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  1. At the start of that season I remember there being 5 or 6 players lined up in the tartan kit but cant recall who they all were. I’m guessing Twaddle, Brown, Kirk, Krivokapić and Harvey? Bonnar, Duffield and Thomson were signed late 1995/96 I think. The team was in flux, without Nicholl, McAnespie, Dennis, Sinclair, Cameron, Dair and Crawford. There were far too many changes Miodrag steadied the ship some but it was very unsettled. The defence was further weakened by Munro dropping Thomson’s for that haddie Colin Scott. Thomson did spend heavily (as did Jimmy Nicholl the following season) but I don’t think he spent Particularly unwisely, more that he was forced into Just far too many signings. Unless I’m mistaken the team that finished 1995/96 had a settled core of pro’s that had been there a while such As: Thomson, Broddle, Coyle, Dennis, Sinclair, Cameron, Dair, Crawford, Lennon and Graham by the seasons start a vast number Of them had joined The ranks of Former players such as Nicholl, Dalziel, Brewster and Heatherston who although gone for over a year had been so influential in building the team that achieved that 1st promotion. By the bitter end of 1996/97 I think Of Jimmy Nicholl’s signings there was only Kirkwood and Rougier making regular starts.
  2. Jimmy Nicholl 1990-96 is fairly untouchable in my time as a fan but a lot of that credit has to be given to his assistant the late Martin Harvey and also quite rightly to the foundations laid by his predecessor Frank Connor. This is bourn out by Nicholls achievements in his second spell 1997-99 where along with assistant Alex Smith he was given a lot of money (by comparison to that of others) by Alan Kelly and achieved not a lot.
  3. Munro and Harvey didn't get on and as a consequence Harvey was rarely used as I recall. Shame really he was one of those players that destroyed us no matter who he was with be it Clydebank Airdrie and even Motherwell.
  4. I have to agree Embow, I always felt Jimmy Thomson was a bit harshly done by. Rangers away (0-1), Celtic away (1-4) then losing midweek 2-3 away to a Silky inspired Airdrie at Broadwood, and that was it! He was dismissed. You could ask just what exactly the then chairman expected from opening away trips to the ugly sisters, most likely the Airdrie defeat was the best excuse he could offer for getting rid. I think the real reason Thomson was sacked was purely because Tommy McLean had suddenly become available after his case with Hearts was settled, as we know 6 days later Dundee Utd then did the 1st of their great Manager thefts and we ended up with the 3rd the booby prize aka the Townie reject that is Mr Iain Munro, he then guided us rapidly to a relegation season of gutless and guileless ineptitude. Employing Jimmy Thomson wasn't the big mistake IMO, but employing Munro was.
  5. FFS what a dork FFS what a plum. f**k off and play under a bus you.
  6. Lol! where are they going to find the necessary £500,000 they'd needs on top of the £600,000 they’re hoping to bag for Nizzy? Reagan's going nowhere this summer, !
  7. Yaaaawwwn! Aye so says you, yet during the season Falkirk failed in 3 attempts (4 if you count the chocolate biscuit cup) to get the better of Rovers, what reason have you for thinking You’d have managed it last Saturday?
  8. With manufacturing slashed worldwide I seriously doubt we will see replica tops on sale even in July, as usual RRFC wont be a 1st priority to a manufacturer.
  9. Did someone say a while a go that it'll be Puma no more? I thought Puma had another year to run but I hear we are changing both H & A kit so perhaps it is a new contract and a new supplier. Maybe Tyvek in? Seriously though if Puma aren't supplying then what are the options? Adidas, Nike, Umbro, Hummel, Joma, Bukta, Diadora, Spall, Matchwinner, TFG, Kappa, Under Armour, Erra, Admiral. Lotto, Fila, Le Coq Sportif, Mitre, Canterbury, Castore Macron would be class, I seem to recall our last Italian strip we had was during a fairly successful spell in our history.
  10. I’m sure the 3 points for a win started in 1994/95 season.
  11. Right how about next season 14-10-10-10 with Brora & Kelty getting into tier 3, then depending on when the season starts everyone plays everyone else in their league at least twice with a repeat set of fixtures in the extremely unlikely event of their being enough time to do so. the following season 2021-2022 they reshuffle to a 14-14-16, everyone plays everyone else twice then it splits 7/7 or 8/6 and 8/8 in Tier 3. 2, promotion is up 2 down with a play off between 2,3,4 top in tiers 3 & 3 and 3rd bottom in Tiers 1 and 2 with the Hl/LL and tier 3 bottom club play off resuming at the end of it all.
  12. On the other hand perhaps Clyde have done well here, given that Stranraer still had a potential 29 points to play for and the resident Stair Parkers on here are convinced they had turned the corner it's quite conceivable to some that they could have overhauled Clyde in the run in.
  13. But will it improve now he's gone? Probably not!
  14. I think I know what Turnbull Hutton would have said
  15. Yes I was told that was Panthers shop from a young age, I can also remember my dad saying He was fearless and never shirked a tackle, but the 1 time he did he broke his leg and my old man was there when it happened.
  16. As some are saying of course it is all speculative comment until we know when the season might be starting, but in the absence of anything concrete to talk about now the seasoned finished why not eh? My suggestion in retaining Davo and Baird was that there's a lot of experience there and if it wasn't to be a full season and they weren't to be 1st choices they could add to the squad. Over the season we had a squad of 28 at our disposal, 4 keepers, 8 defenders, 8 midfielders and 8 attackers. We have 9 players signed up for next season so to have similar numbers we need to be making around 20 signings (including loans). Finances will dictate who we can and cant afford but given Macca is PT we will likely to keep the hybrid and bring in a couple more. Such a set up may suit the likes of Davo who may be happier to ramp down his career.... or he may just decide to go elsewhere for a PT contract.
  17. Once we finally get around to signing players for next term I’d like to see the vast majority of the squad re-signed on the principle that a team that’s been together for a while is always better than one with wholesale changes. Bene, McKay and Matthews absolutely have to be re-signed. To be honest there’s only 1 midfielder and 1 attacker I’d let go. Next season may not be a full season so perhaps there’s scope to deal in both Davo (when not getting sent off he really has been immense) and Baird (he may not leave for Australia until after Xmas).
  18. Aye whatever, You took my suggestion that BBC struggle to give decent coverage (one camera) of highlights of the SPFL (Happy DA?) over my main point that BBC Scotland doesn't have enough equipment to stream live coverage of all the top league games if they were played behind closed doors. BBC highlights on MotD and even their Championship program usually have multiple camera angles, our highlights rarely do but that as I said was not my main point.
  19. I don’t believe think that BBC Scotland have enough of the necessary equipment for streaming 2 or 3 virtually simultaneous outside broadcast events. Enough needed to cover all six ties in each round of the 8 remaining SPL rounds of fixtures? Fair enough you seem to know better, you must be ITK. Bear in mind most OB events are set up the day before the event as it is a lengthy procedure.
  20. I'm sorry but there is capability of showing all top league games, live. There are cameras already at the games by the BBC for sportscene. Realistically all they need is the commentator. Sky have enough cameras to cover at least 3 leagues (over 30 games) in England, BBC struggle to provide quality highlights from the SPL which is 6 games spread over 2 days. Live football is different from highlights. Sky has all the necessary equipment for multi-games and is there for able to broadcast more than I game at a time, BBC Scotland definitely does not, live action from 2 games would be limited quality and more than that would likely be so poor they wouldn’t do it for fear of it looking dross compared to their competitors.
  21. There's always the Rovers PotY curse to take into account, the one where the one voted PotY is usually transferred before the new season starts. So what's it to be Jao Victoria or Lewis Allan?
  22. Dinnae waste yer time Davie, it's minutes of your life you're never getting back.
  23. Top 5, Nicholl (with the Harv), John McGlynn, Frank Connor,Willie McLean, Gordon Wallace, Worst 5 Claude Le Fraud Anelka, Iain Munro, Yogi, Gary Locke, Bobby Wilson.
  24. What happens at the end of next season if Clyde aren't above Falkirk and Airdrie/Montrose/East Fife/ Dumbarton? Another vote for something else? Why 14? Will the Tv companies pay the same for only 2 OF games? No they won't so you need to look at something that will still keep Sky and co sweet otherwise the money Clyde receive in prize money next season will be closer to £10K than the £80,000+ they got this season, my guess is Clyde would get about £20,000 if they were very lucky. That being the case the likelihood of any league that only has 1 home and 1 away fixture between teams is not going to happen. A 20 or 22 team league split on current standings would see the Ugly sisters swapping 2 extra games with each other, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs etc with one visit from / trip to Partick, Alloa, Greenock, Dumfries, Dunfermline and Arbroath. I'm guessing they wouldn't be too happy with that and nor would the TV bosses. The drop off in revenue for any team falling out of this top league would be about £720,000, cant see many Raith, Falkirk, Alloa, Partick or QotS board members fancying that. So if 20 teams is out of the question it has to be less, but still have about 18 home games a season, so 18 team leagues? Nope the SPL chairmen would still not be happy. And not just SPL chairmen, as listed above any team relegated from the top flight with visits of thousands of visiting would be facing ruin from the visit of mere hundreds and in some cases ten......all in all a bit like you are worried about if you drop back into L2...only on a grander scale 16 team league is only 15 home games and again the SPL won't go for only two fixtures (there's a theme here if you're paying attention). Adding a 8/8 split after 30 games and playing 14 games is 44 games, too many for some folks. 14 As above but only acceptable to OF etc with a split, means playing about 6 games more than we currently do but starting to tick boxes to various fractions. 12 teams, only an option if due to cover some teams fold as 4 leagues would require 48 teams, 36 would allow for 3x12. 44 games with everyone meeting 4 times, Split 6/6 after 22 and play another 5H & 5A would make 32 games. Workable? Perhaps buore to the point would you want it? I hate the unfairness of 3 fixtures where often as not you end up twice away to your derby neighbours. I'm brutally aware all I've done here is show the reasons why various options would/will be rejected and I've already stated elsewhere why I think 3 x 14 with an 8/6 split after 26 games is as close to an acceptable reconstruction outcome as we can get. The status quo is looking more like what we will get but I hate the monotony of 2 visits to every club and would gladly swap that for only 2 visits to just some of them.
  25. Now you've done it! 5-4-3-2-1and..........
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