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  1. Barney Battles? I know he scored a ridiculous number of goals but not sure if we played Hibs enough times back then.
  2. Has any player scored more goals against Hibs than John Robertson?
  3. Because we're not allowed to play St. Mirren every week. Simple answer - read this thread.
  4. Did you not say we would be slaughtered by Aberdeen today? You are full of so much shit that every negative Hearts prediction you make gives me a wee confidence boost.
  5. It wasn’t much more than a web page. Probably used Google Translator. At the time many were going on about how much of a clever marketing ploy this was. Not one voice of dissension was heard Now that we’re really bad and everything seems to have turned to shite, there is a queue a mile long of folk being clever after the event.
  6. Why would I want it to stop? It's entertaining watching an entire support lowering themselves to the level of our arsehole section.
  7. It was mildly amusing listening to the same song book as Celtic just a week ago, especially when one of the songs was comparing Hearts fans to one of the arse cheeks. It made me smile anyway, about the only thing.
  8. I had a wee chuckle at 'Oh the wee **** are shite' and that Shaking Stevens song today. Hibs fans playing the role of the wee Celtic fans perfectly.
  9. That was so predictable today. The only surprise was Hibs not getting a third on the break in the second half to really seal a miserable afternoon. Mulraney was fucking dire.
  10. Not enough brain dead, bigoted, glory seekers at Edinburgh derbies. The fans also tend to sing too many football songs. I mean what the f**k?
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