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  1. Hello everyone, Mrs Madwullie here. You all have more words than me right now and it's been a pleasure to read how highly he was respected on here. God knows every single time he took a crap he was was on this forum, glad to know this was time well spent. Although maybe I should post this infuriating behaviour on another thread That brutal honesty was just how we rolled tbf. We are lost without him.
  2. Likewise just south of Manchester on the m6. Wipers on full bung making absolutely no difference at all. Traffic crawling at about 20mph and even then felt like you were taking your life in your hands. Plenty of hazards on pulling over onto the hard shoulder from lesser mortals that day.
  3. The other option for that behaviour is lonely alcoholic.
  4. One good thing to come out of the restrictions
  5. Must admit the first Tory Jesus meme I saw I nearly pissed myself. The joke got old v quick but that first cherry popper was an absolute beauty
  6. Pretty sure they can't give out that level of personal info? Might be wrong tho
  7. First response. Sounds like this might be a gender-wide feature/bug
  8. Each egg has its own use, so ranking them is pointless. Plus "in-a-cup" wasn't mentioned
  9. Anything to do with her weight is a fucking minefield laid on poison tipped shards of aids infected broken glass and barbed wire. She's always been v slim. She's 41 now and lockdown and two weans have led to her putting on a minuscule amount of weight. Other women definitely definitely wish they were as skinny as her. Anyway, I noticed a slimming world class is starting in the local area once restrictions lift. She's been complaining about being fat (she isn't) and her clothes not fitting her anymore (they do) and all that usual shit. Yes she's put on a tiny tiny bit of weight but it's genuinely not much at all. Half a stone absolute maximum. Anyway, simply sent her a WhatsApp pointing out that class was starting again (she'd actually been previously to shift some baby weight (again, definitely the thinnest person there). I'll let you lads guess how well that went down.
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