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  1. Cheers Stevo. You aren’t so bad yourself. The dark side awaits me in the ultra exciting Lowland League forum. An abyss from which nobody ever returns ( SHUDDERS!! ).
  2. There was a thread called exactly that which I started a number of years back. It was replaced by the current season numbered threads by someone though. Resurrecting it would be good or calling it something like There Was a Coo. The generic season year threads are just so boring and say nothing about the club’s identity. The Division 2 forum will be so boring without us
  3. East Fife will definitely be hoping to never see us again. You will always look good on our mantelpiece though
  4. Would be very surprised if Liam Buchanan stayed. He was given very little game time by the manager. I still saw him and Renton as our best forward combination but our manager clearly didn’t rate either of them. We badly need a half decent Stiker but that’s stating the bleeding obvious. We have had some great forwards over the years but our attacking threat has been shit for a good few years now.
  5. He also clapped the Alloa support as he walked off in disgrace. If I hadn’t had been so angry at the time I’d have pissed myself laughing. It’s somehow become a bit of a weirdly fond memory of my time supporting Cowden. Another was when a Morton player got sent off at CP for making a gesture towards a few Cowden supporters who were slagging off his beard
  6. Life goes on and as long as the football club go on then that’s the most important thing. Heartened to read the positive statement made by the club as it sounded like we would go out of existence a few seasons back if we went down. Think most of us were resigned to the inevitable but I’ve never watched a Cowden side with less fight and motivation than I saw yesterday apart from the one that capitulated against Alloa when Jimmy Nic was in charge. The team needs a huge overhaul needless to say and we need some fucking firepower. It was an area which was desperately needing addressed all season and never was. Cowden will ironically be a bigger fish in a smaller pond next season. Can’t say I’m enthused about the LL and it’s ugly sister Kindergarten squads but it is what it is. The great adventure continues. All of the brain dead numpties dancing at our relegation really need to find something better to do with their time.
  7. Well done Bonnyrigg. Enjoy League 2 next season.
  8. Because they have nothing better to do with themselves. Rather sad.
  9. As someone previously mentioned, he isn’t exactly a Mastermind contender. Always loved him as a player during his time with Cowden and rarely saw him give anything other than 100 % when he played for us and I was pleased that he had been given another chance by another team. I think that the club were more than fair with him during the betting scandal and offered him more help and support than many others would have. Swan was a fud to lunge in again and deserved his sending off but Brett obviously milked it to the max. Easy to say it’s part of the game but it’s not something I ever like to see. I’d never condone a Cowden player doing that,
  10. The only chink of light is that the Townies are too wrapped up in their own misery to gloat over our plummet into the shitfest that is the LL.
  11. Hilarious, aye. I was going to drive over to Bonnyrigg today to give Cowden my support (I'm a Raith supporter) but found too late that it was all ticket with none available on the day or at the gate. I plan on doing the same next Saturday so thought I'd check. Some laugh, eh? Good for you. Enjoy.
  12. So very sad to see the score coming in today. Our demise has been coming for a while now. I’d planned on coming next Saturday but I just can’t face it to be honest. The town of Cowdenbeath just don’t deserve a team, even in the bottom league . I have some amazing memories of league wins and days in the championship, beating teams well above our level. For me, it’s time to let go. My Dad who supported Cowden and first took me to games is gone, my brother who came with us to games is gone and for me Cowden is gone from meaningful league football. . Thanks so very much for the memories. Billy Steele , Sumo, Craig Leveine ( now a dick ) , Armand One, The three paatelainenen’s, Helicopter dreams, Colin Cameron. We survived extinction, we thrashed the townies to stay up. So many happy and sad memories. Time to let go but thanks for everything and thanks to our great board and to Donald Findlay.
  13. Thanks. I’ve re booted my wi-fi router and that seems to have done the trick .
  14. Is the clubs website down? Haven’t been able to get onto it for a few days. perhaps I’ve been looking at too many tractor websites again???
  15. Congratulations to Bonnyrigg Rose on reaching the play off final. You were obviously the better team over the two legs. As has been rightly pointed out you shouldn’t have to play another 2 games to gain promotion but unfortunately those are the rules as they currently stand. From a Cowdenbeath perspective we have obviously had a disappointing season and should have changed our manager well before we did. We ended the season with a 1-0 defeat today after having been on a decent unbeaten run. We are fairly well organised and hard to break down but finding goals has been a massive problem for us. This is our third time in this position and we came through the last two times but I see you as clear favourites. Hopefully we will have a couple of cracking games and may the best team win.
  16. I have better things to do with my time than re read the nonsense I post on here tbh.
  17. I love these poorly thought out and completely illogical ideas being thrown about You obviously have an extremely exciting life.
  18. If the bottom 2 teams in all leagues, including the SPL were also to be relegated then you might have a valid point. The play offs have been a great addition to the leagues and made them much more competitive and interesting. The bottom team in league 2 should be relegated in my opinion and the second bottom team should go into a play off against the winners of the LL/HL play off.
  19. Definitely a good unbeaten run. BBC Radio Scotland of course have us buried already. It’s a formality that we are going down apparently. stating the bleeding obvious but we do need to find goals from somewhere. Unfortunately 0-0 won’t keep us up.
  20. The most important and encouraging thing for Cowden just now is that we are good enough to draw with and beat sides at the top end of the table. Unlike other sides who have gone down into the LL in recent years we aren’t in free fall and our confidence and team cohesion is building at just the right time going into the play offs. We have survived two relegation play offs previously as well so there’s a lot of life in the old dog yet
  21. He didn’t actually say that most of the Cove team were playing in L1 though. He said that some were if you read the post again. Just in the interests of accuracy
  22. I’m sure that we will play you in the Lowland League in a few years if, as expected, we are relegated and the club continues to operate. Perhaps Stenny might actually win a league title but I’m fairly certain that I will have been dead for at least 50 years if that actually happens. Every cloud as they say
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