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  1. Hilson better not kick anyone else, or McGlynn might change his mind about signing him!
  2. Quite right! High time he got his wallet out and donated the £1/4M needed to replace the lamps and associated electrical equipment with LED lamps that we can afford to use.
  3. He’s probably saving all his ha tricks for the playoffs............hopefully.
  4. If there are half a dozen and more get released it’ll be neither unexpected nor unwarranted, in fact in some cases I’d welcome it.
  5. It's quite likely that John McGlynn thought that with already having Davo, Murray and Bene that once he brought in Crane that we'd be solid enough at the back. He was very wrong! His biggest mistake was not rectifying that in January, yes the injury situation has been horrendous but that doesn't excuse bringing in the powder puff Barjonas or awarding a longer contract to the fairly ineffectual Flanagan neither of which have the ability to win the ball or hold their own in midfield. On the subject of midfield I'd say Gillespie has been disappointing too. A poor midfield and a too easily overwhelmed defence has been the catalyst to why we are where we are. To a degree I tend to agree with others that if Vaughan and Hendry had stayed fit and been causing opposition midfields problems we'd have leaked fewer goals.
  6. Is Campbell pregnant. now we know why he’s called big Dick
  7. Looks like uncle fester is back to shopping for cloths in charity shops.
  8. Meh! Outfought and out-thought all over the park, a draw was nearly a fair result though most likely not if you are a Warrior. We got clean out of jail last week and this week only escaped by the skin of our teeth, last weeks tac-tics worked in that we are able to put fresh legs on the wings this week for some unknown reason we reverted to type and had nothing new to bring to the table in the last 10. Can only assume that we have to pay all/more of Barjonas's wages if we don't play him and so finances dictate he played every minute even though there are better players on the bench. Sickener for Thomson as that'll probably be him out for as long as McGurn was if it is indeed his achilles1 We cant seem to catch a break injury wise but that isn't the only reason we are where we are, these boys haven't the heart and it's been sore to watch. Can't wait for the season to end.
  9. I'd agree, a better performance upfront without a doubt but woefully complicit for their goal. I thought at the time it was Crane who'd allowed their player to rampage down our left and cross for the goal but the highlights show it was BJ. He had ample opportunities and a good few failed attempts to stop his man by fair means or foul and couldn't manage it. Barjonas is decent on the ball (sometimes) but fairly weak when not in possession, he's certainly no Regan Hendry. What a very different season this might have been but for two knee ligament injuries! Edited to add regarding the reserves last night, We thought we were in for a torrid time last night against Stirling Albion, especially when they went 1-0 up in less than a minute and nearly added a 2nd a couple of mins later. Once the kids got into their stride though they looked unstoppable and only poor finishing kept it to 9! In fact 7-3 at half time wouldn't have surprised anyone watching. Jack Smith looked dangerous every time he got the ball, he's quick has a decent touch and the only reason he had a quieter 2nd half was they put 2 men on him every time he was in possession. Likewise Kieran Bowie who at 17 has massive potential a well taken hat trick and his 2nd was a real joy holding off a bigger centre half before blasting past the keeper. Stevenson took both his goals well as did Tait who slotted into the bottom corner from outside the box. The two trialists looked decent and it was no 14 who got on the scoresheet too, he replaced Smith who looked to be in a wee bit discomfort from a back problem. Looks like Smith and McGlynn are rebuilding a decent team virtually from scratch after it being decimated by Smith and Cuthbert.
  10. I see Boaby Linn limped off at Station Park yesterday after an hour, some Smokies on their thread are sounding worried. Be a real shame if one of the leagues outstanding players wasn't able to feature in their run-in. I genuinely hope it's nothing too serious (ie just a minor niggle that keeps him out for the next 5 weeks or so).
  11. That was pretty much 90 mins of the type of football that surely we are all glad wasn’t televised, that kind of shite would get the game banned. Rovers the better team for the opening 10 then we were just awful for the rest of the half and could have been worse off than just 1 down. Second half we were better but still didn’t look like scoring until the last 15-10 mins when we piled on the pressure. East Fife were rarely in our half in the 2nd 45 and for that alone we deserved at least the draw. I don’t buy into this derby doesn’t matter to me pish, all derbies matter and some more than most. This one took on more significance due to the earlier results in the season, that said the Pars are still my real derby (it’s an age thing) A few points for the fifers still hurting this morning; Murrays celebrations were nothing like Longs, did he knee slide in giving massive verbals to you all. Nope! Also as one of you stated earlier in the thread he had been the target for a lot of stick from the home end and would have been justified in dishing out plenty back. The most delicious thing was the screwed up pus of Young when the winner went in, I just loved it!
  12. We had 4 loanees today Mr Kebabby, Gullin who did well, Barjonas who was fairly anonymous, McGuffie who came on as a 2nd half sub and Crane who gifted you every opportunity in the first 45 including letting your man run 50 yards unchallenged for the cross that Smith scored from. At least East Fife fouled us to stop breakaways, we didn't even manage that.
  13. Did Murray sprint over to the East Fife fans knee slide towards them yelling "yass, get it up yous" . No he did not, now away with you and your salty tears.
  14. Fecking oooft! Terrible game but delicious result, almost as enjoyable as the whisky In the EFFC board room, shame they ran out of Talisker might have taken some of that sour aftertaste away that some of the Fife players seemed to be experiencing after the 90
  15. You won't be missed as your banter is shite. Well that self imposed ban didn't last long. You'll be back, your type cant stay away you're just like VT.
  16. It’s the hope that kills you right enough, I said ages ago the worsting thing that could happen Would be for Arbroath to partially collapse lading to another Alloa on the last day scenario. Build momentum and go on the type of run that so far has eluded us and anything can happen, I don’t see a total Smokie collapse though.
  17. I think what he meant you start out from Kirkcaldy and find that every Cnut at the other end is brain dead.
  18. I'll bet he drops McKay for Davo. After he played so well at Stranraer too.
  19. Yup I stand corrected on that one, Easton came in July 2016 and Mackie was already away to Hibs by then too. My bad! I had it in my head that McKinnon brought Easton to the club but when I thought about it it was Laurie that was Youth dev coach. I remember going to games and saying that Osie has bags of pace but not a lot else, I preferred Court as he looked the more finished article.
  20. A trifle unfair, Court & Bell have both featured regularly for East Fife this term and Lewis McCann has even had 2 outings for the Pars 1st team. More significantly Sean Mackie has played a few times for Hibs and is in the Scottish U21 squad. Also wotsis name thon ginger centre half we gave away for nothing to Sevco hasn't done too badly for himself either and both were in Eastons young side when McKinnon was manager. Of our own players Easton also brought through Watson, McKay, Stevenson, Berry, Valentine and Jack all from a very early age and all of whom saw their careers hit the buffers under Smith who wanted nothing to do with any of it or them. I wouldn't put them on a pedestal as any sort of footballing gods but there's potential there as McKay showed (again) at Stranraer.
  21. The more times I see it, the more I think he could get a game with the Harlem Globetrotters. It's not so much that it hits an arm more that it slips out of both hands, he's lucky he was facing backwards or the ref might have blown for a knock on too!
  22. I thought the rule was that if the ball strikes part of the body that it is illegal to play the ball with and prevents an advantage then it's a foul, no? Perhaps the ref later thought it was soft too, and that's why he didn't award a second pen in the last minute when the Stranraer defender stuck out an elbow and played the ball with it. Irrelevant at the end of the day as it was two shite teams cancelling each other out on a day when the elements were the only thing that held the upper hand.
  23. For the record I didn't think it was such a strong shout for the pen, Buchanan is too old and too slow, he even reacts too late to the pull. I also agree far too many players go down too easily and Ex-Rover Jason Thomson was an absolute embarrassment to us in that respect. The only real mistake made in the incident was the assistant ref giving offside but even that is forgivable as it was a tight yin. Of course had Mr Newlands awarded the pen then it'd have been another goal for Nisbet, he's some machine!
  24. Barr appears to haul him back, he certainly has at least a hand on his shoulder, some/most attackers would go down with less contact than that. If it had been at the other end I'll bet you would all have shouted for it.
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