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  1. Alvechurch are the lowest ranked side in the FA Cup and they beat Cheltenham Town in the 1st round. They seemed to have went to Forest Green Rovers and gave them a tough game in the 2nd round. I've never heard of the place but it sounds like the setting of a period drama where the Lord of the Manor wants his daughter to marry a boring, stuffy elitist boy who's "of money" but she can't be arsed with that. It would probably be a midweek evening BBC drama
  2. Not the strongest NZ team but hardly weak either. I think Ian Foster is managing the tour party...
  3. Not too many surprises though Bennett perhaps unlucky not to start...
  4. Glasgow were terrific on Friday night. It was good for Samuel and Ferrie to get game time out of the academy. It was good to see Tom Jordan get more time too. Last season we'd have won as we were at home but Danny Wilson would've had the reigns on us. Benneton were disorganised and their discipline was poor though. It was good to see Ollie Smith get time for Scotland today. He played well but is still raw so not there yet but outside November we were limited. Kinghorn did well in open play but he's no 10 or at least not the first choice kicker. Unlucky not to win but today's game was about raking in cash post-pandemic. Halloween last season we had 30K vs Tonga. Today was a s/o. We had just Glasgow and Edinburgh players. They had 12 Brumbies, 4 each from the Waratahs and Reds, 2 from the Rebels and Bernard Foley plays for the Kubota Spears in Japan (60+ cap rule). For that reason the November results are a far bigger deal than today. However there's pressure to beat Fiji and Argentina. Maybe now is the time to beat NZ too or at least match them like last time. Less than that then maybe it's time for change.
  5. Hogg and Gray starting for Exeter on Friday night in their game with Gloucester. Hastings and Harris are starting for Gloucester. I don't care who wins provided there's no injuries to anybody.
  6. Australia have 5 domestic teams to pick from. We've only got 2. I think that'll be shown in the score. However I'm not bothered as our big games are vs Fiji, NZ and Argentina imo. This game was probably added to get cash into the SRU post pandemic. Scotland team is announced at 2:30pm...
  7. Benetton team. Some good players there but I'm sure some will be rested and in the Italy national team camp...
  8. Glasgow team for tomorrow night. Strongest we have I guess.
  9. Lions v Glasgow Warriors game postponed tomorrow. There's a stomach bug going round the Glasgow squad.
  10. As a staunch union fan I've never really paid attention to rugby league. Infact I thought Danny Brough was still the Scotland captain and I had no idea Italy had a rugby league team. However for Scotland to improve at league it's going to have to find a way to compete with football and rugby union in Scotland which will be like climbing Everest. I guess they could promote it more in schools and possibly even try to get a professional side (2 if they're very lucky) into the English league set up. I also found out that the Argentina Rugby union head coach is also the head coach of the Lebanon rugby league team at the world cup just now. His parents are Lebanese. However if I were an Argentinian rugby union fan I'd prefer if he was prepping for the Autumn Tests...
  11. Fair point but I'd still want Harris as a solid option as Mark Bennett is not the luckiest when injuries are concerned.
  12. I couldn't make Scotstoun on Saturday night due to the train strikes. It's only the 2nd time in 10 years I've missed a home game so I can't grumble lol. I had the fear as the Bulls were loaded with their Boks and were last season's finalists. However, we played the Glasgow Warriors way of attacking, fast and intense rugby that they couldn't live with. On the other hand, we lost 14 penalties which is far too many. If we want to sort the away form and compete for silverware then discipline needs to be better. George Horne and Sebastian Cancelliere were unplayable. In other news, Rugby World had an article on Facebook saying that Mike Ashley is interested in buying Wasps...
  13. Forget Spain. They'll just run off into the sunset. Let them. Scotland just need to win the rest of their home games and ensure that there's a win in Cyprus and a draw at worst in Georgia. The hottest ticket will be the Erling Haaland concert at Hampden. It will probably come down to that last game.
  14. Early days but chalk and cheese compared with last season. There's a winning mentality, communication and fitness that wasn't there under Danny Wilson's regime. After pre season was ripped apart I expected a tough day in Treviso. I saw that game as a real pre season game with the real stuff starting tonight. We could've been better defensively and Tom Jordan was lucky not to get a red card but they're work ons I'd hope. However their 2nd try was short and the ref missed a couple of Cardiff high tackles.
  15. The Cardiff team. Notice there's no Liam Williams or Taulupe Faletau...
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