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  1. Aberdeen only allocating Hearts 900 away tickets and no more to ensure their gate does not exceed 10,000, in order to avoid the expense of extra Covid passport measures.
  2. This Hearts team will not concede six goals to Dundee.
  3. The abuse that Griffiths the wee racist, thieving, sex pest is going to get...
  4. Normally I'm the same, but strangely enough on Saturday I got decent Internet. I was on Twitter watching replays of the goals minutes after they were scored. So some other bloke in the Wheatfield also managed to get on and upload a video as well. I'm with EE.
  5. Was Robert Borthwick on it last night? I may have missed him as I never caught all the show.
  6. I was saying the same today as well. Both were excellent today with Devlin shading it over Beni.
  7. You're a top tier club if you're currently in the top tier. Just as your team are a third tier club as you lot are currently shite.
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