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  1. In the 5 competitive away games the fans and players will have clocked up 1290 miles.
  2. I recognised him Dod, he’s still at games is he not?
  3. We just need some more bodies to fill jerseys at times like this, another few of the youths like Berry, Valentine and Stevenson would have made handy bench fillers or even playing subs in midweek. If we can plod along still picking up results until Lewis and Tony return then we should be ok barring a major injury to someone critical. All the time that McGlynn stays out of the loan market the more the crowd fund grows, in this respect if we can get to The next window without dipping into it then there may be enough funds to bring someone fresh in that can upset the opposition. I’m a great fan of bringing in new faces half way through as it’s paid dividends in the past. I don’t see any particular position that could be radically improved with a young loanee so I’m not too fussy for bringing one in at the moment, but if we were to then as suggested surely it have to be a player who can play anywhere up and down the left hand side to give us full/wing back or even left midfield options. Miller Is preferred RB but both Watson or McKay can fill in. McDonald is doing well for us, but there isn’t much in the way of cover for that position. Bene and Davo are 1st choice CBs but McKay and Mendy are good cover. In he direst of emergencies even Ando could fill in there. In the middle Hendry, Matthews and Spencer are different class and when Dingwall and Vaughan are added to Victoria, Anderson and Tait then it shouldn’t need adding cover to. Allan, Bowie, Anderson, Smith and Vaughan when fit are all decent options depending on the combinations. When I look at it like that, then as suggested it’d really only be another unfortunate long term injury that would force us to dip in o the marketplace.
  4. Nah it’s Cliff Michelmore rubbing his hands in the bottom left.
  5. Concussion protocol is a 2 week valuation from the date of diagnosis, Mendy wasn’t diagnosed until before the Dumbarton game (that was the 1st game he missed?) so if passed fit he should be available for a seat on the bench on Saturday I’d think. Bowie was said to be ulikely to be fit for Saturday so he too may be on the bench. Not having the option of Victoria is a pity, especially after getting his 1st goal last week. Hope the two injuries carried in the squad from Dingwall are at least in positions where we have some semblance of cover.
  6. 1st Anderson needs treatment, then Bowie has to be substituted, 2-0 down are Clyde bringing out the hammers and chucking them at us?
  7. I asked McGlynn about the jackpot/blockbuster signing before the Dundee game, his exact words were “didn’t happen, that’s why we went for Allan”  I was disappointed, so much so I didn’t post it on line as I felt it was a big negative. 

  8. My son sent me this, hope it’s not a wind up.
  9. I'm unsure how both Vaughan and Dingwall will be eased back in, but at some point down the line I wouldn't be surprised to find our best formation being a front 3. Bowie at CF, Vaughan at No 10, Dingwall coming in from the wing. That'd leave Ando and Allan on the bench of course.
  10. I don't think that's the Clyde, at that bit. River Leven?
  11. 16 mins. "Dumbarton in possession in the Rovers half, no pressure on him what so ever, McKee almost launches the ball into the Clyde." That would be quite impressive, I'd have thought he'd have to clear the stand, rock and castle to find the Clyde from the pitch!
  12. "Spencer plays on Bowie, he ran 25 yards and only the left foot of Brennan prevented the visitors going one up." And that'll set the tone no doubt.
  13. Brennan was absolute dugshite for us, usually plays a blinder against us though.
  14. Raith Twitter and home page interesting, seems we are starting without Bowie and only wit 10 players.
  15. Nooooooo! Surely they've suffered enough already.
  16. True but we have more fans than you have seats more often than not. 🤣 Now off to bed son it's time you went bye byes.
  17. He'll say "we didn't start the game well, we gifted cheap goals and we did't create enough or cause them enough problems" I'd say we didn't want it enough, they were better and we still can't defend balls into the box, especially high balls despite playing with 5 defenders over 6' in height. I fear for us on Tuesday against Peterhead and on Saturday against Cove, we could be there for the taking if HE doesn't get it sorted out.
  18. Bear in mind McGlynn never said the words, it was more just the feeling I got from what was said.
  19. I agree 50 is a bit light but that depends on the definition of Vaughan's (if he stays fit and finds the net) double figures being only 10, if he got say 15 or more then that'd be 55+, 20 would be 60 and that's only 3 less than Arbroath won the league with and Forfar finished 2nd with only 54. Majorly the issue is goals obviously but not conceding 2/3 of what you score is key. If the midfield and co could averaged 6 goals a piece that'd be almost 50 alone, but I think that's less likely that Lewie scoring 20 tbh. If it's positivity your after 3o goals would probably be enough to win the league........as you as you kept 36 clean sheets. 😁
  20. After the brief chat I had with McGlynn on Saturday I was left with the opinion that there will be no further signings this window. I asked if he was worried where the goals were coming from and he said no. He reckons if they share them about we will be fine. An average of 5 a piece for Allan, Anderson, Henry, Victoria, Spencer, Bowie, Dingwall and another 5 from the rest would give us 40 goals add in double figures for Vaughan and there's 50 goals. Not ideal but it is what it is and if we can work out how to keep the back door shut we will be fine. I did ask about the jackpot player and John just said we didn't get him and it won't be happening. Just have to wait until Jan and we sign HSWHW's on loan.
  21. Nando has been at the club since March or April, Glynns obviously seen something in him he likes and thinks he can work with. Perhaps the mistake was playing him against Dundee (and possibly ICT), maybe P'heid and Cove would have been better for him.....than again maybe not. If all else fails we can always offload him to the Pars.
  22. I think he's checking for his extra leg.
  23. Watched the footage on Raith TV, have to say if it was a foul on the defender for the first goal then for me it looked like it would have been s very soft decision, there is a wee nudge and a stumble but the defender simply has to do much much better. Again for the penalty there's a wee nudge from the Dee No 6 but it doesn't change anything Nando lifts his foot too high, there's contact and it's a pen all day, poor decision making by Nando, twice!. We might have had a pen too though the Dee man plays the ball but through the Matthews leg, Meekings (?) makes less contact with the ball than the player but I suppose he did get a touch. No biggie, the games a bogie by then anyway 2-0 down after 27 mins and the game plan is well shot! Third goal was from good play Dee dragged Davo and Nando wide left and hey presto we were cut open unlike the self inflicted wounds of the other 2 goals, all in all Dundee were stronger and better and looked like they wanted it far more. than we did (especially defensively).
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