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  1. That win at Ayr was great, and it was verfy amusing when several Ayr fans started greeting on here that we'd celebrated so enthusiastically. Imagine, a wild celebration after a huge away win with 10 men. My favourite was the Scottish Cup quarter final replay at Pittodrie in 2009. We'd played quite well in the home game, but once Aberdeen went in front they should have gone on to win but became much more defensive and let us back into it. We got an equaliser and the replay was the following Wednesday on Sky. It was probably an atrocious game for anyone without a care for either club, but being at the game with a really good atmostphere in the away end made it a great night. It finished 0-0 and went to penalties, I think with barely a chance of note in 120 mins. Paul Gallacher saved two while we scored all of ours - Graham Bayne put away the 4th one to win it. I have two memories of extremely trivial details - the trip home was almost silent with everyone knackered, and the last few miles I drove home on my own ended with 'I Only Want to be with You' by Dusty Springfield on the radio, which now always reminds me of that game whenever I hear it. It was only the second time in our whole history that we'd been level after a replay - only one game in the 60s went to a second replay and this was our first Scottish Cup tie to go to penalties.
  2. That's how I remember it too - definitely just a slip on a very wet pitch. Fairly sure it was a second yellow though - he was booked not long before that for something off the ball that was seen by nobody around me. Chick Young described it as a wild lunge in his report on Radio Scotland, but it was no great surprise to hear him talking nonsense. Here's the BBC report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/6201963.stm
  3. I think the most furious I've ever been while watching the Pars was a home game against Inverness in 2006/07. Willie Collum was the referee, had a nightmare, and most things seemed to go against us. I think it was when Stevie Crawford was sent off for a ridiculous second yellow that I completely lost it, like many around me. The most amusing one was at a second division game at Ibrox in 2013. We'd just made it out of our financial troubles alive, while Rangers hadn't. We'd been relegated in part because if the 15-point deduction, while the new Rangers had won the third division the year before. The "Rangers died and the Pars survived" song was heard plenty, and one clown couldn't take it. He stormed right up to the segregation barrier, ranting incoherently at us all for a good minute with his face bright red. It was genuinely hilarious and my pal and I pointed at him and laughed hysterically (from about 6 feet away) which pushed him to another level of fury. It ended with him chucking his orange scarf at us which was very amusing.
  4. We definitely should have had a penalty for handball. The rule changes this season on handball are absolute horseshit and I don't think that sort of thing should be a foul, but under this season's wording of law 12, it definitely is. On the penalty he did give, I was pretty certain at the time it wasn't a foul but wanted another look - from that angle on the highlights I don't think it's that clear one way or the other.
  5. I had nothing on today and fancied seeing a game so headed along to this. Brechin were probably a wee bit unlucky not to get a point from it in the end after a good second half comeback. Cowden were comfortably the better side for the whole of the first half and I don't think it's outrageous to say that Brechin were absolutely dire before half time. Brechin fans have always seemed quite reasonable when I've been among them at Glebe Park, but many of them seemed absolutely raging with that first half today, and understandably so. They just seemed to go wrong with everything they tried to do, with the keeper making an arse of it for the second goal being totally in keeping with the rest of it. There didn't look to be that much difference early in the second half either but that was some comeback. Beautiful shot to make it 2-1 and probably too easy a header for the second straight after. Brechin had some good chances after that, more than Cowden made when they were on top in the first half. Poor goal for them to lose for the winner though, looked like someone completely lost their man at a free kick that didn't look all that dangerous. That's the first game I've been to as a neutral for a few years and I enjoyed it after it got interesting in the second half.
  6. Thanks folks - I see the article on DAFC website now as well saying it's the stand only. That's a shame and means I won't be going - I definitely would have been there had we been in the cowshed or behind the goal.
  7. Where in the ground are away fans likely to be this time? I like Cappielow and it's been good the last few seasons getting the terracing at the end of the cowshed but we were back in the stand for the first game this season. Was that a one-off or is this normal this season?
  8. The final whistle of a Fife derby at Stark's Park, March 2013. There was a real feeling in the week leading up to that game that that was it - after that game was played, the club would never play another game. As you'd expect given the circumstances, the whole game was quite emotional and it was a very strange combination of feelings when Andy Geggan scrambled a second half equaliser from about a yard out in front of the Pars fans. The game finished 1-1, and the final whistle was awful. Even worse when the players came up to the away end shortly afterwards and the song was 'Dunfermline til I die'. I was in tears as it came to me that actually the club was probably going to die before me. It was a horrible day but I'm so glad I was there. The experience had quite an effect on me, and it still upsets me every time I recount what happened that day.
  9. I thought the ref did OK on the whole, in a game that was far from easy to referee. Certainly, he got some things wrong and I had a few shouts at him, but when the game is as frantic as that second half was, with so much going on, it makes things much harder for the referee. It's possible for decisions to be wrong without them being terrible decisions. He let both teams away with some things but didn't let it get out of hand, and I thought the way he refereed the game contributed to making it the fast-paced exciting game that we surely all like to see. I'm generally more forgiving of mistakes when things go that way, though I realise that's easier to say after a win than after a loss.
  10. I'm surprised to see a few folk saying it wasn't pretty. The first half was a bit dreary but the second half is one of the best 45-minute spell I've watched in a number of years. If every game was as exciting as that, there really wouldn't be much to complain about. Ayr played the better football while we had the better chances. It looked like Ayr would win comfortably when they went ahead, but that was some turnaround in the game after Ashcroft's strike. A win and a good, exciting game where both teams played well - must be at least a year since we've had both of those together.
  11. Ah well, this non-competitive running phase I was on about lasted all of 15 minutes. Inevitable really, but when someone passed me a couple of minutes from the finish, there was no way I was having it as I knew I had enough for a push to retake the place. Although I wasn't too fussed about time beforehand, I had a vague idea that I'd like to be inside 23 minutes and might do around 22. I'm genuninely amazed then (and very happy indeed) to have finished a few seconds inside 21 as I never thought a time like that would be possible after such a long time out. It's my slowest time at Kirkcaldy Parkrun, but of all of them it's the one I'm most pleased with, PB included. Good luck everyone running in Glasgow tomorrow. Somehow I've ended up as one of the manual timekeepers for this which should be an intereting experience, if only to see the speed the elites approach the finish at. Looks like decent weather conditions for you, so hopefully some good times to be had.
  12. After 3 and a half years of injuries, surgery, failed recoveries and general disappointment, I finally seem to be at the point where I'm strong enough to get back to it, albeit in a far more limited way than I was doing back in 2015. I'm going to have a go at parkrun this week for the first time since January 2016 and even though my time will be miles slower than what I was running back then, I'm genuinely happy to have the chance to get out at all. At the start of this year I was starting to resign myself to never being able to run again, with a mixture of dark thoughts and trying to persuade myself that 'ach, cycling isn't too bad'. I love the competitive element of running and it would be naive to think I'm not going to care about running decent times if I can keep at it and stay pain-free for a while, but for now I'm not that fussed. It's just so nice to rediscover that great feeling of running outside again, particularly running in the rain which I've always loved. People who don't run themselves just don't seem to understand how big a thing it is, but it's important to me and I'm really looking forward to competing (to some degree) after such a long time away from it.
  13. Was the first round draw done such that all ties are between one league team and one non-league, or was it an open draw as before and it's just coincidence that this is how it turned out?
  14. Craigen deserves respect for giving it a decent go in an unfamiliar position, and being a passable full-back. He wasn't outstanding and was responsbile for a couple of terrible goals (Falkirk and Dundee Utd away) but on the whole he did as good a job at right back as anyone could reasonably expect. He also had a couple of games at left-back and didn't look out of place there either. The only real disappointment from his time with us is that he didn't get as much of a chance to play in midfield as I'm sure he would have liked. That wasn't his fault though - by being the only player in the squad who had shown himself to be reasonably competent defensively at right-back, it was usualy the case that he just had to play there. He was generally a reliable, unspectacular player who did his best for us. He should be replaceable, but I wish him no ill either.
  15. It appears that your memory does not match your pedantry! We didn't confirm 4th at Inverness - we still needed at least a point against Dumbarton on the last day. Check the final table - we only finished 2 points ahead of Inverness. https://spfl.co.uk/league/championship/archive/265
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