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  1. Progress this season would be to go out and get the three points on Weds. Last season when it came to February we had a fixture pileup with a majority of home advantage games that we never capatilised on. If we get 3 on Weds, I can only see us building on that.
  2. Have to agree here. He has made a significant amount of money over the last 7/8 years at Celtic, so he could have maybe found the form and fitness he needed to make his next move in the summer by staying at Dundee. As they say though, there is very few loyalties in football. Too much of a luxury imo in terms of what he would be paid per week to most likely not bring you the return you are hoping for. Kyle Lafferty's impact at Killie last season was similar to what potentially Griffiths could have brought to Dundee, though he hasn't came anywhere near it.
  3. From what I gathered, they only offered him a play as you pay deal. I personally think there is enough noise online from supporters to suggest the majority would be against this signing and hopefully the board have taken note.
  4. I'm a fan of Orlando City and he's played with them on a couple of occasions. Never quite did it second time round, when he was seen like a bit of a marquee signing, though his scoring record overall in the MLS is pretty decent. Very decent player and surprised no-one has picked him up yet. He possibly doesn't want to up sticks. His wife plays pro soccer/football too over there.
  5. Grieve, Brophy, Main and for the time being Dennis and Erwin. I think we may be good with 3 on our books if we continue to play one up front.
  6. Next summer. He signed a 2 year deal around March/April last year.
  7. Needs to get game time and a promise of first team football very soon or he's off for peanuts dev fee at the end of his contract next summer.
  8. I find it incredible a team who are pushing for promotion would sign him up on a pre-contract, though not just pay the asking price or near to it, to get him in the door now and integrated into the squad for next season. Surely 200-300k is pocket change to wigan, considering they haven't spent much outside the purchase of Jason Kerr in the summer.
  9. Any time we have come up against the likes of Motherwell, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd who are all above us, I haven't been impressed with those teams. That gives me confidence we should be looking to move above said teams. It could so easily have been us sitting where Motherwell currently are if we had turned a couple of those umpteen draws into wins.
  10. I've just seen that Hibs are linked with McGrath again. If true, I wouldn't be surprised if they offer us lower than the 350k (say around 200k) and include a player exchange as part of the deal.
  11. Wishful thinking but the Charkes-Cook boy at RC would definitely fit that bill. He was actually the top of my list of preferred targets. Can play wide, chips in with goals and causes defences bother. The type of player we have had missing from what we had available last season.
  12. A best case scenario With Allan would be a PCA for next season, if that was feasible? Think any available budget right now should go towards impact players on the wings. Delighted for Henderson, though we will need to rotate.
  13. It's unfortunately out of saints hands at this point if he's already in talks with Aberdeen. Could tempt previous suiters to make a move and offer the asking amount now. 350k is buttons to English Championship teams. McGrath could well stall on a decision though, till end of the window whether he accepts the Aberdeen offer, so that he can hold out for any other offers south of the border. Look at Jake Doyle-Hayes for example looking like he was heading to Dundee Utd after days of negotiations, then he does a u-turn.
  14. Its been running since the move to Greenhill Road. There is a wall of inductees in one of the exec rooms up until a certain point. When Carbrini were a sponsor, the inductees were then added as panels around the stadium underneath each of the three home stands. They were then recreated once the sponsorship with Carbrini ended due to their branding on them. They were last updated last around early 2019, then the pandemic kicked in and there has been a pause on it till now.
  15. I'm not 100% sure, though he had a decent goal return and had two medals to his name over two periods at the club. Played in 2 cup final (winning 1) and won 1 championship medal. It's possibly hitting the 100 games milestone and honours to go with it.
  16. No. Not sure if its the way his tenure came to an end. I would like to think the club would offer Sir Alex a place in the HoF and he would be accepting of it. Different people at the club now that he may have had issues with back then.
  17. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Hibs come back in with a similar deal to what they offered in August (cash plus players) unless they have blown the budget on the Norwegian boy. Seems like it was close to a goer at the time though window shut before it could get over the line. I suppose that would also depend on if Maloney rates him and he has control over transfers in. I think if there is genuine interest from England again this window and those clubs offer cash to us, thats where he will end up. He's at a perfect age to move and he could hinder a future move if he has a couple of poor seasons staying in Scotland.
  18. A full house should be allowed. Fans sitting with no distancing inside, so what does an extra few thousand matter? It would be over 5k if Utd were given their full allocation. It's just denying fans an opportunity and also the club extra income.
  19. Whether we deal with Hibs again in Jan over McGrath, wouldn't be surprised to see this one happen.
  20. I think there is a possibility that we may see Ronan sitting beside Power when he returns from suspension and there will be games where we will rotate. He was said to have been a replacement for McGrath by the media. That could be correct, though he could also possibly be the player that replaces the void left by Jake Doyle Hayes. I like Erhahon, though he has went off the boil for quite a while now. He did have a decent game against Livy in the cup, though as you say, sometimes his lack of quick distribution of the ball catches him out at times and results in him fouling to get the ball back. I'm not sure if the style of play this season has affected his game. He seemed to be more of a midfield sweeper before.
  21. The boy Ronan did his Metatarsal in May this year. He has played a very good level for a couple of clubs on loan, so he is better equipped for first team football than most other players we have signed on loan from that level in the past. With regards to McGrath, you would like to think whatever the fee is, there is some sort of international apps and other milestones included as add-ons. I personally don't think we would have dropped as low as 300k, as we knocked similar back for Morgan in the summer transfer window a few seasons ago, when we were in a less financially stable position.
  22. All three were offered new contracts, seems like Durmus was always leaving, Connolly kept us hanging and for JDH, we know that one dragged out from the turn of the year with the offer on the table. Tanser has given us delivery that Durmus possibly offered, though we haven't replaced the qualities of Connolly and Durmus, in terms of a player who can run with the ball and cause problems to the defence. We are not going to have similar players if we persist with the wingback roles rather than a 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 or a 4-5-1 with an attacking prong wide men. Not had enough of Power on the park to see if he will replace the void left by JDH. blockquote widgetblockquote widget
  23. Sometimes we have the most abusive fans towards our players in the country. Thats how it feels sometimes being surrounded by angry punters.....4 games into a season may I add.
  24. I still believe the club without saying it, were hoping that someone came in this window with the right sort of cash for McGrath, hence Kiltie being shoehorned into that position and McGrath being pushed out to wider areas. I know im speculating, though I think any sorts of movement inbound, or how far a stretch we could budget for the winger, depended on how much we could have available from the transfer of McGrath and/or McCarthy. I personally think we should push the boat out on at least one quality player on the basis that McGrath is leaving and we have someone who can come in with a bit of quality. If McGrath stays, great. The market is shrinking, though surely there are clubs out there with players available for loan that are not getting game time.
  25. Hopefully that adds a bit more interest to his suiters. Time running out for anyone genuinely interested to place a decent offer. Have a feeling movement inbound could depend on the departure of McGrath this window.
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