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  1. Perhaps the time is right for Billy Broon to come on doon! Billy Brown might be a really good shout at this stage and as a former co-coach of J McG and associate of Pat Fenlan he may get us some good loanees. Just a thought. I'd still like to see Mickey at SP too though so perhaps one or the other with Bert as assistant but of course that would all be dependant on if Smudger went with McGlynn (which I don't think he will). Another question has to be regarding the fallout from McGlynns going (if he does indeed go) would we need to employ other to run the youth set up and would we lose the like of Gunter and the rest of the boot room boys? Bad time to be losing a manager, no wonder the signings we looked to have made recently weren't willing to put pen to paper. Too much uncertainty at SP just now me thinks.
  2. A classic shot of the legendary Jonny Watson in action? Looks too mobile to be him IMO.
  3. Pure hearsay I know but it was also quoted on here that Raith were speaking to him yesterday. F**k him anyway townie b*****d!
  4. So were were after McDougal but lost out to Dumbarton? Even if it was only all down to travelling, that's not good imo.
  5. Well mibbies and aye mibbies naw If the Pars are sent back upstairs we will surely end up at either; Ibrox. Somerset Park New Broomfield Gayfield Delete as appropriate. And then again if it's Dundee who are going up Coewden are away to one of the above.
  6. As far as I know Sir Paul hasn't been back to Kirkcaldy since 1963. His last known visit was July 1st and unless we were playing a friendly that day I doubt he'll have been to Starks Park. Further more sir the gentleman in question is 70 old and his only experience of football stadiums is playing musical instruments within them. As such I do not understand your logic in linking him with a possible Managerial position at Starks. I can only assume you are perhaps referrring to ex- Scotland captain and Covenrty manager Gary McAlister who is also occasionally referred to as "Macca" for I can think of no other "Macca's" of any fame whatsoever.
  7. Always a handy thing for the Morton players on those balmy Scottish cup replay trips to Arbroath & Peterhead in December and January Edited to add. I see the point of mesh strips for Summer use (for players) and for guys (fans)who play 5's and the like. Other than that replica tops are for fannies.
  8. Might be wrong (has been known or is that known has-been) but I think the first dark blue number was a Mercat sponsored navy blue with white pinstripes and white sleeves (also white shorts & socks). I didn't like it despite the fact that I did prefer the dark blue to the royal. I think we won the 2nd div in that strip.
  9. Looks jaggy Edited to add, forgot to say I like it too.
  10. Easy! Easy! Hey Zen, "I think were gonna need a bigger boat"
  11. Bash on neebs you're doing fine too. I refer not to the Sainted Norrries prowess off the park but the fact that he was average at best as a footballer.
  12. Yeh, you are right it was a low blow. He was a tremendous servant to the club but Pars fans have rose tinted specs on this one as he was no god, not exactly talentless but not a million miles from it.
  13. I realise that the Pars have indeed won the Scottish cup (twice I note!) but you see I've only just turned 44 and both winning occasions were before I was born. I'd guess there are more on here younger than me than older so I'll stand by my comment. Now, now Geordie I know it isn't these days but it was then, especially as it still carried a European place at that time. Were you aware after winning the trophy we got to the second round the next season of the EUFA cup only to be beaten by the eventual champions? Go on remind me how far Dumfy got in their last Euro outing (not the end of season trip to Benidorm) after coming 2nd in the Scottish cup..... again.
  14. Was it the GTG crotchless number he was wearing that fateful night he was biffing the hairdresser?
  15. Thats awsome even after all these years Raymundo is still funny. (But not a patch on Dr White letting in 6 on a cold but bright new years day in the 80's) Just to recap the above drubbing (or hangover as we knew it) was the game that Scotty thomson was suspended for because he was sent off against Airdrie in the league cup semi final in mid week. All drubbings aside we still won the league that season too did't we? Yes indeedy 1994 the year we went to a major final and atually brought the silverware back home to Fife. I know the Pars have had a few trips to Finals since but their batting averages are still pish eh lads? I also understand that the Pars have actually won a national cup but not in the lifetimes of many on here I'm guessing. As for the above "minging away kit" Old Norry wore it with distinction on that day but I doubt even he'd be able to look even half presentable in the new Red & yellow effort. Toodle pip.
  16. I would remind you that the said Johnny Stewart scored a perfectly good (should have been match winning) goal at Dens last season which was only ruled out because a certain Mr Baird was offside. In fact Bairdy is offside quite a lot in games which is something you will be only too aware of in a month or two. Stewart may or may not be pants but just wait until you see Davo trying to find a team mate less that 10 yrds away. I'm sorry to see ID go as he had arguably his best season with us last term but there are other player to be had and as been said it could work out better for us. In Davidson Dundee are getting a player who can hit great 30 to 50 yard balls but can often fail to find a team-mate from 10 feet. He is a committed and hardy player who is great at breaking down play but can be petulant and all to often easily wound up and gets a card, his downright stupidity at Forfar where he collected 2 in 3 mins will live long in the memory of many at Station Park that day. His best attributes are his tackling and his flexibility to play either defence or midfield. I'm sorry he's gone but there will be a replacement.
  17. Awww bless! They just want to be more like the Rovers........Albion, Melchester whatever. Ok so that'll Roy Race on the left and Blacky Gray on the right but who's the wee fanny at the front? Doh! silly me that'll be Joe Cardle.
  18. Rumple. He's coming on a free with Sammy The Tammy going the other way.
  19. I have 2 bottles of 18 yr old sherry cask GlenDronach that my wife gave me 20 years ago as an engagement present. Might open one when my Eldest hits 18......... and might no.
  20. Was at a great whisky tasting night a week ago and had a 21 yr Cask strength GlenDronach from a 1st fill sherry cask, have to say was one of the best I've had recently. All time best has to be either the 1959 Glen Grant or better yet the 21 yr old Springbank neither of which is a cheap nip. Islay's I like Bowmore pref the 12 or 15yr olds. The 15 year old laphroag was hugely superior to the 10 but there used to be a 17yr bottling of Ardbeg and man what a beast ir was. Glenturret (12) is my fav Highland and Higland Park 18 yr is my fav island although it's wee brother is good too. Speyside, Like Aberlour 10 and Balvenie DW but preferring 10 year Old McCallan fine oak these days is my choice. Blends, Baily Nicol Jarvie is tops. There are no bad whiskies in reality only some are better than others.
  21. Rubbish! They are nothing like us their teams are successful in Europe. Oh hang on that's not what they meant?
  22. You must already be fabulously independently wealthy my man. This week's Euromillions Jackpot is only £36M, once you've paid £20M for them you will need to find a hellovalot more to pay off the creditors never mind anything else. I take it you'd be open to offers for Castle Doom, Misery Park & car Park
  23. A wee change of tack here, I was just wondering if ( bear in mind I've been away at work for over a week) anyone had heard on the QT if there was any news about our other loan signing? I know that we are at the mercy of the loanee's own club as to when they let him come but what with only having a wee squad I thought now that Davo has officially been placed on the sick list there'd maybe be an annoucent this week. Then again perhaps depending on what position the loanee plays (eapecially if a Striker or winger?) McGlynns waiting to see whether or or not he needs to re-prioritise and bring in a defender or midfielder.
  24. Hmm, my take on Mr Sim was that he has not donated £75k to the Auld Kirk group but has instead loaned them the money. As for our club, as far as I know the gentleman has not invested much if anything in RRFC. He stands as guarantor for the mortgage on the ground but I'm not sure whether or not he has actually lodged the funds to cover the guarantee with the Allied Irish Bank or whether he'd only have to do so if RRFC defaulted on the repayments. As it stands as the head of Raith Rovers Properties he will be entitled to to property title deeds once the mortgage is cleared (which isn't looking likely... ever!). The football club are servicing the interest but are unable to repay the capital at this time. What Mr Sim's plans are for the ground it would seem he alone knows but there seems to be no or at least very little dialogue with the Raith board. As an extremely wealthy man Mr Sim obviously has funds at his disposal to invest as he pleases but it would appear he does not give anything away as so far the only things we know of are a loan and a guarantee.
  25. I think we have an early contender for "a" typical Rangers fan of the year. LoL typifies all that we've come to expect of Old Firm fans.
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