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  1. Mark Weir in the Rose goal gets MOTM. I'm fairness this is his own version of David Marshall at the Nou Camp.
  2. So after the joint shit shows by Scotland and Glasgow this weekend I wonder if Ben Healy still wants to come over?
  3. As for Glasgow, it's clear Covid and the international bubble has affected recruitment and depth badly so I'm forgiving if this season isn't great but we can ask questions and look for change if it's a repeat next season. However last night's team should've won at home to the Dragons with a BP and starved them of a losing BP. Leinster and Ulster are running away with 1st and 2nd in Conference A. We're 5th and just 5 points ahead of Zebre who're bottom but we SHOULD be ok. However it's a 3 way battle for third with Ospreys, Dragons and us. That would get us an away quarter final in the play offs and the European Champions Cup next season. However Dragons have 2 games in hand over us. I'm not blaming Thompson as we weren't good enough over the game. The MD Nathan Bombrys has a Zoom meeting with fans next week. It could be interesting. Personally I was a bit underwhelmed with Danny Wilson's appointment.
  4. It was good in the 1st half hour in Dublin. The defence was excellent, we were tough to beat and the scrum was solid. We're creating more depth especially at 10 which is positive too. However the rest of the game saw poor discipline and put ourselves under needless pressure by giving away penalties. Toony's spoke about being tough to beat and improving away. It looked it was working early in the year and in Llanelli but it's dismantling. Hogg owes us a big game as he's underwhelmed. He needs the captaincy taken off him or dropped so he can regroup and give Maitland or Jones a shot at 15. However I think Toony's scared to drop the "talisman". Hogg said they'll be better in the 6N next year. So like Toony he's speaking a lot but they must start "doing". Therfore we've got a right to start asking questions and expecting better. If the 6N next year is average at best again then it's time to admit the Scotland job's too big for Toony and we need change.
  5. We're 3-0 down after just 2 mins. They also won penalty advantage after Ryan Wilson collapsed the line out in front of the ref. After getting a stupid yellow card in the last game I'm surprised Harley doesn't get a shot as captain. I'm our first attack we knock the ball on.
  6. Glasgow's team to face Cardiff Blues away in Newport. Hopefully Danny Wilson knows the opponents inside out... https://www.facebook.com/175500162479722/posts/4047815855248114/
  7. Hopefully our top players come back unscathed and inject some form. However it'll be tough away to these guys...
  8. Ireland's Frank Murphy to referee Glasgow's away game at Cardiff (getting played in Newport) this Sunday night. Then when Europe starts France's Mattieu Reynal refs our game at Exeter then England's Karl Dickson refs our home game with Lyon. Craig Evans from Wales refs Edinburgh's Monday night game vs Ulster, Luke Pearce from England refs Edinburgh's home game with La Rochelle then for their away game at Sale they've got Romain Poite.
  9. Who genuinely got excited when Danny Wilson was made head coach? Who genuinely got excited when Kelly Brown joined Wilson's coaching team? What does Sean Kennedy bring to the table? What captain worth his salt gets sin binned for cynical fouls that give the ref no option?
  10. That's your perspective because you're from Scotland and/or football's your favourite sport. My cousins in Melbourne watch the "Socceroos" team. They like to see them win but it's not a big deal as rugby league and Aussie Rules is more important in Melbourne. I have a deeper passion for the Scotland rugby team. I've been to a few Scotland football games at Hampden. They beat Lithuania and Israel and lost to Wales but it was a good night out which is the main thing. Aussie Rules is a really great game to watch, maybe even better than football. Scotland found a way to win last night but Serbians are more bothered about Noval Djokovic and basketball I think. It'll be a tough ask for Scotland in their group but to me the main thing is hopefully this win gives impetus for a vaccine roll out. Scotland could use the Euros to open up tourism and get pubs rammed again to get the economy back on it's feet.
  11. Call me cynical but does Toony not want to win on Saturday? He's starting Blair Kinghorn ahead of Duhan van der Merwe and he's got Scott Steele as the benched scrum half leaving no place for George Horne. Blade Thomson is not long back from long term injury so I'd have benched him and started Cornell du Preez who showed up well on Friday night...
  12. Scotland were excellent on Fri night. We completely marshalled the famous Georgian pack. Our set piece at the scrum and line out was excellent and defence was outstanding too apart from the van der Merwe's missed tackle for the Georgian try. The rolling maul was excellent too. We have Pieter de Villiers and Steve Tandy to thank for that. Good coach recruitment by Toony there. We really should be targeting a win vs Wales down in Llanelli on Saturday. We have a solid squad for Saturday. The only thing I'm unhappy with is Sean Maitland missing due to Covid protocols which is a blow. Tagive coming in to replace him. He's getting better for Glasgow but I don't think he's international standard. He's too quiet on the park. Grant Gilchrist being out isn't an issue to me as he's a penalty machine. Gray and Skinner coming back will hopefully keep Harley on the bench. Glasgow started well but ran out of leadership and a game plan. We were away from home, granted, but Ospreys beat us to get just their 2nd home win in almost a year. Seymour still offers flashes but I think his retirement is imminent and Ryan Wilson is Glasgow's Grant Gilchrist with the amount of penalties he gives away. However, our squad are still of a quality standard so even though Danny Wilson wants us to play more pragmatically, we should be doing much better. On Mon night we have Leinster at home with Ulster away the Mon after. If both of those are defeats then the coaching group need to come together to find out what's going on. Despite all that, Covid has affected recruitment and budgets so there's reasons if this season's a write-off. However, vaccines are nearer so if it's like this the following season then tough decisions will have to be made.
  13. After throwing away a healthy lead at home to Ulster they've decided to continue the Chuckle Brothers play away to Bordeaux Begles in Europe. 1st try: Johnstone got a simple ball ripped from him, they broke away but a tackle was missed en route. 2nd try: Give away a scrum penalty advantage then no organisation in defence. Not to worry though, Cockerill's building something great remember...
  14. That's the way it should be. I've been to Hampden just a few times but, whilst 3 points are fair and well, I behave myself but a night out and a jolly's the main thing to me.
  15. Gilchrist gives away penalties like a panto dame gives away sweeties.
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