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  1. Never a truer word said! Nicked (and tweaked) from Monty Pythons Holy Grail I doubt it, I'm not convinced they know the seasons ended and McGlynns gone yet? Yes it is! It's definitely posted on Fan talk, I saw it myself!
  2. Ok, As I see it the progress and upward momentum of the club in the past 3 seasons would hopefully suggest a continuation of that progress no? ie a better manager coming than we already had. As I see it none of the names mentioned (except for Jack Ross) is an upgrade on what we had in the previous manager, ergo what was the point in shuffling him out the door? Hopefully in 6 months time I'm on here with a big spoon eating humble pie, but in the mean time I feel we have leaped without looking or to put it another way thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
  3. Murray, Ellis, Berra, Thomson, Fox Mickey Mouse? Ambivalence has kicked in and I'm realising I just feel numb, as far as I can see there's not a name out there that would make me rush to the ground and buy a season ticket. The past season was more than just a damp squib and I'm getting past caring, I feel a disconnect from the club that I haven't felt since those fun days of Anelka and McGowan. I should be upbeat about the future and desperate to see the right man come in and take the club forward. Unfortunately the events of the last year just seem to see us lumbering from a misjudgment to error, incompetence and eventually to farce, where is there any evidence would justify some optimism that the trend is about to be broken?
  4. In general I tend to agree, the point was merely that he (KT) had the same finances as his predecessor but made a far better fist of it. Granted that means they still may both be pish but he only had to be slightly less pish to succeed. The word seems to be that he's a decent coach who's teams play attractive football but even so he's still largely untested (budget wise). Then there's the other issue of his rumoured personality.
  5. My tuppenceworth. A Rangers supporting friend has connections at Kelty and gave me his views/insights Pro's for Thomson Well thought of at Ibrox, so much so he's seen as a potential future boss. Did what Ferguson couldn't have so there's some talent there. Obviously has something as a coach. Cons, Kelty rumoured to be uncomfortable with him and won't be unhappy if he goes. Word is a decent coach but a bit of a balloon. On McGynn. Clearly forced out to make it easy for the board (Sim), was neither rated nor liked by JS. McGlynn supposedly identified 3 players in January that he thought would do a job, Goodwillie, Lafferty & Griffiths. At the end of the day the board chose DG, they had the final say in the matter not the manager.
  6. What exactly has McPake accomplished at Dundee that makes him a candidate? The main difference between McGlynns Rovers and McPake Dundee was ultimately 2 awful refereeing decisions against Rovers and two passes of quality from fat Charlie. OK so he managed to guide Dee past a shit Killie team but can anyone say that over the course of last season or most of this that he looks like a tactical genius? What's the betting he gets the gig?
  7. We could rename the Portacabin "the Ophidarium" or "The Serpentarium". Or mibbies just "The Snake-pit"
  8. True, but rumours abound about him being an absolute ersehole outwith coaching, add that to the inexperience and I have grave misgivings.
  9. I'll pass on all 3. Murray was bang average at Dumbarton and complete dogs hit at St Mirren without Jack Ross, ok he might have improved some but I'm not fully convinced. Stewart Petrie I just cant see coming, if he's wanted a FT job he'd have been in (and probably out of ) one already. Forbye he's totally unproven above L1 which despite a few attempts he hasn't got out of past the play-offs. Kevin Thomson might still be well thought of by Rangers but he's very much untested, I mean come on Claude Anelka could have managed a Kelty side with that much financial muscle behind it to the title. There also the fact that he is rumoured to be an absolute walloper! Other in the mix I've heard. Lennon - No! McPake - f**k no! McKinnon - Never again! Glass - Really? No!!! Hartley - Nope! Holt, Hopkin, McPhearson, Darran Young, Naismith Jesus the list of absolute shite is endless! Ross? - I wish! (he's probably still pissing himself laughing at us from last time!) Wright? - Jury is oot! Laurie Ellis and Berra? - By no means ideal but better than some of the above. Doug Imrie? - well.... Unless there's something truly amazing comes out of left field I think we're fucked!
  10. From what I hear she's far too busy outsourcing in-house stuff and lining up contract to her pals and firms in Edinburgh, local club? Ha!
  11. Oh aye, right after you guys erect ones to Yogi and Masterton.
  12. You still think they Are capable of any of that? The gang of 4 are obviously so incompetent they couldn't run a bath never mind a football club. Wonder how many of the players will follow John McGlynn to Falkirk? It's no secret that many of the guys we signed during his time chose the Rovers over other better heeled outfits, why? because he was there and he is liked and respected by players. Said for months now we are likely to sign Danny Lenon, watch this space! Yup that'll have season tickets flying off the shelves. 5 years of upward momentum spectacularly fucked by a hapless buch of egotistical incompetents. Angry and upset but no longer by any means surprised.
  13. Just want to congratulate you on making the play-offs. You managed what we couldn't.
  14. Not only does Sim hold all the cards, he maneuvers (has at present) in to a position where anyone who was not of his thinking gets forced out (Phillips, McDermid, Caira, Clark, Mill) so that he's completely surrounded by his yes men pals. I hope Susan Simpson is made of sterner stuff and is soon to be joined by others with more vision, understanding and integrity. Nothing is ever easy but it's tough to effect change when all the good guys are on the outside and the tyrant occupies the higher ground (though clearly not morally!). Nothing is impossible though I recall yon wee Chinese student who stood up to a tank, so there's hope.
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