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  1. I don’t rate him more than I don’t like him and apart from Ludo nobody else picked him so far either, he’s mince! I’d far rather have Daniel MacKay, Carson, Deas, Storey or Keatins before Toderov and well we have already a PCA with Keatings.
  2. JFS&G's If you could sign one player from each of your Championship rivals for next season who would it be? I'd go for: Alloa, was Impressed with Scougal, like Cameron but latter a loanee so Robert Thomson it is. Arbroath, again I like the loanee Hamilton but will opt for Thomas O'Brien. Ayr, Slim pickings Somerset way and always liked Tom Wash but he's been outshone by Luke McCowan. Dundee, Jason Cummings just gets the nod over Adams and Marshall. Dunfermline, Some cracking loanees and do like Kyle Turner but like Aaron Comrie more. Greenock Morton. Really toiling, Aiden Nesbitt or more likely Cameron Blues. Hearts, Spoiled for choice but Liam Boyce has been deadly at times. ICT, Daniel MacKay QotS, McCabe, Jones and Fitzpatrick impressed but Connor Shields it is.
  3. I played on it on Sunday night after that 20 min snow/sleat shower, it was slick as anything. Watering it makes a massive difference to when it's dry.
  4. If that's true it'd be because of any financial gain Alloa could demonstrate to Mr Sim and nothing to do with the quality of the surface, trust me he's not wired that way.
  5. McGlynn to continue to rest players. MacDonald, Tumilty, Musonda, Bene, Davo (if available), King, Kennedy, Spencer, Tait, Duku, Armstrong. Full use of the subs with 30+ mins run outs for Hendry, Vaughan and Gullan. Or not! 😁 Seriously I expect a re-run of Tuesday, hopefully with the same result.
  6. The whole thinks reeks of the intervention of the odious ex-Hearts rogue Scott Gardiner. Going on TV evidence this season it seems referee's are being continually conned by Mr Toderov, he is by a long long way no saint himself but when ever anyone (and it was more of the same in Ross Co game) goes anywhere near him he hit's the deck with an ear piercing scream, on this occasion his mates piled in Man Utd style and the ref invariably bought it. The video shows Davidson makes very little contact with the shammer, certainly not enough to cause "severe injury" as was proved by the player getting up and continuing within a minute. I think Davo was misheard, he most likely called him a "cheating bugger" and Toderov probably thought he said "cheating Bulgar"
  7. So, you're red dotting everything I say that you don't agree with, Is this this what you're getting off on Baillie? 😂 Pathetic!
  8. Yup that was it! The sheer unadulterated lunacy of your thinking Hendry (as good as he is) is anywhere near good enough to be joining the like of Scottish Premier league midfielders like Jack, McGregor and Christie, Turnbull or even Ferguson let alone the EPL McGinn, McTominay, Armstrong, Fleck. Then again maybe Regan has an Irish granny.
  9. I think the 1st bit in bold is likely right on the money, less so IMO the second sentence, I think if we don't go up he'll opt for the best club he can get in the league above. Although money hasn't been a massive factor so far he'd go up safe in the knowledge that he'll be on double what we were paying and be showcasing his talent in the top flight.
  10. I'd love him to stay but if he goes then he goes with my best wishes. I can feel it in my water, there'll be an approach by Dundee Utd for him the summer, either that or...... my prostate is playing up.
  11. Come now, those (Muzza & Nizzy) players moved upwards in their careers, anyone can see such a move for Hendry would be a move backwards.
  12. https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-prize-pot-reaches-25m Going by last seasons deals the difference in the championship between finishing 2nd and 4th is £150,000 or to put it another way £25,000 more than our total prize Money for last year, so finishing 2nd will be worth a whopping 380% on last season's prize. In short (if you cant be bothered clicking the link) Last season: Dundee Utd pocketed £562,500 for winning the league. Runners up place was worth £87,500 less so ICT got £475,000 3rd was worth £400,000, 4th £325,00 and 5th £250,000 Upstairs Hearts got £1,125,000 for finishing in 12th place (11th was worth £62,500 more) so you can see what a massive advantage the likes of: Hamilton (11th), Ross Co 10th £1.25M, St Mirren 9th £1.312M and especially Livvi (5th) who received £1,687,500 have when it comes to offering contracts to the Franky Musoda's and Rego Hendry's of our world.
  13. “Scabby, dogged, backs to the wall” and “vintage McGlynn” all used to describe a hard fought win. Hard to begrudge Queens a point for their 2nd 45 but as the commentary team said it was a reversal of the game at SP when we tore at them in the second half but couldn’t score, the only thing missing was a 2nd break away goal for us. Great defending by Bene, Mus and RT. But barring a couple of misjudged headers in the 1st half this was a tremendous display by Davo, his reading of the game and positioning is pretty much spot on. Time and again he was right where we needed him and if not then he was throwing himself into the path and clearing out, this was exactly what the defence was missing on Saturday and why we shipped 2 goals. Gozie took his chance well and Adam King had his best game with a solid showing. Hendry ran his sock off leaving nothing on the park as his tweet “anyone got spare legs?” showed, his celebration at ft shows what it means to him...to all of them. A result borne out without the talents of Macca, Rosco, Hammer and Lewie, the latter I believe left out as a precaution after feeling some tightness. Hopefully 🙏 all those guys are being rested rather than risked to get them 100% for the final push.
  14. I agree some very, very tough choices. PotY Could easily have been Hendry or Musonda who've both been excellent on their days. Tumilty has been great, likewise could have picked Matthews who has been pivotal to the cause. In the end I opted for Jamie Mac who has been virtually rock solid all season and has added so much stability to the backline. GotS Tumilty's strike was devine as were the equally superb finishes of Armstrong, Kennedy and Duku. Matthew's was a lovely goal too. Hendry's goal gets the nod not just for it being on his weaker foot but for the whole move and execution simply being a thing of extreme beauty, I think I'll be a lot greyer by the time I see another goal of that quality at SP.
  15. It’s been said elsewhere but the substitutions were the game changer. We were pretty much in control of the midfield but with little penetration. Their goal did seem to be coming and when it did you could see it gave the Lichties a big lift, but it was the arrival of McKenna and Stewart then really swung possession and gave them more control in the middle. Raith on the other hand were struggling to hold the ball up top, LV was well marshalled by TOB and Little and looked to be struggling all day with his touch. I think McGlynn had originally planned on bringing on Gozie to try to hold the ball up, but at the last minute went for King to beef up the midfield and counter the loss of control but it didn’t work. At the end of the day it was all square 2-2 on the park, and off it the real baldy messiah won the 1st half but uncle Fester took the plaudits for the 2nd.
  16. The one I struggle to get my head around is how we made such a spectacular loss in the 2015-16 season (2017 accounts) when we had full houses from Rangers twice at SP and Hibs (4 times with one cup game televised. The other seasons are fairly explanatory if you account for the fact that when finishing in the promotion play offs it's kind of expected that you offer contracts to try to move forward and hopefully win promotion and not (as actually happened) plummet to the foot of the league and be lumbered with paying higher paid contracts than you can no longer afford due to lessened income. Many clubs don't but Raith were also paying for surgery to Craig Barr (x2), McGurn, Vaughan (x3), Cuthbert, McHattie along with the wages for non contributants. Lastly add in the paying up of contracts to sacked managers and it all makes a tidy hole in the accounts. Arbroath are to be lauded for the way they operate but it is only done with a lot of beneficial help from outside. I know that as one of the top paying PT clubs Arbroath could not afford to be so if reliant on gate revenue (and I don't mean just now) alone. To summarise, long contracts was a failed gamble, medical fees were the honourable thing to do and paying up managerial contracts were our just deserts for making a rip roaring James Hunt of it in the 1st place. I don't subscribe (and nor do any Raith fans I know but looking at the thread it seems some Arbroath fans on here tend to think we are) to us being a big club, I would suggest we are and should mostly be 2nd tier club, that by definition. means occasional trips to the top flight and spells in the 3rd level. This^^^ 2 year contracts with Championship salaries handed out when the club had an average away support of 900 tend to get kind of screwed when that away average drops to 90. The club honoured contracts and gambled on "Roaring back" within a year and it failed.....spectacularly. This is true, and it's really only relevant if you spend and continue to spend as if you are in a higher league above, as I've shown much of the loss was generated through poor decisions made either by managers signing either dud players (Skacel, McHattie, Johnston, M'Voto, Brennan, Penksa etc) or better players on long contracts that could not be sustained in the lower league. The principal fault was directors employing dud managers and then paying them off (Locke, Smith) and as such effectively for two managers a the same time, there's the best bit of a £100,000 loss (Locke & Jackson) and a £60,000 (Smith) loss right there. You can fairly say there has been a touch of bad luck regarding some of the losses but by far the biggest chunk of it was accrued through mismanagement at coach and board level.
  17. Aye admittedly Ayr WERE lousy but I was dealing with recent form, solely the month of March since Hopkin replaced Kerr. Arbroath was the last game in Feb and the one that effectively got Kerr his jotters. Only 1 defeat to away to Hearts and 2 draws against the 2nd top club. Admittedly their other draw was away against the Alloa but the 3-1 win at Dens Park overshadows that. Ayr March form is quite good W,D,L,W,D,W,D. (9 points) Dundee March form only 1 win better W,W,L,W,L,W. (12 points)
  18. Dundee are in the mix due to 4 wins out of 6 in March which is a humungous improvement on their Feb form. However 3 of those 4 wins were against the bottom 3 clubs (at the time) and one of those 2 defeats was to a just starting to misfire Hearts and the other an absolute scudding at home to the very club in question, Ayr. I just don't see it as a given away win, especially under McPake who virtually to a man Dee fans want shot off.
  19. ^^^^^This! There is a decent argument to play for an hour with Ugwu, King, Armstrong or Kennedy and even Duku then sub on the hour to bring in Vaughan and Gullan (if fit). We've seen dirty Dicks tactics before. Fairly sure Vaughnny still has some of the stud marks to this day. 🤨
  20. I don't see it that way, Ayr's form has much improved since Kerr was bulleted after a horrid Feb. Hopkin has improved them with only one defeat in March (Hearts 2-0) and away wins at Morton and DUNDEE they're not odds on cannon fodder.
  21. The upcoming fixture results of the next 8 days will be massive Tuesday. Ayr v Dundee, Morton v Inverness. Saturday. Us v Arbroath, Ayr v Dunfermline and Dundee v Morton with QotS v ICT being an absolute crunch game. Tuesday. Queens v Us and Pars v Dundee. I reckon two wins and we could be all but nailed on for 2nd, on the other hand 2 defeats and we could really struggle to stay in the top 4.
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