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  1. Paul Doyle? Second from right Ryan Ferguson ??
  2. Although the new kit looks ok it's not the one I voted for. I'll be interested to see what the away option is for design and colours. Def not a fan of Hummell but we'll see how they perform with supplying kits and replicas.
  3. Montrose Ins :- Blair Lyons from Stirling University
  4. I remember Derek Grant who played as a striker and a centre half when needed so I'm sure someone in the playing pool could do a job as centre forward. I said it before but what about putting Watson up front. He's a big lad who knows where the goals are and I fancy he could do a job till january transfer window. Would it be worth trying to get Paul McManus on loan from Cove Rangers, he's still banging them in for them.
  5. I vote for No OF Colts in L2

  6. Ivo you're bang on with your comments and I agree totally with you. Maybe it's time to bring in someone like Keith Gibson as he seems to be getting good results with broughty athletic and would probably want to make a name for himself as a manager in the scottish leagues. Of course there will be other names mentioned for the job so who does everyone else think should come in ??????????
  7. Well A username with mo in it I have an original club badge from the 60's/ 70's era that has blue, white and a black diagonal stripe with gold writing on it no red on it whatsoever. Red didn't come into the club colours till the 1980's I believe. Anyway it's not a bad kit it's just that I'm not used to seeing us in a red kit at all.
  8. Far too plain if those strips are genuine. Why red for the away kit ??? not a lover of the away kit at all...... the white kit that was previously mentioned in this thread was a better looking kit paired with either white or blue shorts would have looked good.
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