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  1. Terrible idea! As ideas go It's got more holes in it than a sieve! Back to the drawing board!
  2. Live games on Raith Tv is not the ideal but it's probably about the best we could hope for in the circumstances. I'd be delighted to buy a season ticket now if I could watch games on Raith Tv until such times as the stadium could re-open to fans. I said earlier that I thought it would come in 3 or more phases, 1, Live streaming from games behind closed doors. 2, Limited access, perhaps access for season ticket holder only. 3, A full return to football as we knew it, perhaps in the 2nd half of the season? Phases 1 & 2 would preclude away fan attendance so the club will have to work out some method of streaming (at cost) to away fans. Thinking of how games are streamed on big screens at city centre venues during big tournaments, I wonder if (for phase 2) some sort of hub could be set up so that a limited number of fans could pay to attend a big screen venue (say at SP) so that there would be a way of making money for opposition clubs to negate the loss or away fan revenue?
  3. hauf'n half would have been great and got my vote but I suspect it may have clashed with the change strip.
  4. With that kind of moolah you could buy Eastend Park and rent it back to the Scum.
  5. How is he doing? Recovered? https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZwxrlkZWXIdtq9YxeBokdNwnNu67HFcsG8k Here's what the man himself said in the above download on May 8th "Hello everyone, I hope you're staying safe and well. Despite the lockdown, rehab is going well. It's just over 5 months since the operation - anniversary was 5th May. It's going well, I'm back running and feeling fitter and stronger every day. I still have a bit to go but I'm past the worst parts and every day that goes by is a day closer to me being fully match fit."
  6. LV's wiki page is inaccurate too, he hasn't had 3 ACL ruptures all to his right knee. He's done both knees and one of them twice. Still at least it didn't say 3 ACL ruptures one to each leg.
  7. Can’t wait to see LV fucking rinse Murray and co next season
  8. Does he still do that backpedaling at speed routine that allows the opponent all the time in the world to pick his spot?
  9. To be fair that line up would still probably have taken points from Airdrie.
  10. It's like Scabbyview..........but much nicer.
  11. I agree with you Al but I think while true that Gauld didn't make it at Sporting he has been relatively successful. Far from failing he has carved out a career in Portugal with Farense where his end of season form saw him score 6 goals in 7 games to propel his team to the top of the league and win promotion to the Primiera Liga. The Farense coach was in the news in midweek singing his praises and saying he will be a major asset to the Scottish national side. He was unfortunate at Sporting where the manager that signed him was sacked and the new guy didn't rate youth players, then he was sent out on loan and was in the Vitoria side that eliminated Sporting from the cup, this lead to him and a team-mate being recalled and ostracised bak in Lisbon. James has been following his career and says there are plenty of Sporting fans saying his being allowed to leave was a mistake. On the whole though too many young players go to the Ugly sisters or the English leagues, more should take the Eric Black, Ryan Gauld, Liam Morrison and to some extent Olly Burke (maybe not the best example) route.
  12. The move in public spending to the national lottery killed off income to Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters. That (surplus) money from football that wen back into the game now goes into 100,000,000 other good causes instead.
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