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  1. I'm giving it a miss, but hopefully we get through it without any injuries. My daughter is getting our season tickets. I'm off to Cowdenbeath to cheer on my local side Bonnyrigg Rose. Looking forward to watching from the sidelines as Donald Finlay is forced to take his medicine.
  2. Leith Green is agreeing with you, now you know you've fucked up. You should try to see it as a positive thing for the Hearts charity. I'm no Royalist, but William creates news wherever he goes and the extra attention this gives Big Hearts can only be a good thing. I've heard accounts from individuals that use the charity for their mental health issues and have described their work as life changing. What is the harm in giving this wonderful award winning charity maximum publicity?
  3. I see prince William has been hanging around Tynecastle today. He couldn't get a cup final ticket but he managed to pick up a top for one of the bairns.
  4. Roy McGregor and the racist will just have to take their medicine.
  5. I don't think it's going to happen. No urgency in the Hearts team.
  6. Hearts are playing ok, plenty possession anyway. Motherwell should really have to have go as I really don't rate our keeper.
  7. A good strong bench for Hearts. Not so strong starting eleven. I'm thinking a win for Motherwell tonight.
  8. I've decided that I'm giving the Hearts v Rangers game a miss and I've got tickets for the Cowdenbeath v Bonnyrigg Rose game instead. Watch a wee bit history being made, hopefully.
  9. We sold out our initial allocation from the SFA. We had to ask for more tickets. Unlike Hibs season ticket holders, we were only entitled to 1 ticket each in the initial phase. That meant family groups for season ticket holders was impossible without having to attempt to re-sell purchased tickets, and/or taking taking tickets in far less desirable areas. Hibs failed miserably to sell out their initial allocation from the SFA.
  10. If you put the ball in the net more times than your opponent then you deserve to win.
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