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  1. The children at Mount Florida Primary School, just next door to Hampden National Stadium, have hung their school railings with flags and singlets decorated with the national flags of all the nations taking part in the Olympics, the football teams playing at Hampden in particular. Apparently, there is a "Team Pagan" playing....
  2. Was a pretty big event the other month by ma hoose in the Glasgow Southside!
  3. "The consequence of the rejection of a CVA outcome is that sanctions will be applied to the Club by UEFA and that the Club will not be able to participate in Europe for three years and the new company will need the consent of the other SPL clubs to the transfer of the share in the SPL, in order for Rangers to continue playing in the SPL." f**k NO!!! Let them start over again in the Juniors, like Clydebank had to! (Makes note to register a protest at Hampden Park on the way to work)
  4. Not only that, but he's realising that the other half is due back in 40 minutes after her Tesco back-shift and he's done f%ck-all around the house! Cue frenzied housework attack....!
  5. Kopperburg - Limey/Strawberry one followed by a cinnamon flavoured thingy! Enjoy whatever you're having!
  6. Machine Head Monday 5th December SECC Trivium Tuesday 6th December 02 Academy Goodbye eardrums.....
  7. I'm assuming it refers to the team I support and the language I read P&B in, but I'm somewhat miffed that the two boxes at the bottom of this screen read "Berwick Rangers" "English".
  8. Our ferret has learned to use the tray in the corner of her cage, nae bother. She's only had one "accident" so far, when running about in the lounge. * *Too old for real children!
  9. I shall miss it. Moving to a 7am to 11pm store instead of my current 24hrs store. Our shifts run from 10pm to 7am. We usually get a delivery around 12 midnight/00:30hrs and the next three hours are spent stocking up the fresh goods. Then the bread and milk arrives around 4am and gets stocked up and the last few hours are spent working any dry goods in the back stock, filling the juice shelves and fronting up the store for the 7am start day shift. The only down side is that it is only three nights over a Friday to Monday every fourth weekend. Just as your body rythym gets used to it, it's a day off then back to my usual 4pm to 10pm or 7pm to 1am backshifts. Your day off is usually "wasted" sleeping! Oh aye, I'm at
  10. John Irving's A Son of the Circus. Not one of his best as it jumbles too many themes and ideas into the melting pot and has sections where he seems to play the "I'm John Irving - look at my unique writing style" card, but it does shed light on the underside of Indian street life and is still a very entertaining read. However, as you name-checked the '60's "hippy" author Richard Brautigan, I have a feeling I'm teaching Grandma to suck eggs!
  11. His PR was the Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather of Max Clifford?!
  12. What's so funny about becoming handfasted? I see the juvenile level of some posters hasn't changed in the wee while I've been away! I've also just read: A fascinating guide to the many God and Goddess revered by our ancestors, tracing the influences of the Roman, Greek, Saxon and Germanic beliefs that form part of our spiritual heritage today. More good stuff from David and Sorita.
  13. Research document for use in the near to mid future.
  14. New job, new home, new fianceé, new ferret - that is all...

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      Thanks chaps! :D

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      Great news, congrats.

    4. An Sionnach

      An Sionnach

      Cheers my dear. All is very well with the world! Hope the same applies to you x

  15. Didn't wait for the Year and a Day to be up on 6th April. Am now officially engaged! Bright Blessings! :-)

  16. 9 months and counting. The Year and a Day is not long off! Watch this space...or not...whatever!

  17. The "snow" in Paisley is doing a very convincing impression of rain. It lands on the window in a cystally snowflake form and almost instantly dissolves into water! Oh how I look forward to my walk to work tonight...
  18. A weekend in Paris, 8 months into our year and a day (if your not Pagan, google it) and the Timothy's in the Cup - life doesn't get better!!

  19. Cheers Andy! I'll give it a go but, in the meantime, I cheated and bought a flash-pen thingy. All my photies are downloaded onto it so Rhaidainhe can plug it into her PC and upload them. Then she can download hers onto it and I can upload them onto my laptop. Modern technology - feckin' nightmare! Also, going to bed at 15:30 so I can be up and awake for my nightshift at 22:00 tonight - weird!
  20. It will sting like feck and you will end up like a greeting bairn who's just been told Father Christmas doesn't exist and his Paw's spent all the holiday money on booze, fags and a cheap whore! Here to help!
  21. Ouchie!!! As a fives veteran of a broken rib, sprained finger and bruises too many to mention, I feel for you, bro! Heal up soon.
  22. New camera - great Downloaded holiday photo's - great Copied to memory stick to upload onto girlfriend's PC - great Try to post a sample - "file too big" Try to downsize RAR/ZIP it to email - still too big Modern technology - every little thing designed to "make your life easy and hassle free", load of shit. PS StewartyMac - I have read the instruction booklet - it still doesnae work! LUDDITES UNITE AND RECLAIM THE SIMPLE LIFE!!!
  23. Still here - haunting you all! LOL

  24. I start at the Glasgow Airport Express store this Friday..... .....and I have a lump sum being paid shortly and a pension starting 1st October courtesy of my leaving the civil service on voluntary early retirement. PS. I promise not to buy shares in any third world child labour schemes or whine about the unemployed, greedy benefits cheats or selfish biscuit stealing NHS/public sector workers as a result of this upturn in my fortunes - unlike some!
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