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  1. Repayments have become too expensive. I tried to negotiate a lower rate over a longer term. RBS said no. I moved banks to BoS. RBS played dirty, keeping my repayments and an account open. BoS would like to take over loan but can't because RBS have put a debt chasing company, Westcot, on the account, hence a "bad debt" mark on my credit worthiness. I have kept up the RBS payments but can't swap it to BoS and am in the same financial armlock thanks to RBS. I am considering declaring myself bankrupt to fúck them all up! RBS - the "listening" bank - my fúcking arse! Capitalism? = RBS are the first against the wall when the revolution comes. Avanti populo, a la rescossa, bandiera rossa, bandiera rossa...avanti populo, a la rescossa, bandiera rossa, et libertad. Bandiera rossa, la triomphera! bandiera rossa, la triomphera, bandiera rossa, la triomphera, Viva Socialism, bella libertad!* *Note for youngsters - this is a popular song amongst the Spanish Civil War veterans, Marxists and Socialists across fascist oppressed Europe - read yer history books! Peace, love and solidarity, comrades of the old brigade! (Ask yer Red Clydesider granda's.....)
  2. Aye, there is. It's complicated by the fact the RBS have involved a debt collecting agency despite me continuing to make full monthly payments, thus fúcking my chances of a BoS loan with this "bad credit" record they've created. Cheers, much appreciated! (Gaz - no longer the "worst one of them all" - not that you ever were, of course) 1. I take it back, as I'm thick when it comes to money. 2. See above 3. I'm not complaining about paying; I'm complaining about not being able to renegotiate the rate at which I'm paying and being fúcked over by the RBS capitalist bastárds!
  3. I wanted to renegotiate the RBS loan as the repayments are becoming onerous but the RBS wouldn't let me. Thus I changed banks to BoS but, as I should have added, BoS can't take over the loan (at a better repayment rate) whilst it is in dispute with RBS. So RBS have effectively trapped me into either settling the loan in full (impossible) or keeping the increasingly crippling repayments at the current rate with them and stopping me from repaying them in full by negotiating a better consolidation loan with another bank. Does that make it any clearer as to why I would like to see the RBS as the next corporate institution to go into financial meltdown a la Berings/Northen Rock et al?!
  4. No, you're being as thick as them. The point is, it shouldn't matter where my salary is being paid into, providing I'm meeting my monthly payments - which I am and haven't missed since the loan started. I wanted to renegotiate the loan but they wouldn't have it and were so unhelpful I decided to change banks. So despite meeting all my repayments as usual and having the account kept open - according to them - they are now demanding the whole loan be repaid because I have closed my account, but I haven't because - according to them - it can't be closed whilst I still have a loan with them. It's banking according to Joseph Heller, FFS! Thanks for that. If we get one for the Guinea-pig, we'll have a shot at adjusting it to fit the rats. The only problem I can see is getting it on the rat in the first place!
  5. Because they are the Royal Bank of Scotland and they are SHITE!! I changed bank accounts from the Royal Bank of Scotland to the Bank of Scotland. I now have two letters from the RBS as follows: 1. We demand the repayment of your RBS personal loan as you have closed your account and having a open RBS account is a condition of the loan. 2. We cannot close your account as requested as you have an outstanding personal RBS loan. Dear RBS, Make your fúcking minds up. Either I HAVE or I DON'T have an account with you! What's even more irksome is that I am still making my regular monthly repayments to them! Loving the harness! We just let Kishmuil guinea-pig run round the lounge for exercise. I have just emailed my partner and suggested we invest in a harness to take Kishmuil walkies round the garden. Do they do them in rat size as well?!
  6. Well I find him entertaining and he passes the time on the many bus journey's I make during the week. It'd be a dull world if we all liked the same things.
  7. PS A -1 for my choice of book to read? Fantastic!!
  8. During my weeks' holiday in June, I was out in the back garden, basking in the sunshine reading this: http://www.quintinjardine.com/sections/Bob%20Skinner/skinnersordeal.html It was lying in a bundle of old books my partner had bagged up for the charity shop and, in lieu of anything else, I started browsing through it. It was surprisingly gripping and, after I compared it to Ian Rankin, Alex Gray and St.Brookmyre's stuff, it stood up extremely well. It is definitely a page turner but plausible and darkly entertaining. So much so that I finished it in two days and went on to the other book she had: http://www.quintinjardine.com/sections/Bob%20Skinner/skinnersmission.html Again, a gripping story and it is linked to the first book I read. In fact, I liked them so much that, with some Father's Day book tokens I bought and read: http://www.quintinjardine.com/sections/Bob%20Skinner/skinnersround.html The Witch element in the storyline could have got my hackles up but it was very sympathetically dealt with and the story as a whole was entertaining. My only disappointment was that I didn't start with the first book in the series, but I am now reading: http://www.quintinjardine.com/sections/Bob%20Skinner/skinnersrules.html and am beginning to put the background family plot lines into place. For some realistic, gripping, page-turning and thoroughly entertaining police detective fiction, I commend to you: http://www.quintinjardine.com/sections/Bob%20Skinner/Bob%20Skinner.html
  9. Sure it wasn't Cowden down on a pre-season friendly trip!
  10. 20/3/2010 - 20/07/2010 and still going strong!

  11. What's the betting that if, (sorry), when it all goes tits-up, Morton will blame the "dodgy" floodlights they bought off St.Mirren when Love Street closed as a contributing factor!
  12. And the Honours Degree from the School of the Bleedin' Obvious goes to.....
  13. I'll leave this one to speak for itself... Paulo Nutjob - The ring - Just in case anyone in the PA1 locale is offered any dodgy jewellry in the next few days.....
  14. Absolutely knackered after the weekend and needed today off to recuperate. Must remember I am 50 not 25. Still shattered and woke up in my arm chair with dribble down my chin. I fear a nursing home may not be far off.....
  15. As entertaining as a sackful of ferrets

    1. An Sionnach

      An Sionnach

      Make that Ferrett - one is enough!!!

  16. I concur, but they are also more dense than any other bird I know. The one on Arbroath Station trying to peck to death its reflection in the Waiting Room mirrored window for example!
  17. Then move out of Arbroath......jeez! (I have never fucked a seagull but I have suspicion that if I tried the seagull would win... ) I am not very good at mathematics but I have discovered an unarguable theorem: - Time expands exponentially in direct proportion to the proximity of a long weekend off work.
  18. To be fair, the lack of punctuation, sentence spacing and capitalisation was a bit of a giveaway. In real life, I bet he uses green crayon to write his footie coupon.
  19. If this condition is made aware of to the Community Mental Health Team, they will call at his house accompanied by uniformed Police Officers. They will then be able to give him the option of accompanying them and voluntarily agreeing to treatment, or being detained ('sectioned')short-term under Part 6, Section 44(4), para's (a) to (e) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 - (4) The conditions referred to subsection (3)(b) above are— (a) that the patient has a mental disorder; (b) that, because of the mental disorder, the patient’s ability to make decisions about the provision of medical treatment is significantly impaired; © that it is necessary to detain the patient in hospital for the purpose of— (i) determining what medical treatment should be given to the patient; or (ii) giving medical treatment to the patient; (d) that if the patient were not detained in hospital there would be a significant risk— (i) to the health, safety or welfare of the patient; or (ii) to the safety of any other person; and (e) that the granting of a short-term detention certificate is necessary Although if he was approached outwith Scotland, they probably give him a peerage and stick him in the House of Lords!
  20. I'll assume you're being deliberately obtuse but, should you really be as thick as a bucket of pig-shit, he played for Berwick Rangers against a Newcastle United 11 at the opening of the Northumberland Football Academy a few years back. He was shite!
  21. I think I know where the rot set in with Gazza....
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