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  1. Ayr are back

    Congratulations to Ayr, we had the better chances and didn't take them. That's football for you.
  2. Stranraer -vs- Stenhousemuir

    I don't really pay much attention to him, due to his location he can't get to games as often as us. Therefore, we are probably in a better position to judge.
  3. Top of the League

    If Forfar beat Dunfermline and Peterhead away, they deserve to win the league ! A few wee twists, and turns before the end of the season
  4. Will never get it, but Scott Rumsby has been our best player over the season. Will go to a striker, normally does.
  5. Aye McCann does deserve to be mid table pish !
  6. Stenhousemuir v Stranraer

    It's more like a moped, than a juggernaut. A winning run of 1, but it was a good one !
  7. The rain prior to, and during the game was unreal. I don't think any pitch would have taken that much water any better.
  8. Just in case anybody thought red card was wrong
  9. Ayr v Forfar

    Cheers, my friends from up the road doing us a favour. And doing their cause a lot of good as well.
  10. Can't believe how bad the Pars were, at 11 v 11 they were never in the game. I feel the result would have been the same with 11 men on the park.
  11. Oh well, part time football for the Pars next season. Anybody got the Mofs number ? I need some decorating done later this year.
  12. Na, nae bandwagon required for your team. Midweek game down here they were a disgrace, and were trying to injure players.What do you feel Salmond did you out of ? I thought he tried to let the game flow, but Peterhead took this as an indication that their behaviour was acceptable.
  13. They were different today, not the usual hammer throwers. But they were dirty none the less, leaving the boot in when no need, maybe they are getting cleverer ?
  14. What a shower of dirty c*nts, got what they deserved...... Nothing