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  1. Was the first round draw done such that all ties are between one league team and one non-league, or was it an open draw as before and it's just coincidence that this is how it turned out?
  2. Craigen deserves respect for giving it a decent go in an unfamiliar position, and being a passable full-back. He wasn't outstanding and was responsbile for a couple of terrible goals (Falkirk and Dundee Utd away) but on the whole he did as good a job at right back as anyone could reasonably expect. He also had a couple of games at left-back and didn't look out of place there either. The only real disappointment from his time with us is that he didn't get as much of a chance to play in midfield as I'm sure he would have liked. That wasn't his fault though - by being the only player in the squad who had shown himself to be reasonably competent defensively at right-back, it was usualy the case that he just had to play there. He was generally a reliable, unspectacular player who did his best for us. He should be replaceable, but I wish him no ill either.
  3. It appears that your memory does not match your pedantry! We didn't confirm 4th at Inverness - we still needed at least a point against Dumbarton on the last day. Check the final table - we only finished 2 points ahead of Inverness. https://spfl.co.uk/league/championship/archive/265
  4. This happened last year as well, and it really nipped me at the time. It was either the Tuesday or Wednesday before the last set of league fixtures that the dates were finally announced. It didn't seem to be influenced by the teams involved either, as 4th place wasn't decided until the last day - it could have gone to either ourselves or Inverness. I think it's very poor, and seems to be spreading to the other play-offs as well. It used to be that the play-offs between this league and the one below had fixed dates of Wed-Sat-Wed-Sun, but these dates don't yet seem to be fixed either. I'd find it annoying for a run of the mill league game, but for important games like these that I'd definitely want to rearrange things around to make sure I could go to them all, it just dones't seem at all reasonable.
  5. It's not true that a draw against Airdrie would have been enough. We were only one point ahead of Cowden going into the last game, so we had to win against Airdrie. The point is stil valid though - it's not over yet and there's no guarantee of getting points in any game.
  6. In no possible sense did Queen of the South 'shade' that game. The Pars were comfortably the better side in the first half with a numer of good scoring chances without ever being threatened at the back. I wasn't happy with our approach at the start of the second half because, although it was quite even, it was way too open for a team two goals up. Although we might well have scored ourselves in taht period, our openness meant we were always at real risk of losing a goal, and so it proved. However, after it went to 2-1, I felt we defended very comfortably with Martin, Ashcroft and Morris all having good games at the back. Despite the silly spell early in the second half, we were the better team overall and deserved to beat a QOS side that were largely disappointing.
  7. If we're talking historical counties, then it would be Linlithgowshire that we're talking about. I think South Queensferry is within that old county boundary, so you could argue that the two do actually border each other, with the connection via a bridge. I was really just curious, because as noted above, there is a historical precedent for clubs based outside Fife to become members. If that was the only reason, it's strange that Livingston would have applied for a second time.
  8. Presumaby Livingston were refused entry both times - what was the reason for this?
  9. The first half was pretty even though not great, but I think the Pars were the better side in the second half and were a bit unlucky not to win. We certainly had the better of the chances, though a winner at the other end wouldn't have been a travesty either as the gap between the sides on the day wasn't massive. It's a bit frustrating that we still can't beat Dundee Utd but it's not too bad a point, coming after 3 wins so continuing a reasonable run.
  10. Well done to the ground staff for getting the pitch into reasonable condition for the start of the game. The drainage obviously isn't great, and a lot of effort had obviously gone into it; you could see in the second half what a hammering that pitch must be taking every time there's a game after a few wet days, and that patch beyond the centre circle towards the far side must cause them a lot of difficulty. We were well on top in the first half without having many decent chances, so it was just as well we scored a beautiful goal. Cardle's finish was very good, but the ball through from Shiels was outstanding. We were generally quite poor in the second half with Dumbarton on top, but we defended pretty well enough and weren't seriously threatened. If we were going to lose a goal then a shot from the edge of the box was the most likely. Not a great game, but we did enough and I think deserved to win, tight though it was. Our away record against Dumbarton is ridiculously good. I know there haven't been that many games between the sides in the last 20 years or so, but since 1995 I can only remember one draw (2-2 last season) with the rest being wins. The unbeaten run must go away back to the 80s, and it's an odd one as many sides better than us have struggled at that ground in recent years.
  11. It certainly isn't a decade since we had a posponement due to a frozen pitch. The last one was only two seasons ago against Albion Rovers - it was 1-1 when it was eventually played, in a very frustrating game. There have been few, and ones which I remember are a cup replay against Montrose in 2011, one against QOS around 2010 (their fans were raging with some justification as it was called off a bit later than it should have been), and the Boxing Day game against Livingston in 2008. I think there have been a few others as well. No big deal really, but I don't know where this notion that we pretty much never have a game off for a frozen pitch comes from. Maybe people are stuck in 2008 - prior to that Livingston game, it really had been about 10 years since the one before that.
  12. This might seem a strange question to which I guess everyone's answer will be 'no', but has anyone ever used an elliptical bike? They look a bit ridiculous, but after some research, it looks like it might be a pretty effective type of cross-training that replicates a lot of the running motion without the impact, and look miles better than those awful cross trainers in the gym. I'm asking because after getting my hip op, the surgeon told me that as well as what he fixed, there is much more wear than expected for someone of my age, and that I'm in the early stages of arthritis. He says I can still run, but have to greatly limit it to only 10k or so a week to stop it wearing out too soon. It's a total sickener and there's no getting away from that, but I'm trying to find a way back with only a small volume of running with loads of cross training. I won't run a marathon again and maybe not even a half, but if I can stay competitive over shorter distances, it'll still be worth doing. I'm thinking I can probably do 1-2 hard but short runs a week, maybe alternating between hills and tempo runs, and replace long runs and other easy miles with something else. I think it's worth a go, and I'll give it a year to see if I can get anywhere near where I was. If I can get somewhere close to 40 for 10k I'll keep at it, if not, I won't. Looks like I'm in good company though, as a quick scan of the last few pages makes it look like this has turned into the injuries thread since the days when I posted more often!
  13. Indeed. I find it a bit disappointing that fans of the current top tier sides have in general been quite indifferent while those of us who support clubs below that level have generally been so strongly against it. Last season, Dunfermline's U20 side finished ahead of Hearts, Dundee and St Johnstone in the development league, yet our first team might be asked to play one of these U20 sides in a cup competition? Even had that not been the case, I just find it quite insulting that my club's first team could be asked to play one of them.
  14. Most of my recent ones have an Inverness connection. Foran, Hayes, Dods and Tokely were all annoying bawbags who used to irritate me for various reasons. Further back, Raith Rovers and Airdrie dominate the list, with Gordon Dalziel, Peter Hetherston, Davie Sinclair, Sammy Conn and Alan Lawrence being the standouts, but Ken Eadie and Sean Sweeny at Clydebank also worthy of a mention.. Then there's my completely irrational and completely unjustified dislike for Dougie Arnott - a fine player for Motherwell he was, but I really despised the shortarsed midget hoor.
  15. I finally found out the cause of my many months of hobbling - there's a tear of the cartilage inside the hip joint, caused by the hip being slightly the wrong shape. I need surgery and it sounds lovely - they basically pull the joint apart far enough to get a camera and surgical tool between ball and socket, then smooth out the cartilage and sew up the tear. Brutal as it sounds, I'm counting down the days to the op! I was also told that there are some early signs of arthritis though, so I'm really hoping I don't get told to stop running completely - that would be pretty hard to accept. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and if not, I hope to be back to it to some extent by the end of the year. I've been looking at some stuff to help with recovery and getting the muscles working again after the op, and pilates looks like it might be worth a shot. It seems that it's mainly women who do it but I'm not especially put off by that. Has anyone had a shot, and if so, how did you find it?
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