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  1. Me too, I had it on ps4 but never found the time. Enjoying it on PC, it looks fucking lovely. Just playing the story - read mixed reports about online-is it any good?
  2. The article says its lower than Pfizer had said, and the Israelis had expected. But I dunno, reading the twitter comments, it's impossible to tell who knows what they're talking about and who is some swivel eyed lunatic with an agenda (and a podcast). This has almost become an ideological issue now, and people rushing to pigeonhole others that don't subscribe to their particular views is really unhelpful (this isn't a dig at you mate, more a general observation).
  3. Mixed news from Israel. 2 million arms punctured and those that have had 2 doses looking like excellent protection, however, single dosers not looking as good as hoped. Their cabinet is even considering new restrictions ie tightening up despite the widespread vaccination. Some scientists suggesting 30-40% are the new variant first recorded in England. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/19/single-covid-vaccine-dose-in-israel-less-effective-than-we-hoped?__twitter_impression=true Edit: apologies, didn't see this was already being discussed. I think the fact their cabinet is considering tighter restrictions sheds some light on how worrisome they find it.
  4. Someone was interviewed on Fox earlier and part of their proof that he works extremely hard was that he stays up late and watches all the shows.
  5. Apostrophes denote possession mate, not plurals 👍
  6. Interesting that according to that, Yeadon first suggested covid was over as a public health crisis in October, whereas Todd was a true visionary, proclaiming it done mid August
  7. I appreciate that, I just thought it was quite impressive. I'd never seen for eg Ferrier step in and even give the veneer of trying to help a constituent. Not saying she didn't, but you know. The lassie was begging for people to fill up bottles of water for her on fb, then Lennon was tagged, posted asking her to contact her, and sorted it all in short order. The council had said it would be 24 hours + before she would get water and heating (I looked back, it was because they couldn't guarantee safety of erecting a ladder in the ice(!?)) . She had it that evening. If doesn't seem unreasonable to think that Lennon had given out some hairdryer treatment.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's been known/decided for weeks that they won't be going back Feb 1st. It's never really been in any doubt imo.
  9. I'd never vote for her, but TBF Monica Lennon is very visible on our local Facebook group and on more than one occasion had stepped in to personally sort out issues people have had. Recently, during the snow, a young single mother was without heating in a council flat and slc were being fucking arseholes about it. ML sorted it within half a day. I was pretty impressed tbh
  10. No idea about 1, but I presume with 2, ordering say 500 people to turn up to a sports centre and jagging them all day will be quicker than going round say (numbers out my arse here) 100 separate care homes and jagging 50 residents in each, what with the travel etc required. Depends on the number of vaccinators I suppose, but it'll always be quicker getting loads of people to come to you, than individually going to a smaller number of people. Guaranteed someone will be on in a second to explain this better than I have.
  11. Any way to see this without the pay wall? Tried incognito, tried stopping the page loading. Those are my only techniques
  12. Pretty mild compared to some on here, but the fat alky boot and her husband over the back of us like a shouty evening with their kitchen door open and music blasting out. Don't generally give a f**k, even when they're in the hot tub singing and shouting, but late on Christmas eve, while we were trying to get our extremely excited boys to sleep, these muppets thought they'd swing open the kitchen door at 10pm and get the music blasting. They were obviously completely leathered (not to mention they have two primary aged kids in there themselves.) Anyway, before we could do anything, our wouldn't say boo to a goose neighbour actually went up the back fence to have a word, basically come on to f**k guys you're playing music straight into our 6 year old's window and she's already hyper excited about santa - he still had the presents to out out etc and it's best to wait until the kids are asleep for obvious reasons. They quietened down, so fair enough, thanks for taking the hint guys. Fast forward to hogmanay and our neighbour in the other side (ex-army) texted my wife to say they were going to let a few fireworks off at about 7:30pm, as long as we didn't mind, and if our boys wanted to go out to see them. As soon as he started letting them off, the fat boot over the back started screaming TURN THAT DOWN and playing Katy Perry Fireworks on repeat with the volume up full until he went back inside. Can only assume this is the opening salvo in what's going to be a long term war over the back fence for the next year or so. What a pair of childish, selfish, thoughtless arseholes they are. Fucking pished out their minds with primary age kids running about all the time too. I realise this is pretty mild compared to some of the stories in here, but I can't see any hope that this isn't going to escalate out of control over the next few months.
  13. Purely anecdotal, but hairmyres is currently seeing a wider spread of covid patients across the age groups. 55-65 especially seems to have a noticeably larger cohort than the first wave. Not as markedly, but noticeable is the 30-40 age group. Whether that's because all the extremely old are already dead, or vaccinations starting to kick in or whatever reason I don't know.
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