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  1. Aye Hearts had a massive travelling support back then.
  2. Depends on the quality of your training facilities to be fair .
  3. Exciting times for Hibs fans. What. Happens to HSL?
  4. I know these games are not about winning. It's about testing new ideas/players/fitness blah blah blah, but I much prefer it when we do win.
  5. It's the type of top that will sell very poorly but in years to come will become very collectible due to the scarcity of it. Yea it's shite...💩
  6. He was a class player at times putting in plenty MOTM performances. Hopefully we see more of that.
  7. But f**k them, we've signed their captain now. So none of you other wee c***s better start that shit again next season.
  8. Celtic scum in Hearts end and seeing bairns greeting because of the morons.
  9. Give me a Scottish Cup final over one league place any day. Unless of course that one league place guaranteed me European football. All in all I would say Hearts shite season was still better than Hibs shite season.
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