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  1.  There isn't a money spinner in this competition for any club and to suggest otherwise shows at best a lack of attention and at worse blind stupidity. Of the 8 fixtures this weekend, Stenny v Waterford, Us v Glenavon, Airdrie v Elgin,  Arbroath v Clyde, Wrexham v St MirrenU21,  Solihull v Rangers u21, Inverness v Alloa, Partick v Connahs Quay, I'm of the opinion the teams in bold will go through with only the last fixture being one I can't decide on, is Jobby McCall cup tied??.

    Out of the 15 other sides left in the cup not one would bring anything like a decent away support to Starks Park with possibly only Partick bringing a few hundred at best. Financially we will gain very little from a home quarter final tie against any of that lot and any away tie would see the club struggle to break even. Even a televised tie would not benefit us as the money is pooled in the SPFL/Sponsors pot.

    I've said all along its an out and out nonsense competition that we should have sought the exit door for at the 1st opportunity, however we didn't and now find ourselves in a position where should we beat Glenavon we will have passed more rounds (and potential banana skins both financial and physical) than we would still have to play and therefore the odds of a financial or injury mishap are diminished. It's because of those facts that I'm starting to change my tune even if I still think the whole thing is still a pile of keech!

    An acceptable scenario always was that we got through this competition without financial loss and more importantly without picking up anymore injuries, with that in mind my major fear is an away trip to Ochilview and what might just be the worst surface in Scotland. 

    A potential dream scenario is that we beat Glenavon, draw and beat Stenny at home in the quarter, do Airdrie in the semi and then gub Arbroath in the final, now there's something I never thought I'd say. Having said that a weekend trip to Liverpool for Wrexham away would be decent too.

    All dreaming aside the reality will I expect be somewhat different.

  2. 11 minutes ago, philpy said:

    Cheers. As I mentioned earlier, I bought some old training gear and one of the tops has number 55 on it, just couldn't think who wore that number.

    If it smells slightly of tropical fruit it's probably Mango's.

    And if it is his t'll be a bargain. It'll be like new, it only ever got worn for a month and a half a season.

  3. Just now, Specky Ginger said:

    Nah, better than that, he scored the opener and set up the injury time winner in the new year derby at the old Bayview the following season. 

    Oh, and set up about five of Rovers' seven goals against East Fife at Starks Park in the November. 

    Bingo Killed off the Fife in successive games so technically Gordon EF is correct.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Niall Russell said:

    If I knew what match that was I’d look at the promotion diary from that season to get the name of the guy back right. Definitely 86-87 as it was before Gary Voy had his car accident that ended his career...

    Didn’t Gary Voys car crash happen at Haddington after a Berwick away game midweek.?

    Are you sure that’s Billy Herd? Not as I recall him.

  5. 17 hours ago, lorenzo71 said:

    Layne  has it all to be a cult hero this season.We need a song for him.  'do it again Isaac Layne..'old folk on here will ken the song

    He looks like he’s not 100% fully fit, might I suggest in return for previous favours we have done Sons in the past that you send him to Starks Park on loan, we’ll get him sorted for you.😉

  6. The hallmark of previous J McG teams has always been that we have been dogged (some might say turgid) and hard to beat. He needs to get that mindset back into the entire team. He maligned last seasons team for lacking heart, he needs to prove his signings have what's required.

    Stranraer's opener was an out and out glorious strike but my word the guy had a fortnight to pick his spot, why wasn't he closed down? Where was the midfield? Why didn't a defender close him down?

    The second was awful defending, in particular a certain defender who fell over, didn't get up quickly and in fact was still laying prone when the ball finally hit the net. Once again though the midfield were absent in the run up to it.

    The 3rd was all on the witch who was worryingly slow to react but again you have to question the midfields part in the run up to it, where was the drive, commitment and bodies on the line to stop them?

    We have 3 good creative midfielders but by **** they need to learn to dig for it too!

  7. On 12/08/2019 at 16:15, Rovers_Lad said:

    Players will have bum sores with travelling up to Dingwall on Tuesday then down to Stranraer on Saturday

    McGlynn in his post match interview on Saturday said Bowie wouldnt make it but Anderson might

    In the 5 competitive away games the fans and players will have clocked up 1290 miles. 

  8. We just need some more bodies to fill jerseys at times like this,  another few of the youths like Berry, Valentine and Stevenson would have made handy bench fillers or even playing subs in midweek.

    If we can plod along still picking up results until Lewis and Tony return then we should be ok barring a major injury to someone critical.

    All the time that McGlynn stays out of the loan market the more the crowd fund grows, in this respect if we can get to The next window without dipping into it then there may be enough funds to bring someone fresh in that can upset the opposition. I’m a great fan of bringing in new faces half way through as it’s paid dividends in the past.

    I don’t see any particular position that could be radically improved with a young loanee so I’m not too fussy for bringing one in at the moment, but if we were to then as suggested surely it have to be a player who can play anywhere up and down the left hand side to give us full/wing back or even left midfield options.

    Miller Is preferred RB but both Watson or McKay can fill in.

    McDonald is doing well for us, but there isn’t much in the way of cover for that position.

    Bene and Davo are 1st choice CBs but McKay and Mendy are good cover. In he direst of emergencies even Ando could fill in there.

    In the middle Hendry, Matthews and Spencer are different class and when Dingwall and Vaughan are added to Victoria, Anderson and Tait then it shouldn’t need adding cover to.

    Allan, Bowie, Anderson, Smith and Vaughan when fit are all decent options depending on the combinations.

    When I look at it like that, then as suggested it’d really only be another unfortunate long term injury that would force us to dip in o the marketplace.

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