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  1. Alan Wardrop said in the 1877 club members email that he expects a further 2-3 before Saturday.
  2. anyone know where this signings come from? does OK have any links to the boy? seems a strange one otherwise I mentioned earlier on this thread, the club has a new system in place for finding players, researching them etc. Wouldn't be surprised if we have been looking at him for a few months now. As far as im aware we no longer deal with agents approaching us with players. We have been doing our own groundwork and monitoring their background and progress.
  3. OK mentioned in more depth without giving too much away that there is a new method in place. Not so much dependent on scouts working for the club from what i gathered.
  4. The new system that is in place for targeting players is more thorough and I am sure homework has been done on all targets over and over before any approach has been made. Post Stubbs, lessons have been learned. Not to say there will be an odd failure from time to time, though if any good of Stubbs' reign, it was a wake up call to the board to put strategies in place for recruitment of players.
  5. Thanks for the heads up sir. From that , my guess is Smith out and the Romanian centre-half and Czech goalie
  6. I'd read somewhere that we are holding off till we find a replacement before letting him leave. Find that hard to believe if you were in talks with him last weekend.
  7. I'm remaining confident all will be fine. The chairman has came out publicly and said he would back the manager. I still reckon there could be at least another 5-6 players out, that's including Kpekawa and King. That would allow OK to work with a squad of his new signings plus the existing players to a more manageable 21/22 players, which was the plan all along.
  8. Expect some transfer news inbound over the next day or so. I trust the work behind the scenes by Gus and co has us in a position to bring in strong additions to replace the already departed. The club have taken a different approach on how we identify and approach players coming in since Stubbs left. Remember, the last window was such a disaster that the club want to make sure we are doing things correctly this time round. KTF
  9. It is out of the clubs hands if he wants to move back south to be closer to his family. We can offer him our best deal though its down to him at the end of the day. The Stubbs signings I assume you are referring to have been told they are free to leave. There's 4 weeks for them to find a club. There is no room for passengers at this level i'm afraid. McShane, with all due respect has not featured much this season and is either too similar to what we have in the middle, or lacks that bit of creativity we need to add to start feeding out front men with goal scoring chances. Great player last season, though there is no room for sentiment if we are to strengthen the squad. Smith is another who for some reason hasn't been fancied by either Stubbs OR OK. There must be more to it than he doesnt fit a system. Hes either being disruptive or not showing the same standard in training with the latter i find hard to believe. We need to plan for the present and not the future in the current predicament we find ourselves in. Both Smith and McShane(was) free agents come summer. Let's give the manager the backing to bring in his players. I am pretty confident there was a plan in place with the potential of Hammill leaving on top of the players they were already looking to replace. Targets have been identified and we shoudl start to see some movement in the next week or so before winter break ends.
  10. But their fans still reckon there is a vandetta against them as a club. If it was trial by TV, those three incidents were blatantly obvious and worth a minimum 2 match ban. He gets the media attention because he is a repeat offender, not because he plays for The Rangers.
  11. A striker really could make a difference to our squad. Not only has OK inherited an unbalanced squad, he has a vast amount of injuries also to deal with, so he is restricted to put out his strongest team or even close to one. Stubbs made so many bizarre signings that he came up short when it was evident we needed a winger or two, a few strikers and an experienced centre half. He actually wanted to sign one more centre mid before the window closed when it was clear as day we werent scoring goals. I know Hibs fans will forever be grateful to him for that cup win, though understand that there was far more to 'only 4 league games in' and this was not purely a results based decision. Both him and Jackson will be very lucky to get into coaching again at any senior level.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if some loan signings are cut short and some others contracted are loaned out once the injury list doesn't look as bad come January.
  13. Anton Ferdinand never really had a pre-season and he has done fairly well. I think it depends on how long a trial the club are willing to give a free agent.
  14. I wouldn't throw the towel in just yet. League holders Celtic are only two wins in front of us and only 3 goals better off at scoring at this point of the season. Aberdeen 5 points etc. 6 Celtic 6 2 10 7 Aberdeen 6 0 9 8 St Johnstone 6 -4 8 9 Hamilton 6 -2 6 10 Motherwell 6 -4 4 11 St Mirren 6 -9 4
  15. I liked Osbourne from the games he played. Decent squad player. Plummer got found out at Motherwell and cut short his stay with us for some reason.
  16. Could have been brought in to Hearts to bulk numbers in squad and they have now signed better options/making room for another with some of the Lafferty cash before deadline?
  17. Yeah, it pretty much questions half the stories that people claim they know what's going on behind the scenes.
  18. Ah. I knew Paul had a couple of weeks to go. Big Gmack must be devastated. Told he can leave and now he's out for minimum 6 months with an Achilles.
  19. I think sometimes when you let your guard down to the media, you open up your clubs financial backing to other clubs. I believe there is cash available, though he is going to look daft if he comes out and says, im after 1,2 or 3 players etc and none convert again. He said in his interview yesterday we are short in numbers due to injuries and it so happens the bulk of that is defenders. We need reinforcements up front, at the back and on the wing. Ideally one from each of those positions with no key players departing in the process.
  20. The players have probably took one look on twitter and fans forums and they have decided no thanks, that lot boo at everything.
  21. The problem we have here is the manager now has till the end of the week to bring in new players to improve what we have . Is he going to be allowed any more budget due to the uncertainity over his future? Who knows. If he doesn't strengthen, whether that's down to no funds released by the chairman or another failed attempt at bringing in targets, he's going to be absolutely crucified either way. We are struggling, though we are listening to offers for one of our best players in Cammy Smith? I am not happy with this . Did anyone else hear a rumour Cammy was wanted to leave at the end of last season?
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