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  1. Too late I fear! There's blatant elements of out and out ineptitude and a history of systematic lying been going on since before the start of last season. But if you can't fill hospitality on the opening home league game of the season against the title favourites then some very serious questions need asking, add in the numerous blank spaces in the track side advertising (19 I think) and it's not questions but P45's that need handing out.
  2. The facts clearly speak for themselves and you are quite correct in you assumptions but you missed a key issue. The team was obviously missing a goal threat up front but the main issue was more the fact that we let in far too many goals. Arbroath(+10), ICT(+9), Killie (+6) and Partick (+2) all out scored us some by as many as 10 but we leaked goals in comparison 17 more than Killie, 16 more than Arbroath and 10 and 4 more than ICT and Partick respectively. So the facts are that the defence and attacking areas both need work done, yes? Yet 48 hours before the 1st league game IM has signed no strikers and one suspect RB, but before he's seen his new charges play he's signed 2 midfielders, this being IMO an area we were strongest in. There are jobber managers aplenty out there and I'm in the I hope IM isn't one of em camp. When McGlynn walked I knew the options were few and far between, Other than the never going to happen (Jack Ross) Murray was my preferred option but I do feel he is a downgrade on what we had just as most of the players who've come in the door are a downgrade on what we had last season.... and a good few of them were't good enough to start with. I don't think as a club we are going in the right direction. I heard that certain board members are being shunned and that there is some real disharmony behind the scenes. David Goodwillie remains on the payroll and it is still having a negative impact and causing grief.
  3. Good question. I haven't seen him for a few days. He wasn't at the game today at all. Have you got a theory on that?
  4. I'd like to agree, Dundee only slightly shaded the stats in all the positive places... but they still did and they won. I missed last week and people say this week was an improvement on last. Well last week must have been a truly awful watch. Some of the stories I heard today about the running of the club and actions at board level IS alarming. WTF is happening to our club??
  5. Two mediocre teams, Dundee being slightly the less pish of the them. So just to be clear, no complaints about the result from me. If Ross had backheeled to Stanton, if the Dee keeper wasn't so good at his job, if the ref had awarded any of the stonewallers.... If my granny had baws etc. Who was it that said last Saturday "suggesting the Morton game is a must win is lunacy" well Its getting damned close to it! Lose it and we are in the same boat as the Pars were last season. This isn't a Rovers team on the pitch treading water, they're floundering and the same looks to be true of the board steering the club. Think it's fairly safe to say RAITH ROVERS ARE GOING BACKWARDS!
  6. In Connor O'Riordan have we signed a modern day Kevin James?
  7. I hope LV comes back and gets at least another couple of seasons. Seems there are many ways to rupture the ACL, I did my trying a quick turn on a 5 aside pitch, A week after surgery I slipped on a tiled floor and stretched the repair, if I try to kick with my right the knee over extends and the joint opens up, most painful. My son did his as a result of being on the wrong end of a similar challenge to the one that ruined Ian Durant, Paul Gascoigne did his inflicting a similar challenge on Forrest's Gary Charles in the FA Cup final. Iirc Tom Lang's was as a result of an unlucky landing. LV has probably done a variation of some of the above. Aged 22 Fabian Caballero tore his acl playing for Dundee in the Tayside Derby, interestingly he never had corrective surgery preferring to build up his hamstrings to increase joint stability. He played on for 14 years with thighs like tree trunks.
  8. "I've just bought a new suit, what do you think of it?"
  9. If we take nothing from this game, then winning or at least definitely not losing at Cappielow as well will surely be a much bigger deal than some Rovers fans are making out. We are clearly not a team high on belief and confidence just now, should we find ourselves on zero points after 3 games we could be staring at the abyss, just look how the Pars faired after their bad start. Hopefully IM will have them firing and the new boys will be more familiar and better with a week's training under their belts. The repeated stat of IM clearing the decks and losing early league games concerns me, not sure I have the bottle to wait 3 months for him to get it right as I doubt this division would be so generous.
  10. Perhaps Christophe was completely disenfranchised with the ongoing lack of signings defensively and reckoned that Murray was never going to sign a centre-back (how many of us speculated Dick or Brown would feature until Lang returned?) until his hand was forced. Either that or he just came to the conclusion that RRFC are on the whole a shambles and is on a downward spiral. To such an extent he wanted out before he could be apportioned blame. Regarding the managers office, dressing-room and boardroom I fear "there is something rotten in the state of Denmark"
  11. On what I've seen of him so far I'd be delighted to see him ply his trade elsewhere.
  12. My fear is that IM will prove pigheaded and incompetent enough to force the issue.
  13. It really was, stats show in goals for we weren't massively behind the 4 teams above us, but in goals against we had almost double in some cases. You're right though it needed a bit of a tweak, not a complete demolition.
  14. Would you like a few others too? I'll drive them all over.
  15. He's not made much of a difference, wonder if he'll get selected over Rossco & Spencer when they return, I suspect he will. John McGlynn slowly assembled a side that played possession football, IM doesn't want that and looks like he's rapidly dismantling it, so in the mean time.... We're fucked!
  16. No feeling of surprise in this quarter. We have been going backwards as a club since the turn of the year (perhaps even since last Autumn). The current board might comprise successful people in the business world but in the football world they are rank amateurs.........and it shows.
  17. That's shit Murray! Two months in the job and you have us going backwards on the park. Meanwhile Mssrs Sim, McDonald and Co have us going backwards as a club!
  18. The one that's scored twice against us in 2 meetings
  19. Televised football has played a major role in killing attendences. If you green light televising/streaming lesser league stuff where does it stop? Also players thrive on atmosphere, most hated playing to empty stands. I've long said we should move to a summer season but if you can't persuade fans to attend in good weather perhaps we should just call it a day.
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