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  1. Don't worry Pars, you'll come back bigger and stronger (in about 10 years).
  2. C'mon Arbroath! keep the beggers who got £13 million written off by the banks down where they belong.
  3. At last, a sensible post among the Adaloye is god posts.
  4. I think you can still buy them online on your phone right up to kick off.
  5. 4000 home tickets sold now, 1900 Killie tickets sold.
  6. At least the penny is sinking with you, well done sir.
  7. You forget to mention that you were parachuted bye the first 3 rounds when you won your 2 cups. What an achievement winning a few games to win it. Winning a league over 36 games no matter what league it is, is much more of an achievement than relying on a lucky draw and winning 3/4 games. Amazing that £13 million of debt can buy you 2 cups though.
  8. Is that the proper big club who got into such a pathetic position that they had to get the banks to write off their debt?
  9. If you lose to Ayr then you are dead and buried, there would be 12 points of a difference between Queens and Ayr, although you would have a game in hand. It would be hard to claw that back with so few games left.
  10. Adeloye done [email protected] all but deflect a decent shot at goal into the net. I don't get this love in with someone who has trouble controlling a football.
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