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  1. The only saving grace is that the chances of us putting in two decent performances in a row seems vanishingly small, so at least we haven't used our "good" performance up yet before Austria. Whether we have one good game in us is a different matter I know.
  2. Odds on the team had PCR tests tonight or early tomorrow, rushed through for early afternoon results before the team is announced. Just when you want everyone right on the money, they will all have "what if I'm positive as well" running through their heads. Clark will earn his corn tonight keeping everyone focussed.
  3. Sneaking a look at my phone during a teams meeting resulted in me blurting out "oh for f***s sake" while unmuted. Not sure the boss was impressed...
  4. Much less hassle than expected to get in & out. It felt to me that the on the ground stewarding had been organised by someone who was capable of interpreting the rules in a pragmatic manner
  5. 12:30-1 for the Czechs, but row c, I'll bring my periscope. Croatia in now as well. 18:30-19:00 row z, that's better
  6. Don't bother waiting, it just lists your ticket and order numbers, but those were up last week, there isn't any useful new info that isn't in the Email
  7. Got that as well......can relax now
  8. Allocated both Czech and Croatia, but no Email confirmation...
  9. Aye... by a group of lads who were so drunk they probably just about remembered we were playing a team beginning in A.
  10. S1 for me. School had banned radios, but a junior teacher put it on in our class. All Ok until Scotland scored, huge cheer and Head of Dept comes flying into the class spitting nails. Good while it lasted mind.
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