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  1. Going by the gaffers statement in the Dee post match there are a number of players with offers in front of them. My guess is Musonda, Hendry, Spencer and Armstrong. Wouldn't be shocked to see most of em still with us next season, just a feeling.
  2. I'm just happy we seem to have broken the mini cycle of the ref awarding the opposition a soft/non existent penalty, refusing us a stonewaller and sending off a Raith man. Mind you there's always Saturday.
  3. Has Tex been on yet to attempt to defend the indefensible?
  4. Damage was done last week, if only we’d scraped a draw! Oh well as for tonight the better team cruised it, we were chasing shadows with 11 on the park never mind 10. Thought the set up and team selection was ok but hampered by injuries to two of our most needed players but even had they both been available I think we’d still have struggled for the right result. Too much possession gifted too often, that’s what killed us. As someone else said we have some really good players but not enough of them, thus when we have injuries and suspensions were severely under the cosh. What’s next? I’d like to think were good enough to get past the dark side (like to but tbh I have the fear) but am strongly of the belief that this Rovers side is fast running out of juice and even if we get past the Pars if the Tay bridge isn’t a bridge too far then the Kessock Br will be, there’s only so much in the tank. Thought Adam King played well tonight but if we are serious about playing in the top flight the team really needs more quality.
  5. Never mind there’s always next season. Bairns, Alloa, Queens Park and probably Cove, should be good fun no?
  6. 6 years ago just now the pitch was scalped before being relaid with grass..... for the last time.
  7. No but judging from the post above your’s we’ve located his arse!
  8. As a substitute, match streaming has been ok but nothing beats the real thing and I’ll be back inside as many grounds next season as I can. That’s not to say I’m against this continuing. As someone who works shifts away from home I’ve relished the opportunity to see games I’d otherwise have missed (Alloa away on boxing day) and I’d love this to continue, particularly if I could watch the stream at my leisure, eg at 7pm if I can’t see it live at 3pm. My only complaints were the occasional dodgy commentary (easily sorted) and the issues of buffering (less easily sorted) the latter of which was mainly an issue with my own club (more early on than of late).
  9. Doesn't the guy that owns PSG sit on the governing board of FIFA/UEFA and on the board of one of the Champions league main sponsors?
  10. The greed displayed in virtually every league for the last 30 years and the level of corruption displayed by the governing bodies has meant there's been a kind of inevitability to all of this, it has been more a case of "when" than "if". It's interesting that Mr Neville has been vociferous in his championing of the non greed cause yet his silence in there being 4 or 5 English clubs in the Champions league hoovering up revenue (un-available to the rest of the league/leagues) was deafening, talk about crying wolf when it suits. At the end of the day is it wrong? Yes, will it happen? Probably. Options? It wont happen but I'd love the most corrupt entity of them all (FIFA) render all clubs involved ex-communicate and there-by all contracts of players at said clubs null and void, that'd be fun!
  11. That was a hard watch, very tough on Alloa who deserved much better than they got. Ok so we were missing 5 first team starters but that was a nervy, tired and generally poor performance. Hope Dundee draw their next two games, or better still lose em.
  12. I don’t rate him more than I don’t like him and apart from Ludo nobody else picked him so far either, he’s mince! I’d far rather have Daniel MacKay, Carson, Deas, Storey or Keatins before Toderov and well we have already a PCA with Keatings.
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