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  1. Not so much that as the stewards toe in his hole that propelled him heid first down the stairs.
  2. Cold light of day and with the benefit of the highlights all 3 reds were correct decisions. Davo was high and wild, looked like Matthews got nothing on the ball and all of the player and the Airdrie man thought he was taking one for the team but raked it a bit and the way Mr Hapless with the whistle was behaving it was always going to be about how good he could make himself look. Q. Is there no such thing as a foul throw anymore? Also two handed pushes and blatant handballs seem to be ok too! Thought Bene was superb, Hutton is still an arsehole. Good win for us the type that I'd happily sign up for every week until May, or until my heart gives out what ever comes first!
  3. Last time I looked they were a massive 3 points clear off seventh place and a whopping 8 off the play-off place, give it a fortnight 😉.
  4. Absolutely no danger that any Raith board would ever have been stupid enough to trust hired in security with a bucket of cash......mind you they did employ both Clodd Anelka and Gaz Locke and passed over Jack Ross at the interview stage so maybe we shouldn't rule it out entirely.
  5. Glad you got home eventually Al, told you that you should have just taken a lift home with me to Dave & pat's....did I mention I have heated seats? 😂
  6. We all see things differently I suppose, in my eyes SAndo was the worst defender on the park for us and by some margin. His distribution was awful, not that Bene's was great either to be fair.
  7. ^^^^^^this! Anything over waist height and it's usually no good to Allan. When teams camp on the edge of the box to prevent us playing it out we need someone who can adapt to the long/high ball,I think this has to be Anderson in that role as neither Allan nor Bowie are too good (and that's being kind) with anything above waist height. Mind you Munro, SAndo and Bene's inability to get any real distance on the ball renders the whole point moot.
  8. In the cold light of day having watched the highlights, yup! that's still pish! Obviously having 5 1st team regulars missing at kick off and 6 once Bowie departed was too much, they were all sorely missed but Bowie was missed as I thought our attacking threat mostly went with him. What was that line up all about? 4 across the back at home against the bottom of the league, surely play McKay as part of a 3 with 2 wingbacks would have given us more options in the middle and more critically more width. Maybe I'm wrong but every time we revert to a back 4 we look a shadow of the 3-5-2 formation. Actually didn't bother to vote on the app last night as I felt I couldn't pick a deserved candidate, yes young Tait did ok but in reality was he any better than Munro, MacDonald or even Bene? Sorry but not for me he wasn't. I thought we really missed Davo last night, for all his faults he is our only central defender who can actually play a long pass (ok, short ones not so much!!) SAndo couldn't kick his own arse! that was another abject performance from a guy that started out so well, seems we have well and truly Roversed him! Now I'm not advocating the big punt up the park (though many in the South stand seem to be) but John McGlynn and Paul Smith have to come up with a new strategy for getting the ball out of defence when the opposition have all got us sussed and sit on the 18 yard line anytime Munro has the ball who it seems also hasn't the strength to kick it long btw. Tait might have been ok but boy did we miss Spencer, he might have been fairly poor these last 2 or 3 games but last night showed even when he's playing poorly it's still better to have him there than not. John Baird of a season ago just might have buried that last chance but not these days it'd seem. On the subject of forward's is there one in the side that can actually hearer a ball? Neither Allan nor Bowie can time a jump and a header and Baird never wins anything nowadays when closely marked. Surely Anderson would be a better option through the middle for knockdowns and flicks? In short we lacked any quality where it counted, too many misplaced passes and stopped runs, can't wait to see Hendry and Spencer back in the midfield. Also if Victoria isn't good enough we'd be as well to get rid of him in January (a loan or whatever) as we have enough abject midfielders already in Armstrong and Dingwall without holding on to one that cant even get a run out off the bench.
  9. Just Fucking awful to watch. Any team missing 5 first team regulars will toil I suppose but against a team without a point from 21 we should be better and should be able to get the job done at home. Though Forfar were cynical with fouls to break any play up and seemed happy to sit deep and not even try to attack, sad that we are supposed to be promotion candidates yet cannot devise a plan against such a ploy. The way Bowie was chopped down was awful, it looked a sore one and I wouldn't be surprised if he will be out for the next few games.
  10. What we heard immediately after the P’head game was Ziggy had a knock but would be fine, even though McGlynn was more circumspect in the post match interview I still think he will start. Who only knows what the midfield will be but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it was Matthews, Dingwall and Armstrong. Another option might be Baird as I’m sure he was deployed as an attacking midfielder for Forfar at times. back line 3 of McKay, SAndo and Bene, MacDonald utilised with Watson or Milller in the wing back roles and 3 in midfield with 2 up top.
  11. Too many of us at the time just thought Graham was a poor replacement for Brewster and as such he was unfairly judged, he was a different type of player. Brewster was a real class act, really special.....what you might call a special brew.......I'll get my coat.
  12. Shankland went to Dundee Utd, Callachan to Hearts neither for a fortune as far as I know, had they gone to say eg Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wed or Luton Town they'd have gone for a sight more. As things stand there's a rake of English league scouts attending Bowies every game, that is to say it is not out with possibility that he will stay in Scotland but if English clubs are offering better deals I'd doubt it. As far as I know no club has made any offer known as far but I very very much doubt the board will take the 1st packet of shiny baubles on offer. £200k is speculative on my part but I'll be very surprised if he goes for less when it does happen.
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