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  1. Australia and New Zealand pull out of the World Cup. Might as well hand England the title.
  2. Away fans getting forgotten about it seems.
  3. This is very poor news. However my guess is that they wish to allow for social distancing?
  4. As a Shire fan I'd have preferred a Sat game away to Berwick. Not to worry though, I'm taking the Mon, Tue and Wed off work to make a long weekend of it. Head down on the Monday morning and visit Lindisfarne for the day, then through the day on the Tue visit Seahouses then the game at night. Home Wed morning. I hear there's a frequent bus service through the day to Lindisfarne from/to Berwick?
  5. So I hear that Celtic B will be playing their home games at Airdrie whilst Rangers B will play their home games at Dumbarton? Without trying to be funny, I thought it would be the other way about. Airdrie is quite a "Rangers town" so Rangers playing there would perhaps get footfall through the turnstiles? It's going to be crowded though with Airdrie, Rangers B and Glasgow Uni all playing at home there...
  6. Rangers have Murray Park in Milngavie and Celtic have a complex in Lennoxtown. I can't see why they can't play their home games there tbh. Having said that, I've heard rumours that Rangers want to play at Somerset Park in Ayr.
  7. Congrats to Kelty but now that they're leaving the LL there won't be anymore trips to that nice wee pub The Kings which is a shame...
  8. It's a pity that the away "A" game vs England isn't a full international. Either way, if the squad impress vs England, that could well be the team that play at full international level in Romania. The likes of Thompson and Rufus McLean should still do a job vs Romania tbh. However the Georgia away game could be tricky...
  9. Despite winning on Saturday night, my issue was the amount of penalties given away again especially early in the 1st half. I'm thinking defence could be more solid too. However there was no yellow cards to Glasgow players which is maybe a step in the right direction. As for the win, it perhaps shows that there might be some consistency developing. All the players played well and I thought Rory Darge was solid. Tagive worked hard but he's still not on the same level as Niko or Steyn. As for Steyn, he was on another level as was Tom Lambert. I'm surprised that Tom Lambert wasn't MOTM. Next game is Dragons away. Rodney Parade's still under repair so the game's at the Cardiff City stadium. It clashes with the Champions League final 🤣
  10. The football team I support were one of the teams in the Lowland League to approve the OF Colts joining next season. Couldn't something similar happen with the Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh academy teams? They could join the Super 6 to make it upto 8 teams. Alternatively couldn't they go into the national league? Either way it would give them regular game time and they'd be playing as a unit more often?
  11. England A v Scotland A at Leicester on Sunday 27th June. I think if the team impress then it'll be the same squad (roughly) that'll step up to full international for the Romania game. Georgia away could be tricky with established players not with the B&I Lions getting rested I'd think.
  12. Rainbow Cup is finalised for Glasgow. We're away to the Dragons then at home to Leinster. We can't make the final so let's just get this season finished then in the past.
  13. There's going to be an A international before the 2 games. Opponents still to be announced.
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