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  1. Cheers guys. Yup Calvin has never really impressed me that much. His size made him stand out as a youngster however his lack of pace and technical ability was always going to tell.
  2. How's Connor quigley getting on with the binos peeps? Liked the look of him for Dundee development side but wondering how he's been doing at a higher level.
  3. With Barry's Dundee connections I can see him signing a couple of young guys from us. The likes of Gourlay, Dryden, Waddell and Curran could all do well imo. They play keeper, right back, centre back and centre mid respectively.
  4. How're the 2 Dundee lads shaping up? Calvin is absolutely nails and Conor looks a good all round left back. Not sure if you're allowed to sign more than 2 from the one team but we have some other good prospects too.
  5. Why would the boy put cocaine in a drink? It goes up yer beak or on the gums not in a pint. The boy's a haver.
  6. I'd start with loy behind yordi. Duffy was poor last week.
  7. Matty Smyth is a northern irish youth international we've signed from stevenage. The 14 year lad is hungarian.
  8. We've signed a boy from Portsmouth called James Cowan for the 20s. Centre mid. Agree that the keeper had a great game.
  9. This surely overtakes celtic fans' worst Gibraltar moment since the sas took out the brave freedom fighters back in 88.
  10. I think meggatt only has one more year on his contract ludo. Tbh he looks out of his depth but hopefully there's more to come from him.
  11. Very sad to hear about this. I doubt it had too much effect on him individually but maybe it will make some football fans think before they scream obscenities at players? If they are in a vulnerable state it could tip them over the edge. Just a thought and I've been guilty of doing the same myself. Rip Chris.
  12. Greg Stewart immense. County fans' musicians fucking annoying, Billy dodds wee wankstain. Thank you
  13. Killie had a good first half and should have been a couple up but for Bain. Dundee the better team 2nd half and could have snatched it but a draw a fair result I think.
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