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  1. Upset some supporters, but being pragmatic, this suits Hearts fine thanks. 🙂
  2. It's preferable to four wins a season tbh Covid 19 early Relegation or Cup Final humiliation to your city rivals?
  3. They're in the Championship. You must be very familiar with it? Almost as familar as you lot are with 4 goal difference defeats.
  4. You're like a particularly sticky lump of dog shite stuck to the sole of a boot. No offense like.
  5. This latest Celtic result gives me great pleasure. Please be in no doubt about it.
  6. Europa League awaits, GET DOON!
  7. As if he would have been able to get away with that. We all know how professional and on the ball the SPFL are.
  8. If that turns out to be true then... oh dear indeed.
  9. I've never seen that photo before, really nice photo.
  10. 1896 Scottish Cup Final: Hearts v Hibs at Logie Green
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