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  1. We were speculating at the time that Kilday got the armband simply because he was the closest player to Brownie when the board went up
  2. Radio Scotland: "it will be good to see what Dobbie can do against a premier defence in the next round"
  3. well that turned out to be more enjoyable that expected. Sat back and soaked a lot up, but looked very lively on the break and were rewarded with 2:0 at half time. Good chance for Todd to make it 3 early in the 2nd half, after than we were always going to make it difficult for ourselves. It looked like Rooney tripped over his feet trying on the boal line to clear before the 1st United goal, giving Durnan an efffective tap in, and the 2nd owed a lot to Leighfield putting the wall in the wrong place, but it was a good hit to be fair. Fortunately it then became pretty end to end rather than the expected collapse, with the winnner from Thomson being a 25 yard screamer than is stong contender for goal of the season, Everyone put a shift in. Todd is clearly a player and looked danderous all night, but my MoM was Dykes who was a revelation compared to some other performance this season. Ran all night, was instrumental in the 1st two goals and was unlucky with one that hit the bar (is he just intimitated playing with the messiah?) Good to see Danny back and hopefully the injury to Thomson isn't too serious. Moshni was sitting to our right - looked a bit bemused by the end. He might even get a game at this rate.
  4. If that pitch was unplayable, then at the first drop of rain any match on a grass pitch should be immediately postponed. Oh wait, the ground gets hard when it's dry., that's no good either.
  5. Given he didn't come off the bench on Saturday when we were rank rotten, I'm surprised to see him in the squad
  6. Dodged a bullet there, hopefully Naesmith can earn his corn at half time and sort us out
  7. Sad to hear of the death last night of Professor Ian Bryden, native of Lockerbie and enthusiastic life long Queen's fan. Ian was a reader of, if not frequent contributor to, these boards. His first topic of conversation was always QOS and his desire to play for Queens as young man was even the subject of a recent graduation address (much to the bemusement of most of the students). RIP Ian. https://www.uhi.ac.uk/en/about-uhi/senior-management/professor-ian-bryden
  8. I don't like the atmosphere, and wouldn't take my young son there, but I'd rather be there to support Queens than not
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