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  1. Bene is solid enough, McKay fas a future (imo) and Davo is a squad reserve on the cheap. You need 2 as 1st choice and 2 for cover for injuries and suspensions.
  2. I'd bet on us getting another CB in, McGlynn realised that Mendy wasn't up to snuff so he punted him on loan and brought in Anderson. What makes you think he'll be happy to kick off in the league upstairs with a trio that struggled at times in L1? Mendy will be loaned out again and there'll be another centre back brought in, it makes no sense not to.
  3. I wouldn't be too excited or upset by the signings, you have to trust John and Paul with things. McGurn Is a pt GK coach and registered as a player. Wont be an expensive signing. Thommo is a good keeper, would have liked to see MacDonald or Rogers come but hey ho, and though less likely there is still time yet as neither have signed for anyone else that I've seen. Davo I reckon will feature as a squad player, maybe signed as a pt player as he likes caddying at St A's, I'd think there's another CB or two coming. Bene, I'm happy with that signing but I'd still like to see another CB signed as well. Matthews, thank god! Anderson, thought he'd be allowed to go but a decent squad filler and won't be costing the earth. Armstrong, didn't do as well in his second spell, here's hoping he takes the Championship by storm. Sign McKay as one of our centre backs, a seasoned rightback and Miller as bench filler and I'll be happy with the defence.
  4. McKay or Miller next or someone out of left field like a keeper or a centre half. Or a 20 goal a season striker 😁
  5. Mendy stood out in. team that was 3 leagues below where we will hopefully be playing next season. Much as I'd like the guy to be the next cult hero at Starks I just cant see it. He was rarely mentioned by McGlynn even at that point when we were short of defenders and many of us were wondering if he'd be recalled. I wouldn't be too surprised if the gaffer cut his losses here and offered him a severance deal.
  6. A lot more than we have. Barry Ferguson has allegedly a bigger playing budget than some Championship sides and apparently that doesn't include certain individuals on special deals. It's crazy 2 clubs were trying to sign David Goodwilly last January but couldn't match the deal Clyde were offering 3 yrs at £1k/week, I say Clyde but it was supposedly being financed independently. Look at any of these teams and you find wealthy backers lurking within. Brora, East Kilbride and Kelty are all just versions of Gretna, and you know how that ended.
  7. But in reality can Queens match EK? I doubt it, clubs like EK & Kelty (and Cove) are much better financed than many teams in the Championship including my own team.
  8. Wow! That long ago? Been out of that particular loop longer than I thought.
  9. After 3 seasons in the seaside league we were done for if not promoted, I would have fancied our chances of doing an Livvi/Ayr/Arbroath and making a decent challenge next season but for this debacle. Both Utd and Cove have wealthy backers but we don't and there in lays the crux. The playing budget has already been reduced due to the shortened season but now we are also hamstrung with having to wait for this case to end before we know not only if we'll have enough left to sign a squad but even if it'll be in the Championship (I think we will in all honesty but....). That's my worries though not yours and if I were in your shoes though sympathetic to another plight it wouldn't colour my loyalties to my own team, ie, I too would want MK to get every penny available. Serious question. Seems I've been out of the picture here, what happened to the proposed new stadium? Did that dream die along with Bill Barr?
  10. Lest Partick and Hearts get upset think Ayr Utd are paying our legal bills.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised to see almost all of our league winning squad re-signed (Baird, Ziggy, McLean and Victoria excepted). So it looks like Bene will be here, I wouldn't be surprised to see Davo and Anderson back too, Miller might be back too but I'd love to see a better RB. I worry that McKay will be released as I get the feeling John and Paul don't rate him, especially given the way he was promptly dropped after being (IMO) the mom in games. Midfield is pretty solid if Matthews is resigned but lacks width especially if Armstrong goes. Strikers will be the main issue, Smith and Vaughan are good but we need depth. I reckon Thommo will re-sign but hope there's another keeper coming in as competition, Jamie MacDonald or Danny Rogers would be ideal. Hopefully by Friday we can see beyond this legal farce and more exciting news.
  12. The board won’t take any chances financially, even if we are in the Championship the legal costs are having an unwanted impact on the playing budget. The simple fact is I don’t think John McG has been given a a budget to act on. What Zen said, he was exposed as a Complete footballing fraud and eventually persuaded by everyone who knew him to slip quietly away or in our case simply to GTF! I remember handing out black balloons to release before the QotS game and had my pic in the goals section of the Monday Sun stand in in a near empty section of the south stand remonstrating with Anelka and the board.
  13. Quite a few admitted they'd only ever played in small league (7 a side) games in Paris. Lambs to the....
  14. Wasn't that final Ayr game the one that the Raith chairman Mr Gray allegedly bet that we'd lose?
  15. Longridge left Falkirk at the end of the season, he's looking for a club. Mighn't be gospal but the tea shack gossip from a bloke I work (he has a son who was in the QotS U19 team and I think has played in the 1st team), is that Queens will likely be relying heavily on youth next season.
  16. I think that due to self interest that particular Nirvana can never really exist in Scotland, any of the Premier league sides will vote against an expanded top flight, some L1 and almost all L2 sides would vote against bringing in more pyramid teams as it is a potential threat to their current or potential league status. I say potential as in my lifetime I've seen the likes of the bigger teams such as Killie, Partick, Ayr, Raith, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Airdrie all drop into the lowest tier and sometime 2nd tier sides like Cowden, Brechin and Berwick fighting to stay in the leagues. The breathtakingly rapid fall from grace of Brechin City must be in the minds of many club chairmen. Individual cases of self interest kill all of the rest stone dead, no chairman will vote in a plan that is financially debilitating to his club, especially for teams living near the relegation trapdoor a scary thought of 2 teams coming up that have bigger supports than yours and potentially a better chance of relegating yourself. So if forming a panel exclude PL, L2 and half of L1 sides and you are left with Raith Falkirk, Airdrie, Dundee, Dunfermline, Qots, Inverness, Morton, Ayr, Arbroath, Alloa and Partick as sides with apparently no axe to grind.....except that don't trust either Dundee or Rovers who have flip-flopped (for reasons unspecified) so who can tell what they'd do, Falkirk have a lot to gain so wouldn't be impartial as would Partick, Inverness and possibly Ayr might fancy their chances of being improved in a league without DUFC, HMFC and ICT as would Airdrie without Partick, Falkirk or Raith. Two teams that have narrowly avoided the drop in recent years are Alloa and QotS so they mightn't be keen to see revitalised Raith and Falkirk come up. Axes being ground right left and centre! Out of that lot only the Pars, Ton and Arbroath have little to gain or lose but from a financial aspect they will still vote for what brings in the most filthy lucre i.e. in this case the Maroon poond which is worth more than the Partick one! In short the whole thing cycles one way or another on degrees of self interest and if you want an independent set up then best go buy one in from abroad, Barry Hearn come on down your time is nigh.
  17. Looks fairly well balanced to me, 6 had either good reason to vote it through or had Previously voiced that they were keen on it. Perhaps a board of Hearts, Partick, Inverness, Falkirk, Stranraer, Edinburgh City, Brora and Kelty Hearts would have been better balanced?
  18. Aw diddums, if your not happy with my comments on a Raith page bugger off back downstairs. I’ve always supported reconstruction (and still would) but not one that has a 10 team Championship, do we know the full ins and out of exactly what was being proposed? I don’t but I suspect there must have been fair reasons why not just Raith voted against it but the MAJORITY of teams also. If Rovers were in the position of Hearts, Partick, Stranraer or even Falkirk fan I know I would be feeling bitter too, where I’d like to think I’d differ is in not lashing out and blaming every bugger else for my lot. There comes a time when you just have to accept that your team finished where it did on merit, better appointments in the dugout and better performances on the pitch during the 6 months of actual football would have rendered the cases of those clubs un-needed instead of bleating on about what hypothetically might have happened in the long run. As for the supposed high ground. moral integrity is a fine stick to beat others with but in the unwieldy hands of some it just looks absurd. The simple truth of the matter is that If Hearts were a point above Hamilton, Partick a point above Alloa and Falkirk a point above Rovers then the outlook (and Likely voting) of those poor hard done by Clubs would have been very, very different and the moral line wouldn’t come into it, and what’s more deep down they all know it.
  19. In the grand scheme of things Falk Lets get real Falkirk have no cash, stick yer money. You are fucked too and ye's know it! Falkirk had their chance and blew it last season, end of! Next season will play out how it will, just bring it on and end this pish!
  20. Have they banned you downstairs on your own forums for slavering pish?
  21. Apologies to all, you are right enough, the "for a limited time only" option was one of the previous votes, seems you lose count if you don't keep up (I certainly lost count anyway).
  22. There was definitely a time period, cant remember if it was 4 years or 5 but it wasn't permanent.
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