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  1. Felt it was a very good win today. Albion looked like a decent side and they worked hard and didn’t give us much space. In times gone by we would have lost a goal towards the end of that game but gladly not today. The stand in keeper looks extremely good , so well done to Cowden for getting him in. Both he and the Rovers keeper pulled off cracking saves.
  2. First Cowdenbeath game I have been able to make for quite a while sadly but well worth the wait. I was very impressed by the quality of some of our play and we always looked dangerous in attack. Great to see the defence working so hard and looking well organised as well. Threw themselves into blocking tackles and fought for every ball. A mention for the keeper as well who looks like a bit of a character. What a fantastic reflex save he made with his leg from a deflected shot, leading to us going up the other end and scoring. Needs to work on his kicking perhaps but he commanded his box well . Liked the look of him and he got a cuddle from our physio after being elbowed in the face by a Stenny player ( How romantic ) Hard to judge the team from one performance and perhaps Stenny had a bit of an off day but I was fairly impressed by the guys today. What a pleasure to see a bit of confidence back and hopefully we can be competing in the upper half of the table instead of the nerve shredding experience of struggling in the lower reaches. Absolutely love the strip as well. My brother used to have a silk butcher strip Cowdenbeath scarf from way back but sadly I can’t find it anywhere. Well done to the team on an excellent performance and long may it continue.
  3. 3-0 to The Blue Brazil. Fantastic result and a superb performance from the entire team. Well chuffed with that .
  4. So far, so good from a Cowdenbeath perspective. Showed much more pace and threat up front at the start of the game than Stenny. Great cross from Renton to set up the headed goal from Barr. Stenny becoming more threatening towards the end of the half though but largely wasteful up front so far. only one goal in it so it’s still all to play for.
  5. Cheers. I see from that, that we will be on the West terracing. Braw!
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked but will the Cowden fans be in the main stand again?
  7. Mark Yardley, Graham Brown and Gareth Wardlaw were three of my all time favourites and Sumo and Billy Steele from the older days. Graham Brown was a brilliant player for us but sadly during his second stint he had gone completely off the boil for some reason. The Flamingo will always be a legend in my eyes. He actually scored a lot of important goals for us, often after coming on as a sub. He was a nutter as well which made him even better in my eyes.
  8. I just remembered that Cowden thought so highly of Tomana that they invested in this company car for him.
  9. Tomana was a great ball player but other teams sussed out that he was a bit lightweight and targeted him for heavy treatment. Towards the end of his time with us he'd had enough of it. I always thought that Hamish French was really good for us, even though it was towards the end of his playing career. He had poise and class on the ball and he made some incredible passes to set up the strikers.
  10. That's right, we had him on loan for a wee while. I'd forgotten about that. I always thought that Jamie Sneddon was a great prospect when we had him. He is still very young for a keeper and has been getting first team appearances for Partick Thistle so I hope he keeps on progressing.
  11. Believe it or not, they did used to beat us. You have to be old like me to remember those bad old days
  12. Raymey Allan has to be my all time favourite keeper and he was a great character as well. He was still coming to the occasional game a few seasons back. He had a great presence between the sticks and a massive booming shout that no player or fan could ignore. I remember standing behind his goal at old Bayview when I was a wee boy . We were losing to East Fife and he was getting a bit of needle from a few locals who were telling him that even the Cowden fans thought he was shight. He invited them for a square go behind the stand as soon as the game finished. No way did they take him up on the offer.
  13. I was wrong to say in a few seasons but I was speaking in general terms. Cowden almost dropped from the Championship down to the LL within 3 seasons. I think most people would have bet on Cowden or Albion going down before the start of the season rather than Berwick Rangers. There aren't many teams, who are usually in the bottom two leagues of senior football, who can be utterly complacent.
  14. Could be Arbroath facing relegations down to the LL in a few seasons as well. Not long ago Cowden were playing Hibs,Rangers et al in the Championship . No team is safe and that's how it should be. Cowdenbeath fought for their existence in two relegation play-offs in two consequetive seasons and won their survival, at least for a while. Quite a few Berwick posters were crowing about us going down over the last few seasons and now they are about to be relegated into the LL themselves. Fear what you think can only happen to other teams. In the meantime remain smug.
  15. It's great to see Cowden finish in a good 6th position after the psychodrama of the past few seasons. Hopefully something that can be built upon for next season when I should be able to get to games again. I haven't visited p and b much for a while but the Clyde posters are quality. As always some good posts but the arrogant ones really make me laugh. Assuming they will waltz through the play offs despite just losing fairly deservedly ,by all accounts, to a team in the bottom half of the final table. Good luck in the play offs anyway guys.
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