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  1. What games would you like to see remade?

    Freelancer or at least bring it to steam and easily compatible with modern computers. Hidden and Dangerous Star Trek - Starfleet Academy CM01/02 with current day league structures etc perhaps slightly more realistic but so you can actually have a fun football manager game that if your busy still have time to play.
  2. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Hope they find a suitable sizes stadium for it. Inverness would be the choice if they want to maximize crowd. If your going further away best going with smaller compact venue like Stirling which is reachable by train. Even Perth or Firhill frankly would be way too big and look too empty and lack atmosphere for a game like this.
  3. Elite Ice Hockey League

    Nottingham V Sheffield free on youtube tonight As above link free game tonight on YouTube Panthers done same thing couple weeks ago against Cardiff. Their owner (Also owns the Clan )seemed to be against doing Webcasts previously now they have a free one supported by advertising, looks like they will only do it for game they now will pretty much sell out regardless. Should be a tight end to the season. I stay in Dundee so follow the Stars these days was cracking match v an in form Clan last week that they edged in OT. Massive match home to Fife tomorrow coach Pacha is lacing up the skates first time this season I think to give extra body on the D. Belfast Giants have accepted an invite to join the Champions Hockey League. They were runners up in the continental cup (sort of europa league equivalent) losing only on penalty shots but the winners were from Kazakhstan and so logistically they could not take part in Champ league due to distance. Belfast previously turned invite down a few years ago glad they have accepted this time. If Belfast win regular season championship then regular season runners up will get the normal CHL spot the elite league get. Play off winners will get continental cup spot if winners of that already qualified think it would then go to Challenge cup winners. Next live EIHL game on freesports in Fife v Belfast on Wed 27th Feb.
  4. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    18 highland 14 lowland and 30 spfl tier 2 to 4 teams so knockout round of 64 to start
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    Weird that BBC during half time break on Rugby promoting coverage of FA cup games next weekend yet not promoting the games in the Scottish cup they are showing this weekend
  6. Bloody Edinburgh trams

    You've got a one track mind
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    Would be nice gesture for junior clubs to invite non SPFL senior clubs to complete in the Scottish Junior cup. I understand listening to Talbot fans on radio Scotland that the competition has lost what it was with many of the east teams now leaving. Would also secure that competition if juniors fully integrate into the pyramid this cup could still be continued and boosted.
  8. Eleven Sports

    I watch premier player via silk browser on my firestick though i do have a mouse toggle installed. So if you have a device or smart tv witha browser it should run on that.
  9. Eleven Sports

    Just looking at the premier sports website it mentions they are getting Scottish league cup from 2020. Seem to have decent amount for Celtic nations with Scottish football, GAA, pro 14 Rugby and the ice hockey. Also they usually get what they can of pre group Champ League qualifiers involving Scottish and Irish clubs. Hopefully use same production team as BT as they have with first Scottish cup game. Shame sky and their mediocre punditry are getting SPFL.
  10. When will indyref2 happen?

    Mandate is there and parliament approved it for Indy 2. Unionists tried to make 2017 westminister about saying no to Indy 2. Yes SNP lost a fair number of seats but unionist parties openly admitted they would not actively campaign against each other in seats where they though the vote would be split they wanted to cause maximum damage to SNP. After they claim it shows Scotland doesn't want another referendum but surely if that was main theme of that election and SNP won majority of seats then shows that they can claim the mandate very much remains. We still need to see how brexit unfolds whatever happens from where we are at now there is an opportunity for strong case for Indy2 but lets get to end of March I think more and more people will be fed up with situation UK is in and more open to it and vocal about it. If and when Indy2 happens assuming it does before 2021 I actually think Sturgeon should not seek to be head of government when Scotland officially leaves UK but would be stable force in transition period until first elections. It would add to what she said at the weekend about the movement being bigger than 1 man or woman. Would also show SNP would evolve after achievement of their current main goal. If vote is to remain she would stand down anyway. It takes away personalities and folk are voting against it because they don't like her or connections. Could also turn it on Ruth Davidson ask her does she not think she could be capable leader of Scotland and try and worm her way around that a bit til she is defending Teresa May or maybe Boris as ones to lead us forward. It needs to be pushed more that westminister can not offer much clarity and will of Scotland is being ignored.
  11. Anyone else having problem getting video on Ayr united media?
  12. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    taken the plunge and gone for nord great deal for next 9 hours wherr you get 3 years for $107.55 so works out $2.99 a month
  13. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    The PIA sounds decent but going on their website its a bit of a mess doesn't give me confidence from first impressions.price tho for year is good though. I'm currently with express vpn seems to do the job but may see if i can do trial on nord vpn to compare.
  14. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Shopping around fora premium VPN as current subscription is expiring at end of the month looking at pro and cons on each each option.
  15. c***s at the cinema

    c***s that come into film after its started and at full volume ask their kid what they want to eat or drink and are totally afronted when you shoosh them and think they have some sort of exemption as their kid they most likely just have for the weekend must take priority. Plenty time to ask them before you get into screen. c***s who need to constantly shake bag of popcorn when I have previously had pop corn I can quietly pick popcorn without making noise there is no practical reason for needing to shake it. c***s who arrive after film has started and rather than using common sense get the brightest possible flash light on their phone to find their row. Yes G is one row behind F its not rocket science the screen is only 20% full and film started just pick nearest seat and minimise potential disrruption. C***s who make racket marching down steps to go to toilet surely a bit of self awareness after first couple steps they can soften the noise with minimal effort