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  1. That's the way it's always worked till now anyway Edit: Sorry, I meant immunity, not herd immunity
  2. The health dude in Sweden (Tuegell?) just today or yesterday suggesting that they haven't acquired nearly as much HI as previously thought
  3. This is over as a public health crisis
  4. So they're fiddling the figures by giving an explanation of how they've come to those figures? Maybe I'm just being dense, but that seems to be what you're saying. Edit: one sign of someone losing it is an over-reliance on elipsis rather than evidence to manufacture doubt.
  5. Not that I'm in any way obsessed, but my finger slipped earlier and I ended up accidentally on his profile and whoops I also ended up on the page that says when he was last active and it was Wednesday. Just want him back. Don't give a f**k about badly misrepresented graphs or Karl Sikora quotes.
  6. All the symptom checker does is say you need a test if you have any of the three main symptoms. You have no obligation to get one and the app doesn't know who you are to track you down or anything if you don't.
  7. Stopped killing insects about 4 years ago. Now everything gets the merciful treatment. Even the two fucking hand size slugs we found crawling up the kitchen wall a fortnight ago got removed humanely and placed put the back Decided once my kids were old enough they'd be toughy not to kill things
  8. Yeah that's true but when people are taking the piss it can really get to you. My ex sister in law used to constantly ask my wife's parents to look after their kids. They would never say no, but when she was sitting in the house tanning wine at 4pm rather than looking after her own kids, no matter how much they love them and enjoyed looking after them, it did grate a bit
  9. I'm sure the imprison-the-vulnerable-philes will be able to pick some serious flaws in this, but at the very least its an interesting read about the realities of the aims of the GBD
  10. Plus a number of Lancashire MPs are Tories, so seems to be some double standards - gyms allowed to stay open etc while closed (and protesting) in Liverpool
  11. Interesting - thanks for being arsed to do this. Looks from this graph like the increased infection rates are a culmination of everything that came before. Every time something new opens, there's a new twitch upwards of cases at about 5 days, and then when something new opens again, that twitch is on top of the foundation of cases that is already higher than it was due to the previous twitch.
  12. Was reading an article on the tes website about a teacher who developed sepsis after complications from covid. She ended up getting both arms and half her tongue amputated. I know that's very unusual and in no way what happens to even a handful of people, but for f**k sake 😫
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