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  1. Your other account been banned or something malky? Just not seen as much of you recently.
  2. I reckon in time the SNP would split. Cliche I know but they are a broad church with one massive goal in common. A new Labour party (although that name may remain toxic) would probably see some join from the remains of the SNP, ditto the new "tories"
  3. This thread has been fucking ruined
  4. You're living in a fantasy world if you think the country will just "move on" no matter how this is resolved. Brexit is going to dominate uk politics for the next decade at least.
  5. Someone said something about him not being allowed to deliberately frustrate the purpose of parliament or something like that based on some previous act.
  6. Surely an error by the SNP allowing Scotland controlling England type grim warnings from the tories
  7. That's the beauty though, if won't, becuase it'll be the EU's fault
  8. I mean it's not even a reach for a suitable analogy. Picture an airport with two queues. One for eu passport holders, one for the rest of the world. We've all seen it and experienced it: the eu passport queue involves the most cursory of glances, the checks for the rest of the world are more thorough and time consuming. Even with this the eu queue is sometimes very busy at various hot points of the day. Now imagine this same process for (hundreds of?) thousands of lorries, cargo planes, cargo ships per day. Now imagine there's only one queue and its the rest of the world one. This is what we will be doing to ourselves on a very basic level if there's no deal. We have two options really, to just wave shit through without checking it (meaning all sorts of unsavoury / dangerous stuff could be brought into the country) or to thoroughly check everything which would be incredibly time consuming and cause massive holdups. I suppose we could check only the bare minimum of goods, but again, this would be an opportunity for people to bring people and things we don't want into the country and is the exact opposite of taking back control of our borders.
  9. No. Its the most successful political union in the world.
  10. Utterly baffling why people keep voting for them
  11. You should probably type up a reply to him then countering his points and you can put that other stuff that would have taken you hours in as well. It's just this looks like you're trying to avoid addressing what he said and are picking your fights and changing the subject to get away from it.
  12. You're getting distracted malky. I believe you had a post from Renton to respond to and all the other stuff that you could go on for hours with?
  13. It's a lot easier than saying 'aye fair enough mate, I fucked that one. You're right'
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