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  1. After throwing away a healthy lead at home to Ulster they've decided to continue the Chuckle Brothers play away to Bordeaux Begles in Europe. 1st try: Johnstone got a simple ball ripped from him, they broke away but a tackle was missed en route. 2nd try: Give away a scrum penalty advantage then no organisation in defence. Not to worry though, Cockerill's building something great remember...
  2. That's the way it should be. I've been to Hampden just a few times but, whilst 3 points are fair and well, I behave myself but a night out and a jolly's the main thing to me.
  3. Gilchrist gives away penalties like a panto dame gives away sweeties.
  4. What I meant was that Edinburgh Hibs-ed it. Scottish Cup final highlights can easily be watched on YouTube.
  5. As for the game it was pedestrian stuff. Scotland unlucky not to see it out but Israel's goal was sculpted by Michaelangelo himself. He was always my favourite turtle.
  6. This is a lazy stereotype. I've only missed 1 Scotland rugby game since 2012 and I don't vote Tory. Focus more on supporting the Scotland football team instead of making these sweeping statements then that's a grassroot of you getting back to a finals tournament since 1998 perhaps? 😉
  7. I think Edinburgh Rugby and Hibernian FC were separated at birth.
  8. In fairness Kelty signing Joe Cardle would be an excellent signing for them. He's played consistently at a very high level including the Scottish Premiership. Unlike his brother Scott who's a boxer, he's no journeyman. Though in fairness Scott made it onto a Ricky Burns undercard once...
  9. Petrus du Plessis has left Glasgow Warriors to take another coaching role. Kelly Brown is the new assistant coach to Danny Wilson...
  10. Apparently the Crusaders scored with a howling knock-on that the ref never spotted? Also, on Friday morning UK time the Rebels won "away" to Western Force in Sydney in Super Time. Nick Frisby was starting at 9 for Western Force...
  11. Sale Sharks are taking a massive risk by taking on Manu Tuilagi. He's effective when fit but he's made of glass so he's consistently injured. For that reason I'm glad Glasgow have never looked at him...
  12. This is hilarious. If this happens to his B&I Lions team next summer with one token Scot no doubt getting just the last 5 mins of the 3rd Test it'll be absolutely glorious 😂
  13. Warren Gatland's now played 3 lost 3 with the Chiefs. Pleasing...
  14. I'm hoping to make a weekend of Shire's next away game at Berwick whenever that is and what Covid politics are like. My other half and I want to do the footy on Saturday with a trip to Lindisfarne/Holy Island, call it what you will, the day before. We're thinking of spending a night at Haggerston Castle (your old sponsor) as it's inbetween Berwick and Lindisfarne. What's the feasibility of this regarding public buses etc? Just curious. Anyways, I miss the Berwick away trips and I hope you guys are all well 😊👍
  15. Yes it has. However we'll be bottom seeds. No fault of our own, but if the Cheetahs could play in Europe we could've found ourselves in the European Challenge Cup next season.
  16. Callum Gibbins is to leave Glasgow at the end of the season. That's a massive blow tbh.
  17. Watched Scotland's last match vs France at home. We were clicking in defence and the scrum before Covid19 hit. Some might say their red card helped but if their prop wants to throw a punch and give the ref no option that's not Scotland's issue. Before that they got a yellow for the tip tackle on Gilchrist that could've been red too. Glasgow losing DTH van der Merwe, Nick Frisby and and Siua Halanukanuka. Not a surprise. Nick Frisby never "happened" and 9 has depth and young competition with Ali Price and George Horne becoming legendary (especially Horne) and Jamie Dobie coming through too. Siua is solid and a good scrummager but was injured far too often. DTH wasn't the same in his 2nd spell. He was 3 years older and lost a couple of yards of pace and he seemed to court injury too. A legendary player though. All the best to them all.
  18. This could snooker the move. As much as I'd like him to stay at Glasgow, he's still off. His wife is missing family back home.
  19. I hope this is true. Scottish Rugby's needed a 3rd Pro team for years. However I'm also noting today's date 😂
  20. I'm not too keen on Misters Farrell and Sexton tbh.
  21. Telling Toony to stick his constant kicking tactics would be a start. Oh wait, Finn did that then treated himself to beer and whisky.
  22. Been a long day with rugby. Scotland: defence/scrum still excellent. Effort's great but we've a squad which can do much better. There's negatives though. The line out was better but hardly beautiful. Italy are stodgy at home so I'll take the win. We should've got the BP though but were very wasteful. Jamie Ritchie missed the rugby version of a sitter. Italy were so poor it's frightening. Toony still under pressure. Glasgow: always in control but made to wait for the BP. Defensively we were generous hosts again like last week so made Dragons look better than they were. Kebble lucky not to have saw red after punching the Dragons player on loan from Newport County FC. Dobie was excellent after the error at the start. Frisbee should have stayed on the bench. Get Niko back to covering 9. Finally, is Naka ok??
  23. Bill's had a busy family life over the last few months including becoming a grandfather. He's also been very busy with work. However he's a top bloke and I was delighted to see him at the footy on Mon night.
  24. The ball's getting blown non-stop at Caley's goal so Storm Dennis must be in the craft too.
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