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  1. All Scotland fans not just Raith fans I guess but what about my mate Nico from Kebas R us?
  2. For anyone wondering where to take in the Cyprus v Scotland at 2pm on Saturday, I've heard a rumor that either the Raith suit or the 200 club will be open to all. I'd guess if it's right then it'll appear on social media soon.
  3. You are nearly right enough actually. It was at SP that Vaughan 1st fecked his knee and also where Hendry picked up his current injury, saying that LV's 1st ACL was obviously on the Starks Park grass.
  4. You're right enough, you are both equally irrelevant!
  5. And again that's relevant why? If you're having difficulty with the question try reading it really slowly.
  6. Actually the Marbles thief was also a Fifer, his house (Broomhall) is nearer to Dunfermline than us tho to be fair.... sooooo a dirty Parsy thieving hoor! And he is relevent to this discussion how? Anyway I prefer him without the bunnet!
  7. Why ? I got the impression he loves it here. 😉
  8. It was Martin Prest-like, but Baird seems quite unimpressed was does Sando!
  9. Firstly I thought Stranraer were very coarse, surprised they finished the 90 with 11 men. No real failures yesterday, Geordie was solid although I though he could have done more with Stewart's goal and Sando should have either dealt with the winger or told Watson to do so, no matter that's small potatoes at the end of the day. I don't think 5 or 6-1 wouldn't have flattered us. Bene and McKay were solid and Watson got in a great challenge to block. But for Gullan's performance motm could have easily have been Matthews or Bene, both impressed. As I said no failures everyone turned up unlike at Peterhead, now if we can carry in like that and take that type of game on the road too. Beggars belief that McGlynn didn't play that formation last week.
  10. You said "Have the people calling for Dave McKay to get a start actually seen him play? " Yes! McKay came in for both Davo and Bene in the last 2 seasons when they were injured. On one occasion McKay was MotM the following week and for a few games looked like the best centre half we had (including Murray) yet as soon as both Davo and Bene were fit available he was dropped like a hot potato. All too often McGlynn has shoved him in at RB when he's clearly not a right back and it's unfair to judge him as such, something akin to playing Vaughan or Matthews out wide or Gillespie at right back, yes they can fill the jersey but they don't look like they should be there. You also said "I suspect both will leave at the end of the season." If McKay is released at the end of the season it will be down to McGlynn blindness and favouritism of Bene and Davo, McKay is a very good if not great prospect but he isn't getting a chance. Watson I feel sorry for too, he badly needs game time but with only 2 spare defenders on the bench we can't even put him out on loan to get experience, which is a shame as he is good at both defending and attacking and has a rifle like shot on him too. I've seen both these players at reserve level and in the 1st team too, have you? You also said "I don’t see us playing a back three tomorrow against a team who will almost certainly have ten men behind the ball." What do you mean then? They've got 10 men behind the ball should we deploy even more defenders and go with 4 at the back? Surely that's a more defensive line-up, would it not be better to flood the midfield to prevent them taking hold of the game in the way that Peterhead did so successfully last week?
  11. Re, dropping Armstrong and Gullan, both put in near Flanaganesque performances last week , which would be more than reason enough to bench them both.
  12. Manky Parsy hoor maybe, but not a Fifer! Don't tarnish us with that Ayrshire Tory Cnut! We've enough problems with Ruth Davidson.
  13. Assuming Spencer is suspended. I'd go 3-2-3-2 Munro McKay, Anderson, Bene. Miller, MacDonald. Tait Matthews, Dingwall Anderson, Bowie. Subs: McGurn, Watson, Baird, Smith, Armstrong, Gullan, Victoria
  14. if I was the Forfar board I'd be asking around for Craig Easton's phone number.
  15. Munro will be gone in January one way or another, financially we just can't afford his extra wage. Thomson and McGurn will fight it out for 1st choice and the youngster we already have/are signing on apprentice will be 3rd man back up.
  16. I don't think he was trying anything fancy to be fair.
  17. A good spot from Red Zeb on Fantalk for the 1st goal, Davo's passbook takes a bobble just as McGurn is about to strike the ball. I'll admit I didn't see it at the time and even missed it in the highlights too until I slowed it down. At quarter speed you see the ball lift just before he kicks it. Ok It's still a mistake but it's brought about by the surface more than solely human error.
  18. Not a day for the purists although they would have applauded the 2nd goal, I know I did! Referee was a ballon, his booking of Spencer was typical, a quiet word would have sufficed but no! From there on in the writing was on the wall, what a shame Davo clearly can't read. Brown's challenge on Anderson was imo a professional foul, even if not two footed (and I still think it was) it was late, high and calculated and fully deserving of a red card. Take nothing away from the Blootooners though as they won this on merit, they wanted it more and were willing to scrap for it where we were not. For the away team I'd give pass marks to MacDonald and the 3 sub's, the rest to a man were all honking!
  19. I deliberately didn't say SPL for that reason but we have played in the Premier League (Scottish top flight), East Fife though? Not in my lifetime but then again I'm only 51.
  20. I'm incredibly biased as well, naturally there's an anti-Raith aspect but I've always felt he comes across as an arse particularly in interviews. When he's not delivering nippy sweeties to the interviewer, he's describing a different game than I've watched to make it seem better on his own team. Now loads of managers do this, but I'm also not a fan of his touchline behaviour also, he's perpetually moaning and giving the 4th official pelters. Most of the time I've seen him is against us, so perhaps my foaming at the mouth rage after ten pints before the match is a bit OTT but there you have it. The only time I've seen him when he was nippy with the interviewer was after Stranraer when he was out of order with Davie and he admitted he was wrong on that one. You saw him 1st hand on a bad day when he was bang out of order last season when he was sent to the send at Naeview last season, he let things get the better of him (admittedly the ref didn't help) and I blame him for the loss of that game. Post match interviews he's usually more right than wrong, he isn't guilty of blowing smoke, if an opposing side has been the better one he usually says so unlike guys like Ian McCall and Ray McKinnon. He's not perfect far from it but I'm glad he's here. I wouldn't say McGlynn is the overly emotional type, he is just very football orientated (I think he eats sleeps and drinks the game), he's dedicated to his players and to our club perhaps it's him having that loyalty that rubs you the wrong way? I'll bet that's it, is it the fact that he wants to stay and take the Rovers as high as he can (he wants to see us back in the Premier league) unlike some other teams managers who are happy to roam the country for interviews at the drop of a hat?
  21. Anyone know if it’s the same knee he injured before?
  22. Isn’t the no 10 role the secondary striker? Dingwall's stats show he’s not up for that, 4 goals in all appearances for county.
  23. Even without the exalted talents of Vaughan and Hendry if we can keep those available (at present) fit then we have some really good options available. There are lots of possibilities formation wise from 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 to 3-2-2-2-1-1. It all depends on how imaginative / adventurous we can be and how well we can adapt to change. I've no doubt there is still enough quality there even missing the two (arguably) best players in the league.
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