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  1. They can stick their £10 right up their arse. Charging that for a friendly fixture against a lower league team is taking the piss. A lot of people are struggling to buy food and pay their bills just now. obviously not the East Fife Directors though.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I jokingly said that Bluebell the Coo would be in goal for us this season. Currently that looks like the best option available.
  3. Completely agree with the points made about pre season games. I rarely ever attended them in the past as they were basically just a way of experimenting with your squad and looking at trialists. I’m all in favour of going with promising young players but my concern at this point is the lack of experience in our team and the assembling of a completely new squad and basically starting from scratch. The point has correctly been made that the players we had for the past few seasons failed us, as did the previous manager. Probably only a few were worthy of trying to retain. “ You can’t win anything with youngsters “ was a famous, probably misquoted by me line from Alan Hanson. We aren’t exactly Manchester United though. I still feel that we need more experienced players in the team. It’s all about balance. Most successful teams have a blend of promising young players who are hungry and seasoned pros who have experience and can steady the ship when things are tough. We aren’t going to win the league this year and that’s fair enough but I’d like to see a competitive team on the park. There’s a lot of enthusiasm amongst the Cowden supporters which is brilliant to see, given our massive fail this year. Fingers crossed that Mo can build a competitive team on what must be an extremely limited budget.
  4. You can expect Liam to score a few against us. Still think there’s a very decent player in there.
  5. You are absolutely right, players at the age of 25 can have good experience and have played a lot of games at a decent level. what I appreciated when I started my career in the NHS were people that I quickly recognised as role models and who I came to admire in how they dealt with others and the example they set for me to follow. I also quickly recognised bawbags whose example I definitely wanted to avoid at all costs. A completely new team is to be welcomed after the abject failure of our previous squad. We will however require a leader and role model on the park. They will set the tone for when things are going well on the pitch but more importantly when things aren’t going well and we need to show dig, fight and altered tactics. Couldn’t care less about anyone from last year playing for us us ever again and there were no leaders amongst any of them. We need to find a good captain and others who are willing to rally the troops when it’s needed. The gap between management off the field and the players on the park needs to be addressed. If that happens with who we are bringing in then things could look very promising again.
  6. When did your personality transplant actually occur Neilly? Was it in a moment of clarity . Only kidding. Can you please boot Vimpto in the balls for us and tell him to grow the f**k up? Thanks in advance.
  7. All of the announced signings look like very promising young players who hopefully will go on to have a good future in football. Could be good prospects with the right training and management. It will be interesting to see if we will have some more experienced players in the squad as well and a few with leadership qualities on the pitch. Obviously we will need a good team captain. Think most Cowden fans will be feeling positive about what we have seen so far,
  8. It was a rhetorical question. We all know that you are just a pathetic troll with nothing better to do with your time.
  9. I heard from a source that Bluebell the coo is going in goal for us this season. Told them to pull the udder one and to stop milking it. I’ll get my coat.
  10. Why do you feel the need to post on Cowdenbeath threads? what is motivating you?
  11. Two very positive signings by Cowden. Great to see someone with the promise of goals in them again. I actually like the gradual announcement of who is coming in. As Nelly said, it builds up interest and excitement and a chance for a bit of discussion amongst the support. Pleased to see such positive developments after some very disappointing times. Well done by the manager and of course the board. Keep up the good work .
  12. To be fair,you were always fairly shit for umpteen years before you were relegated into this oblivion. Thought that would have hardened you up by that ? Cowden supporters have low expectations after our bomb like plummet from the dizzy heights of playing in the Championship. We are where we deserve to be and an earlier suggestion of us playing Billy Big Baws is just fucking hilarious.
  13. Is b-t-u the incestuous love child of Vimto90 per chance?
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