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  1. Remains to be seen if someone comes in but it’s always interesting to hear what folks think we need most, a defender, a creative midfielder and a goal scorer all suggested. It’s a shame we can’t strengthen in all 3 positions. Defensively we are weak, both Bene and Macca were louping at Arbroath and although Lang would be good in the middle it wouldn’t help Macca much who has been poor for weeks. I know he had Covid but it looks more like a mental than physical issue as it looks like his game is poor not his fitness. Not having Matthews and losing Brad during the warm up highlighted our sudden weakness in what most of us considered to be a strong midfield. Perhaps King just needs to settle in but so far he’s not looking much cop. Hendry looks like he’s not happy as he’s not been at the races for some time, he sat far too deep at Gayfield was no creative threat at all. Up front we have three effective goal scorers but one is off the boil, one is out with a thigh issue and the 3rd looks like he did when he 1st arrived and took time to settle in. The two other options look like they couldn’t find their way to goal if they were given satnavs. Maybe it’s just a case of the 3 new guys not settling in and gelling yet as John said but of what we've seen of them so far one looks fairly hopeless and the other 2 look well short of the form we’ve seen from them in the past.
  2. Apart from bad pixilation in the 2nd half every time the camera panned left and the wannabe Doric Dork commetator's laughable claim that he's unbiased (only to chastened every 5 mins by hi co-hab) I had no complaints with what the Smokies served up yesterday. Rovers since Christmas have become bizarrely inconsistent, yesterday was a team that strangely looked low on confidence (us) against a well drilled team with very well executed game plan. Ok so the pitch was awful and the wind took every second lofted pass into the main stand but Arbroath adapted to conditions far far better than us and fully deserved the points. I reckon we could have played until 4.45 next Saturday and still not have registered a shot on target never mind a goal. Don't know what's happened to McDonald (Kieran) but he has been fairly awful since he has returned. As a whole we have looked ropey but the loss of points at both Eastend and Gayfield are both heavily down to him, he sure doesn't look like last seasons PotY or even the player he was in September. Bene is another that has to look at himself in the mirror for yesterday, he was stinking. Elsewhere it was a bad day at the office all round, nothing seemed to stick (except players feet in the mud) and the crisp passing we've been enjoying in the early months has evaporated and been replaced with clumsy mispasses gifting the opposition possession, chances, goals and points! Yesterday we were without Vaughann, Spencer and Musonda but I feel we are missing Matthews the most.
  3. He asked you age bawbreath not yer IQ Raith_Raver is wrong too, I doubt this moron ever saw the inside of a school.
  4. Well thats a sh**er! 3 games in the space of 8 days all with evening kick-offs............and I'm nightshift!
  5. 1. Campbell 2. McGlynn 3. Robertson 4. Grant 5. Neilson 6. Crawford 7. Johnston 8. Kerr 9. McElhone 10. McPake My heart says McGlynn is the best but my heads says DC likely has the most experience and ability to get a team of lesser parts to gel and give it's best. With money tight at ICT Robbo is getting found out where in the past I'm sure he was able to spend his way out of trouble. Peter Grant does well with limited resources but needs to find results even more. Neilson is a less experienced version of Robbo, had he no cash to play with I think he'd be pretty hopeless. Neither Johnston nor Crawford excite me much, both go through wee spells but eventually run out of ideas. Kerr inherited a decent side and in trying to improve has slowly gone backwards. McEhone simply isn't a manager and neither is McPake! The latter probably has the 2nd biggest budget in the league but hasn't a clue, cant help but wonder where Dundee would be if Strachan were in charge.
  6. If asked in October I'd have bitten your hand off for 8th, however there's now a feeling that if we finish out of the top 4 (more than plausible) it'll be a massive anticlimax. Surely the title is gone, Hearts will win this league by mid April probs with 4 or 5 games left so it really is all about spots 2,3,4 and of course 9 & 10. As usual in this league it's not about any team going on a great run as much as merely doing fairly reasonably and watching the rest cut each other throats with draws. With that in mind I think we will see a close run thing with the promotion play off slots. I had ICT down to do well this season but they've been louping! (particularly results wise) in games so far, if they find form they could go on a run and they'd be well in the mix fortunately for the rest that's not looking likely. With a lengthy run of 2 games a week they will either start winning and find confidence and form or end up in a play off spot that they don't want, canny see it being the former. Both Alloa Arbroath have had much poorer starts than I expected and I now doubt either will climb above 8th at best, (cue Arbroath turning Rover over on Saturday and going on a run! (QotS style) Also having had a poor season Morton, Ayr and QotS. But Queens are the form side of the lot and unless they get rumbled soon they could be a threat to the top 4. Cant see Ayr and Morton bettering 5th without a collapse above. Dundee are hot and cold too and will struggle to finish 2nd but have enough even under McPake and 3rd or 4th wont be an issue I'm sure. Dunfermline have gone off the boil of late but like Dundee still have enough quality to comfortably finish 2nd or 3rd. With Rovers my natural pessimism comes to the fore and I most fear the previously mentioned collapse/anticlimax, however we do sit 2nd and we've showed we are a decent team so why not? Well for me the worry comes from the frailties exposed by ICT (cup), Hearts (cup & League) and Qots and Dunfermline in the league, games where we didn't compete. For that reason I think at best we will finish 4th or 5th and will likely end up having to fight to get results against Dundee at Dens on the penultimate day and Hearts at SP on the last day, failure to do that could see us drop out and either Ayr or Queens get 4th. Upstairs I think Ross Co will be relegated and the play off spot will be a 4 way fight with the current incumbents, Killie are my pick unless Tommy Wright can work a miracle, they look dire but tbh I'd still fancy them over 2 legs against any of the championship sides. I'd kill for a play off final where Rovers relegate Yogi! My original prediction was: Hearts, Dundee, ICT, Dunfermline, Ayr, Raith, Arbroath, Morton, Alloa, QotS.
  7. I know it's currently closed but has Brian still got Aitchies? I heard he was selling up. De Ja vu have I asked this of you before?
  8. Ritual wise on a home game day after lunch pre-covid I'd always walk the 2 miles to Starks Park and try to get at least a couple of drinks in before the 200 club bar closed (found long ago that Rovers are far easier on the senses in soft focus!). Then post match a few more in the 200 club then walk home frequenting one other watering holes en-route. Away games is regimental, always lunch - car - pre-matchpint (where possible) - game - car - watering holes - home, the only variation is on East Coast games where Scotrail and more beer comes into play Superstitions wise I almost never wear a Rovers top to games and I also stopped drinking out of a Rovers mug before the game on a match day, in fact I got so paranoid at one point it got so if I thought I'd even seen one of my Rovers mugs we'd get beat. Paranoid or just a typical superstitious fan? I never had any such mad superstitions when I actually played sport.
  9. Had a quick look at 3 different forecasts for the next 4 days. In the 3 days run up to Saturday seems it's to be light rain showers so assuming it's not waterlogged already then hopefully the surface shouldn't be too heavy. AFAIS Saturday forecasts are in the main for a dry day with southerly winds gusting to about 20mph. So if that were the case it shouldn't be a game spoiler. Arbroath without the suspended Craigen, Rovers without Matthews who seems to be struggling with his achilles? Other than that both sides hopefully with full squads to pick from should make for an entertaining game. I tuned in to 36-nil tv for the Alloa game in December and was suitably impressed with service. More notably the video if not the wannabe Doric fermer commentator, he should stick to talking about his yows and other beasts and leave the football alone.
  10. Squad v Elgin in the cup Cuthbert, Benedictus, Anderson, McCord, Stewart, Davidson, Daly, Bates, McKeowan, Craigen, Robertson. Subs, Laidlaw, Petrie, Callachan, Matthews, Ford, Campbell, Mackie. Survivors from that team in bold but if in the form of that time then; Cuthbert, Bates, Craigen, Callachan would be starting contenders along with the unlisted Hardie, McKeown, Toshney (also Barr & Vaughan who was in rehab No1, Conolly hadn't yet arrived and Longridge was also still to come), the youngsters Laidlaw and Mackie would be useful squad additions. I reckon you could field a fairly strong team from that era, true most have diminished in life since leaving us and very few have gone on do better but still could be competetive at the right end of the championship. Cuthbert, Bates, McKeown, Toshney, Bene, Callachan, Matthews, Conolly, Craigan Hardie & Vaughan Subz: Laidaw, Thomson, Mackie, Davo, Robertson, Longridge, Stewart, That team may have lacked the width of todays team but had some decent players and I think with McGlynn at the helm it'd be damn close!
  11. As I recall we absolutely scraped the win at Elgin that day, Cameron and Gunn were problematic but Easton was their danger man. An early outing for Bates who was our MotM that day I though probably one of his best games for us.
  12. Wow! How insightful! .......................and pertinent to the thread.
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