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  1. For anybody that needs cheering up just now, I just watched this from about the 45 minute mark.
  2. Austria Vienna Bonnyrigg Rose Cowdenbeath Dukla Prague Edinburgh City Feyenoord Granada Heart of Midlothian 😍 Infonet Tallinn J... Kilmarnock Liverpool Motherwell Newcastle United Osasuna Paksi Queens Park Real Madrid Standard Liege Tottenham Hotspur U... Velez Mostar Watford X... Y... Zeleznicar Sarajevo
  3. I believe business took a downturn when 'The Scheme' never got a second series.
  4. I understood that it was leaked to the papers by some unknown individual and Budge had to make a statement to defend the club.
  5. This is never going to happen because Celtic stopped being charitable an age ago. Celtic PLC are now just another ruthless, money making business. The fans still have the old romanticised image of their club though, bless, but if it helps sell tickets...
  6. Yes, I forgot clubs like St. Johnstone rely on playing the Old Firm as often as possible.
  7. If I'm being honest with you, which I'm sure you would want me to be, no. I don't worry about what Aberdeen fans sing. I'm just left mildly surprised when an Aberdeen poster thinks it's okay to call Hearts fans Mini H*** due to a minority of arseholes within our support, but is unable to look a wee bit closer to home at the bigoted singing from a minority of fans within the Aberdeen support. Luckily for the Aberdeen fans, they can rely on support from some of the more short-sighted Celtic and Hibs supporters on this forum.
  8. Another easy response for some of the bigoted chanting aimed at Steven Gerrard by your lot lately.
  9. You know what the easy response is.
  10. I must confess the diet H** nonsense irritates me. I suppose if your intention is to irritate the opposition supporters it's the easiest thing in the world to compare them to the knuckle dragging old Firm supporters. I would prefer if folk used a wee bit more imagination and intelligence with their insults, but if you're a bit thick...
  11. Definite handball, but makes no difference Hearts deserved nothing from that game.
  12. Quite scandalous that a club with Hearts financial advantage over so many will very likely find themselves relegated. The most expensive relegated squad in the Scottish top league by some distance ever.
  13. The very fact you post about us gives the game away you daft bugger.
  14. Hearts are suddenly looking good and Motherwell are looking good. I've no idea if we can win three games on the trot, it's been a while. I think it will be a good close game.
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