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  1. Just dinghy the content and dot it like you did the other night when I answered your question then mate. It's no big deal 🤷‍♂️
  2. No ps5s to be had for love nor money. Rumours that Sony are having problems producing the chip, coupled with stock either having been stuck in the suez, or stuck because of the suez, means it's unlikely any will drop before the end of April, and even then going to be rare as f**k, and dribs and drabs at best.
  3. You're a caricature mate. It's sad to see. Sorry 🙏
  4. You can complain about it whenever you want. And I can call it ridiculous whenever I want. There's no rules. For a thread that is obsessed with pointing out scaremongering and hysteria, stringing together 3 or 4 'if this happens and then that happens' statements and getting worked up about the final "then" seems to be exactly the type of thing we rail against and extremely premature. That's before you even consider the "and if Leitch behaves like this, and then sridhar behaves like that, well then imagine that happened" tacked on the end.
  5. I started a thread the other day and if I post something that doesn't get downvoted within 30 mins by one of the main players I assume their internet is down. It's not a popularity contest - it's mostly anonymous VLs on a pretty niche subforum on a football website talking about stuff. I think the issue might be more that you're worried that it'll get torn to threads and you'll be exposed for what you are. Only one way to find out 👍
  6. You seem to be avoiding what was said here. Can't imagine why that could be I mean I've just read it again and it doesn't mention self id or men in kids dressing rooms 🤷‍♂️ have I posted the wrong link - maybe it's showing up different on my machine.
  7. Did you not see? It was a continuation of this
  8. So indy first and foremost and calling gay and trans people paedos just as a wee 'oh meant to say btw mate'
  9. You don't see that suggesting that IF some other country have loads of fans and IF we have noone in hospital and IF we have 25% capacity and IF our borders are closed then we should be getting the HelenLovejoy.gifs out right now is a bit jumping the gun, given the fact that a month ago plenty were up in arms that we would have no fans at all, and that didn't actually come to pass. I mean, if you want to be a permanent seething mess about what might happen at the end of an unspecified number of if-then statements I can see why it might be an appropriate approach, but I disagree.
  10. Disagreeing with Todd's hysteria = Simp. Just in the past 5 days you've assured us of a clear sign of Sturgeon's support for passports based on a dodgy telegraph article. Turned out hysterical pish. A month ago you were up in arms that there were definitely going to be no fans at Hampden for the euros because of snpbad. More hysterical pish If not blindly following what you say is simping, then so be it. If you want to extrapolate based on half data, rumours and speculation then batter in, but I'll continue to point it it's hysterical pish, and you can get upset and call me a simp by all means🤷‍♂️
  11. Maybe wait and see what actually comes to pass instead of reducing yourself to a seething mess about hypotheticals and exhausting your gif collection too early 👍
  12. Theoretically in terms of healthy democracy™ I would like to see similar from Labour, only problem for me (as an snp simp) being that they lost their support to the SNP and presumably if that support came back to them it would mean the snp losing votes, that could push them back towards no
  13. True, but that's the nature of PR politics. I think the snp are too greedy having won that majority, and I do think they have a control issues. @virginton makes a good point - when you look at healthy independence movements (I'm thinking specifically of catalonia, I don't have as widespread knowledge) there are multiple pro-independence parties veering for the support of the people. This can only be a good thing imo, and if successful independence movements move through that process as he says I'm not going to argue. Point is, independence IS more than the snp - we always talk of it being a broad church as mentioned above, yet the snp (seem to) want to monopolise the supporters, and we talk of voting for other parties once it's achieved. Why can't it be achieved with the broad support of a number of indy parties in the first place. I think of my dad who is about as tory as you could come now, but would never vote for them because of history and thatcher. Why should he have to wait for a right leaning party in an indy Scotland - why can't there be a proper rightish independence supporting party now? I understand its complicated with RW being aligned here with unionism, but there must be right leaning people who are supportive of independence. Why do they need to vote for the snp to get independence? So yeah I do agree there's a place for more indy supporting parties in Scotland, and they could vie for the vote of indy supporters,and this would be healthy without damaging the movement. Which brings us to Alba - imo As doesn't give the tiniest shit about "the movement" - this party is a vehicle to keep himself relevant and to stoke his own ego, so they don't really fit in with what I've said above. Frankly if he could guarantee being on the front pages for the next decade, but that would set the indy movement back 20 years, he'd grab it with both hands. But looking forward, I think ut would be healthy to have more indy parties rather than snp, 2 unionists, plus hangers on on moth sides. Edit: I'm a fully paid up SNP member btw
  14. Interesting long thread here on variants and vaccines
  15. Driving home there, just happened to have radio 4 on, some lickspittle banging on about how it was only really the daily mirror that found Phil's chat objectionable, and they were just trying to stir trouble - in reality (and as understood by the nation) he was just trying to lighten the mood and jolly people along by being authentic. Also seemingly the best dresser this guy has ever met. Plus a fantastic father. Firmly believe if he had his corpse there the words would have been muffled due to the massive necro-arselickout he was delivering.
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