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  1. Yes. And well done on being one of the very few to understand where the user name comes from. If I had a pound for everyone who assumes it's something to do with either the Skyline Hotel in Dumfries (which has been closed for about 30 years) or some Japanese supercar, I'd be well a lot wealthier than I am!).
  2. He runs a property management business (not construction) and he's certainly wealthy. Not sure about "multi millionaire" but I'm sure he paid for the Stranraer team to go abroad when they won promotion. Neil Watt - Hacking and Paterson
  3. I can't believe we're seriously entertaining the laughable notion that whether Dobbie is any good as captain or not has the slightest relevance to our defending of set pieces. I think rjc has completely lost the plot here.
  4. The SPFL is filming every club's matches (including yours) using Pixellot. They are making that footage available to overseas purchasers with funds coming back to the clubs involved. Clubs had the option to use it for domestic streaming if they wanted or do their own thing. Inverness took them up on it, everyone else didn't. Alloa are using the Pixellot feed but streaming it themselves.
  5. I am aware of this but presumably rjc is not attempting to use these players as players who "led by example" whilst suggesting the greatest player in our modern history is not capable of that?
  6. Chris Higgins was an outstanding captain. And I'll given you McKenna as a vocal "lieutenant" if you like. Dowser was one of the quietest big guys I've ever met. He did his talking with his play. He barely spoke in the dressing room and wasn't especially vocal on the pitch either. I'm not sure Burns was particularly vocal either. John Rankin was also an outstanding captain incidentally. He was a better captain than he was player by the time he got to us.
  7. Probably because disciplinary matters are for the SFA, not the SPFL.
  8. That's an interesting question. I'm not aware of any change in the regulation so there fore it is presumably 6 bookings in first 18 league games = 1 game suspension. Getting to 12 bookings in a 27 game season seems unlikely but I expect someone will give it a go! Nothing has changed about the way the Betfred Cup runs so not sure why you'd assume anything would change with the suspension rules in it. Two booking = immediate one match suspension. Which is why Dylan Tait will be sitting out Raith's next Betfred Cup tie.
  9. I guess it may work if they are commentating on a stream they are watching at the same time as you, I've no idea about the technology. I can say however that the Ayr stream yesterday was far enough time delayed that on both their goals I had a text notification from our website that we had conceded before it happened on the streaming pictures. Which means there was time for someone to type it out and send it at least. I think watching a stream and using an independent commentary will be well nigh impossible.
  10. Not a single person has posted that any penalty is an automatic red card.
  11. Ok. But you accept then what you have decided is 'fair' is completely irrelevant? Under the rules its a foul one way or the other and if he gives a penalty a red card must follow.
  12. Is this not a mute point. The rules changed in 2016 to say that you don't get a pen and a red card. No they didnt. I think you should maybe read those again. The point has been clarified several times on the thread already.
  13. I do not understand what you are arguing here. You cant claim "a penalty was fair". You can claim Buchanan was fouling first / more if you want and Ayr should get the free kick. You simply cannot say a penalty is correct 3 yards from the goaline wresting him down without even looking at the ball and it not be a red card. You cant decide to interpret rules differently. Its a penalty and a red card or its a free kick to Ayr (or I guess potentially nothing given at all and goes for a goal kick). There is no scenario where that is legitimately a penalty and no red card.
  14. This. If people want to argue that Buchanan started the pulling and dragged Baird on to him they can. Thats fine. The notion that a penalty but no red card is the correct outcome is just a refusal to understand the rules as they currently stand. I literally have no idea how a qualified referee found a reason to do so.
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