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  1. Bollan needs to go now if Cowden are to have any chance of avoiding the drop into the Lowland league. The question will be asked about can we afford to sack him ? The follow up question to ask in reply to that is can we afford not to ?
  2. I don’t get the point about how a new manager, if one were appointed, couldn’t turn things around with the same group of players. It’s been done time and again at every level of football in the world. Managers often run their course and run out of ideas on how to get the best out of the players they have at their disposal. New tactics, fresh ideas and different approaches can often galvanise a team and get them performing much more effectively. Like myself a number of other posters appear to be perplexed about how our current squad seem to be underperforming. It’s not just about players putting effort in, it’s also about tactics, game management while leading and an ability to change things when it just isn’t working.
  3. It certainly was the strangest season ever. He’s just not my cup of tea I suppose but the board must believe in him and see how he works with the team on a day to day basis. Hopefully results pick up again soon.
  4. I don’t understand why Gary Bollan was retained as Cowden manager after last season. We finished just above a truly dreadful Brechin team who still managed to beat us in what could have been crucial games. Obviously it was a strange season but our squad should have still been good enough for a mid table finish. So far, with a better squad we are still struggling and look like we will be lucky to be mid table, if not in the relegation fight again. Hopefully everyone can give me the big STFU and GIRFUY soon. Loyalty is a good quality but often it costs dearly as we have seen in many recent seasons.
  5. Two fairly poor teams and not a great watch. Cowden’s game management was atrocious and we gave away possession unnecessarily far too often. I think a draw would have been a fair result but a lovely strike won it for Stranraer. How often do we see Cowden shoot themselves in the foot like that. SIGH!!!
  6. Exclusive picture of Greg’s first Jobby in India just released by the Central Fife Tmes.
  7. If we can’t get at least a point from this Stenny team then I’m emigrating to Kelty. That’s assuming that only half our squad are self isolating.
  8. Overall a very good performance by Cowden who showed signs of promise today. Delighted to see that Liam is still a class act and looks like a very good signing for Cowden. If he stays fit he will make a real difference this season for sure. Took his pens well and but for a great save from the Elgin keeper would have had his hat-trick. Renton worked his arse off and won virtually everything in the air and gave Elgin’s defence a lot to worry about. Mullen also had a very solid game but overall a good team display and a well deserved victory. Elgin did have a very good 20 minutes at the end of the first half and deserved their goal but Cowden looked more up for it again in the second half and the result was never in doubt for me. Delighted for the young Rovers lad who claimed his first senior goal after a great set up from Buchs. A cool finish for a young player. The other Rovers loanee also looked composed on the ball during his short spell on the pitch. After a battling performance away to the Kelty Bigbaws there are reasons for optimism again. Would be great to see us out of the relegation zone and going for a promotion play off place instead but obviously very early days.
  9. You have certainly made an invaluable contribution to this thread. You should be a great read in all of the Kelty match threads this season.
  10. ^^^^ pish version of Rie. Good old Rie, I wonder where she is now? Probably still has Nish locked in her basement as a sex slave.
  11. 3-0 to Kelty if we have a good day. Not an important game for us so no harm done.
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