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  1. Queens v Dunfermline

    The problem with the "early inspection is best" approach in scenarios like this is that right now it's not really forecast to be a potential issue until after lunch on Saturday, and even then not necessarily that big a deal. Unless we're at the stage of the authorities issuing Amber Alerts to avoid travelling, there's no guarantee at all that there will be any issue in Dumfries. There was a weekend last winter when we were predicted for blizzards in Dumfries and saw a light snow shower while Moffat was a foot deep in the stuff! It's very likely the playing surface itself will be fine, there's no significant frost forecast. The BBC says we'll have some snow in the afternoon and winds of circa 50mph. Accuweather, which generally I find more accurate for Palmerston, suggests we may see a light snow shower at some point (0.3cm) and winds will average 20 odd mph though there may be some gusts up to 50mph. If Accuweather is right there should be no great issue with the game. There isn't enough certainty to be calling the game off especially early. We can get the referee in early (and will if it becomes clear there's an issue) but ultimately if it's not that windy at lunchtime and it hasn't started snowing (or is snowing lightly and not lying) he can't really call it off. Dumfries is absolutely perfect for football right now. It's a wee bit chilly out but it's dry, crisp and clear.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This info is available free of charge at Companies House. There are 2,421,760 shares. Main shareholders appear to be: Sandy Alexander 454,320 Edward Moffat 223,616 Gean Developments Ltd (Douglas McIntyre) 220,616 W Martin Ritchie 204,304 Colin Liddell 178,802 Paul Healey 163,204 Lex Miller 123,506 WJ Electrical (William Jeeves) 111,967 MR Timber Ltd (Martin Ritchie) 97,810 Just under 900 other smaller shareholders, a handful of whom have between 10,000 and 40,000 shares but mostly less than 1,000.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hall of Fame Full list and year of induction at the bottom of the link.
  4. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Not really. I cant pretend to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of his injuries down South but he never missed a game through injury for us in two and a half years in his first spell. He had spells out down South but not aware of anything particularly significant. Nothing measurable in months anyway. In the three seasons since returning to us: 16-17: Missed one game with a knee issue. 17-18: Missed the opening game of the season with a back problem and then a month or so towards season end after being cynically kicked out of a game against Dundee Utd by Willo Flood. 18-19: Tore his hamstring last week. Extent yet to be confirmed but Naysmith has said he will out "a few weeks".
  5. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    I' m not sure its particularly controversial. There probably was more talent 10 - 12 years ago. Dobbie didnt improve dramatically in his 30s though, he improved dramatically at about 26. He was peerless in his last three or four months with us at this level (Leigh Griffiths may argue otherwise I suppose) before he moved South and terrific with the likes of Swansea and Blackpool after that. Because he is very fit and doesnt rely on pace particularly, he has been able to maintain and improve his levels into his 30s whilst guys who played at a higher level have dropped off much quicker. For instance James McFadden is younger and played at a higher level but Dobbie was a far far better player at this level last year. Whether Shankland will "do better" remains to be seen. There are obvious comparisons between them given they are the best two goalscorers at this level and miles ahead of everyone else but they aren't that similar as players. Although his link up play is probably better than most, Shankland is more of an out and out striker than Dobbie is. Dobbie excels as a striker at this level when he plays it (he is sometimes deeper behind Dykes) but at a higher level he wasnt a striker. He played his football at Swansea, Blackpool, Brighton and Palace as a no. 10 or attacking midfielder. He wasnt quick enough to play as a front man down South but his ability on the ball was good enough for him to adapt to a different role. Given Dobbie made the Championship playoff final 4 times and won three of them Shankland would really need to establish himself in the Premiership down South or in the Scotland team to clearly do better. It will be interesting to see how he does. He will surely be down South by next August.
  6. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Well no, I would say the opposite. If you are comparing them right now Dobbie is the better player. However Shankland is what 24, 23? Dobbie is 36. There is no doubt with Shankland they are buying the potential to get better. With Dobbie he has most likely one year left. It depends what you are comparing too. As an overall footballer I would have Dobbie well ahead. As a goalscorer, not much in it, Shankland might be better, and certainly might get better. To be fair, unlike any of us, Adams has played with both of them and is well placed to judge. Against that, he never played with the "fit" Dobbie we have now. He never played with the pretty fit one we had for the 6 months before he left us either. He played with the "fat" Dobbie. And he is also inevitably likely to be biased towards his current teammate. They are pretty clearly both head and shoulders above the rest of the division though and for different reasons both sets of fans are lucky to have them here. We should make the best of it while they are.
  7. Ross County v Queens

    Thats an incredible amount of time and space Stirling is afforded in the box at the equaliser. He makes good movement but its really shoddy defending. Not an awful lot we can probably do on the opener. Quick move and a tidy finish. Martin very sharp off his line at the end there too.
  8. Ross County v Queens

    Nobody in their right mind doubts we would be significantly worse without him. Of course we would. My point has been that we arent automatic relegation candidates without him despite some of the knicker wetting when the question comes up. I acknowledge Flash's point above, and I havent said we wouldnt be relegation candidates, but the idea we definitely would be in trouble without him is somewhat of a reach. I would take pretty much any of our other first eleven players over their equivalent at Falkirk probably for a start. We have some other very good players for this level.
  9. Ross County v Queens

    Feel free to return the favour by beating Inverness and keeping us in the top 4. In fairness we've taken more points off you than off County. Neither of the top two have beaten us yet.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Yes, yes we can.
  11. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    You're welcome.
  12. Ross County v Queens

    ....... but, but, but, we are relegation certainties without Dobbie. Does not compute.
  13. Ross County v Queens

    I am not in agreement with this. I dont think he has been quite as good as last season. Not sure if thats a slight loss of form or just a result of his poorer passing being more exposed in this year's style and formation. I suspect the latter. He hasnt been "dreadful" though and he is still by miles our best defensive midfielder.
  14. SPFL rules now dictate second midweek following a postponement for top two divisions unless clubs agree sooner. So unless they particularly want to do it this Tuesday I imagine it will be next Tuesday 18th. Not sure if any intent by BT to show the rearranged game however might change that. Its up to the club to flag up any potential problem before the match referee arrives, which is usually about 1.5 hrs before kick off. Given it was a tv game, chances are at least one high ranking SPFL official was around and certainly a match delegate who would have been there at least 3 hours before kick off and raised any concerns. As you say though, if the issue was wind and not waterlogging then its extremely difficult to call that off early. Sheer bad luck the opposition had such a long journey.