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  1. General Politics Thread

  2. Nice of five thousand Falkirk fans to turn up and boost the attendance.
  3. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Don't know what an ampersand is.
  4. Work colleagues

    Half of my work colleagues start every single conversation with the word so.
  5. Work colleagues

    Some of my colleagues have been complaining about electric shocks from the metal filing cabinets. I work with idiots.
  6. Really easy New Year's resolutions

    Breathe at least once a day
  7. Unofficial Town Slogans

    Twatt Welcome home
  8. The Bah Humbug Thread

    Happy worst day of the year everyone.
  9. Work colleagues

    There is only one thing more boring than an accountant. An office full of them.
  10. Christmas 2017

  11. Work colleagues

    Some of my colleagues believe that email addresses are case sensitive.
  12. ACCA exams

    Decent paper. Q1 was largely value chain which is easy marks. Q2 was a good question too. Q3 was ok didn't like the second part.