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  1. Poor Stevo, you must know it'd be done through no great love of you lot, the simple logistics of it are to me that a 14 team league paying twice (which I not only like but reckon that's all there will be time for) would in a shortened campaign mean 13 home games and so could will work out better than a 10 team where there might only be 9 home games. Financially East Fife will of course bring a better support. Not to mention that in avoiding relegation it'd help having another 4 also rans in the league all of whom finished below Falkirk (and us champions ) 😉
  2. T'was a typo, I meant to put FPL as in F*****g premier League
  3. I'm still hopeful of a 14 team set up which will hopefully have you polluting this thread again in the new season (whenever that is), you could add to/help dilute the verbal pish that V'ton will undoubtedly be boring us with.
  4. Oh dear! This from a guy who’s mismanaged club As I recall had a players fire sale when it was days from going under just the other season. A club kept alive during that time solely by good will and its director’s willingness to bail it out. Don’t be upset by this it’s simply the hard facts and not uncommon in Scottish football. Rovers Mismanaged? Yes certainly but mostly so during that relegation season 2016-17 (£600k loss) when we spunked huge amounts paying and then paying off inept coaches / managers (Locke/Jackson then Hughes). Then again some in 2017-18 (£400k loss) when we threw the kitchen sink at going back up while foolishly still trying to continue to operate as a Championship level club still honouring contracts from the previous season at Championship level wages without championship level average away gates of 900 instead of the 90 we actually achieved (mostly thanks to clubs like Stranraer bringing less than 20 away fans). Huge cuts in 2018-19 saw the losses cut (£200k) but again a manager and assistant were paid off so the mismanagement as you would term it continued. So on the whole, mismanagement? Yes clearly some of it undoubtedly is but I’d reckon over all about the same as a good many others. in a nutshell our mismanagement as you call it, is by varying degrees the Rovers board‘s (mostly Mr Simm) willingness and ability to meet a shortfall where one arises whilst all the time trying to guide the club in the perceived right direction. Guess what E’mra blue? That same thing is going on in board rooms the length and breadth of Scotland...and everywhere else but with one significant difference. Under scrutiny very few of the sides promoted (or trying for) in the last few seasons would be able afford to challenge on their gate income alone, most if not all will have had serious financial injections from Some very wealthy people. Cove, Peterhead, ICT, Ross Co, Livvi, Arbroath, those are just a few of the SPFL clubs along with Brora, Kelty and Inverurie in the lower leagues and anyone of 10 Junior clubs who wouldn’t (simply couldn't possibly) be flying near as high as they are were it down solely to gate revenue. In short without financial support from a millionaire board members they’d be making a loss too. So with that in mind as you said earlier, are those simply cases of naked ambition or are they also mismanagement? Just because they are fortunate enough to be propped up by some rich folks and would otherwise be making a loss are they all mismanaged too?
  5. Given our luck in the previous 3 seasons: 2016-17 No penalty awards for 12 months, Keeper injuries, The Dobie goal that wasn't and above all GARY F*****G LOCKE then Yogi. 2017-18 Baz Smith, more injuries, the width of the post against Alloa 2018-19 Even more injuries Vaughan, Bene, Hendry, Thomson then losing Nizzy for FA. Even this season. we had a rake of injuries (LV, RH, SA,) IMO we were due a wee break.
  6. That's a tad ungrateful. As I recall they took Clyde in when the Bully Wee hadn't a pot to piss in. Seriously though I sympathise with Clyde, Peterhead, Forfar and to a lesser extent Stranraer if this 3 x 14 comes to pass. Sad truth is the whole Scottish football set up is a mess and there is no-one size fits all solution and never will be, so all in all it's clearly seek a solution that pisses off the fewest people the least I fear. As a Rovers fan that's been watching my team stuck in L1 running up further debt for the last 3 years I'm just glad null & void was removed from the equation, another season in L1 could have been enough to kill us off completely. Speaking of pissing off the fewest I am well aware that other than for Rovers and Falkirk the N&V option suited the rest of the league 1 clubs and the same could probably be said for the Championship (other than DUFC), SPFL (other than Celtic) and L2 (other than Cove).
  7. 14-14-14 Seems the thinking is that next season won't kick off until at the earliest October. So simply play each other twice, once at home and once away, that'd be 13 home games (only 5 less than current set up). Add in a League cup campaign and the Scottish Cup and it'd be ok. Set the ground rules before the season starts about what will be happening at the end of it/the following season then nobody can complain. The following season keep it 14-14-14 but employ a 6/8 split after 26 games. Make promotion / relegation a 2 up 2 down affair with 3 spot up for grabs through a play off involving 3rd bottom and 3,4 & 5 top below. Bottom league Pyramid set up to continue as current rules. That format means in the regulation season everyone has a minimum of 18 or a maximum of 20 home games, the ugly sisters can meet 4 times and the best teams at the top enjoy the bigger gates. During the opening 26 games everyone would be going baws oot to make the upper have where the better opportunities/safety lays.
  8. With a skewed outlook like that maybe Mr Patullo is one of them strange flat earth types...........or maybe he's just a closet bluenose.
  9. I'll go one better. Hopefully so will you! And not only that but hopefully you will have 8 Fife Derbies to look forward to next term too!
  10. If I was to vote it’d be for Dowds, can’t wait t see him leather in a few beauties like that for us next season.
  11. Why push them in. At the very worst put them in a play off against each other then against brechin to see who gets in if at all Logical but impractical as surely that can’t happen for all the same reasons as the decision to call a halt in the 1st place. Add to this that teams involved will likely have vastly different squads once play can recommence, how would it be a fair playing field? I can’t speak for Brechin but I know there’s one team (Stranraer I believe) in L1 that would have no signed players by 12th June.
  12. When you say "Cracker.." I take it you mean in a non complimentary way?
  13. Do you think the Annals of history will record SPFL1 winners 2020/21 with an asterisk stating that?
  14. I was working, I missed it and I'd like to see it as there's nowt else on. I fail to see why it should concern you. Edited to add, I missed the last away game at Airdrie too, I'd also like to see that.
  15. I would like to see the full match of 2 of the Falkirk games at Starks Park as I missed the last 1-1 draw and the cup game, also I'd gladly watch the 2-2 game again. The 1-1 midweek game should be followed with a clip of Jim Bowen saying "if you'd gambled, have a look at what you could have won"
  16. The economy was exactly reason the lockdown didn't start early. We live on an island FFS, it should gave been easy to control the spread.....like New Zealand did?
  17. Anyone else giving serious thought to calling it a day? Speaking as a Rovers fan, If I ever had, I suspect I would have done so long ago.....probably within a month of Claude Le Fraud's arrival. I'll freely admit there have been times during and after Gary F Locke's ill fated tenure that I have questioned my sanity in travelling to places like Stranraer and Peterhead or even attending any game on a driech freezing winters day.
  18. So says the guy who resorts to calling someone a kn*b, very mature I must say. Try not to let that trapdoor hit you on the arse on the way down.🤗
  19. Oxford uni boffin on the news yesterday and today suggesting that if they get the finger out on doing human trialing the vaccine could be available by September. Usually the whole process takes a lot longer (as in years) but they reckon they have a working anti-virus that is the real deal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52329659
  20. Nice thought Stainrod but the problem with that is it would take a generation or two to be accepted. How many Falkirk fans would accept a new team that played in Falkirk if it didn't play in blue and wasn't called Falkirk? Same for Fife and Dundee it's only human nature. Had this conversation a few times and I could only go to a game involving a Fife Utd side if I was taking a grandchild, I'm too dyed in the wool to support another team now. Also why not go the full hog and have a British league with 1 team in Edinburgh, 1 in Dundee, 1 in Dundee and one in the North (Aberdeen), surely that'd be the next logical step. Interestingly why did you suggest Livvi & Dunfermline would survive but not Falkirk or say Motherwell?
  21. I do remember Ray Charles, wasn't he at East Fife too? I too recall Hugh Sproat at Motherwell (and Ayr?), Alan Rough at Partick (and eventually Ayr), An Arbroath keeper called Kirkcaldy, Jim Stewart at Killie, Jim Gallagher at Clydebank, Ray Allan at Cowden (boo!), White at Dunfermline, McArthur at Hibs, Roy Baines at Morton, George Tulloch at St Johnstone, Peter Latchford at Celtic and Mcloy at Rangers, Clark at Aberdeen and McAlpine at Dundee Utd. Ally Donaldson at Dundee. I'm guessing they were all decent keepers and it's the shite one's I never noticed. 🤣
  22. In an aside, McDermot and Frame were the first keepers I really remember at Starks Park. The other ones from my early days: At Falkirk I'm sure it was Watson first name Geordie? I recall him getting a red card against Rovers at Brockville. East Fife Dave Gorman. Airdrie was Ernie McGarr (who later worked for United Distillers in Leven when I worked there) Dumbarton, Tam Carson I cant remember any of the other teams keepers.
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