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  1. I think its only some lines that are running, mostly fife region.
  2. When do the Arbroath highlights get posted?
  3. Queens to tighten up in defence and continue with their attacking football. 2-0 Queens Park.
  4. Young never touched it, if he had it would have been offside, I was in line with it.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-championship/top-scorers
  6. Musonda has been a stick out for us this year, him and the boy from Arsenal can build from the back rather than the hoof up the park we have been used to. Big Dipo is a handful and we've yet to use the striker from Aston Villa. I would still settle for a draw in this match though.
  7. With all games confirmed to be on this Saturday what are the predictions for the match?
  8. TIN POT FC 1 vs 2 THE AYR JUGGERNAUT Wasn't sure if it was raining up there or it was the Morton fans salty tears. Delicious.
  9. Obviously reading wasn't your strong point. What part of Playing nice football doesn't always win you matches do you not understand ya muppet?
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