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  1. Transfer fee £50k + Vat = £60,000 130 (weeks) x 1000 = 130,000 (£1,100 a week would be £143k, £1.2k would be £156k). If Clyde paid a % for the remaining 15 weeks of last season £15,000 (or £16,500/£18,000) can come off that. Was there a signing on fee? Now that he's away we can only speculate how much has he gone with? (I'll bet the lass suing him would like to know too). Given the "No further comment" I guess we'll never know how much and who paid it out? My guess is Colin Smart. There's no longer an elephant in the room but I doubt we'll never forget it as long as the ongoing stench of it's being there remains.
  2. I don't think this game was in any way a (or nearly a) halftime collapse by Rovers. It was a case of an opposing manager making some big changes and Raith battling and eventually adapting to it. I have a recollection of Raith v Brechin game back in 2008 where we went in 2-0 up at halftime. Michael O'Neil made changes at the break and by full-time we were hanging on grimly for a draw. Recent Rovers managers haven't had it in their lockers to do that plan B kind of thing, Murray may have that ability but was (is) hamstrung with a lack of options he had available on the bench, Ayr had nine subs available last week to our seven and of them only Thomson and Spencer were over the age of 20. Brown said after the game Murray had warned of an Ayr backlash and told to brace themselves for Ayr coming out all guns blazing. Lee Bullen clearly identified the potential weakness of our inexperienced centre back partnership and made 3 changes at halftime. He crucially introduced Young up front to add even more physicality to the forward line. It was a good idea and it very nearly paid off. If anything though it also gave Rovers a bit more room to operate in midfield and that helped us get more possession.
  3. Carpet went down July 2018. Originally it was expected that it would need replaced between 4 and 7 years (dependant on use and abuse) and that the community use would pay for upgrades.
  4. I have to be honest and admit I didn't see that win coming before 3pm, our general frailty at the back aligned with a blunt edge up front had me fairly certain this would be at best a draw and more likely an Ayr win. Perhaps Ayr came thinking the same but kudos to Murray & Co for making a mockery of that! No real failures in navy blue but some real stand outs. I think the big difference from previous weeks was the level of commitment and intensity all the Rovers players showed this week, very heartening to see to say the least. Ayr upped the ante at half time bringing on more physical attacking players and they did their best to upset Nolan and O'Riordan (as I'm sure was their remit from Bullen) but the kids did well and I'm certain they won't have many tougher afternoons in the league. Great turn and strike from Connell which will give him confidence. Also a brilliant strike from Brown who really put the laces through it 2nd time round. Got to be a special mention for Sam Stanton though who deservedly got MotM for a brilliant all-round performance topped off by a great goal, if anyone typified the commitment and intensity it was that fella. I wasn't at Partick (who I still think will win the league) so Ayr are the best side I've seen that we've faced this season. It's a poorer quality league than the last 2 seasons and we are not as strong a team as we were in those seasons but if we pick up a player or two before Christmas and maybe bring in another in January we can be well in the mix for a top 4 finish. Even having Gullan, Vaughan, Lang and Matthews eventually available will give us much more depth and options from the bench, if we can stay within 6 points of the top then who knows. Conversely all or most of these players may breakdown again and we could also lose O'Riordan and end up right in the shite but that's fitba.
  5. For me he never put a foot wrong on the Hamilton game. I'd agree, the game at NDP was easily his best outing in a Rovers jersey and I thought he'd found his feet and could kick on, he hasn't as yet. To put that performance at NDP into context though, Hamilton were absolutely shite and that game aside he's not looked like mustard. Only 1 good outing in 4 in the cup and 1 in 5 in the league doesn't make for good stats. Some think if we were to bring in another RB for competition he could raise his game, I'm not so sure.
  6. After watching the post match interview I feel Murray looks very downbeat. Even after defeat at Partick he managed to look positive, this week he looks as though he's realising it isn't going as he thought it would, perhaps even that he's bitten off more than he can chew? He actually looks a wee bit like John McGlynn did in that 1st apologetic interview after signing you know who, not quite broken but not too far away.
  7. Maybe so, but I got the distinct impression the Chairman pushed for the deal more than the manager. Perhaps having already having signed Brown and Easton, Murray just wanted the money to be spent elsewhere.
  8. Depends is it a 6'8" 32 yr old Ivory Coast Ex-international (13 caps) who has been without a club since July and has scored 89 career goals since 2007?
  9. That was pushed through by the board more than IM from what I heard.
  10. I'm not sure god could manage that never mind Murray.
  11. Some interesting points being made along with some real heads gone stuff too. However the jury is sitting on Mr Murray though as he needs to have us doing better, much better. 2 wins and 3 defeats is not the form that anyone would have thought we'd start with, it isn't good enough. We can offer a host of excuses with injuries and new players but IMO his recruitment has been worse than McGlynns. The failure to recruit an out and out striker to a team that every fan knew needed one is quite bizarre. However the failure to redress the issue at centre half to where we are now is beyond that! That he signed two midfielders to an already adept midfield squad whilst not addressing those other more important issues is nothing short of criminal. So far his recruitment: Brown, midfield rock but better than Matthews? Utility man? Jack of some trades and master of none, he's not a patch on Musonda imo. Easton, good on his day but has been a bit hot and cold. Still possibly his best signing though. Nolan, weak, one footed, indecisive, slow (thought wise) and doesn't move the ball well. O'Riordan, classy for one so young, he must be wishing it was Christmas and he can go home. Probably the best bit of business Murrays done. Ngenya and Connell, squad fillers at best a complete waste of a loan, Millen, complete charlatan and a total waste of a wage. McBride and McNeil, too early to say hopefully they will prove better value than the last 3. Unless I've miscounted thats 11 gone and 9 in, with the exception of Riley Snow any of the other 10 (9 if we miss out Dario) would be shoo-ins to start in that team. Of the 9 brought in I can think of only two who have done enough to warrant their signing. It's not all IM's fault though, the BoD are massively culpable for the position the club are in too.
  12. I hope we would kick on after the Morton and Hamilton games, they both kinda did but we certainly have not. Last season we struggled to score at one end and leaked poor goals at the other. Nothing has changed, IMs recruitment looks no better than McGlynns. Its a poor league but we are a much poorer team too.
  13. Maybe we just misheard him, perhaps he said a "manky" signing? I do agree though, he'd do far better to not get the fans hopes up if there's still a chance he won't pull it off, it just makes them look less and less credible. And not for the 1st time either!
  14. Not necessarily, when we loaned Lewis Vaughan to Dumbarton he couldn't play against us but his goals for them effectively got us eventually relegated.
  15. Keep hoping for a tweet from Starks Park, if it comes I hope it brings better news than the last one on deadline day did! I see on this day in 1978 the young Gordon Wallace scored 4 against Queens Park. I remember it at the time, I reckon that was the performance that finally got him his move to Tannadice and brought his name sake back. Can't be too long til we see "on this day Willie McLean resigned as manager to move to Ayr Utd"
  16. Mine used to say "you're no gettin it just fur askin!" We couldn't win either way!
  17. Personally I'd take May, although in saying that, it is a gamble he could start to resurrect his career or he could sink further and disappear with without trace. On another note I wonder how many Championship coaches are at Ibrox tonight running the rule over youngsters like Ure, Lovelace, King, Devine and possibly Fraser, of course they could be at Alloa looking at Aberdeen's kids. I'd imagine Bryan McDonald will likely be at Firhill tonight watching Arbroath, what with our upcoming fixture at Gayfield in 10 days time. Someone will be at Fir Park tomorrow to take in Inverness's game against Motherwell.
  18. Re, Honest men v the Dee, Thought Frankie did well tonight. Dundee confirmed what we all thought after they beat us 3 weeks ago, they're still shite! Ayr could end up the surprise package, I had them pegged for struggling this term but on that showing I doubt they will. Wasn't massively impressed with Akinyema in the first half but he certainly looked good in the 2nd!
  19. Unless he stays down south or heads to India or Australia then I suspect he'll most likely end up somewhere like Motherwell or St Johnstone. I suspect he'll be keeping himself in shape, I wonder where he's getting training facilities? It would be just be very Rovers to sign him until January get him match fit and sharp by Christmas only to lose him to Ross Co or someone in January.
  20. On the subject of ex-Hibees, I suppose it's highly unlikely to be our Marquee but, I note Marc McNulty was a youth at Hib's in 2008-09 during Murray's second stint at Easter Rd. Shop windae until Jan????
  21. Too many folks on here jumping to conclusions. Who said the direction of the fee was from them to us? It probably was a trivial fee but it'd be all we can afford. Seriously though, good luck Dario, I hope it works for you, just not against us.
  22. At a guess it has to be the CEO, after all she has to be responsible for something other than just outsourcing to justify her alleged high salary.
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