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  1. Think I bought this about 5 years ago on steam but was HD remaster is there much difference between that and this have they just spruced it up even more?
  2. Is Scott Brown then not making himself available for the play off? That's one thing if he did but if he doesn't and we did qualify the absolutely no chance. We have known for a year we have these play offs and it would be unlikely we would finish in top 2 and very quickly that we would definitely need these play offs. If in that time he has made no indication that he would make himself available in 2020 then how much does he really care? That all being said is he any good at centre back?
  3. Usual international break slow news filler
  4. What's going on with this new Super 6's league. BBC don't even have the fixtures up but is due to start next week. There is no official website for it had to look through SRU site for any info on it. Does appear there is some live tv/stream games. I get that is being created for development purposes and traditionalists maybe not keen on it as a franchise system but they appear to have made no effort at all to market it. Even a quick glance on Ayr Rugby website no fixtures up at all despite it starting next week. Missed opportunity I feel not spread teams out more having half the teams in Edinburgh. Not sure if this will work but there appears to be little effort to make it work in a commercial fashion.
  5. Is the webcast not running video today. Getting very annoying paid up 90 quid for season and last 2 games it won't let me go full screen on either pc or firestick and they have never got back to me. I'm not expecting anything amazing but just seems to be a new problem every match. Don't like the idea of asking for money back from the club but they have upped the price this season and not I'm getting anything for it.
  6. Think I heard someone refer to McDaid as a 'mongrel' though could see who it was but really sad folk still carry on like that. I can get a wee pantomime boo but really don't get the ill will. If you got offered a job with more money good chance you would take it and he wasn't always getting start at Ayr either. Decent players leaving the club is a product of the club's success. The club needs to consolidate in the division for couple years and get into position where we can offer key players 3 year contracts otherwise we can't blame them for leaving for more money or security. Can we not still have the atmosphere of singing and getting behind the team without the nonsense that some of the idiots bring in. Just maybe not all clubs security have a vandetta against Ayr fans maybe the common cause is those that are more interested in getting bevied than representing their town and supporting their team in the right way,
  7. Gotten down from 18 st to 15 in last 6 months only eating bread if low cal sandwich and avoiding crisps and sweets. Had good regime of going out just about every night for 2 hours for walk. Struggling to to find the time to quite keep to that though will try to. Would like to maybe do some upper body stuff and thinking longer term towards winter maybe. Do like the idea of maybe a personal trainer. I have tried the gym before maybe now I've a better starting point it might be worth giving another go. Maybe something a bit social too would be good.
  8. Did BBC not say they were going to show a live game of every round like the do with English FA cup are they covering prelim rounds of this?
  9. The Matrix (20th anniversary in 4k) Never got to see this film at the cinema at the time of release and great to see it on the big screen and one to see in 4k for sure. Stands up nicely over the test of time. The sequels more the 2nd were decent but the original is cracking film in its own right and bits of CGI back then actually blend in better than many modern day films. Not sure what it would have been like if Will Smith took the role.
  10. The club need to be sensible and budget for what is sustainable and try to build up the infrastructure a bit further in terms of coaching staff, physios etc. As others have said we should be expecting to be above the part time teams and budget that reflects that but not go crazy. Hopefully at least able to match likes of Morton and QOTS. There will be 2 of ICT, St Mirren and Dundee utd. Dundee will be decent and I get feeling Partick will be lot stronger. So in a great year maybe we can pip one of those for 4th. I would say we need to offer security and stability and offer a few more 2 year contracts or at least offering a 2nd year before it gets to January. Make effective use of the reserve team and make sure those doing well there get an opportunity. Next season I think needs to be part of a longer plan to ensure we are an established championship team. You only need to be in top 40% to make play offs so if we can have that stability we can realistically feel we can get there again every few years. This year has been great but its first year in 16 years we have stayed up in 2nd tier we need to make it work on a steady basis.
  11. Been a bit of a journey for myself. Left my job last year after having saved enough to get by for a few months if needed. The job I was in every other person in similar role had come and gone in time I had been there there. I quickly got a night shift job at amazon, in the warehouse. You are on your feet constantly and lot of lifting etc. After christmas there was less work so was getting texts few hours before to say I wasn't needed so was pretty frustration. Though in that time I enrolled in open uni degree part time if earning under 25k a year you get fees covered so would say to folks give it a go if you get the chance. I got another admin job for a month though was bit of a trek getting there on bus and would have soon had to start covering weekends. I got called by a recruitment agency who I had previous been in to speak to before and they had another role for me. I was pretty loyal as had just started the job a couple weeks but they kept persisting even got a lift to the interview from them so not to interfere with my work too much. Managed to get that job and its Monday to Friday again and really no stress problem I'm having is getting enough work to do at the moment to be honest. Anyway point I'm trying to make is I took it heart that they kept persisting with me wanting me to interview for that job. Its good to feel valued even by someone you've only met professionally. So one small positive thing helped me build momentum. Starting open uni is good as employers like self starters that can manage workloads etc. I go out walking nearly every night maybe about 2 hours or so. Also I like to write a bit and not just for uni I started a blog couple weeks ago and put it on linkedin. It's basically my thoughts and examples of when I have achieved things and how I learned and need to learn and develop. With the platform I'm writing on it makes me need to be positive, optimistic and even self assertive at times. I try to have couple things ready a week or two ahead and a few things half written so I'm not pressured into writing something for sake of it but the weekly commitment makes me keep writing which is good for channeling my thoughts. I've been in Dundee couple years ago and staying with my partner and really other than her and her family I haven't got any friends here. The walking has helped me get to know the place better. Like doing things with my partner but would like to get more social. Would be nice if I could have folk to go for pint or coffee with etc At least career wise I'm starting to build up some contacts so even if temp contract doesn't last I think I should be okay and get something fairly quick but not take things for granted and try to appreciate any support and kindness that comes my way. Some weight loss with the walking which is great and I'm really getting less urge to eat crap except on maybe occasional bar meal every so often.
  12. Ajax having good season fair play to them but Dutch national team hasn't done too well since colt came in they missed 2 major tournaments in that time.
  13. Freelancer or at least bring it to steam and easily compatible with modern computers. Hidden and Dangerous Star Trek - Starfleet Academy CM01/02 with current day league structures etc perhaps slightly more realistic but so you can actually have a fun football manager game that if your busy still have time to play.
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