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  1. Make a stopover going to Australia to start filming Neighbours.
  2. Kenny Mcintyre doing my nut in. Can we all chip in extra quid on licence fee if it means getting Richard Gordon back.
  3. Euro 2020 was across Europe I think it was a good idea so smaller countries with largish stadium and cities could host matches. Was the worst possible time to have due being in a pandemic. I would be in favour of having the format every 2nd tournament and so 4 years after allow a large single host e.g. Germany, France, Italy, England, Spain. In the 3 euros prior to 2020 that involved co-hosts they were equal partners 4 stadiums each. This 2028 bid just looks very lopsided, looks like a done deal though. Just seems crazy that Northern Ireland who don't even have a functioning government and no approval or ground broken on proposed stadium gets in ahead of Edinburgh and a stadium with 67k capacity. Seem crazy Anfield and Old Trafford not going to be involved at all.
  4. This is from an article in 2019 but imagine prize money is at least the same. Hopefully we are competing in top half of the league so there is £75k difference per position. That is before you consider increased crowds the better the team is performing and related corporate and merch sales. How we do in the cup and potential draw if we make it through also has an influence. Also play off revenue if we ended up in a play off position. So would need to carefully consider the risk of selling any major players against this and need a fee that justifies that. Also easier to convince players to sing new contracts in January if they are convinced we are keeping our best players. There is also intangibles there linked to feel good factor around the club and better relationship between them and fans. Trying to think what the biggest transfer has been for a Scottish Tier 2 team in the last 20 years don't think any of them are close to what we would be looking for Dipo in January.
  5. I've got the same happening with me. opened another tab it does say below message So I have e-mailed hopefully they will resolve and come back to me
  6. I think it was more about showing we are behind the team and not throwing toys out pram over given how how they have played before today. Today was poor given a lot of unforced errors in giving away the ball. It was a frustrating game. In games we haven't won there has generally been decent amount of positives to take. Raith game at least so resilience in the come back and ICT game we had plenty of chances to win it. Really missed Murdoch as an assured link.
  7. Works for me as I live in Dundee so would get PPV from me on a regular basis but would rather have that option at 3pm. The whole 3pm blackout thing in this day and age is getting a bit silly. Understand having blackout normal tv like sky and not having pubs showing games so local clubs get the focus at that timeslot and broadcasters can do what they want out with that but for normal club PPV should be permitted. In a world where vpn's and IPTV seem to be common place at least give people a legit option to stream the game and support their team. Probably half the folk I grew up with in School live outside Ayrshire these days. I assume this is similar these days across the board, there is a significant number of folk that went to games as a kid but moved away. Streams would allow more folk to stay in touch and not drift away.
  8. Fair does appreciate the wider perspective there. I got caught up on the forced narrative the director took us on and would be quite upsetting the way it presented. Something really didn't add up in terms of that team. There seemed to be a lot of self delusion and acting up from the players probably for the cameras. Its like a crappy rock band that go on that one tour.
  9. Hillcoat was good half time entertainment with the cones
  10. Just watched the documentary this morning on iplayer. The highland league chairman seemed to brimming with delight anytime he mentions Fort's downfall. Ultimately though there is a pyramid so dropping down might be better for them to be more competitive. The way the players talked they were putting in full time hours in addition to jobs they had. Even a part time league 1 team probably doesn't put the hours in training they were claiming. It just didn't really add up.
  11. Aye I seen they have moved it to the Thursday. Just generally would be much better turn out on a Saturday for league games rather than challenge cup. The pic is the character Gyp Rosetti from Boardwalk Empire.
  12. Should postpone (if not allowed to scrap) the round of challenge cup being played in a fortnight and play this weekends league fixtures then. Have 1pm kick off to allow folk enough time should they be going to hampden for Scotland game.
  13. Seems so. Can only go by what appears on my podcast feed. Seems to be podcasts during match days for premiership, league cup or the European games. I guess I can understand this week having 3 teams in European group stages the attention mostly on that but does seem like they have really cut back on coverage outside of match days. There wasn't even a podcast at the end of the transfer window.
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