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  1. One of the directors at work has started wearing slippers around the office.
  2. We have to decide today if we are going to our Xmas party on 20th December 2019.
  3. One of the printers at work isn’t working. It’s a print server issue rather than a printer issue so while we wait for IT to fix it me and m’colleague are having a competition to see how many people we can get to switch it off and on again. So far we are up to 7. Unfortunately m’colleague is winning 5-2.
  4. According to sky there “away goals don’t count”.
  5. The news would be fun: “After early trading this morning SEx is up 2%”
  6. Half of my work colleagues start every single conversation with the word so.
  7. Some of my colleagues have been complaining about electric shocks from the metal filing cabinets. I work with idiots.
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