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  1. Longridge left Falkirk at the end of the season, he's looking for a club. Mighn't be gospal but the tea shack gossip from a bloke I work (he has a son who was in the QotS U19 team and I think has played in the 1st team), is that Queens will likely be relying heavily on youth next season.
  2. I think that due to self interest that particular Nirvana can never really exist in Scotland, any of the Premier league sides will vote against an expanded top flight, some L1 and almost all L2 sides would vote against bringing in more pyramid teams as it is a potential threat to their current or potential league status. I say potential as in my lifetime I've seen the likes of the bigger teams such as Killie, Partick, Ayr, Raith, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Airdrie all drop into the lowest tier and sometime 2nd tier sides like Cowden, Brechin and Berwick fighting to stay in the leagues. The breathtakingly rapid fall from grace of Brechin City must be in the minds of many club chairmen. Individual cases of self interest kill all of the rest stone dead, no chairman will vote in a plan that is financially debilitating to his club, especially for teams living near the relegation trapdoor a scary thought of 2 teams coming up that have bigger supports than yours and potentially a better chance of relegating yourself. So if forming a panel exclude PL, L2 and half of L1 sides and you are left with Raith Falkirk, Airdrie, Dundee, Dunfermline, Qots, Inverness, Morton, Ayr, Arbroath, Alloa and Partick as sides with apparently no axe to grind.....except that don't trust either Dundee or Rovers who have flip-flopped (for reasons unspecified) so who can tell what they'd do, Falkirk have a lot to gain so wouldn't be impartial as would Partick, Inverness and possibly Ayr might fancy their chances of being improved in a league without DUFC, HMFC and ICT as would Airdrie without Partick, Falkirk or Raith. Two teams that have narrowly avoided the drop in recent years are Alloa and QotS so they mightn't be keen to see revitalised Raith and Falkirk come up. Axes being ground right left and centre! Out of that lot only the Pars, Ton and Arbroath have little to gain or lose but from a financial aspect they will still vote for what brings in the most filthy lucre i.e. in this case the Maroon poond which is worth more than the Partick one! In short the whole thing cycles one way or another on degrees of self interest and if you want an independent set up then best go buy one in from abroad, Barry Hearn come on down your time is nigh.
  3. Looks fairly well balanced to me, 6 had either good reason to vote it through or had Previously voiced that they were keen on it. Perhaps a board of Hearts, Partick, Inverness, Falkirk, Stranraer, Edinburgh City, Brora and Kelty Hearts would have been better balanced?
  4. Aw diddums, if your not happy with my comments on a Raith page bugger off back downstairs. I’ve always supported reconstruction (and still would) but not one that has a 10 team Championship, do we know the full ins and out of exactly what was being proposed? I don’t but I suspect there must have been fair reasons why not just Raith voted against it but the MAJORITY of teams also. If Rovers were in the position of Hearts, Partick, Stranraer or even Falkirk fan I know I would be feeling bitter too, where I’d like to think I’d differ is in not lashing out and blaming every bugger else for my lot. There comes a time when you just have to accept that your team finished where it did on merit, better appointments in the dugout and better performances on the pitch during the 6 months of actual football would have rendered the cases of those clubs un-needed instead of bleating on about what hypothetically might have happened in the long run. As for the supposed high ground. moral integrity is a fine stick to beat others with but in the unwieldy hands of some it just looks absurd. The simple truth of the matter is that If Hearts were a point above Hamilton, Partick a point above Alloa and Falkirk a point above Rovers then the outlook (and Likely voting) of those poor hard done by Clubs would have been very, very different and the moral line wouldn’t come into it, and what’s more deep down they all know it.
  5. In the grand scheme of things Falk Lets get real Falkirk have no cash, stick yer money. You are fucked too and ye's know it! Falkirk had their chance and blew it last season, end of! Next season will play out how it will, just bring it on and end this pish!
  6. Have they banned you downstairs on your own forums for slavering pish?
  7. Apologies to all, you are right enough, the "for a limited time only" option was one of the previous votes, seems you lose count if you don't keep up (I certainly lost count anyway).
  8. There was definitely a time period, cant remember if it was 4 years or 5 but it wasn't permanent.
  9. I've numbered you point for ease of answering. 1, You cherry picked part of the point which wasn't directly part of my argument. You failed to pick up on the fact that somewhere down the line there would almost certainly be a return to a smaller Premier league (The very thing the top 11 voted against even happening to start with) and the fact that with the well financed Kelty and Brora automatically added there would likely be one or more of the establishment consigned in the future to the lower leagues as they dropped out. This might well be something that many on here would like to see but I'd doubt you'd see many L2 chairmen vote positively for (and they didn't). As for the death knell of my club, (which I actually didn't specify) well in a return to the staus quo the drop in numbers in the premier would likely lead to more relegations from the Championship (and so on and so forth) in the middle of which could well lead to Raith dropping back to L1. As one who attends AGM's I know how perilous our financial position is as a result of 3 seasons in L1, perhaps after another season in L1 Falkirk fans will have a better idea of how bad financially L1 is for clubs of the like of Raith, Falkirk and Partick. 2, If you understand the argument (and you clearly don't) then why are you decrying Raith for it? Name one other club who hasn't done the same or more pointedly would do otherwise in a like for like scenario? 3, Hearts stated all along that they were looking at legal action as hinted Partick and Stranraer, the latter both recanted before somebody decided to fund Partick's case for them. The fact that for some time neither Partick nor Stranraer were taking legal action means it wasn't nailed on, probably not so for the cash strapped Gorgie outfit either had it not been for a wealthy backer. Everyone in football might have thought it a possibility (probably even a strong one) that an action would be lodged but nobody would have predicted Dundee Utd, Raith & Cove being named in the process. You are right Raith are in Limbo, perhaps more so than the other 2 promoted clubs who are clearly much more financially robust. I agree that in all likelihood the relegations will stand and the fallout will in the end only be only financial. That isn't to say it'll all be ok! Barring lunacy on the part of the arbitrators it should all be ok for the rest of the leagues but a 4 day protracted debate will cost around £100,000 and if costs aren't split then it could yet prove ruinous (in the long run) for the likes or Raith who without wealthy backing can least afford the tab. If damages are awarded then it depends greatly on the amount awarded. If I was Hearts I'd be asking for more than I expected so £10M in the hope they get 20% of it, I'd not be surprised to see the final outcome as £1M to Hertz and £250k to Partick.
  10. Only if saddled with a hefty 5 figure legal fee or are faced with repaying league prize money which would severely inconvenience if not cripple many a club, yours included. So using that reasoning did 81% of all those league member also NOT do the right thing? I wanted reconstruction for bigger leagues, but not on a relatively temporary basis that would at some none too distant point potentially be the death knell of my club, I'm guessing most of that 81% felt the same.
  11. The difference in crowds between the leagues is negligible for home support it’s the away gate that is the kicker. Our average away gate in the season we were relegated was 900, the following season it was 100. 800 x £10 (average adult/concession) x 18 = £144k, add in loss in hospitality revenue and I reckon the relegation made at least £200k hole in our budget.
  12. As I understand it. Legal representation for a QC is about £5,000 per day, so far Raith, Cove and Utd have so far each paid for 3 days of their QCs time. I believe this Arbitration panel is to consist of 3 former top legal minds (judge/sheriff/law lord or QC) each chosen from a set list, one appointed by the good guys, one by the Baddies and a middle man. There is then a QC employed by each side to argue the case. Hearts and Partick will have a top man on the case and will stand firm, hopefully so will all of the other side. IMO if anyone stood down it could well be perceived as weakening their case. Costs of the precedings will be around £25k per day (£5k for every legal eagle involved, if the complainants lose they will be faced with relegation and costs for for the case which could reasonably be anything from £25-100k. If they win then The league and the named clubs will foot the bill for costs and the league will have to make reparation for damages, if that reparation ends up being the full £10M that’s being looked for then it will be big trouble for the SFL and it’s members. For that last reason alone none of the members of the SFL can afford to toke the view that “it’s the SFL and those other 3 clubs problem, let the, sort it out.” Reversal of Promotions and Relegations though unlikely can’t be ruled out, the more likely outcome is reparations be made to the complainants, the full £10M is probably unlikely but half or even a quarter would be deeply damaging and the award of costs (unless shared) more so too.
  13. Great signings for the pars....LOL! Ex-Rovers defenders Watson & Murray as main centre back partnership, meh! decent enough but know them both and know their weaknesses. Vaughan will run at Murray, Murray will backpeddle and Vaughan will score. Watson was fairly pish at Falkirk 3 seasons ago, I'd doubt he'll have improved massively. Murray is made of chocolate these days and will be injured for about a third of the season and his stand in Whittiker is past it. Give me McKay & Bene over that pair of haddies any day.
  14. Well I didn't recognise it as being the best 11, in fact I think it's a farce! This would be mine 1. D. Mitchell or M McCallum 2. C. Ballantyne 3. K. MacDonald 4. C. Higgings 5. K. Benedictus or G. Buchanan 6. R. Grant or Agnew 7. C. Tapping 8. R. Hendry 9. D. Goodwillie 10. D. McManus 11. Lyons or Webster or Tait or Hilson or Carrick or Gallacher or Longridge
  15. Not been a massive fan of any of the kits for a few years (since the half & half and the McCrae's kits) but they are both ok, mind you I still think I'd prefer if they swapped the home and away shorts over.
  16. As I recall Guido wisnae too guid o under the high ba
  17. I think the away kit will be all white with red/navy detail.
  18. Your footwork always has been suspect, bit like your tea pouring skills!
  19. My recollection of that game was of Agathe? getting the ball in the opening minute and dropping a shoulder to go around his man. The Falkirk defender read it and dispossessed him, Agathe shrugged his shoulders and promptly gave up, we'd have been as well subbing him right then, he clearly knew he was off (to Hibs) and did very little (by his standards) all game. I'd forgotten about Tall Pish's horror tackle until I saw it again, what a shocker!
  20. I spotted that Gambinos were getting donated the money from this round, it was more the amazing amounts raised by some of the lower league sides, particularly as there seemed no consistency between what had been raised in the early rounds and what suddenly appeared in the last 2, perhaps is was just a case of more fans getting on-board but I'm a cynical sod so...
  21. Airdrieonians priced out of bid for Ryan? No offence meant it's a serious question, have the Bino's suddenly come into some big money? Anyone else think there's something queer about the crazy sums being put into the donate a ticket cup, could it possibly be that some certain sides board members have been ploughing in cash safe in the knowledge that they'd get their money back and by staying in the cup the club would get more money in the next round from others. A cynical view perhaps but something seems fishy with the numbers involved.
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