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  1. Thanks for cheering me up a bit Hibs. Reassuring to know that your just as pish as ever.
  2. Just checking in here to see which Hibbys were laughing the loudest.
  3. Seen this image today on another football forum, and this annual mutual masturbation thread was the first thing I thought of.
  4. 1890 before nets were first used anywhere. 1887 FA Cup final with no nets.
  5. Am I the only person that thought Frear had a sort of decent first half? 😬
  6. St. Mirren supporter pretending he wants Celtic to lose, cute.😄
  7. We could be here for a while with a wee run of home games coming up. Well that's me jinxed that now.
  8. Not completely mental. Some of us have paid £450 for 18 games or £25 for each Championship PPV game. Now that's mental.
  9. We'll be without Gordon, Boyce and Smith because of international duty.
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