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  1. 1 hour ago, Girth said:

    Exactly. The arrogance and condescending attitude is unbelievable. 

    Perhaps clubs just don’t want swathes of scum in their stadiums wrecking stuff and shouting archaic and irrelevant chants!?

    Take your medicine bigots. 

    I seen someone tweet, 'St Mirren are clearly only about self interest'. It's our bloody stadium and our home end. As if we have to give our own fans the two fingers and open the floodgates for them. Unreal man🙃😂

  2. 2 hours ago, SS77 said:

    A few gems from that thread on Follow Follow 😂




    Thing is, it was never their original allocation. It only got increased the season we were both in the championship, where they were given one of our home stands, when W7 bedded into their area of the west stand.

    Since then, we have become a fan owned club with a community drive, to get as many locals and fans who have possibly stayed away from these games back in. Not just for these fixtures but increase match days attendances every week.

    They genuinely don't get the idea that a percentage of our fans stay away from these fixtures due to the allocation given to them and the vile spouted during the game. I'm pretty sure there was a stat last season that read we had more home fans the week after or week before vs Dundee at home(I think). So it is very evident usual punters have distanced themselves from these fixtures. Either protesting with their feet or just not wanting to get caught up in the pre, during match and post match carry on.

    We get called tinpot for not having as many fans as them and not doing things to their accord, though when you cut them back to their original allocation of the official 'away end', to try drive more of our own fans into the stadium in the 'home end' where there are already season ticket holders you are deemed as scum. So what if there are empty seats, they are our bloody empty seats and we are not funded by both to keep us afloat.

    As these two clubs have large followings, they will never understand what it's like to give up an allocation of their ground, so it doesn't register with them. Its all about them.


  3. 19 minutes ago, Munoz said:

    This is one of those rare occasions i wish i was on Twitter. I imagine there will be many disgruntled arse cheeks saying things like " they canny f'ing fill thur groon but arnie geen uz oor tickets, they'll be oot of business by the end of the season "

    Well played Saints. Now for the hard work of getting more Buddies along to the ground.

    Almost as if we have pulled Robinson into the meeting room and said, by the way Stephen, your budget is now reduced by 2-3 players so we can keep Celtic and Rangers out.

  4. 13 hours ago, Buttocks Brown said:

    Carson, Lyness, Urminsky 

    Shaughnessy, Dunne, Fraser, Tait, Tanser

    O'Hara, Erhahon, Flynn, Baccus, Henderson, Kiltie, Reid, McMaster 

    Brophy, Main, Greive, Jamieson, Offord

    Centre half is probably the biggest "need" going into the season and I don't think we've been linked with one yet.

    No news on young Fraser Taylor? He was offered a first team contract according to the squad update back Iin mid-May. Left winger I think, was out on loan at Cumbernauld last season.

    You forgot the big lad Ayunga

  5. 3 hours ago, capt_oats said:

    Aye. A mixed bag is about right. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't taking a dig at Robinson.

    His argument would naturally be that no manager has a 100% success rate with transfers, especially on our budget. That list really just gives you an idea of who he signed so you can make your own judgement.

    Some did very well and moved, a fair number we got 2 years of football from before moving to better paid gigs and a few were cut loose as soon as their contracts ended, if not before (hiya Casper, hiya pal).

    His approach worked quite well, until it didn't but there's no denying that the longer it went on the more wasteful it seemed to become and ultimately it's pretty unsustainable to have to be signing 19 and 17 players every 2nd season.

    As far as Alexander goes, I think you'll probably get a better idea of what he's about in this window - last summer we had a number of players who were clearly signed just to pad out the squad early on as we had (another) full rebuild. Hence the signing of a handful of players who folk hadn't heard of. They weren't really part of any plan or strategy, they were just here to fill a few jerseys for the Betfred and opening round of league fixtures while we tried to get our main targets in.

    As it stands we've got 22 first team players contracted (including Spittal) which is the complete opposite of the situation we'd find ourselves in on a yearly basis when Robinson was here so we simply don't have room to take punts. The chat from the club at our AGM was that we were only expecting around 5 new players coming in this window and we've already made one of those.

    I think of a few of those names that failed to impress, he was unlucky with. To pick a few:

    Gael Bigirimana - Had a very bright future, which he never lived up to.

    Ellis Plummer - He was actually decent when he was with us, though ended up retiring through injury.

    McCormack - This could have worked out really well, though McCormack just never showed up

    Sammon - Beginning of the fall for the big guy. Always thought he was punching when he moved to England, though done okay.

    Rolando Aarons - Another similar to Bigirimana, was tipped for a future and hasn't worked out. I remember Adam Campbell when we got him in from Newcastle he was tipped as the next one off the production line and he ended up dropping the leagues.

    Jake Hastie - Another that should have worked out and never.

    Can't say much more of the others listed, though a bit of a mixed bag. 

  6. I think its evident when the stadium was built, that it would have (if budget allowed) made logical sense to make the away stand much bigger, whether that was filling corners or adding more depth to it. It would have been better using the space where the dome is for a larger stand.

    It's left us in a position, where the only option to fill the shortfall in potential more income is to offer the additional family stand and temporarily move out our own fans. As a fan owned community club, I don't think this approach reads well at all. Its also not logical to move the away fans into both the main and west stands as an overspill alternative. The northbank have bedded in to their area, including decorated under the west stand for their section and I don't think the logistics work for the home stand either.



  7. 7 hours ago, djchapsticks said:

    It was meant to be Alan McInally we were getting. The story went that Villa had agreed a deal in principle with us and played us in a pre-season game that got pretty meaty. Warren Aspinall who played in that game for Villa (and was a horrible dirty b*****d) ended up doing one of our players by stamping on his foot or shin and Graham Taylor, who had already put him on his last warning with regards to discipline, was so angry with him he sold him and McInally started playing more games. So yeah, us arranging a friendly with a team we were meant to be getting player from, led to us not getting the player due to his team-mate's arseholery.


    We've had a few to be fair. 

    Ian Harte turning back at Gretna services.
    Knocking back a young David Platt and Ally McCoist.
    Roy Dayan coming over for a trial, looking pretty tasty and then his club only then telling us they wanted £500k for him.
    Oleg Blokhin and Ozzie Ardiles
    Keith Wright and Tommy Coyne were both agreed in a double deal from Dundee in late 80s and they bagged their manager and put the blocks on it.

    A few from the 00/01 season

    Omer Riza - Was rumoured to be signing for us during 00/01 season. Young prospect from West Ham. Ended up with Stephen McPhee from Coventry

    Daniel Amokachi - High calibre player in his day wiith Everton. Was a free agent at the time

    Marco Negri - Former Rangers goal machine was rumoured to have been a loan target from whatever Italian side he was playing with at the time

    Ronaldinho - We all know this one. I actually spoke to Tom hendrie about this and it was very close. 

    Bebeto - He was offered to us by his agent. I think he must have been 36/37 or so at the time. Hendrie dismissed it as he didnt think he would be much of a player at that time if he was being. offered to us lol.

  8. 2 hours ago, glenburn bud said:

    I can’t see Davis signing for us tbh. If it’s a players coaching role then maybe. If it’s about wages then we will be miles down the list of clubs looking to get him for next season.

    Do we have the budget to bring in someone else on a 'coaching role' whether it be player/coach or just coach? 
    I am not sure what the deal is with Flynn, though I know he is focusing on doing his badges whilst playing. Is there a position at the club for him once he has the required badges too?

  9. 12 hours ago, ZingaliMan said:

    Mallan is on big money in Turkey will keep it going as long as he can as me and you would. Davis has been offered a deal that's what I was told . Motherwell are in now also going by the press . I trust who spoke to me have had it from two sources connected with Rangers . Unless Rangers want to keep him we are top of his list. Time will tell. 

    I'm sure I read on one of the other forums or social that someone knows Stevie and he would be interested in coming back. Could be a lot of mince, though if he were available and willing to come back, I'd jump at it. 

  10. 15 hours ago, Mainstand Sweary Mob said:

    From the post on social media, this is how I see the squad currently then, so thought I would post as might be totally wrong.
    D. Lyness - GK - 2023
    P. Urminský - GK - 2023
    R. Tait - RWB/LWB - 2023
    J. Henderson - RWB/RW - 2023
    M. Fraser - CB/RB - 2023
    J. Shaughnessy - CB - 2023
    C. Dunne - CB - 2023
    D. Finlayson - CB/RB - 2023

    S. Tanser - LWB - 2024
    D. Reid - CDM/CM - 2023
    E. Erhahon - CM - 2023
    G. Kiltie - CAM - 2023
    C. Main - ST - 2023
    E. Brophy - ST - 2024
    A. Greive - ST - 2023
    L. Jamieson - ST - 2023

    Youth Academy to 1st team
    K. Offord
    D. McMaster
    F. Taylor

    Extension signed
    R. Flynn - Utility - 2023
    Contract ending
    1. J. Alnwick - GK
    2. C. McCarthy - CB
    3. A. Power - CDM
    5. M. Millar - RWB
    Loan ends
    6. C. Ronan - CM
    7. J. Jones - LW
    8. A. Gogić - CDM
    1. T. Carson - GK - PCA
    2. K. Baccus - CM/CDM - PCA
    3. M. O'Hara - CDM/CM/CB - PCA
    4. J. Ayunga - 24yo - RW/ST - PCA
    Contract offered
    A. Gogić - CDM

    Of that list I'd be looking at us trying to tie some players down on extensions instead of looking at a complete rebuild next summer.


    For me, Henderson and Grieve should be priorities for long term extensions.

    R. Tait - RWB/LWB - 2023 May be entering the tail end of his time with us with age on his side, unless he is happy to just be a squad player
    J. Henderson - RWB/RW - 2023 Offer long term extension. See him as one of our biggest assets
    M. Fraser - CB/RB - 2023 See how this season goes
    J. Shaughnessy - CB - 2023 Offer 2 yr extension
    C. Dunne - CB - 2023 Not bothered, though already rumoured with potential move to dons
    D. Finlayson - CB/RB - 2023 Not sure if he has what it takes to cut it yet

    S. Tanser - LWB - 2024
    D. Reid - CDM/CM - 2023 Offer long term extension though suspect he will move on to a bigger club with the teams already showing an interest
    E. Erhahon - CM - 2023 Big season for Ethan, though his head may already be looking at a move elsewhere
    G. Kiltie - CAM - 2023 Offer 2 year extension
    C. Main - ST - 2023 See how this season goes
    E. Brophy - ST - 2024
    A. Greive - ST - 2023 Offer long term extension. See him as one of our biggest assets
    L. Jamieson - ST - 2023 See how this season goes

  11. 54 minutes ago, Lex said:

    No real surprises in the squad announcement yesterday. McCarthy obviously thinks he can get more money elsewhere, fair play glad that’s been sorted out early and I’m not bothered he’s leaving.
    Happy that Jak’s got his big deal down south, that kind of thing should help attract other players to the club. Signs a two year deal with us on a free transfer, honours the deal then moves to the English Championship for (apparently) five figures a week. Well deserved too.
    I’d have probably released Flynn but if he’s happy to be back up and is a positive influence around the dressing room no harm to keep him for another year. Power, Millar and McAllister all correctly released, interested to see where the end up. Can see Kyle doing well with a championship club if he can get himself fit.
    Happy we have offered a deal to Gogic and would be pleasantly surprised if he signs. No doubt he will get offers from here, down south and abroad, for more money than we are offering. He will rightly pick what is best for him.
    The squad’s in decent shape already, and it’s only May.
    Obviously needs some padding, particularly in defence, but that squad should stay up as is in my opinion. More quality additions in the right areas should get us away from the dogfight and up the table.

    I still wouldn't be surprised to see Dunne leave and if Erhahon shows the right attitude pre-season and wants to be here, he may see out his final year of contract.



    4 hours ago, sergie's no1 fan said:

    Aye, I thought his legs would have been gone ect, he did get off to a poor start. Daft sending off at Parkhead but he came back from that, did alright. Nothing spectacular but Gogic coming in really showed Power up.

    Had heard he was arguing with Robinson at the POTY awards about a new deal. At least he's managed to get himself another gig.



    I thought he was decent enough as a signing and first thoughts were that he was brought in to pair up with Erhahon as a more experienced head in a midfield defensive line, though I guess in the end the way suspensions and injuries went and change of shape, that wasn't quite the case. 

    I liked him, though to grow as a team I think the more youthful outfield players we have signed on pre-contracts excite me a little more.


  13. 58 minutes ago, Lex said:

    Tell McCarthy he either signs the deal by the end of this month or we release him. The last thing we need is another JDH saga dragging on all summer. Agree regarding his form, last season he was probably our best defender and a POTY candidate. This year he has struggled with injury and form, and has had a few howlers. Remember a bad one at home to Rangers at the start of the season and he was awful in the 4-2 humping at Fir Park.

    In saying that i would happily keep him based on his 2020/2021 form, in the hope that he can get fit and recapture that. 

    I think Robinson will have a different approach on waiting on players to sign contracts offered. He's already made plans of who will be here and who won't next season in advance. And as mentioned by capt_oaks he acts quickly.

    I still think Dunne will end up at Aberdeen, so we may need to prepare a close season looking for potentially a replacement for both Dunne and McCarthy.

    McCarthy imo is worth a new contract though not 100% convinced he will be a first pick now, so that may be a deciding factor for him on his future.

  14. 11 hours ago, Buddiesaint said:

    Least exciting signing of the 4 to me. A quick look says he's hardly prolific. Not coming in to be first choice on the team sheet, You'd hope.

    Decent enough age and has a relationship with Robinson though so at least there's that. Has also  already shown Robinson that he'll cover RW if needed. 


    Watch him bang in 20+ goals including a hattrick against Celtic in the Scottish Cup final to make me look like a mug.


    From the article, it describes him as a wide player, not as an out and out striker. 

    There have been plenty of players who have came up to Scotland and made a bigger impact than some of the guys who have come from a higher tier.

    I trust from the manager not long leaving the English game at that level and already had experience managing in the Scottish Prem, he has a good understanding of the type of player required and if they have the right mentality.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Shuggie_Murray7 said:

    Under Robinson I would be expecting Offord and perhaps Lewis Jamieson to get some minutes next season.

    Offord, having played this season on the Lowland League and done very well, may benefit from a loan to a Leage One  of Championship side.

    Jamieson I think did ok at Inverness the first half of this  season and it looks like he's done well at Clyde in the second half of the campaign.

    From the outside, it certainly seems that SR likes Offord so who knows if he will be sent out on another loan or if he'll be used as a squad player.

    I've got a feeling Offord will be involved and part of our first team squad next season. He is one that has been spoke about since he was around 14/15 in the under 18s, so I think he is highly regarded at the club and the half season on loan at East Stirling has benefited him, scoring 12 goals. He may not be a starter, though Imagine he will be getting minutes similar to Jay Henderson, when he first broke through. 

  16. 2 hours ago, GAD said:

    Erhahon wouldn't get anything like the level of stick he does from the St Mirren dad's if he was white. He's a massively better player than MacPherson for example who they all loved and cried about leaving to St Johnstone. He was scapegoated for the Hibs result pretty unfairly considering he was miles better than Power that day, the senior player who has been selling the jerseys every week with barely a peep said about it.

    FFS are you being serious? If so, you should give your head a wobble.

  17. 1 hour ago, pozbaird said:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim tries some moves that will piss us off. He’ll certainly want to make Aberdeen his own team soon as he can. Shipping out those he doesn’t rate and bringing in guys he knows he can trust. Just look at what Ross did when he was at Hibs. I wouldn’t blame Goodwin for trying a few cheeky swoops, I just don’t think we’re going to like a couple of them. Robinson will want to do exactly the same thing here. Having eyed up the squad he’s inherited, will make his own moves. Thing is, he hasn’t swapped between direct rivals in the same division. I also happen to believe there are as many players in our squad that Aberdeen would take as their are currently Aberdeen players that we would take. Maybe we could keep things civil and in the summer just do four swap deals with them… then we can both crack on with being mid-table decent but not stellar top flight sides… just as we are right now… third biggest budget in Scottish fitba’ though, eh?

    Wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Alnwick and McCarthy (both out of contract) move to Aberdeen. They are terrible at the back this season.

  18. 45 minutes ago, Lex said:

    I would still want to be paid more. Would anyone be happy if they found out that someone doing the same job as they are doing now was getting paid more five years ago than they are currently?. Unless we are talking a SAF that had been there for about a decade or something, and that never applies to any Scottish clubs these days. 

    No doubt in my mind, Jim was probably offered improved terms to stay, though his mind was already made up.

  19. 10 hours ago, Coventry Saint said:

    I'm a big fan of his quotes there, tbh. Of course it'd be better of he said he was staying, but he's made it very clear he wants to perform to the best of his abilities because it will help us as a club, and help him add £££ to his next deal. 

    He's been almost immaculate for us and has earned a big move. I hope he stays, but if he doesn't, I hope he gets a monster deal somewhere.

    Good goalies can win you games and from Saturdays game as an example, he pulled off some magnificent saves as we held on to a 1-0 lead.

    If the board were willing to offer McGrath the most lucrative deal in our history, I would be going out to offer Jak similar, he has already showed his worth.

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