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  1. No sweat neebs, You were busted on that one long ago, you talk more shite than a Methil social worker.
  2. Looks like it won't be Ross Laidlaw heading our way, he's off to Ross County.
  3. What happened to all of those other signings you told us we were getting last week? More bull?
  4. And you know this to be absolutely 100% factually correct?
  5. My post was aimed at jokingly signing Ronaldo and suggesting he would just turn into another Rudi Skacel. I’m not against Ando, I’d rather we sign him than we’d kept Flanagan.
  6. Plus ronaldo is 34.at the end of his career for sure.... Would only offer him a part time contract. Could be a good impact player to come off the bench I suppose. Didn’t work with that Czech didy that Gary F Locke signed.
  7. Ross was at Sunderland when we Interviewed Barry Smith, however when interviewed Gary Locke I think Ross was in the frame at that time, but I'm sure I heard we were warned off him by those good people at Hearts.
  8. Both Davidson and JMcG know well enough that Davos body won't carry him through a full season (he only trained half a week towards the end of the season) and as such I'd doubt he'll be being considered as any sort of defensive mainstay. Next season we should be looking at McKay and Bene as our central defence, I think Murray will be off in any case and other than his occasional goal threat I wont miss him as he backs off attackers too often for my liking. So for me it's McKay and Bene as 1st choice with Davo and McDaid as the back ups. It'd be nice to keep/get another in (and IMO Munro of Stenny and ex Forfar is the right size for this league) but finances will probably rule that one out. Davo certainly has his failings but IMO he's not our worse defender in the last 2 seasons.
  9. Aw come on wee Tazzy don't be like that. After all who gave you Bayviews 4 biggest crowds of the season last year........and the Fife weren't even playing in 2 of them! Any way son it's a school night so off you trot.
  10. It's obviously some form of long term devotion/perversion.
  11. Jeezo, journo Archie MacGregor, was he even at the game?
  12. Refreshement before the game is definitely out. It's a 2-3 hour car journey on a normal day, but will maybe take a wee bit longer in a bus. There are some roadworks on the M74 but how bad I don't know. Leaving 1and 3/4 hours for Forfar (44mls) got us in with 15 mins to spare, not sure a journey almost 3 times as long to Dumfries is being afforded enough time if there are delays en-route.
  13. Anyone else thinking the departure time of 12.45 for a potential 3 hr coach trip is maybe a wee bit tight for a 4pm KO?
  14. I was told on Saturday night that it will happen. probably get announced Tuesday once a deal has been agreed with the bus company.
  15. You sure? thought it was: We’ve travelled through Scotland,From Dingwall to Stranraer,Support the mighty Rovers,We fucking hate the Pars,The famous Bayern Munich,Beat Celtic in the cup,We’re the Raith supporters,And we’re good at fucking up!
  16. From my view in the stand the lad that got slapped/punched got it because he was jumping on the flag not trying to avoid it because it was in his way, that said it was all very unnecessary and you are right FAFC stewards are complete twats!
  17. No but the wee ginger one was a sight, hope he doesn't lose his spot on BBC Scot Squad. poor wee angry f****r.
  18. Indeed. They must have been at the ice hockey on Tuesday night though. Forfar fan atttempting crowd walking f**k off!
  19. Are you lost? Your lot aren't even in Forfars league next season nevermind the one we were playing for entry to. Away to the subseaside league wi ye ya plum. Predicting a cup pairing this early? Impressive but I'd rather have the lottery numbers for Tuesday night. Shitesteering? I guess you have no mirrors in your house then.
  20. Hope this isnt my last view of Mecca this season.
  21. Typical shit can’t be arsed reporting from the press, go down and pick 4 randoms who haven’t been in Starks Park for years and don’t support the club either and ask them their opinions. f**k knows how the FFP ever got local rag on the year, the rest must have been written on used toilet paper. That flyers loving clown Crowe must be the worst editor the paper has ever had.
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