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  1. Unless he stays down south or heads to India or Australia then I suspect he'll most likely end up somewhere like Motherwell or St Johnstone. I suspect he'll be keeping himself in shape, I wonder where he's getting training facilities? It would be just be very Rovers to sign him until January get him match fit and sharp by Christmas only to lose him to Ross Co or someone in January.
  2. On the subject of ex-Hibees, I suppose it's highly unlikely to be our Marquee but, I note Marc McNulty was a youth at Hib's in 2008-09 during Murray's second stint at Easter Rd. Shop windae until Jan????
  3. Too many folks on here jumping to conclusions. Who said the direction of the fee was from them to us? It probably was a trivial fee but it'd be all we can afford. Seriously though, good luck Dario, I hope it works for you, just not against us.
  4. At a guess it has to be the CEO, after all she has to be responsible for something other than just outsourcing to justify her alleged high salary.
  5. Not disputing it, but what site do you visit for stats like that?
  6. Nope, my take was that Smith was too be offered the managers job. The deal was worth over £0.2M once everything was said and done. The deal had collapsed at tea-time over here and as far as JS was concerned it was dead. IIRC the deal with Clyde was agreed it was DG's demands that couldn't be met? If he wanted a longer contract, more money or both it would have massively impacted the final deal and I just don't see John Sim not wanting to be in the loop. I suppose he could have pre-instructed his CEO otherwise, it is possible "Ok Karen, if they come back to the table I'll go as high as £1,500/week for 2.5 years but not a Baht more!" Of course it's possible but I just find it unlikely, wouldn't he at least want to know he'd got his man?
  7. You don't think the Chairman and owner wouldn't be called regardless of the time difference to tell him that a deal of this magnitude, one that was supposedly dead and buried was being resurrected and actually completed? Nah! I'm not buying that. Mind you if they couldn't be arsed calling him why would they pick up the phone and warn a major investor that the deal the CEO had personally insisted wouldn't happen was going to be completed.
  8. I'm more than a bit circumspect about some of what we were told. Re the pitch side advertising. That type of business is all about dialogue and communication. You don't just steam in and rip them down, you go to the customer and offer them a deal to pay for next season in advance so they get to keep it free for now. Thats how a commercial agent works, not by doing nothing for 18 months, not by being too shy to pick up a phone and certainly not by out-sourcing it to your pals in their new marketing firm. Re David Goodwillie, is it really coming out of Sims pocket or is it being paid by the wealthiest man on the board? If it's coming out of Colin Smart's wallet then surely it'd be money that would have been coming the Rovers way anyway and so in effect Rovers are still losing out. I've said all along the 4 on the board who voted to sign him should bear the financial responsibility of a terrible bit of business and if Ms McCartney has also (as it seems) had a paw in this then she should be paying something too, if the rumour mill is true she's on about the same wage as GW and is giving about the same return it seems. Titan is proving a white elephant, wonder what phrase will get hung on the new 4 story Hub when it's built? Not sure I believe the story about JM & PS either, those two are tight and Mr Sim has no love for McGlynn despite what he'll say. Rovers planned to Sack McGlynn in April and give the job to Smith, the fact that Smith opted to go with McGlynn to TFS and not take the managers job at Starks tells it's own story.... or maybe he's just trying to avoid spending extra time in the CEO's company too. Kudos to GK for his interview, but I too think there were a few open goals that could have been taken.
  9. I think you may confusing him with the Neanderthal Steward supervisor at the away stand entrance, although to be fair I don't think he was a Tory party member.....I suppose he could be though!
  10. Good performance yesterday from Rovers, the team starting to show the energy and hunger that Murray promised he would deliver. Great work effort from Ross, Gullan, Easton and Connolly but a special mention has to go to Sam Stanton who is a Rolls Royce of a player in this vein of form. Defensively we looked sound again with Dick, O'Riordan, Nolan and Millen (who easily had his best game in a Rovers jersey) looking as though they can gel into something more than decent. I feared when Brown limped off that we would lose our bite in midfield but although his presence was missed it wasn't too noticeable. On a cautionary note like the week before where we played the worst Morton side I've ever seen this good result was not against a great Accies side. looking at the league so far I don't see the quality in it of recent seasons and that goes for all 10 teams, I suspect that will change once the loanees start appearing at certain clubs (eg Arbroath). We looked confident and capable, the passing at times was a joy to watch (unless you were an Accies defender, then you didn't even know where the ball had gone to!) and the willingness to get a shot on goal great to see. Hopefully we can take this confidence into the game at Firhill, though I suspect the Jags will prove a sterner test than anything we've faced so far.
  11. Must have been when your mum made my breakfast, I don't have wallpaper that colour.
  12. First half was as poor as anything I've seen in a while, two shit teams cancelling each other out, thankfully the second half was better. Speaking to some Morton fans after the game who agreed with my summation that yesterdays Morton team is easily one of worst 'ton teams I've ever seen. They also said we looked a marked un-improvement from last 2 seasons Rovers teams. Thought Stanton was excellent yesterday as he was getting stuck in and had his best display since last season. Hopefully Nolan will improve and develop a good understanding with O'Riordan who's young and raw but still our best centre back at present. Easton had his best game I've seen so far and there were pass marks for Dick, Connolly, Brown and Gullan. Hopefully this will give Rovers confidence and we can go to NDP and get something, having said that I doubt Hamilton will be as poor as Morton were, the blootering the ball tac-tics made them play like an amateur outfit, when that lump Lithgow came on they officially looked like a pub team. Alan Lithgow is the fattest thing on two legs to grace Starks Park since Mark Yardley for Albion Rovers 18 years ago. What is it with Morton and fatties? Strapp also looks a bit hefty but he could be a size zero model in comparison to Lithgow, is AL trying for the Garry O'Connor at Cappielow look?
  13. Dunno, it was back in May and June I heard that, although now I think about it I'm sure the term "Edinburgh based" rings a bell.
  14. Andy Mill offered to do something like that a few years ago and thankfully it was knocked back. The 200 club have been kicked out of the main stand twice in the last 30 years, the same thing would just have happened again once someone wanted more hospitality. The pricing of hospitality isn't an issue as long as it's good value which currently I don't believe it is. People should be going to work on a Monday morning raving about what a good day they'd had there, to the best of my knowledge that doesn't happen often enough. Regarding Saturday I heard on Friday they'd only sold 12 places but I'm not sure if that included the 4 that were raffle prizes from Davo's testimonial lunch. Either way not selling too many on the 1st day at home against the league favourites was piss poor, even John Sim wasn't happy with them...apparently.
  15. Nah, more likely just another example of the CEO stumbling blindly in the dark. Has anyone have any idea what RRFC are paying for a CEO per annum these days. I heard she's on more than we paid the team manager last season, shocking if true. I've also been told she is in now in charge of stadium advertising (which has been outsourced to an advertising firm) yet we still have about a dozen and a half empty boards trackside. Add in Hospitality and she's obviously well worth her wages what ever it is. I know she was originally paid by SPP but was told that's no longer the case. This years AGM could be fun.
  16. It certainly is, especially after so many of us telling them in January not to sign a rapist. But hey ho sometimes it happens.
  17. I had it in mind the 3 in question at the time were Scottish players who would come on loan later in the window if at all, I got the feeling from the Aberdeen interview that NR was referring to a potential signing. I could be wrong, I often am.
  18. By the time JM was offered the deal it was far too late, he'd all but signed on the dotted line at TFS. The 3 players were all loan deals, Jack Hamilton was allegedly one I think Hendry was supposedly another and I wasn't told the name of the 3rd (maybe it was Connell) or maybe I was excited by they thought of getting Hamilton and just missed it. What was stated though was that who ever we got wouldn't come until nearer the end of the window as most SPL teams were only just starting back and they were still assessing who would go where.
  19. Obviously I'm not, but back in June a current board member told me that was the case, the man in question was there then and is still there now so that gives you a 33% chance of correctly guessing who it was. I was also told that McGlynn was within an inch of getting sacked after losing at home in April but it was decided to give him until after the cup final. They are a soft and sentimental Buch at heart it would appear. Edited to add, In general I'm neither ITK or getting preferential treatment. As described the board member reached out to me, here's the 2nd line from the PM he sent me. "If you think a meeting to discuss your concerns would be helpful please let me know and we will schedule it in." We met Thursday 9th June in the Strathearn Hotel, it lasted 4 hours and I had 4 pints and a nip of Bowmore, hope that helps. I knew at that time Spencer would sign and that Ross Millen was signing on the Monday I said nothing to anyone, Spencer was announced the next day. Many things were discussed including talk of DG's imminent departure (and his destination) and the 3 strikers Murray was after.... I can safely say that now as none of it came to fruition.
  20. Given that the board debated on getting rid of JM before the cup final, it's a fair bet he was never getting a new contract. No real effort was made to retain him, the general consensus was that his going to Falkirk was an ideal conclusion that suited both parties.
  21. A fair few of the squad is still here albeit that 4 are still in the treatment room and 5 or 6 are youths. Of those over the age of 21 and fit to play I reckon there are only 8 players still here and 2 of them are goalies. Of the squad that finished the season 10 (inc loanees) have gone, that's includes 8 of the 14 outfield players who made the 1st team pool for the last gave V Killie. Of the starting team that faced Killie only McDonald, Zanatta, Stanton and Connolly started yesterday. Rebuilding is now a mammoth task but did it really need to be? Last seasons defence was suspect but did it need complete root and branch surgery? Tumilty was always going to go and Bene had seen his day too (IMO) but did we need to bin so many of them? I reckon we should have done more to keep Musonda and McKay. I heard McGlynn was going to bin Dave McKay anyway as he isn't thought to be physical enough (he's a colossus compared to Nolan) but I'd have kept him if we were losing 2 and eventually a 3rd other. Defence needed a tweak not what it got. The attack definitely needed additions yet the 1st 2 signings in the door after Millen were in our strongest area which is midfield. Cards on the table despite his failings I wanted to retain McGlynn as I didn't think there was (other than Jack Ross) any better alternatives, in a similar vein I hope we stick with Murray and he gets it right (the sooner the better) as I'm certain there aren't any better options now than there was in May. Murray has to get it right, there's no other alternative.
  22. I can elaborate, although will understandably chose not to do so on a public forum at this time. I can say though I've personally have had meetings at SP where I have been told one thing only for the subject of the conversation not to happen and subsequently to find out that there was never a chance of those things happening. The person in the meeting then blatently denied that they'd said those things to me despite there actually being a club director in same meeting. You could add in the documented denial "don't worry Val, we will not be signing him" once again despite there being other people within earshot when that was said, again there was denial. Add in the number of times we've been told DG would be off the books "in 2 weeks/soon/by the start of the season" I'm at the stage where if a Rovers director/employee told me it was raining outside, I'd still look out the window to check. Re, hospitality. Recession or not they should have been able to sell more than a dozen places for yesterdays game. This wasn't Cove or Morton in November, January of February. No attempt was even made to drop the prices to make it viable. Community wise in some areas the club has come on leaps and bounds, actual football team and club commercially wise we have also made major steps.... just backwards. Regards to this being a transition season, I don't get people already thinking they're happy (though the longer it goes we all might) to accept just avoiding relegation. Two years ago we finished 3rd, last year 5th. Surely you replace your manager to improve not get worse?
  23. That is outrageous, other than Sim who has actually paid for a place on the board? The Fan's rep has the same right's on the board as anyone else. Is this a case of disrespecting the FR because she's a woman? None of the previous ones were treated like that. In fact if you think about it, if the other directors have no share holdings behind them then the FR actually has more rights than them. The CEO has a place at this table why? The CEO is a paid employee (I notice the CEO has a nice new Merc btw , must be on a good wage there) and as such they will do as they're told, to me that's out and out corruption or at the very least a conflict of interests. CEO needs to go, we have regressed since any of them came in but more in the last 12 months than even during Eric Drysdales tenure. All in all? Just a fecking shambles of an operation
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