, it might not (it's not unusual to discuss wages, within a budget or band, once you have picked the preferred candidate). That's not really the point though. Without wanting to give a lot of credence to the easy "cheap option" throwaway, Kerr clearly is cheaper than any other candidate who wasn't already at the club. He's cheaper than Jim McIntyre because Jim McIntyre isn't already on a professional contract with you. Whilst Kerr will undoubtedly be getting paid more to be manager than as a midfielder, he (almost certainly) won't be getting both wages in full (he's effectively retired as a player in all but emergencies from what I understand). Kerr's appointment has saved a playing wage, at least through to the window if it is then used on someone else. Perhaps longer if he isn't replaced directly in the squad.
  13. No shit Sherlock! I think everyone with a double figure IQ understands how insurance works. You however dont appear to comprehend a simple cost v benefit financial model.
  14. Uh huh, that's the whole point of insurance. However, unlike the motor industry (where carrying some sort of insurance is actually compulsory) and the house owning scenario (where a lender will require insurance to be in place - however, if you own your house outright you have the freedom to choose whether to insure it or not), with medical insurance it's a cost against reward decision. I have 20 years of experience in working on this to back up my "almost certainly" statement. You appear to be just guessing. Badly. You do realise that if it was cheaper for everybody to pay insurance than to pay the costs of the treatment directly there wouldn't be any insurance companies offering medical cover because they would all be losing money? Insurance is a gamble. Insurance companies work out the odds when they set the premiums. Like Bookmakers, it isn't the insurance companies who lose.
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