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  1. Not too fussed at Lyness leavi g tbh. Aaron is a great bloke who was desperately unlucky with injuries (particularly the DUFC u19 breaking his jaw) and wouldn't be the worst signing. I'm not sure signing another centre half is the best use of resources but if the new French guy comes and it goes well then all good and well. In McGlynn we trust. Hopefully it can all slot nicely into place and gel some by the time the real action starts.
  2. I would suppose so given a 1/3 of his tally was against us.
  3. In those days any crowd of 3000 was considered a poor for one of those fixtures. Between 5 &7k was the norm for Pars games and you could rely on Falkirk and Dundee for 1.5 - 2.5k of an away support.
  4. No argument from me on who was the better and hungrier side nor though who got the luckier with injuries. Arbroath sustained no lengthy let alone season ending injuries and as such being able to field virtually the same 1st choice players proved to be massive, I doubt that they will carry such fortune 2 seasons running.
  5. Loving this twenty past one haddie coming on and dismissing an unfinished squad and quoting the Division as being stronger without his all conquering hero's in it. Let's look at Rbroath instead, signed nobody and appears will attempt survival with much the same guys who admittedly did well last term. Am I right in saying they only used 19 players in the league last season? Do they think this is the norm and can be repeated? I prophocise them doing a Brechin, perhaps not quite so spectacularly (who could?) but barring reconstruction (or QotS not signing anyone at all) relegation none the less.
  6. True, but they weren't 2 that they were planning to be released/lost. Therefore I'd wager those guys will be replaced perhaps not directly but in some measure (eg a loanee or/and maybe a fullback)
  7. Last week we lost Murray and Nisbet, that's two starting slots to fill and 2 wages freed up to do so. More sorry to have lost Nizzy but unless McGlynn can find a ready made replacement within budget then a loan man it'll have to be. I'd rather Murray's wage was used to bring in a RB and Bene, McKay and Davo were used as centre backs.
  8. So just to be clear your preference is both for a right back and a Wright back too? I too am hoping that McGlynn brings in a genuine RB as my preferred central partnership would also be Dave and Bene.
  9. This^^^ Depending on who is still to come I can see some of there likes of Tate, Smith, Bowie and Watson going out on loan.
  10. And Watson too. Highly irrelevant but I know but If we had a friendly to play today I'd start with; McGurn Watson, McKay, Bene, Macdonald Spencer, Henry, Matthews, Anderson, Bowie and Victoria. Obviously Vaughan and Dingwall would feature if fit but it'd still be a decent team. Still required; A keeper (on 6month loan? or pick up a part time guy) A right back Winger/midfielder 2 strikers
  11. Looking at who's been released/allowed to leave I'm not unhappy with any of them apart from Nizzy. Crane, didn't show anything like previous years with Alloa form. Murray, finance dictated either he, Bene or McKay had to go. If Bene gets his form back he's a better defender than Murray. Gillespie, not what we hoped he'd be, didn't turn up often enough. Wedderburn, too frigging slow. Gullan, still raw and might have come good but we need better on loan. Flanagan, heart of a pea! Barjonas, we will see him again most probably somewhere like Albion Rovers, pish! Valentine, not ready and no finance to carry him forward. Berry & Stevenson, as above. Duggan, would have kept if wasn't such an injury risk. Buchanan, didn't have 90ins in the legs, time to go. Nizzy, will be missed but maybe not by all. Heard rumours he was a lazy trainer and wasn't everyone's favourite guy.
  12. Right that's all of the players signed up that I'd be happy to keep, the rest are replaceable imo. Gillespie is a good player on his day but in the games I saw (about 75%) of them those days were too infrequent, let him go to Airdrie if he likes. Lyness is mediocre as keepers go, outstanding in the playoffs but we have released better keepers in the past and had better ones on loan recently, for that reason I'd let him go and bring in a lonee or sign a youngster for the future, what a pity Rory Brian was driven off. Still to come I'm hoping for: 2 defenders 2 forwards 1 keeper.
  13. Of course! But I think Dave will be setting his sights a bit higher than Murray.
  14. I'm delighted with the £40k for Muza, he'll soon have the barcodes screaming abuse at him as he backpeddles off attackers allowing them time to set their sights (easily his biggest fault). Yes I'd have been ok with him staying but I'd far rather have McKay and that £40k. Can't see what the problem with Davo is, even if he has the occasional howler/red must moment he will be nothing more than a filler-in. The number of times in the run in that JMcG said that Davo couldnt train until the Thursday means the gaffer will know better than anyone here just what his limitations are, don't sweat it.
  15. FTFY Now on the subject of players. Don't know who's coming or going but I would think: Gillespie will go to Airdrie as hinted by Bill Clark (under contract unlike big Nat), McKay and Davo will sign with Davo used as cover and assisting in a coaching role. Not a clue who is coming in but this guy Miller/McGuiver is looking plausible.
  16. More happy than not tbh, it's not like we have the money to sign the best on offer and in any case I trust the manager to get it right. Like everyone else though I'm hoping there's more to come.
  17. Tbh I'd have been more upset if the Pars had signed McKay, mind you that could yet happen too!
  18. In many ways Bill is similar to Turnbull Hutton, he says what he thinks and doesn't mince his words. You can't please all the people all of the time and he was merely echoing what most of us have been saying.
  19. True, but you posted more shite this year than the entire population of Scotland born in 1969.
  20. Quite true oh wise one, but if we'd played Hearts in the league cup at SP instead of Disneyland then the B&G £ would have probably been eclipsed into 3rd place.
  21. No sweat neebs, You were busted on that one long ago, you talk more shite than a Methil social worker.
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